neckstrap for laptop while training recumbent

. in 2005 I named my new laptop "xpw"
which stands for (xp walking),
since it was supposed to be replacing my pda (the 2002 Dell`Axim x5),
and would support a standard OS (ms`xp)
instead of win/ce (windows`crippled edition) .
. people marveled at how small that Fujitsu Lifebook p1510d was;
but, it was never quite a pda:
. I never walked with it much like I did the pda,
because the battery was so expensive .
. now I've got a trike trainer,
for cycling in place while I do desk work,
some of which can be done on this laptop
(it's just a reading device now,
since I don't trust xp with my work anymore) .

. when the laptop is opened all the way,
(so it's flat instead of L-shaped)
there are cracks in the hinge where a strap can fit,
and with a strap around both it and my neck
it will balance on my stomach, while I'm reclined on the trike;
and the screen is just the right distance from my eyes
-- where I can see tiny print without using glasses .
. my hands can use it as a resting place
rather than be burdened holding its weight .


can't go wrong with the Topeak Pressure-Rite Anti-Air Loss Connector

. I spent considerable time getting leads on a better tire pump,
only to find it too had problems:
that good reputation was only for their older pumps,
that pump stopped working when it started catering to usa`style valves,
that pricey pump has plastic parts that fail like the rest:
and, what good is a warranty if the whole deal is inconvenient
or has bad service .
. well, along with being satisfied with this Planet Bike pump
-- fine for my 75-psi 20" trike tires --
I'm sure I can't go wrong with the adapter I got for it:
Topeak Pressure-Rite Anti-Air Loss Connector $7.63

. the adapter is genius:
it has it's own pressure sensitive valve inside;
give it a pump to engage it,
then your pump's gauge's reading will be true;
finally release your pump's engage
and the adapter quickly releases pressure on the tire's stem valve .
. now easily unscrew the adapter .
. the adapter screws on easily, and has a rock-solid connection .
. they advertise it as getting into tight places,
and providing exact pressures;
but, it's also doing well at an additional use case:
since it's the pump's pressure that sets the adapter's stem depressor,
the pump's stem depressor never gets worn out .
. also, since the adapter's stem depressor is metal,
it never gets worn out either !


the corner stone in zion

2017.2.23: preface:
. Islamic war against zionism and Western imperialism,
while fighting a much stronger opponent,
has gained an advantage with suicide bombers,
and the only way the West can compete
since they can't expect their soldiers to suicide
is to develop expendable robotic soldiers.
however, it's a mistake to assume that
it was the Islamic-zionism fight alone
that would lead us to develop robotic weapons.
. the savior of the world will be
a robotic-enforced global government
that can implement global arms control.
. wwIII will leave only one military surviving,
which leads to global government;
wwIII will be started by christians
who fight anti-zionists and dictators.
2009.7.14: co.relig/bible/1 Peter 2:6:
For it stands in Scripture: "Behold, I am laying in Zion a stone,
a cornerstone chosen and precious,
and whoever believes in him will not be put to shame."

asking friends about health care reform

. one response that was pointing out
the vague meaning of the current reform
reminded me that I should have summarized
what the bill meant to me .

. another response that surprised me,
was that
giving to political action committees
is an incredibly inefficient use of limited funds...
and that we should leave that for the wealthy.

. this argument is a self-fulfilling prophesy:
we -- the non-wealthy -- are indeed collectively wealthy,
but if we can't trust us to collectively give,
then we will not be there collectively
and cannot show our wealth, or lobby for our rights .
. we will not be able to run the TV advertisements
that will counter the misperceptions advertised by the opposition .

. I didn't give anything to Obama's election,
but when it was pointed out how he won:
by millions of non-wealthy contributing small amounts;
and when I heard that he would need the same non-wealthy contributions
to battle the lobbyists opposing change in health care;
I was sure that all caring non-wealthy
should all give to the cause of health care .

. one reason I wondered if I had done the right thing,
is that, according to the Obama email I forwarded to you,
the health care reform campaign has gotten contributions from
100000 -- out of more than
300000000 Americans .

. why should anyone care about health reform, anyway?
. here's what I was thinking when I first contributed:

. we the taxpayers may believe that honest people pay their own way
while gov-run health care involves welfare -- no way!
but, then we also have moralistic laws
that demand emergency rooms give help without getting paid
hence our sea of emergency room care .

. how do the hospitals pay for this?
they raise their prices on those who can pay .
. how do private insurers deal with this?
they find individuals that require no services,
and drop individuals the first time they do require services .

. how is the Obama reform trying to fix this?
they would require health care insurers to
not drop anyone for pre-existing conditions .
. this will cause them to accept even fewer clients,
so how do we make the emergency-room free-loaders pay?

. we have an optional gov-run insurer that accepts anyone .
. everyone will have to pay some health insurance,
just like everyone has to pay some car insurance now .

. the gov-run insurer would bring down health care costs
the same way the brit's have:

it's not just by being a single-payer,
it's because they pay the doctors a salary rather than per-service,
and they pay the doctor a bonus for keeping costs down .

. after visiting the healthcare-now.org
I defended Obama against those who demand a single-payer system:

. healthcare-now.org
'ers don't know what the obama-congress plan is yet;
but, it can't be good with private insur's still at the table .
. if you're a doctor
then you're still dealing with a bureacratic jungle
as patient care depends on the system ...
my response:
. actually doctors do have the power to simplify their paperwork:
they have to accept all fed-insured's (very simple)
and then as much as they want to complicate their life,
they can accept various other private-insured's .
. private insur's can keep the american way by niche marketing;
eg, their line is:
. your fed insurance is all about prevention,
but our doctors won't pressure you to make healthy lifestyle changes;
they get paid for the work they do, not the work they prevent .
. if you can afford our royal premiums, you get royal treatment ..
but, on the 9th I lamented health care reform is doomed:
. I'm seeing it won't work:
and the universal care plan's cost reductions are depending on
invasive lifestyle changes;
and, Americans are too proud for preventive health choices;
so then you know
refusers will get treatments anyway !
-- no cost reduction, and a huge tax bill .

. we should spend that money on edu at the k-12 level
with one daily message:
this is your cancer on cola, baby !
here's how the Obama campaign is presenting the reform:
President Obama has called for health care reform in 2009 that upholds

three core principles:
* Reduce costs — Rising health care costs are crushing the budgets of governments, businesses, individuals, and families, and they must be brought under control
* Guarantee choice — Every American must have the freedom to choose their plan and doctor – including the choice of a public insurance option
* Ensure quality care for all — All Americans must have quality and affordable health care
For decades, health care reform has been blocked by special interest lobbying and political point-scoring. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
President Obama has laid out the three core principles for real health care reform -- and we're going to do everything we can to make sure reform gets passed this year.
6.30: co.pol/barackobama.com
`Mitch Stewart/Can I run this by you?:
from Mitch Stewart, BarackObama.com <info@barackobama.com>
date Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 4:25 PM

. here's our latest idea:
Putting our supporters in coast-to-coast television and online ads,
telling their own stories, in their own voice.
It could be a breakthrough moment in this debate,
when millions of Americans realize how urgent reform really is.

But recording and nationally broadcasting these stories won't be cheap.
We can only go forward if you're ready to chip in.

Many experts believe health care reform was defeated in the early 90's
by the infamous "Harry and Louise" ads.
They featured actors sitting around a fake kitchen table,
pretending to be a family that was frightened by reform.
Phony stories helped defeat health care reform in the past.
But this time, real stories could be the reason we win.

I'm ready to contribute:
my response:
. the recent $100 I gave was for actions such as this .


misrepresenting Obama at freeourhealthcarenow.com

. at freeourhealthcarenow.com, Mark Levin was again spreading
misinformation about the Obama health care reform,
and asking us to sign a petition that says:
. I petition the congress to stop any increased
role of the gov in my health care decisions .
. I also petition the congress to protect my right to
choose my own doctors and hospitals without delay or denial,
to obtain care that is patient -centered,
and to have health insurance that is
personal, portable and best suits my needs .
so, since Levin's really petitioning for the same things
that Obama's plan wants,
I signed the petition with my name as:
thisIsTheSameThingObamaWants americiumdreamdocs

--. the intro says:

. sign the "(free our health care now) petition .
. stop the gov takeover before it's too late .
. Obama and congress are pushing "(reform) that will
move america closer to a gov-run system like Canada or Britain .
. if they succeed,
most americans will no longer be able to keep the insurance they have .
. instead they will be forced into a gov-run health insurance market,
with most people enrolled in a gov-run health plan .
. I support the following as
key elements of any health care reform plan:
. I support the right to choose my own doctor
and to choose a plan that best fits my family's needs and budget .
. I want to get the treatment I need, when I need it, without delay or denial
and I want my care to be patient-centered rather than gov-centered .
. I want the same tax breaks employees get if I have to
pay for own health insurance;
and I want gov assistance redirected to those that truly need help .
. I want more control to cover my own health care decisions
and I want a system that encourages everyone to eliminate
fraud, waste, and abuse .
. I want insurance I can take with me if I have to change jobs .

violence prevention

. after reading about chicago's ceasefire program,
where reformed gang members try to reason with those
currently at high risk for being
either victims or perpetrators of violence,
I recalled that the most shocking reports involved
perceived trespassing:
. people are passing through the wrong neighborhood,
or children from different neighborhoods are sharing the same school .
. the ceasefire program both employs ex-convicts,
and is proven to reduce violence; so, this is an obvious good;
however, for the long-term,
our nation's city planning must reduce perceived trespassing;
and, such plans can also be part of a greener, more sustainable strategy,
that minimizes commuting times to a neighborhood's essential sites:
places like the general store, grocery store,
and place of employment or schooling .
. another proven violence-reduction strategy
that is also proven to increase academic performance,
is to support boarding schools
-- places of learning that give kids a safe place at night
to do homework and sleep,
as well as by reducing the amount of commuting time
-- and perceived trespassing .
. from the public's perceptions of boarding schools
there's obviously many a devil in the details .

response to Mark Levin#7.1 on health care

. Mark Levin is saying on the radio
that Obama-run health care is going to ruin choice;
and from there his argument can produce as evidence
follies of nationalized health care systems in britain and canada .
. well, one's first reaction should be that Obama's plan does not
want to nationalize the entire health care system;
but, I got the idea that one way Levin's nightmare could happen
is that no private co's could compete, and then they would evaporate .
so, what the Obama campaign needs
is not stories of a pathetic need for universal health care
but instead,
reassurances how private plans can coexist profitably .

. if Obama's only concern was that private plans keep cheating by
finding ways to mark patients as lying about pre-existing conditions,
why not just make a law against that practice?
. the logical response by the private plans then
will be to raise premiums for those they do accept,
and aren't those premiums already too high?
-- soon employers will stop offering free health care,
and you will feel the cost of those premiums gouge half your pay check!
. what is the reason for the rise in private plan premiums?
the private plans are required by hospitals to pay for
the cost of emergency room service which hospitals are forced to provide free
to those who aren't paying to be on any plan .
. well, the Obama plan would make these free-loaders pay to be on gov'care,
and in this way, gov`care would make private plans more profitable
by allowing them to get cheaper services,
and pass the savings onto their eager customers .
. you might logically object to the prospect of being required to pay premiums
when you're idea of cheap health care is preventive or suicidal;
but then what is to stop others like you from free-loading off hospitals?
nothing! . taxes must accurately reflect what your locale uses in gov`services,
and that includes not only police, and fire, but also emmergency care .

. Levin pointed out that we've had a taste of
universal coverage with medicare -- or did he say
the combined medicare and medicaid? -- anyway, call all that gov`care:
. it's spending way more than we can afford, already!,
how much worse will it get when gov`care is extended to everyone?!
. I think the Obama`response would be
that the cost of gov`care can be acceptably reduced
by promising to pay doctors differently:
instead of underpaying them for each service,
it would put them on guaranteed salary
but with bonuses for keeping patients healthy;
this can save lots of money because doctors know that the meds they give
are going to make the patient sicker in the long run,
but its making the patient happy in the short term .
. salaried doctors will move from cholesterol meds to
healthy lifestyle changes like demanding the proven cholesterol-lowering diet
with high-greens and no processed meats .