#Alzheimers #slowcarb vs #prions

10.8: todo.health/alz/high sugar bend proteins into prions?:
diane rheme show radio:
(interviewing a doctor who wrote a book about halucinations).
. alzheimers and parkinsons may both be
caused by prions, which are bent proteins
-- coincidentally,
high blood sugar can bend proteins;
so, perhaps high sugar promotes prions?

10.10: news.health/alz/Dr.Blaylock:
. inflammation and excitotoxicity
create free radicals; [stale buzz word
and he mispronounces acetylcholinesterase too?
but he does mention role of sugar
-- cutting-edge alzheimers research .].
. the brain's immune cell, microglia,
can be overactive: that causes parkinson's .
. spraying with pesticide makes it worse?
likely by causing insulin resistance
or estrogen dominance .
. glutathione is needed for protection
-- get selenium and adequate protein .
. need good hormonics (avoid diabetes etc),
[ diabetes raise fungal levels
that raise immune activity ].
. avoid excitotoxins like MSG
that excite the microglia .
. flu shots contain mercury
and a toxic form of aluminum
-- you need metal detoxification therapy
after a getting a flu shot .
. watch your omega-3/omega-6 ratio
(limit peanuts, vegetable oil, nuts, and grains).
. sugar doubles your chances of alz',
and that's why there has been a rise of alz,
-- it is corresponding with more sugar use .
. high fat with sugar also raises alz'risk even more?
[ that is likely from mixing insulin promoters with
insulin resistors like sat fat
-- that mix is what raises blood sugar
to the point of modifying protein structures;
also, avoid diabetes promoters
like heavy use of vegetable oil
(diabetes has risen in India since they
replaced coconut oil with vegetable oils
-- most likely corn or soy oil .]
. too much aerobic exercise
is promoting too many free radicals .
[ I think his point is that
people are thinking they can eat whatever they want
as long as they exercise eno' to burn it off,
but cheap food and hard work
is a harsh combination .]