peer-reviewed studies of the #HutchisonEffect

6.11, 6.15, 8.5: summary:
"Gertsenshtein (1962) established theoretically
that EM waves in a magnetic or static field
would generate a gravitational wave (GWave)
and also hypothesized an “inverse Gertsenshtein effect,”
in which GWaves generate EM photons.
. the Gertsenshtein effect is interesting;
because, it relates to the Hutchison effect:
in the presence of a electrostatic field
the interference of antiphase radio wave pairs
will produce gravitational waves (GWaves)
that can have profound effects in one of 2 ways:
# anti-gravity (causing objects to rise);
# cold fission (low-energy unlocking of
molecular and sometimes nuclear bonds).
. the only problem with the Hutchison effect
is that it was discovered by an amateur
who gets only chance results
using many possible means of action;
thus, the name "Hutchison Effect"
is not used much in peer-reviewed journals;
and furthermore,
the official USA studies of Hutchison effects
were considered classified;
so, while we have solid evidence of great power,
we have no solid documentation .
. that is, until the Gertsenshtein effect
which is both professionally accepted and Hutchison-like,
in that it deals with Tesla waves .
. it is claimed that what shows the most potential
is not the Gertsenshtein Effect,
but instead the Li-effect
"that utilizes a synchro-resonance EM beam
to create a very significant EM signal
that propagates not in the direction of
the synchro-resonance EM beam
and the gravitational waves (GWs)
but perpendicular to both the magnetic field
and the GWwave/EM beam directions;"
whereas the pure Gertsenshtein Effect
utilizes only a static magnetic field
and will generate as a second-order effect
a very slight EM radiation moving in
the same and in the opposite direction of the GWs .
. nevertheless,
what is significant to the Hutchison effect
is that there is, in the study of Gertsenshtein,
documentation of an aspect of Hutchison's,
that some sort of static field has an effect of
translating Gwaves into another form of energy .
. there are 5 fundamental energy forms:
# EM (transverse electromagnetic) waves,
# Gravitational wave (longitudinal EM pulses),
# molecular bonds,
# nuclear bonds
# thermal (submolecular kinetics) .

variety best for sourcing selenium?

10.2: co.amazon/cook/
Frontier Bulk Garlic Granules, CERTIFIED ORGANIC:
where is it sourced from?!
. this is the perfect granule size,
just large enough for me to feel confident that
all the substance is actually garlic ...
. it tastes great but I'm interested in garlic because
it is a selenium accumulator,
with a very healthy form of selenium:
se-methy-seleno-cysteine .
. however, if it comes from China,
then there are many places there that have
very low levels of selenium in the soil .
. so my new strategy is to just get variety,
and not depend on any one brand .
. I'm also going for quantity too,
and not worrying as much about organic
when it comes to garlic .

fewer endocrine disrupters for less #cancer

10.18: news.pol/healthcare/
petition for fewer endocrine disruptor:
Right now it is still legal for manufacturers to use:
Flame retardants, linked to reproductive damage, in crib mattresses and couches.
Formaldehyde, a known human carcinogen, in clothing and building materials.
Phthalates, linked to birth defects,
used to soften plastics in lunch boxes, backpacks and binders, for instance.
PFCs, some also suspected carcinogens,
used in nonstick cookware, clothing and carpeting.
I could go on and on: 62,000 chemicals on the market in 1976
-- still the majority of those in use today --
were grandfathered in under TSCA without proof of safety.
Since then, 23,000 more new chemicals have been allowed to enter the market
without rigorous testing. We may think that
because something is on the shelves of our stores,
it's been shown to be safe. We are mistaken.
And what's all this got to do with air pollution?
Many of these toxic chemicals "off-gas" -- they drift into the air in our homes and workplaces, and contaminate the dust on the floor where our babies crawl. We breathe them into our bodies.

#wwIII #EMP takes out #water pumps

11.2: mis.care/water/mac attack as omen:
. having my computer broken reminds me
I have been forgetting about prepping for
disasters that may take away water as well as computing .

25: web.aq.care#beprepared/the essentials:
. water at about $1 per gal 20*5gal
. water disinfectant drops and solar oven .

chromebook #ChromeOS #VerifiedBoot

12.12: web.cyb/sec/chrome's verified boot:
Verified boot provides a means of
getting cryptographic assurances
that the Linux kernel, non-volatile system memory,
and the partition table are untampered with
when the system starts up.
This approach is not "trusted boot"
as it does not depend on a TPM device
or other specialized processor features.
Instead, a chain of trust is created
using custom read-only firmware
that performs integrity checking on
a writable firmware.
The verified code in the writable firmware
then verifies the next component in the boot path,  and so on. 
11.8: news.cyb/chrome/doing well while ms declines:
. chromebooks grow while microsoft shrivels?
. promising better security makes a diff .
12.25: best-seller on amazon:
. the best selling laptop on amazon.com [2013.1]
was the Samsung ARM-powered, Linux-based Chromebook.

7.28: news.cyb/chrome/sec
/some vulnerabilities found but many avoided:
application-sandboxes-a-pen-testers-perspective .
see also pdf .
. Chrome OS kernel exploits are not easy,
but are of medium difficulty to pull off;
OS user mode exploits are very difficult,
and every other penetration test was
not even applicable to Chrome OS
-- these included off the shelf exploits,
and various sandbox leakages:
keylogging, remote webcam/mic access,
clipboard hijack, screen scraping,
file stealing, network shares access . 

Dell Latitude E6430 #QubesOS #xen #security&freedom

12.31: summary:
. I feel secure on Chromebook with its verified boot;
but that is very limited in what it can do .
. the Qubes OS provides virtualization of linux
that is needed to isolate computer activities
into separate linux virtual machines .
. by providing this "security by isolation"
your web surfing of unsafe sites
can't be exploited to steal your bank's password
because they run on virtually separate machines .
. there is an hcl (hardware compatibility list)
to help you find a computer that Qubes works with;
and it says a Dell Latitude E6430 does work,
but doesn't work out-of-the-box
(it needs some sort of unspecified "tweaking").

printers for #EMP -proof #backup

12.12: summary:
. given that the policies of USA-Israel
are inciting such hostilities from
both dictators (China, Russia, Iran)
and muslims (Iran, Syria, ...),
there is a good chance USA will get
at least one EMP bomb in the next 3 years
that will destroy every electronics device
so that electronic backups of information
are not accessable until one can
import and afford another computing device .
. in the meantime,
a printout of all needed information
would come in quite handy .

#recycle #Apple #iMac 2008

10.9: todo.cyb/mac/recycling: [done]
. if I've found my infected overheating imac
isn't worth fixing,
I could just find how to crack it open
and reuse the drive,
and maybe also the dvd drive?
. vaguely recall the mac#mini's dvd burner
was not immediately reusable,
because I didn't have the right enclosure
(it wasn't the same interface as the harddrive).
. there are also rumors that mac's dvd burner
has unique firmware that needs special drivers? .]

#Apple #iMac #badBIOS #malware

12.15: summary:
. my 2008 imac seemed infected by opening pdf's,
and I suspected it was #badBIOS malware;
because, it gave my dvd player troubles:
it made the os x installer disk unreadable,
and it also seemed to be coming from firmware,
as even after I reinstalled the OS via download,
and hadn't opened any more pdf's or javascript,
I still seemed to get infected again .
. my troubles started with finding a new pdf library,
and I ended up finally replacing my sick mac
with a chromebook featuring verified boot!


endothialial dysfunction and muscle cramps

12.30: summary:
. I've been more prone to leg cramping and edema,
as if something is clogging the leg's circulation
thereby depriving it of relaxing magnesium .
. it got much worse eating under-treated olives,
but that may have been due to increasing arginine
since that could have worsened a certain condition
that in turn worsens auto-immune activity .

Quorn contains "Natural Flavors" #excitotoxins

12.20: web.health/excitotoxins/Quorn contains "Natural Flavors":
. what's in our beloved Quorn besides fungus?
Yeast Extract, Salt, Pea Fiber,
Natural Flavors From Non-Meat Sources. 
. "flavors" reminds me of msg ...
Chemical Warfare with "Natural Flavor"
Natural flavors can legally contain
naturally occurring glutamate bi-products like MSG
– which are known excitotoxins.
. that doesn't mean Quorn has excitotoxins;
it just means they are not doing much to
reassure us that they are clean
when they use unspecified "natural flavors" .


#canaan #fairtrade olive oil

12.29: web.aq.cook/canaan fairtrade olive oil:
. I recently became acquainted with
canaanfairtrade.com's olive products:
organic oil, pickled olives, and soap .
. I live right next to California,
so I'd rather get my cooking oil locally;
but I was quite impressed with canaan soap .
. Dr. Bronner's soap contains olive oil
that comes from both Palestine and Israel,
and can be found in many stores .
. I prefer liquid soaps myself,
and that too has olive oil in it;
but the canaanfairtrade.com bar soaps
claim to use a lot more olive oil,
and thus help Palestine more,
however, Dr. Bronner's is on amazon.com,
and might be more convenient for most
while still helping Palestine a lot .


#NWO agenda is not "global depopulation"

18: news.pol/purges/gemini/illuminati/
AMTV `Global Depopulation Next on the Agenda of the NWO:
28: summary:
. when I tag an article (pol/purges),
I'm refering to history's cycles of
good times leading to overpopulation
followed by famines or wars
that serve to purge the excess numbers .
. the purpose of the next war, WWIII,
is not to purge overpopulation
but to determine who will lead
in the new global government
that protects the world from terrorists
before they can perfect some beam weapons
like what dustified the towers on 9/11 .

. many people responded to this vid:
AMTV `Global Depopulation 
Next on the Agenda of the NWO:
here were some comments I liked:

FDA vs DIY genetic testing

12.11: news.pol/healthcare/FDA vs DIY genetic testing:
. at $99, the 23andMe.com is slashing the
costs of genetic testing;
the same test by your doctor
would cost 3 to 30 times as much .
. the fda is telling 23andMe
that they are selling a diagnostic device
for which they have not yet obtained approval .

Russia agro' uses sun more wisely than USA

12.11: news.pol/energy/Russia agro' uses sun more wisely than USA:
In 2011, 40% of Russia’s food 
was grown on dachas (cottage gardens or allotments).
Dacha gardens produced
66+% of the vegetables,
80+% of the fruit and berries,
49% of the nation’s milk, much of it consumed raw.
79% of the potatoes
In 1999, 35 million Dachnik plots produced,
77% of vegetables,
87% of fruits,
49% of milk
90% of Russia’s potatoes,
59% of meat .

#OKL4 #opensource to see what #NSA did to it

2: co.okl4-developer/cyb/sec/OKL4
/open source to see what NSA did to it:

Ph.T 8:57 PM to Jim, developer 
I think the problem is OKL4 is military-grade isolation,
and the NSA doesn't want us to be protected like that .

rate businesses for accessibility

9: news.cyb/net.ableroad/rate businesses for accessability:
AbleRoads, via web and smartphone apps,
ableroad.com/ allows us to review public spaces
and rate them for accessibility
by those who have require assistance for
mobility, vision, hearing, or cognitive abilities.
AbleRoad users see ratings by
both Yelp and AbleRoad reviewers,
and users of the AbleRoads app
can also write Yelp rating .

when gay is a sin

18: co.fb/relig/bible/when gay is a sin:
'Duck Dynasty' star makes anti-gay remarks
By Tim Molloy TheWrap 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson
is under fire for bashing gays in a GQ interview
in which he grouped homosexuality with
'drunks' and 'terrorists.'
. interesting [for a bible-thumping anti-gay]
to be worried about "sin";
because g-d promised us that the new law
would be written in our hearts;
and the law he wrote here said
we are to be worried about
eternal health of civilization;
and that means gay is good if not promiscuous;
because it doesn't threaten public health;
conversely, if we find out later that
married gay does have health risks,
then we can call it a sin .

how much proof does a good gambler need?

10: co.apt/relig/god/how much proof does a good gambler need?:
. if you can see any proof of supernature,
and that it is interacting with our mind,
then the simplest theory explaining that is:
there is one supernatural intelligence
and it has full control of mind .
. the god could use this control to
give us roles in a game or long-term plan .
. if you look at parapsychology
as contributing to a proof of supernature
you can see there is considerable debate
about its scientific validity;
but if you are good gambler,
you have to ask yourself:
do I want all my money on one theory?
if there is a god giving guidance to all,
and thus there really are no secrets,
then I could be vulnerable,
so in the slim chance that there are no secrets,
how do I want to defend myself?
should I have nothing to hide,
or should I have layers of security and weapons
to protect me from people knowing my secrets ?
. if you assume that god is
trying to use us in a game,
you can then have a more conscious choice
about what role you finally play in that game,
and are less likely to be played the fool .

#jesus #prophet not diety #I_and_my_father_are_one

6: relig/jc/I and my father are one:
. when Jesus said "I and my father are one"
[John 10:30]
he was saying that his policies were
one with the policies of traditional Judaism,
and one with the g-d of Israel .
[28: verse 35:
. he clarifies that "son of g-d" or "one with g-d"
is synonymous with "am the mouthpiece of g-d",
or "the word of g-d came to me" ]
. he claimed to be a prophet, not a deity,
one sent by the Father to bring Israel
back to the good graces of that Father .
win israel by first winning foreigners:
. when he wanted to save the world,
it was seen as the only way to save Israel,
as they seem obsessed with worshiping
foreign gods .

CocoaVia for potent cocoa flavanols

12.26..28: health/cv (CocoaVia)
CocoaVia 250mg cocoa flavanols
enhancing circulation and brain function
sometimes ... .
Cocoavia's got sure levels of flavanols:
. the Mars process known as Cocoapro®,
ensures the cocoa flavanols are preserved;
whereas, traditional cocoa processing
has inactivated much of these flavanols .


supplements for radiation #fukushima

12.5: web.health/supplements for radiation:
Dr. Melissa Patterson, ND
talks about supp's you may need for
dealing with the increased radiation levels
coming from the fukushima nuclear accident .
If large doses of C,E, and B (especially B5),
are taken before exposure,
the radiation sickness can be reduced to a large degree.
Vitamin A can be toxic to a pregnancy .

#fibromyalgia #preventives

12.4: web.health/fibromyalgia/preventives:
27: summary: 
fibromyalgia is thought to have no cure,
but some respond to thyroid supplementation,
while others need a psychological cure like EFT .

eye protection from UV light

12.27: web.med/eye protection from UV light:
ultraviolet radiation's effect on eyes:
Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
is a leading cause of blindness in the western world.
. short wavelength radiation and the blue light
induce significant oxidative stress
to the retinal pigment epithelium.
Epidemiologic evidence makes an association
between severity of light exposure and AMD,
although causality has not been esblished
[ in fact the major cause of AMD is
the same set of situations that are causing
circulation disorders .]
The cornea and the lens block a major portion of
the ultraviolet (UV) radiation from reaching the retina
(wavelengths of less than 295 nanometers).

so, first on the list of protectives is eyewear:
The origin of Eagle Eyes® began at
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
to protect eyesight from solar radiation light.
. eagles have unique oil droplets in their eyes
that selectively filter out harmful radiation
and permit only specific wavelengths of light;
NASA replicated this into a lens technology
that, in turn, resulted in Eagle Eyes® eyewear.
. here are the wrap-arounds of various shades .


magnesium threonate

12.26: web.health/magnesium threonate
. from my own experience with mg-threonate,
using 2g providing 144mg magnesium,
it rather cut through the caffeine:
my relaxed mind was less concentrated,
and dialated bronchioles became less so;
but at a time when I was becoming
too antsy to sit still for concentrating,
this was definitely calming .
. it also reduces anx in the head,
but without reducing butterflies in stomach .


the basis of belief and disbelief #god

11.22: relig/god/the basis of belief and disbelief:
. maybe schiz'ia simply hallucinated
the basis for a belief in god ?
. my only defense to that argument would be:
consider how the brain itself can
engineer hallucinations and delusions;
and also consider that the basis in god disbelief
could be the result of a delusion,
one put in place by god .
. god disbelief is a sort of total mind control,
just like a hallucination .
. but to show god disbelief is a delusion
you have to present the facts
and show how they lead to god belief .
. look at how we are chained to emotions:
is emotion just a product of nature,
a product of the brain?
. surely the chemistry makes the emotions,
but what induces such chemistry?
. why is war and selfish overpopulation
a constant we have no control over?
the human is such a brainy animal
to not see a better way,
unless forced by god's control of emotions
to engage in war for evolving technology .
. consider the research in parapsychology;
if you believe people control telepathy
that theory is confronted by occam's razor:
the simplest explanation is
the existence of a single supermind
deciding which thoughts go to which brains .

debate about #bible translations #kjv

11.14: co.g'+#Taylor Jones/relig/christianity/
Psalms 22 as predicting christ's trial/kjv:

re: my 13.3.1 post:
I do believe Jesus was a great prophet
(I'm still learning about "messiah"s)
but before you think Psalms 22 is about him,
you should get a real translation of the bible!
try combining together Complete Jewish Bible
with Bible in Basic English
at biblestudytools parallel-bible .

#wwIII, #9-11, #illuminati and #Israel policy

11.20: sci.pol/purges/gemini/illuminati
/international denial of beam weapons:
. suppose all the superpowers with beam weapons
agreed to hide their knowledge of it because
it could fundamentally change the war game
and actually prevent wars?
well, most likely it's like the nuke:
just because we have nukes to end all war
doesn't mean we can't agree to have lesser wars;
and the main reason for hiding beam weapons
could be to avoid having the muslims get them .
. right now the big players are judeochristian:
usa, russia, israel .
. muslims have been downright suicidal about israel;
so, having them get beam weapons
would be quite the show .

27: pol/purges/gemini/illuminati/
wwIII, 9-11, illuminati and Israel policy:

. the globalized elites are going to
use israel to start wwIII,
so the world can decide who the leader is
of the one world gov that will bring peace .
. I do believe in bible prophesy dates because
the illuminati is using religion to start the war,
and it's important to them that the war's timing
coincides with the bible's prophesies .

Typhoon Haiyan as a "charm offensive" #911neocons

news.pol/purges/gemini/911neocons/Typhoon Haiyan:

12: dutchsinse:
co.youtube#dutchsinse mentions Haiyan:
. his most recent vid's do find evidence of
weather modification coincident with
the most recent Philippines devastation .

Here is the original video he made
in regards to Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda
forming as the result of a pulse,
leading the MSM + "expert" Dr. Mahar Lagmay of NOAH
to go on the air, and engage in a
smearing / attempted "debunking"

Michael Janitch
... the ‘new’ physics doors opened up by
generating zero-point / zero-vector
energy at a distance.
It throws certain aspects of the
inverse square / thermodymanics laws
into an "x – factor" , in essence,
moving the goal posts on what is "possible"
through the use of "radio waves".
Radio frequency (RF), is now proved to be
capable of generating energy at the distance
from the transmitter (energy means heating or plasma).
The plasma is generated via a literal
“stripping” of electrons from the earth's
magnetosphere / ionosphere / or atmosphere.
This is called "electron precipitation".
The electron precip accumulates rapidly into
what we would call a "precursor" to plasma.
The same thing that happens before a lightning bolt developing,
electrons building up to the point of a ‘static discharge’,
however, with a targeted beam of RF,
electrons precipitate in a controlled area,
and quickly forms into VISIBLE plasma.
The plasma , once it is formed, has been experimented with.
They have found that using ANOTHER targeted beam
of High Frequency(HF) Radio Frequency,
that this 2nd beam can "control" the area of plasma generated.
Using the 2nd beam, the plasma area can be MOVED,
it can be INCREASED in size / power, through a process called
a "frequency pump" or "pumping".
Quite literally, using devices like RADAR, HF or VHF,
to target the plasma generated, and "pump it"
to thousands of degrees Fahrenheit.
There are other experiments done,
where the reverse is performed,
and what is called a "cold plasma" can be "pumped down",
to make a cooler area (relatively cooler compared to
surrounding areas in the upper atmosphere
into ionosphere where temps are measured in Kelvin
rather than Fahrenheit or Celcius).
The heated or cooled pumped plasma can be moved,
as demonstrated through Project Shiva.
Shiva was the use of what are called plasma Torroids,
which could really just be called
"fast moving balls of controlled plasma".
Like ball lightning, but not electric, plasma.
These torroids can be moved at speeds
nearing the speed of light (speed of magnetism).
Bragged about by the US Military as a
missile defense weapon that has already been tested,
and is ready/capable along with HAARP.
Furthermore, the director of HAARP claimed HAARP itself
would now function as the new Shiva:
Capable of generating the plasma torroids.
Then, using other RADAR / RF facilities
to move said torroids across the Atmosphere / Space.
The other use for this heated, or cooled plasma,
is weather modification ... .
... when a High Frequency pulse is emitted from a facility
(such as HAARP for instance,
but could be any facility on earth),
when that HF pulse goes out into the
upper atmosphere / ionosphere
.. this HF pulse NATURALLY cross-modulates into VLF.
Simply put, the HF turns into VLF
when it reaches a high point in its arch of transmission.
. once it reaches its zenith,
the HF pulse (along with its electromagnetic potential)
travels to a conjugate point on the south pole.
[and] when the signal reaches the South pole,
planet earth actually REPELS the charged signal
back to the North pole !
This all happens at the speed of light / magnetism,
and the signal ‘bounces’ on this magnetic ‘string’
back and forth for several days.
Assuming that no more pumping is done into the string,
the resonance happening on this string
eventually settles out to electromagnetic ground,
which in essence is the core of the Earth.
The VLF and HF waves have different effects.
HF [is] for plasma, heating, missile defense,
weather modification.
VLF, [is] for earth penetrating tomography,
long range communications,
even as far as inducing earthquake activity,
volcanic eruptions, and even the potential for
influencing objects in space.
13: why would the usa typhoon the philippines?,
. there was a youtube of philippines tv
actually trying to debunk a viral video
showing how usa bases with weather modification capability
are in the area where weather modification was shown
by the global background microwave monitoring system .
. why would the usa typhoon the philipines?:
they are also hitting their other ally, india
-- all places we need to have rebuilt and civilized
as part of usa's strategy of surrounding china:
india is next to china, and is such a trusted ally
that usa is outsourcing military there!
(helping us build and design military equipment).
. india is trusted because they have a
mutual hate of muslims,
who took land from india and renamed it pakistan .
. when we typhooned india,
we were helping india's billionaires,
because that place is getting thick with the poor,
and their shacks need to be replaced with
a modern civilization dependent on the gov't .
. the philippines is another poverty hole,
plus their poverty is generated by muslims;
and so, by typhooning the philippines,
the military has an excuse to scout the area
and civilize it as it distributes aid .

13: news: mil-mil visit coincides with weather mod activity:

Gen. Mark A. Welsh III with the Defense Writers Group
spoke about his recent trip to China;
. he commented that the quality of his reception by the Chinese
may have "benefited from" a Chinese "charm offensive"
following earlier meetings between
President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping.
"My biggest takeaway was
I think we can communicate -- we can cooperate in a way
that helps prevent misinformation
and miscommunication [and] accidental confrontation" .
Military-to-military contacts will never be
the main pillar of the Sino-American relationship,
but ...
The U.S. Air Force is working with the Chinese
in professional military education exchanges,
and Chinese and American service members
are working together in various exercises.
The two nations are building a working relationship
for search and rescue operations,
and are cooperating on disaster assistance
and humanitarian relief exercises as well.
One such exercise is happening right now in Hawaii, he said.
14: news: Operation Damayan:
Operation Damayan is the relief effort 
in the typhoon-ravaged Philippines .
Damayan is a Filipino word
that means helping each other .

#obama sneaking muslims in

24: co.fb/pol/obama/sneaking muslims in:
ABC News Uncovers Obama Admin Has
Flooded America With Islamic Terrorists
Disguised As Iraqi Refugees
jewsnews.co.il abstract:
On August 8, 2013 NTEB News warned you of
the plan by the Obama Administration
to sneak into the country scores of
highly-trained Muslim terrorist
disguised as refugees from war-torn Iraq and Syria.
my retort:
as if dem's diluting christian vote with muslims
would hurt jewish people;
I recall hearing on npr lately
a jewish american who was returning to germany
and said as she left,
that americans had obstructed jewish escape from nazi's
by limiting immigration at a very critical time
-- that happened on a christian's watch .

#commoncore #delusion #overpopulation

11.20: news.pol/edu/common core:
. only 26% of high schoolers are ready for
college coursework,
it's clear we need to make a change to
the way we think about education.
. in math or science,
our children cannot compete internationally;
and today's students and teachers are trapped in a
rigid testing culture with little flexibility.
Common Core is a new set of education standards
that set clear goals for local educators
while giving them both guidance and flexibility
to help students succeed.
Right now, the Common Core literature uses
technical terms and tortuous prose
to sell an educational philosophy
that may not deliver what it promises .
-- do the math:
the problem with our nation's children
is not about a lack of fed' control;
the problem is that
people are crying about jobs
because there are too many people
asking for too much from capitalists
who don't have to give them anything,
and even if they did give us jobs,
people would only grow more,
and ask for yet more jobs .
. at some point they just have to say no,
and tell people this is not communism
and we're not here to find masses a job
as they persist in religiously
out-breeding the next holy or selfish nut .


#caffeine increased microvascular flow by 30%

11.22: news.health/caf/increased microvascular flow by 30%:
Masato Tsutsui, MD, PhD:
. Previous studies have revealed improvement in
large artery function in association with
caffeine consumption,
as well as a reduced risk of dying from
cardiovascular disease.
. a double-blind crossover study showed that
caffeine contained in a cup of coffee
improves microvascular endothelial function
in healthy individuals
(that is a measure of vascular resistance
within microvessels and tissue blood flow).
. five ounce cup of coffee with caffeine
was compared to decaf
to evaluate microscopic blood circulation.
(Blood flow to the fingers is an indicator of
small blood vessel endothelial function.)
. the caffeine increased blood flow by 30%
in comparison with those that received the decaf
over a 75 minute period .
. I often use caffeine pills for relief from
heart ache due to blood vessel constriction;
but recently I've had chronic inflammation issues
due to autoimmune or infection
and coincident with that an edema indicating
poor endothelial function;
and high-dose caffeine has not cured this .

#cancer grows in #fructose #HFCS #sweetsurprise

11.14: news.health/cancer/grows in fructose:
Cancer Res 2010:
. Synthesis of nucleic acids and nucleotides
is of utmost importance for proliferating tissues
and especially cancers.
. fructose's contribution to nucleic acid synthesis
is considerably greater than glucose;
and, cancer cells preferentially use fructose
via TKT-mediated metabolism
to synthesize additional nucleic acids
to facilitate increased proliferative capacity.
. previous studies have shown that
chronic fructose feeding in animals
leads to insulin resistance
and promotes in vivo growth,
as evidenced by increased organ weights
Additionally, in humans,
increased fructose consumption has been linked to
obesity, diabetes, and elevated uric acid levels,
the latter in keeping with our
in vitro metabolomic studies showing
increased fructose-directed nucleic acid synthesis
[ Metabolism. 1982, J Nutr. 1985].
We have recently shown 2.5-fold higher
serum fructose levels in pancreatic cancer patients
compared with healthy subjects;
furthermore, in healthy volunteers,
serum fructose level rose rapidly following
ingestion of a liquid fructose and glucose load,
and in contrast to glucose
that quickly returned to fasting levels,
serum fructose remained elevated for >2 hours,
suggesting that circulating human fructose levels
are unregulated in comparison with the
exquisite regulation of blood glucose  [ Pancreas 2009 ].

#paleo #egg sacrificed for legume grains

11.6: web.health/eggs tolerated if leaky gut cured:
. the common egg intolerance that is outgrown
is not an allergy, but a leaky gut problem .
. I learned this from Dr. Campbell-McBride's
GAPS diet Gut & Psychology Syndrome:
she's the one who's child had a gut infection
which reacted to immunizations by causing
a worse gut-immune system
that in turn caused autism .
here's what she says about infants and yolks:

#prebiotic #humanfood and_the_American_Gut_Project

11.4: news.health/probiotic/American Gut Project:
. the American Gut Project,
is crowdsourced microbiome science .

. why is Jeff Leach pushing whole grains
while on a paleo diet (meat and veg)?
[ he's actually against grains, even rice,
but he did want to
put in a good word for fiber: .]

onion #superfood #prebiotics #selenium

11.4: todo.health/probiotics/is onion a health food?:
. onion is a glycemic food 
but has se-msc, the favored form of selenium;
and unlike garlic, it doesn't make you smell bad .
. npr radio was talking about microbiome profiles,
and they said good food for the probiotics (the beneficial bacteria)
includes garlic, onion, and leeks .


whey for egg and spirulina limits

11.14: health/protein/whey for egg and spirulina limits:
. should you use whey? well, I'm using whey myself,
and I still highly recommend the lef.org product;
but I'm trying cheaper stuff at the moment;
it makes no claims about not being denatured .
. I'm trying to heal my thyroid,
and that means less legume protein
that might cause leaky gut;
so my legume is low-protein peas,
thus I need plenty of cheap animal protein now .
. if I ate less whey, I would eat more eggs,
but that's a lot of fat considering the dioxins .
. I said egg was my only alternative to whey,
but I'm also getting as much protein as
I had thought possible from spirulina
-- I thought the limiting factor is
its large quantity of vit A;
but there is some disagreement with
what I read on my spirulina package .


Dr.Sears`zone diet 1997 reviewed #hormonics

11.10..12, 16; 12.21..23:
health/hormonics/Dr.Sears`zone diet

. this is a collection of notes for the book:
Barry Sears. zone-perfect meals in minutes.
HarperCollins Publishers (1997)
isbn 0-06-039241-X
. it includes notes from other sources
in order to full explain Dr.Sears' work;
and there are some updates for obsolete material .


ra-el as jesus returned #WWIII

12.19: news.relig/christianity/ra-el as jesus returned:

EmpiricalData `WikiLeaks : LEAKED 
- U.N. Briefing On Alien God Arrival
. this vid features a ufo sighting
that is interpreted like so:
as ra-el's spirit was carried into heaven
from the base of mount olive
so too would he return 2011.1.28:
that is when the ufo with advanced acceleration
hovered over jerusalem, at the mount of olives .
"( the "son of man" would become "the son of god" ).

. this vid goes on to blame earthquakes and hurricanes
on the wrath of ra-el warning us to believe;
but, the sighting of ufo's should clue us in
there is a lot here we don't know about
like classified beam weapons 
that can cause all this bad weather
and even earthquakes . however, there is
 an implied understanding of beam weapons
as the ra-el site is interested in alien invasions
 predicted by bible codes to happen during
 Israel's big 2014-2015 change .


anti-estrogen supplements #hormonics

11.20: web.cook/anti-estrogen:
. DIM and Calcium D Glucarate both reduce estrogen;
as a bonus, Calcium D Glucarate also promotes
apoptosis for anti-cancer .
glucaric acid is available in foods:
. broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage
kale, squash .
. consumption of vegetables rich in glucaric acid
"offers a promising cancer prevention approach."
[ "Detoxifying cancer causing agents to prevent cancer."
Integr Cancer Ther. 2003 Jun;2(2):139-44.
"Induction of apoptosis by calcium D-glucarate ..."
J Environ Pathol Toxicol Oncol. 2007;26(1):63-73. ]

bulk #organic peas #tucson

11.20: web.cook/peas/25lb organic:
cattle-grade Organic Cracked Feed Peas - 50lb bag - $27.72

#gelatin #spirulina have a #zinc imbalance

12.19: summary:
. I'm trying for a more paleo diet,
so my plant-based protein sources
have moved from legumes to spirulina;
while my animal-based protein includes gelatin
in order to balance the eggs, whey, and meat .
. I found this diet was too high in copper
relative to its natural supplies of zinc,
so I studied the available supplements
and decided on a glycinate chelate .

Se-methylselenocysteine resources update #selenium #cancer #prevention

12.18: update knol.health/se
/{new source of selenate, vrp.com se-msc}:
19: intro:
. this is a summary of updates to my knol:
health/anti-cancer selenium-cysteine compounds .
. following that is an amazon review for
the new selenate source .


. acetylcholinesterase inhibitors reduce #inflammation #Alzheimer's #MetabolicSyndrome

11.9: web.cook/hup/when is it needed?:
. in studying when huperzine (hup) is needed,
I'm wondering if the reason for it (confusion, forgetful)
was because I was depressed,
or otherwise in some condition that would be
assisted by the cheaper tryptophan .
. hup is an acetycholinesterase inhibitor;
so, is depression related to acetycholinesterase excess
or other causes of acetylcholine deficits ?
12.18: conclusion:
. there needs to be a balance between
dopaminergics and cholinergics;
increasing both equally
leads to good cognitive function;
and, there are several pitfalls
that are degrading one or the other,
including drugs and infections .
. the need for acetylcholinesterase inhibitor
is often due to low-grade infections
within the prostate or teeth,
that are leaking into the blood .

Collective Unconscious vs Godhead

12.18: news.relig/god/Collective Unconscious vs Godhead:

NeuroSoup`Collective Unconscious vs. Godhead
. this video talks about levels of tripping,
first there are mere hallucinations,
then telepathy and oneness with things .
. entering the Collective Unconscious
will give you an appreciation for all religions
by experiencing their languages
and getting an understanding of their symbolisms .
. finally there is the Godhead experience
which couldn't be explained
but from the sum of the video
the point of the title is that
sometimes the god itself is confused with
things the god merely provides
such as Collective Unconscious,
and synchronized messaging for telepathy .

in another video god is explained:


#quackwatch mineral supps deemed useless

12.17: web.health/selenium
/#quackwatch mineral supps deemed useless:
editorial by a medical journal:
"Fortmann et al reviewed trial evidence to update
the usa's Preeventive Services Task Force recommendation
on the efficacy of vitamin supplements
for primary prevention in community-dwelling adults
with no nutritional deficiencies .
[ and no mineral deficiencies -- notice that .]
. after reviewing 3 trials of multivitamin supplements
and 24 trials of single or paired vitamins
that randomly assigned more than 400,000 participants,
the authors concluded that there was no
clear evidence of a beneficial effect
of supplements on all-cause mortality,
cardiovascular disease, or cancer ."
". the only supplements not gaining in popularity
are beta-carotene (some uses increased lung cancer)
and vitamin E (some uses increased all-causes mortality)."
"... mineral supplements are ineffective for
preventing mortality or morbidity
due to major chronic diseases."
. since most cancers happen to the elderly,
cancer could be considered to be
"morbidity due to major chronic diseases";
so, the editor of this journal
seems to be asserting that
mineral supplementation would prevent no cancers .


you want my wot?!

11.4: pos.cyb/net.mywot/you want my wot?!
. after I found out I really need to
integrate mywot into chrome browser
in order to post reviews of sites;
I was not so sure I felt safe
having them read my every link;
and, with malware so good at cracking any site,
what is the purpose of a service like mywot
that pretends today's safe site
is likely to be tomorrow's safe site ?
. simply trust who you have to;
and have separate virtual machines
for each level of trust;
eg, have at least these levels:
# banks,
# the pit for everyone else .
. when I want to use my bank,
I restart my chromebook
to have its verified boot flush the malware .


brightness on ubuntu linux fujitsu laptop

10.10: web.cyb/xuw/brightness:
. ubuntu 12.04 LTS screen brightness?
Install it by terminal:
sudo apt-get install xbacklight
Change brightness by xbacklight -set {20..50},
For example, to set medium brightness one would use
xbacklight -set 50

#nsa forces Torvalds' hand? #linux

12.14: intro:
see NSA backdoors all encryption software

12.12: news.cyb/sec/linux/nsa forces Torvalds' hand?:
. MIT-educated cryptographer and Linux developer
Theodore Ts'o stated publically that
he was happy with his decision to resist
earlier pleads from Intel engineers
to have that operating system commit entirely to
RDRAND [intel's on-chip routine] for encryption:
"Relying solely on the hardware random number generator
which is using an implementation sealed inside a chip
which is impossible to audit
is a BAD idea" . Now just three months later,
FreeBSD is rescinding their reliance on Intel and Via’s RNGs.
[by contrast:]
When a petition began circulating in mid-Sept
imploring Linux to stop relying on RDRAND,
one of the OS’s leading developers, Linus Torvalds,
called those who made those pleads "Ignorant" .


reusing #Apple #iMac #superdrive dvd burner?

10.24: web.cyb/dvd burner enclosure:
. for reusing the mac's burner (or just player?)
I need a dvd enclosure ...
if this doesn't work out,
my mac replacement will have a dvd;
eg, one dell compatible with qubes os
comes with a dvd writer for $35 .
. the chromebook is no place to test the new dvd:
Chromebook can't play USB CD or DVD drives .


stress-induced hyperthyroid

10.19: med/hyper cures:
. hyperthyroid can be a symptom of stress,
eleuthero helps you handle stress,
and some other herbs tone down the thyroid:
bugleweed, motherwort, and some say lemon balm .
[ I didn't test any of these herbs .]


Fed's QE ongoing for terminal banking crisis

12.9: news.pol/purges/inflation/Fed's QE ongoing for terminal banking crisis:
. Greg Hunter's latest USAwatchdog guest 
warns the biggest banks are still in big trouble
and they are the main reason
that the Fed'Reserve's Quantitative Easing
-- printing money to buy toxic bank stocks --
won't let up any time soon,
and why the biggest banks' stock prices
are 10 times higher than even
today's inflated other stock prices .
. the reason other stock prices are inflated 
is that the Fed keeps the interest rate low
which means people are less interested in bonds,
and then stocks are the only other place to go .


Community-based internet with wireless_mesh_networks

12.5: news.cyb/net/Community-based internet with wireless mesh networks:
. there is software available
that allows our wifi routers to form meshes
with the wifi routers of our neighbors
so we can internet with them
and make use of their out-of-community connection .
... meshing makes a lot of noise
and is unreliable compared to;
better to plan point-to-point networks .

#mct or #ketones may prevent #alzheimers

12.7: summary:
. a mouse model of Alzheimers disease
responds well to addition of various ketones;
these are naturally produced by a low-carb diet,
or the consumption of mct oil .

alternatives to wikipedia

12.4: web.cyb/net.wiki/alternatives to wikipedia:
. when considering alternatives to wikipedia
it is more than just a source of info,
it's something that can be edited by the public .
. we need a replacement for wikipedia
that doesn't shun conspiracy theorists;
and esp'ly the replacement must
allow mention of Dr. Judy Wood .
. the replacement should make categories per page,
according to what class of references are allowed:
# sources citable by academics,
# source trusted by the mainstream,
# sources considered to be on the fringe .


Dr. Judy Wood on openlibrary.org

. this is what I contributed to openlibrary.org,
in their wiki for cataloging every book .

Where did the towers go? 1 edition

About the Book

The 9/11 event (2001) resulted in the "dustification"
of the World Trade Center (WTC) complex;
and this book presents the evidence
for what could have done this.
All conventional technologies are ruled out;
and, many of the features of the event
are similar to Hutchison Effects,
thereby leaving as the only possibility
that this "dustification" was done by
some classified "beam weapon."

worsening weather from EM field pollution?

10.23: news.phy/increasing radio waves and risk of hutchison effect:
Dr.Wood warns of electromagnetic pollution:
. the Hutchison Effect releases  dramatic amounts of energy
by combining a static field with self-canceling radio signals,
that turn transverse waves into longitudinal pulses
in the electromagnetic fabric that light and radio travels on .
. the smart meters, wifi, cell, and digital tv
are increasing the amount of interfering signals
that could accidently produce the Hutchison effect .
. the increase in supercell weather events
has coincided with the emergence of
new radio frequency transmission towers
for the digital television switchover in 2009.

lef.org vs Nordic Naturals #fishoil #omega3

12.4: proj.cook/fisho/lef.org vs Nordic Naturals #fishoil #omega3:
. Children's DHA by Nordic Naturals
caught my eye as the only brand at my local store
that had the "3rd party testing" label
or any mention of a testing agency such as IFOS .

grasshopper socialization

10.17: news.apt`wildlife/grasshoppers/socialization:
. there was a meeting of 3 of the hoppers
(call them north, west, and south);
north came over to west
and they rubbed their back legs like a communication,
and then west flew away to south
as if to say "I'm interested in elsewhere"
in response, north flew in front of west,
and then turned its back on west .


olives and tannin woes

10.27: proj.cook/olives:
. I picked and pitted some of brother Art's olives .
. as the pits are pushed out of the olive,
there is a chunk of olive that comes with it,
which is usually discarded, but I tried to salvage them .
I boiled the pits and then the fruit flaked off;
but it smelled rather unfamiliar, so I tossed that water
even though it had some oil in it .
. then I pureed the half cup of fruit with 2 egg shells,
and re boiled . this smelled and tasted like olives .
. next time I'll skip the fruit separation,
just adding an egg shell puree to boiled pits,
and then do the separation in my mouth .

proc.cook/olive soup:
. cup/2 pitted olive meat was boiled in plenty of water;
the water was tossed, then this was boiled again:
vitamixing of meat and 2 egg shells .

10.28(next day):
olive cake side affects mostly gone now:
. I was having hot urine, sour stomach,
phantom olive odors,
... but I have looser stools now, and more cramping .

salt is real money during inflation!

co.amazon/cook/Himalayan Natural Unprocessed Cooking salt:
The Spice Lab's 1 Kilo Coarse - Himalayan Natural Unprocessed Cooking salt
salt is real money during inflation:
. I like to use this like rock candy,
but I'm a little worried about cooking with it,
because I got the impression that natural salt
is a good source of nitrates (or nitrites?)
and when these mix with protein in the stomach,
they can promote stomach cancer .
. according to a reagan-era top economist
we are headed for an inflationary depression,
and salt will be like real money again .
hoard salt now !

10,000 mcg Methylcobalamin B12

10.2: co.amazon/cook/Superior Source No Shot Methylcobalamin
 Vitamin B12 Tablets, 10,000 mcg:
so much methyl in one place!
. this makes me feel rich;
the methyl form is the best, and the potency is very high;
I'm getting better brain function too,
not like b12 in college with better memory,
but I'm getting more help with creative thoughts
while I'm trying to design software . I'm over 50 now .

#fructose kidney damage short magnesium

10.17: news.health/kidney/fructose damage may be from magnesium deficiency:
"We showed that hypomagnesemia independently predicts
the progression to end stage renal disease
in patients with advanced type 2 diabetic nephropathy" .
"Our findings suggest that magnesium supplementation
may be renoprotective in this population."
[Diabetes Care 2012 Yusuke Sakaguchi]
-- this could be how fructose causes kidney damage:
it creates insulin resistance,
which in turn causes magnesium resistance .

#Alzheimers #slowcarb vs #prions

10.8: todo.health/alz/high sugar bend proteins into prions?:
diane rheme show radio:
(interviewing a doctor who wrote a book about halucinations).
. alzheimers and parkinsons may both be
caused by prions, which are bent proteins
-- coincidentally,
high blood sugar can bend proteins;
so, perhaps high sugar promotes prions?

10.10: news.health/alz/Dr.Blaylock:
. inflammation and excitotoxicity
create free radicals; [stale buzz word
and he mispronounces acetylcholinesterase too?
but he does mention role of sugar
-- cutting-edge alzheimers research .].

avoid flu without vaccine

10.8: news.health/avoid flu without vaccine:
. to avoid flu,  according to Dr.Mercola,
vit'd is key, along with the zone diet,
and eating right for your type:
. the Carb Nutritional Type requires about
60..80 % of food as carbs, and 10..15 % fat .
. the Protein Nutritional Type does better on
low-carb diet (50 % fats, and 10 % carb's).
. when you look at the Perfect Health diet,
keep in mind that not every nutritional type
can tolerate potatoes and rice .
 There is a major difference between
low-glycemic vegetables and
high-glycemic grains and starches;
and only vegetables are "safe carb's" to all types .

prediabetes epidemic precedes #diabetes epidemic

10.1: news.health/prediabetes/defined and risk-assessed:
. prediabetes is defined as
 (FPG[fasting plasma glucose] 100–125 mg/dL
or a hemoglobin A1c level of 5.7%–6.4%)
--  higher than normal but not high enough to be
classified as diabetes.
In 2010, approximately 1/3 of U.S. 20+ year-olds
had prediabetes, (an estimated 79 million persons).
. during 2005–2006, only approximately 7%
of persons with prediabetes
were aware that they had prediabetes.
Each year, 11% of persons with prediabetes
who do not lose weight
and do not engage in  moderate physical activity
will progress to type 2 diabetes
during the average 3 years of follow-up.
Evidence-based lifestyle programs
that encourage dietary changes,
moderate-intensity physical activity,
and modest weight loss
can delay or prevent type 2 diabetes
in persons with prediabetes. 

15% of #cancer victims survive 20years #Fukushima #wifi

news.health/cancer/15% survive 20years:
National Cancer Institute study  has found that
 approximately 13.7 million cancer survivors
were living in the United States as of 2012,
a figure which is expected to approach 18 million by 2022.
66% have survived 5 or more years
40% have survived 10 or more.
15% have survived 20 years or longer .
A coordinated agenda for research and practice
is needed to address cancer survivors' long-term
medical, psychosocial, and practical needs
across the survivorship trajectory.
10.1: news.health/nuclear pollution is getting worse:

dem vs repub are like sunni vs shia

10.2: relig/dem vs repub are like sunni vs shia:
. there is a major split in Islam
over how the politics should be decided;
should the rulers pick their successors,
or should the people or their elected rep's
vote on who the next leaders are ?
Christians are the same way:
traditionals point at the bible
which is sort of dictating leadership,
since we never get to vote on what a good god is .
. democrats are the other christian
who believe all laws should be voted upon,
therefore, republicans are like the shia,
and democrats are like the sunni .
we need to write the democrat's bible,
pointing out that the traditional bible
is dictating to us what kind of god we have
without showing us verifiable evidence
such as parapsychology's evidence of supernature .
. a bible should include commentary like:
" certain ancient tribes claimed the god
actually has a 10-commandment opinion,
which includes not killing;
but if you look at nature
-- the first hand of god --
killing is our number#1 means of
staying healthy and strong;
likewise if we can't make a person happy,
we should offer them euthanasia .
. god also gave us big brains to
figure ways to cure sick people,
so the law of efficiency and progress
should be telling us to cure whenever possible;
esp'ly because, the more people we cure,
the less the woman labors to replace them ."


Literary Fiction Improves Theory of Mind skills

10.5: news.psy/affective and cognitive Theory of Mind
sharpened by non-entertainment:
date: Sat, Oct 5, 2013 at 5:07 AM
subject: Study Finds That
Reading Tolstoy & Other Great Novelists
Can Increase Your Emotional Intelligence
. see top 10 free books;
part of 500 free books list .
. sciencemag.org:
Reading Literary Fiction Improves Theory of Mind
Understanding others’ mental states is a crucial skill
that enables the complex social relationships
that characterize human societies.
Yet little research has investigated what fosters this skill,
which is known as Theory of Mind (ToM), in adults.
We present five experiments showing that
reading literary fiction led to
better performance on tests of
affective and cognitive ToM
compared with reading nonfiction,
popular fiction, or nothing at all .
Specifically, these results show that
reading literary fiction temporarily enhances ToM.
More broadly, they suggest that ToM may be influenced by
engagement with works of art.
ny times:
 . a study published Thursday in the journal Science.
 found that after reading literary fiction,
 as opposed to popular fiction or serious nonfiction,
 people performed better on tests measuring
 empathy, social perception and emotional intelligence
 — skills for reading someone’s body language
 or gauging what they might be thinking .
To find [those not exposed to art already
they look beyond college students:]
they used Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service,
where people sign up to earn money
for completing small jobs.
People ranging in age from 18 to 75
were recruited for each of five experiments.
They were paid $2 or $3 each to read for a few minutes..

Some were given excerpts from award-winning literary fiction
 (Don DeLillo, Wendell Berry). Dostoyevsky .
Literary fiction readers also scored
better than nonfiction readers
— and popular fiction readers made as many mistakes
as people who read nothing.
. subjects said they did not enjoy literary fiction
as much as other reading tasks . 

killer flu was a bioweapon

10.8: web.pol/purges/gemini/killer flu was a bioweapon:
todo: [done]
. what was that story about the
 actual cause of the flu pandemic ?
. one reason usa gov might do that now
is to help with war,
and then the vaccinated would survive .
. need to refind that conspiracy theory .


#trehalose is not a #slowcarb !

12.1: health/hormonics/#trehalose is not a #slowcarb !:
. trehalose should be presented as
a healthy alternative to popular sugars
(which includes not only sucrose,
but also high-fructose corn syrup);
the reason it is a better sweetener
is not because it is digested more slowly
but because it has no fructose
-- and nothing could be healthier
than ending the use of high-dose fructose .
. it also has some other health benefits .

trehalose is hardly a #slowcarb:
. when compared to pure glucose
its raising of blood sugar levels
is 33% lower than pure glucose,
(isn't that an index of 66? -- like bread!)
and the extent to which it raises insulin
is only 14% lower than pure glucose
-- that is hardly in the zone!
. also keep in mind the risks of
genetically modified foods;
trehalose comes from maltodextrins;*
and "most maltodextrin is manufactured from corn"
and of course,
USA corn is mostly GM (genetically modified) .
. I'm not sure anything is wrong with GM sugar
but I can't be sure about the dangers of GM
because the science is corrupted by Big Money,
-- and by Big Religion:
we need to keep feeding a population
that won't stop growing !

yeast infections love trehalose:
. after tsp/4 trehalose before bed,
I woke up with an inflamed mouth
which I understand was a mild yeast infection,
since I'm quite prone to that .

. but that could happen on trehalose itself,
not just the breakdown into glucose,
since the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
can use trehalose as a carbon source for growth;
and, Candida albicans synthesizes Trehalose
in order to avoid stress-induced apoptosis,
so perhaps that yeast also can grow in trehalose .

. yeast is usually controlled by bacteria,
so I will mix the trehalose in my peas,
where I keep the probiotics .
. that will lower the glycemic index too!

* trehalose from maltodextrins:
"In 1994, two patents were issued by
Hayashibara Biochemical Laboratories Inc. (Okyama, Japan)
disclosing a novel non-reducing
saccharide forming enzyme
(maltooligosyl trehalose synthase,
MTSase; EC
and a trehalose releasing enzyme
(maltooligosyl trehalose trehalohydrolase,
MTHase; EC
obtainable from the culture of
microorganisms such as Rhizobiumsp. M-11
and Arthrobacter sp. Q 36 ...
The first enzyme acts on reducing maltodextrins
having a polymerisation degree (DP) higher than three
and catalyses the conversion of the α-1,4 linkage
at the reducing end to an α-1,1,
the second enzyme specifically acts on
the α-1,4 linkage adjacent to the α-1,1
liberating trehalose and a
lower molecular weight maltooligosaccharide
[ an oligosaccharide derived from glucose monomers
linked as in maltose;
maltose is converted to glucose by maltase.]
The enzymatic synthesis of trehalose
is currently obtained using the
MTSase and the MTHase described above
by Hayashibara Biochemical Laboratories Inc"