female #testosterone after #menopause

4.23: web.health/hormonics/female testosterone after menopause:
. a woman's life extension program should include
maintenance of youthful testosterone levels .

#politics of on-going #malware injustice

news.cyb/sec/#politics of on-going #malware injustice:
. we need a hardware system redesign that will
give the NSA the information they search for
but will not allow them to modify our systems,
so then criminals cannot modify our systems .


Medical Conspiracy Theories and Health Behaviors

4.29: news.pol/gemini/Medical Conspiracy Theories and Health Behaviors:
JAMA Intern Med/Research Letter | March 17, 2014
Medical Conspiracy Theories and Health Behaviors
in the United States 
summary by anh-usa.org:
Science is challenging because
you have to carry around a lot of uncertainty;
and there is a lot of money to be made
from corrupting the science .

the god's chosen people or way?

4.29: news.relig/judaism/the god's chosen people or way?:
. it wasn't that god had chosen the Hebrews,
the Bible shows god choosing imperialism:
evolution to perfect mastery of technology;
high-tech is the star of David .


thisamericanlife.org`animal sacrifice during wwII

3.22: relig/judaism/thisamericanlife.org`animal sacrifice during wwII:
. in thisamericanlife's interpretation of the bible,
the god is portrayed as declaring
the perfect form of worship is animal sacrifice;