FDA vs DIY genetic testing

12.11: news.pol/healthcare/FDA vs DIY genetic testing:
. at $99, the 23andMe.com is slashing the
costs of genetic testing;
the same test by your doctor
would cost 3 to 30 times as much .
. the fda is telling 23andMe
that they are selling a diagnostic device
for which they have not yet obtained approval .
. they should be required to change their marketing
to warn patients that it is a statistical tool
that helps you get an idea of group risks;
for instance, among those with a cancer gene
we would expect to see more cancers;
but many with the cancer gene
don't get the cancer, either because
they are protected by other gene interactions
that we don't understand yet;
or, the environment is a key ingredient
which has nothing to do with genetics .
. rather than being a personal diagnostic tool,
it helps you study group genetics only
for a better understanding of health news,
not personal health .

. the pessimistic view of all this,
is that the fda is being, once again,
just a tool of Big Pharma & Medical Unions;
and, are trying to shut out all attempts at
self-medication and self-diagnostics .
. they have also tried to stifle naturopathic medicine
by trying to require that unpatentable herbs
spend millions in scientific testing
to prove their health claims .
(that attempt did fail -- numerous times,
but they did get ephedra controlled
after ephedrine supplements were involved in
overworking or overheating athletes to death).

12.4: news.pol/purges/gemini/
pharma-medical conspiracy against naturopaths:
. herbs and vitamins are said to be evil .