#911truther Predictive Programming in Independence_Day_(1996_film)

6.25: news.pol/purges/illuminati/911truther/
Independence_Day_(1996_film) as Predictive Programming:
6.28: summary:
. everyone agrees that Predictive programming
entails media hinting at foreknowledge of
some catastrophes such as 9/11;
but they differ on why this is being done.
. I believe the point of hinting at foreknowledge
is to give you the idea that The Powers That Be
have control of the media, and everything else,
and there is nothing you can do to stop them:
9/11 was planned to motivate "the war on terror"
(an expensive war against anti-zionists).
. a prime example of Predictive Programming
is when aliens attack the world
in the 1996_film, Independence_Day,
and they show waves of things turning to dust
just as they mysteriously did on 9/11.
. aliens are synonymous with secret advanced technology;
and, 9/11 was done with secret advanced technology.


graphics 2015

. these are the drawings I did during 2015;
done in colored pencils or pens.
. also a collage.


is #BDS-#Israel the #antichrist?

6.12: news.pol/purges/anti-semitism/
is BDS-Israel the antichrist?:
"too jewish" tucson radio:
. while in the usa there is growing support for zionism,
on campus there is the opposite reaction,
with much academic support for punishing Israel
using BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions).
. this anti-zionist movement is attracting a lot of
anti-semites who make Jewish students feel unsafe.
. it should be pointed out that there are
2 "Jewish" factions:
# zionists, who believe zionism will
bring the Messiah or Christ;
# anti-zionists, who believe zionism is
wrong until the Messiah provides it
(in the peaceful Messianic age).


everyone's #testosterone lowered by environmental endocrine disruptors

4.14: news.pol/healthcare/hormonics/
everyone's testosterone lowered by environmental endocrine disruptors:

Travison, Araujo, OƕDonnell, Kupelian, McKinlay.
A population-level decline in serum testosterone levels
 in American menJ Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 2007.
full text:
( Study Observation years Age range (yr)
, TotalTestosterone (ng/dl) (Median, Interquartile range)
, Bioavailable T (ng/dl) (Median, Interquartile range)
1987– 89 age45–71
(501, 392– 614); (237, 179 –294)
1995–97 age50 – 80
(435, 350 –537); (188, 150 –234)
2002– 04 age57– 80
(391, 310 –507), (130, 101–163)

how is higher linoleic omega-6 oil healthier?

4.13: news.health/diet/hormonics/
how is higher linoleic omega-6 oil healthier?:
4.19: summary:
. if anything "predicts type 2 diabetes"
it is sure to tell you that the studied population
was eating too much grain and sugar.
. this study basically says that
foods with more omega-6 oil were actually helpful
in a group tending to abuse carb's.
. while omega-6 (linoleic acid) may have problems,
a major source of it is nuts and seeds:
a great source of fiber and B vitamins.
. but as for linoleic acid reducing risk of mortality,
can you really get health benefits from
guzzling corn or soy oil?
. also they found palmitoleic acid was bad
whereas that is sold as a health food;
likely they were measuring levels of meat
rather than healthy sources like macadamia nuts.
. this was a study of types of oils found in blood;
that might not be directly related to oils in diet,
due to conversions.