ra-el as jesus returned #WWIII

12.19: news.relig/christianity/ra-el as jesus returned:

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- U.N. Briefing On Alien God Arrival
. this vid features a ufo sighting
that is interpreted like so:
as ra-el's spirit was carried into heaven
from the base of mount olive
so too would he return 2011.1.28:
that is when the ufo with advanced acceleration
hovered over jerusalem, at the mount of olives .
"( the "son of man" would become "the son of god" ).

. this vid goes on to blame earthquakes and hurricanes
on the wrath of ra-el warning us to believe;
but, the sighting of ufo's should clue us in
there is a lot here we don't know about
like classified beam weapons 
that can cause all this bad weather
and even earthquakes . however, there is
 an implied understanding of beam weapons
as the ra-el site is interested in alien invasions
 predicted by bible codes to happen during
 Israel's big 2014-2015 change .

min 30:
. in 1984, ancient artifacts were discovered
by Dr.Elias Sotomayor's team,
300ft below ground in the Ecuadorian mountains .
. the statue looks exactly like the eye'd pyramind
on the New World's dollar .

. on the bottom it had an astronomical constellation,
and some symbols:
. it shows the constellation on the bottom;
if you turn it sky-side up,
then the writing at the bottom says,
(going from right to left like hebrew)
# upsidedown L with (*) at the bottom end
-- like showing something came and fell
# an angle symbol
(starting at 180 and going down about 45 degrees)
-- including a rotation angle that is pointing down
-- reminds of the freemasons
# an * -- reminds of 3-d math axis drawing,
and then an x with a line over it .
-- or it can be an inverted triangle over a pyramid
reminding of the david's star
"as above, so below" .

. it said to be pre-sanskrit
(older than the oldest writing)
and he thinks it means
"the son of the creator comes".

. they are showing the many churches
that have icons of the eyed pyramid,
and at min 32,
they have the church of warsaw poland
shaped like an x with
a horizontal line in the middle,
with the inscription "MOCNI NADZIEJA"
and superimposed in front of the x
is a huge eyed pyramid
with a very tiny cross on top .
. the chairs are in the front of the building
where you might think the parking lot would go,
so the church front is like an alter to them .

. the freemason's symbol is shown
with an angle tool pointing down to form a pyramid
it is superimposed on a V to form XX
and at the top there is the eye in the triangle
reminding of the top of the eyed pyramid
of the New World dollar .

Ra-El is said to be concerned that
Israel not be divided to accommodate Palestinians;
[ rather there should be a more
democratic all-embracing Israel
that isn't set on being Judaism controled?
anyway ],
20 days later Palestinians submit a bid
for statehood to the UN .
by Mahmoud Abbas (reminds of nostradamus' mabus?).

there is an International Church of Lord Ra-El
it points at this vid:
. it points at this fb page,
and, it indirectly points to an alien page:

. that page shows the software for finding
secret codes in the bible
that may serve as predictions:
. on the search term 'The Alien Invasion'
they find:
rayel, macrocosm 11.5, nibiru
hebrew calender date 5775 = ad 2014-2015
angelic, despair, miser,
ebola, concealing, pursuant .

-- macrocosm is a key word for ancient religion:
The Rosicrucians: Plates: No. 9.

ad 2014-2015 is when Isreal makes a big change,
most likely by starting wwIII with Iran .

. ebola is like the "spanish flue"
that was actually a biological weapon
unleashed to stop the nazis .

. angelic reminds of tesla technology:
anti-gravity machines and beam weapons .