Jon Justice sneers at sure justice

3.24: news.pol/jon justice sneers at sure justice:
. ironic how Jon Justice radio show
sneers at sure justice:
speeder-catching cam's are
"(the gov't watching you!)
. but perhaps the real point is that
speed limits are an obnoxious democracy
imposed where consensus could have worked:
eg, consensus would be where
your taxes pay for the roads with
the speed*mass you want:
. the most practical way is to
restructure our city planning
as gated communities that minimize commuting
by use of work-based residences .
. everything you need can be biked to
or trucked in with an internet sale .
. the shop docks are at the wall to minimize truck traffic,
the walls are composed of doughnut strip malls .
. then people can drive between these gated communities
at any speed they want .

The Big Short

3.23: news.pol/fin'reform/The Big Short:
Michael Lewis, author of
The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine
says finance reform means they must be
allowed to fail
ie, by being smaller;
he listed some suggested rules that would
encourage them to seek
that smaller size .
. not being allowed to fail means
there is a strange cheating of capitalism
where the risk is absorbed by the public
while the profits remain privatized
-- leaving no incentive to be sensible .

3.23: bk.pol/fin reform/Big-Short-Inside-Doomsday-Machine/

. this book got a lot of negative reviews,
but, I'm not sure if his critics
are really on the same page .

teach a man to ... "(oh, fish!)

3.22: pol/teach a man to ... "(oh, fish!):
"(Give a man a fish
and you feed him for a day.
Teach him how to fish
and you feed him for a lifetime.)
. seeing this in the context of
protesting against proprietary software,
I realized that such secret.ware
is just another way of
controlling population by marginalizing it .
. teach a man to fish,
and he reproduces until the pond is empty;
then he's clubbing to control the next pond .
. give the masses a right to
improve your product
and the masses will do your job
for mere beans .
) .

police are human beings

3.22: pol/drug war/police are human beings:

. what was that police officer thinking
when he said drug laws help catch
other criminals?
drug laws single-handedly create
so much heavy crime! [3.28: well, combined with
the use of anonymous cash and privacy rights ...]

. we need to legalize sales,
then have drug testing for
places where it matters .
. if your drugs violate your job,
you lose your job;
if your drugs are used while driving,
you get jailed .
. another option is going cashless:
use smartcards so that drug trades
are not anonymous .
. a problem then is bartering, eg,
human trafficking to support drug exchanges .

. robotic scanners in cars
can tell when driver is impaired .
. public scanning can keep drug use private .
. police are humans; they don't
stand a chance with that cowboy job
against militant drug gangs .
. if there's no reason to
inspect for drugs,
there's no reason to prevent drug use .

3.23: pol/surface oriented architecture:
. "(service) sounds like "(surface);
and the significance of that freudian slip
is esp'ly revealed by the term "(service member)
used in the context of service in war;
as in military policies that routinely use soldiers
like skin, where dead cells are used as shields .

how money is the root of evil

3.20: co.apt/pol/how money is the root of evil:

. unlike credit's circle of trust
through 3rd party accountability,
money as cash is anonymous
making it easy to cheat consumers
or hide illegal transactions (see drug war).

co.apt/pol/root of all evil:
. the root of all evil is
secrecy for the sake of some's security
or financial competitiveness .
. private-sourcing a voting machine?
what were they thinking?

[. to say root of evil is money
would be true only if identifying money
as being a mere symbol for what is actually power
which usually means not just absolute power
but relative power as measured against
what power the competition has .
. trade secrets and privacy rights
are the primary tools of staying in power;
but, they are also the root of the devil's power
-- in that they are the root of all evil .

. to say that money is the root
is to ask how money differs from
power and secrecy,
and to ask what the alt's to money are .

. people who work for a product
they'll use
may not make a better looking product
and it might even have
obsolescence built in,
but it surely won't be
insidiously poisonoius,
either to the consumer
or the producer's neighbors .

. if there was only bartering
rather than money ?

. money is a convenient way of
metering wealth,
which is important when
people tend to demand more
than the stores will supply .
. the bottlenecks include
the reproduction of too many consumers,
some perceived difficulty with
being a producer,
some reason for limiting precursors,
and when a fear of shortages
encourages hording or gluttony .

. when there is perfect knowledge
(no secrets) then,
if we are in control of ourselves,
we can likely reason with people
about sharing
both in production and consumption .
. unfortunately, it's no secret
we have no control over reproduction;
so, the only way to encourage
is to promise supplies to those who
save money,
even in a world of gluttons ...]
[3.28: where the capacity to save wealth
may simply be used to consume excessively .]

malpractice insurance reform

3.20: co.apt/pol/malpractice insurance reform:
. doctor's sky-high malpractice insurance rates are
simply a logical response to insane practices:
they brag it's part of their rigorous training
having to practice for 24hr with no sleep
-- if our truck drivers did that,
they'd lose their insurance and their license!


3.18: pol/stopthebrainwash.com:

. when I heard this author (stopthebrainwash.com)
explain what was setting us back,
I didn't know he was talking about african slaves:
his description seemed to apply to everyone:
. when we came to this country
[esp'ly for the industrial revolution]
we were stripped of our language, culture, family
-- everything !
. how many people can say they relate to
the european cultures of their forefathers?
all but the english lost their language too .
. we have nobody but the
boss and the state now;
and, of course,
the reason there's this ongoing
fight about getting too cozy
with the state (and welfare)
is that the boss in america
is typically not family
and has not one shred of loyalty .
. this would seem like a perfect reason for
mass imprisonment
but somehow the russian communists can match us .
(maybe it's the way
communism treats them like the homeless;
owning nothing but rights to a cot in a shelter?
-- nothing much to lose ... will often lose it;
then again,
they could be political activists
or unsharing types ) .

. stopthebrainwash.com has a guest who provided this link .

fair and balanced 2.0

3.16: co.apt/pol/fair and balanced 2.0:
. the featured guest of thedianerehmshow.org (3.16)
-- let's call him co.pol#fair and balanced 2.0 --
was a vegan and animal rights activist
when a caller had an interesting opposition:
. like the rest of god's jungle,
we can be a caring, humane hunter
one who takes only clean, painless shots;
and who serves a natural function
of controlling destructively growing populations .
. this vegan actually said
that if we can be such
naturally good pop'controllers
we should feel comfortable with
controlling our own population!
. is this not real "(fair and balanced) ?!
I then shouted to my co.apt's
in glee:
. the fat lady did sing!
so what's the problem?
even the truth socks!
[. as if mocking the typical amer':
the enviro'rights sock,
the civil rights sock,
the animal'rights sock,
-- now we have to admit: even the truth sucks! ]
. who is this guy? Johnathan Balcombe:
author of {second nature, pleasurable kingdom};
unfortunately, he's no saint:
. what does he feed his cats? is it meat?
they ask, trying to trap him;
they did trap him on something else:
. he points out that while cats do need meat
humans have a choice to be vegans;
does he know what torture it is
for cats and dogs to be fed
the cereal-poisoned crap
we call their normal diet?
. at least he's an example of
how people can truly care about animal`feelings
yet torture them out of ignorance .

web.pol/fair and balanced 2.0/Enthologists:

. co.pol#[fair and balanced 2.0]
was also into enthology?
that is a little-used title, according to google;
here are some examples:

Q: What are the job opportunities in forestry and wildlife
Enthology is the scientific study of animal behaviour
in its natural environment.
An enthologist studies and analyses the
evolution, behaviour, biological functions of an organism
in its natural environment.

. a fresh graduate in forestry can expect less salary than
one who is in the research field
or working as Enthologists, ...

Modeling Top Performers -- A systems approach to interventions:
"Why it that some of our sales staff perform at a high level
while others do not?". As behavioral researchers,
like the enthologists,
we had to go to the environment
to see what the top performers were doing
that was different from the other sales people.

arizona will be literally green

3.15: pol/arizona will be literally green:
. arizona will be literally green
when we get that green tech going:
. with unlimited sun energy,
we will pump water from the oceans to the deserts .
. but earthquakes will crack our pipes ? ...
leave the pipes disconnected with waterfalls !

the true cost of "(death panels)

3.12: pol/health care/the cost of inaction:

. according to Obama's "(the cost of inaction):
So how much higher do premiums have to rise
until we do something about it?
How many more Americans have to
lose their health insurance?
How many more businesses have to drop coverage?
How many more years
can the federal budget handle the crushing costs
of Medicare and Medicaid?
When is the right time
for health insurance reform?
Implications for States (pdf)
Failure to Enact Nixon, Carter, and Clinton Health Reforms
The Cost of Doing Nothing
If Reform Fails )
. people who don't want death panels are asserting
that their doctors are rational,
and therefore need not gov'guidance .
. what is really going on is that
people are not rational:
they want their doctor staying out of
their lifestyle choices,
and the only way the gov't
is going to save money
is by having the doctors draw
exactly those hard lines .
. your gov-mandated doctor will say:
. the research shows that your
lifestyle obesity
is going to be this black hole
that first swallows up a bunch of
medications that only bandaid the symptoms
and then goes on to devour
major surgical interventions .
. I can start you on those feel-good med's
or I can ask you to cooperate with a
dietician .) .
. who really has the death panels around here?
gov't control of doctors?
or corporate control of consumers?

cost of inaction is not so bad:

. I think what people are doing is this:
if the death panels are so great for us,
why don't you just apply them to medicaid?
. the medical system will never collapse;
the rich will pay for exactly the services
they use,
by using agents to negotiate fair prices
(vs the prices that are taxed to cover
what they spent on charity cases)
and those who do get driven to the poor house,
can then be fed to the death panels
on a per-lottery basis .
. actually that's not so random;
and this is why people feel safe
betting on it:
the one's who are most in need of medicals
are those who are driving small cars,
taking on the dangerous jobs,
and eating the cheap, poisonous foods .
. if eno' people get burned in medicaid,
then they may see the sense of
either higher taxes
or some sort of cap on services (death panels)
that apply only to the chronically ill:
the diabetics, the mentally ill,
and the other major sources of hormonal damage .

3.15: pol/health care/bluedog blues:
. right wing radio is right about
obama care is going to be more tax not less;
because, they know
amer's won't cooperate with preventive health;
they are going to take that universal health care
for one fat ride .
. one problem with a [let dumb be dumb].policy
is genocide:
the genetic strains that can't tolerate bad diet
are going to have all their child-rearing funds
diverted to managing diabetes, and disability ...
they can make a sure living from
disability insurance .
. whites tend to have most of the
anti-diabetic genes
since they have many generations tested against
cultures of tea, sugar, and grain-based diets .

3.21: news.pol/health care/spectator.org's obamacare:

. David Catron -- a health care revenue cycle expert, MBA,
with 20+ years working for and consulting with
hospitals and medical practices --
summarizes the situ' as Obama being your
typical promise breaker and flip-flopper;
and concludes that this is why
obamacare lost popularity .

. he doesn't even mention
the rage over death panels;
nor the fact that a good segment of the opposition
were seething about manditory health insur'
even when any unpaid economist will tell you
that one change
is the one that must happen
in order to stop the massive bleeding in our budget
and get fair rates out of insur'co's .

. he assumes that obama's election promises
should be applying in this situation;
his main job as pres' right now
is to play ball with congress;
how can agreeing with the majority of rep's
be a promise-breaker?
it just says he sees
that he can't have his way,
but the important promise to keep
is getting some health bill through .
. that was the big promise,
and both barrels are still blazing for that one .

. and as for public support,
are we really about democracy?
nazi's were all about democracy!
. if you just look at what death panels
really were,
it is the amer'public who are the
big flip-floppers:
. if you ask them if doctors have
sense eno' to run an abortion;
a good half will say no:
doctors don't have unlimited good sense .
if you ask these same people
if the doctor has the sense to
pull the plug on a corpse;
70% will say yes:
doctors do have unlimited good sense .
. this is what obama's empty patronizing
is fueled by .
. plus,
he has this ace up his sleeve:
he knows that if it
doesn't pass the way dem's deal it,
it's such an urgent issue that
there's always a next time
where they can then try those open meetings
with the republican ideas
that the dem's sneer is the same old
economics ideas proven wrong repeatedly .

. a comment points out Democrats have until April
for reconciliation to be used to push through the bill.

. a review of Catron's argument may find
it's really a left-handed critque
(using a weak critique
to make critics look weak) .

3.21: pol/neutered by poverty-specific pollution conspiracy:
. dioxin is an estrogen mimic
and only the poor are affected
because primarily the wealthy are highly educated
and only the educated are properly motivated
to follow the health advice of a low fat diet
and to eat low on the food chain .
. being vegan is sissy in all but educated circles;
being a carnivore is where the dioxins are concentrated .
. the amer'middle class have high rates of infertility
and this has been attributed to dioxins .
. since this sort of pollution
could have been predicted to affect
only the lower classes,
couldn't knowledge of dioxin's effects
constitute a conspiracy ?
. did I really kill that rude ignoramus,
if I just let him die ?
. could hormone-imbalancing pollutants
be deliberately reducing violence among the poor ?
[3.28: well,
that wouldn't make sense because
they're not that peaceful!
also, the poor are not that infertile;
it's mostly the middle class, isn't it?
. the only real conspiracy
is perpetrated by the supernatural:
the devil's primary goal is to
evolve technology -- including medical --
and dioxins are costing us so much
in treatments for cancer, heart disease, ...]

3.21: co.pol/dem/Congress has passed
comprehensive health care reform:

Barack Obama
date Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 9:02 PM
subj: Thank you, Philip
Philip --
For the first time in our nation's history,
Congress has passed comprehensive health care reform.
America waited a hundred years
and fought for decades to reach this moment.
Tonight, thanks to you, we are finally here.
Consider the staggering scope
of what you have just accomplished:
Because of you, every American
will finally be guaranteed
high quality, affordable health care coverage.
Every American will be covered under the
toughest patient protections in history.
Arbitrary premium hikes, insurance cancellations,
and discrimination against pre-existing conditions
will now be gone forever.
And we'll finally start
reducing the cost of care
-- creating millions of jobs,
preventing families and businesses
from plunging into bankruptcy,
and removing over a trillion dollars of debt
from the backs of our children.
But the victory that matters most tonight
goes beyond the laws and far past the numbers.
It is the peace of mind enjoyed by every American,
no longer one injury or illness away from catastrophe.
It is the workers and entrepreneurs
who are now freed to pursue
their slice of the American dream
without fear of losing coverage
or facing a crippling bill.
And it is the immeasurable joy
of families in every part of this great nation,
living happier, healthier lives
together because they can finally receive
the vital care they need.
This is what change looks like.
My gratitude tonight is profound.
I am thankful for those in past generations
whose heroic efforts brought this great goal
within reach for our times.
I am thankful for the members of Congress whose
months of effort and brave votes
made it possible to take this final step.
But most of all, I am thankful for you.
This day is not the end of this journey.
Much hard work remains,
and we have a solemn responsibility to do it right.
But we can face that work together
with the confidence of those who have
moved mountains.
Our journey began three years ago,
driven by a shared belief
that fundamental change
is indeed still possible.
We have worked hard together every day since
to deliver on that belief.
We have shared moments of tremendous hope,
and we've faced setbacks and doubt.
We have all been forced to ask if our politics
had simply become
too polarized and too short-sighted
to meet the pressing challenges of our time.
This struggle became a test of whether
the American people
could still rally together
when the cause was right
-- and actually create
the change we believe in.
Tonight, thanks to your mighty efforts,
the answer is indisputable: Yes we can.
Thank you,
President Barack Obama

real victory in war

3.10: news.pol/Armored Trucks Shield Marines From Taliban Bombs:
. here is the real victory in war:
when the technology evolves to save all lives .
. The M-ATV is one type in a class of MRAP's
— mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles .
. base price is $437,000,
($1.4 million fully loaded with all its
electronics and safety options) .
Initially when the blast went,
it was surprisingly quiet
"The vehicle inside — if you ever get in one —
it's very quiet.
Just the initial shock of the truck lifting up,
-- at least 70 pounds of homemade explosives --
... doing a knuckle bump with each other and laughing.
) .

crying about aliens we breed

3.9: pol/health care/crying about aliens we breed:

. isn't ironic ?
a foundation of american values is owning
and being responsible for property .
. this was one major reason that
the natives never fit in the picture:
being nomadic was tantamount to
abandoning your property .
. now why is it that minnesota
is just fine with obama care,
while arizona is crying about how many
healthcare clients will be illegal immigrants?
. basically, the industrial revolution
has meant that
people have abandoned their property,
no longer living with relatives
sharing housing and childrearing .
. and with that move,
there is only upward pressure
on population growth
as anybody can take a no-bene's job in usa
and turn into feeding a small army
down in the warm, cheap southern americas .
. what health care really needs,
is carrots and sticks for
population reduction .
. population is not just about
more voting power,
it's holding kids hostage .
. just as we promote owning a house,
we should promote
owning a piece of capitalism:
. the more you save,
the more voting power you have;
having more kids won't cut the power pie .
. conversely,
this nation was built on the backs of
insane laws that were repealed only recently:
welfare abuse and fatherless children
are just a symptom of
not making history right .
. the tax base needs to buy stocks or whole businesses,
and give businesses rather than jobs
to minorities .
. if they are good stewards and save a lot,
they can keep prestigious voting power .

. one problem with that idea is that
lack of political power is hardly the
main reason for high birth rates .

. american businesses need to be
treated with less privacy
both to insure safety reg's are really followed
and to insure that only citizens are hired .
. businesses should be protected from
global trade:
we only buy from places we can inspect,
and we have random inspections via
the entire public randomly viewing from
internet cameras placed on every site
that can do business .

. places for slave labor should be irradicated:
would legalized prostitution compete
at least for everything except child slavery ?
. if america would promote more communal living
like our forefathers did,
we could even put a serious damper on
child prostitution and captive nanny syndrome .

. too bad we can't internet-inspect the
brothels and hospitals
-- hell is just tenacious,
and the fig leaves will keep it that way .
. you always hear preachers warning about
wolves in sheeps clothing
and how
they know god from the devil .

free markets are freely misrepresented

3.9: rn.pol/the free markets are freely misrepresented:

. some talk radio is against changes in gov't
that are restricting the markets;
but this one is wildly deluded:
. villifying pharm's is causing them to go overseas?
the free markets themselves
are letting pharm's move their factories
to where costs are cheapest: in china,
with some major repackaging done in
nearby germany (closer than america) .
. and free markets for health insurance?
but it's not free:
we aren't free to ignore health needs
because we've been shamed into admitting
that would be immoral .
. we are not free to practice med without
cartel-priced licencing .
. people who want free market insur's
don't tell us we are free to ignore the sick
because then it would be obvious
they're not mainstream:
we are never going back to
telling the emergency wounded that
lack of an insur' card on their person
is going to put them in a body bag .

american manifest destiny

3.7: pol/american manifest destiny
(Show me Adam's will):

. suppose the typical way to
handle overpopulation
is to make harsh rules,
and then appy them only to the extras,
who then protest by making their own rules,
calling it a better religion;
the pioneering spirit was founded on
blatent extra's who couldn't just
politely negotiate renting from the natives
because the euro's were actually
pushing surplus population out of their nest .

3.9: web:

. Manifest Destiny is a 19th century term
for the belief that
europeans were destined, even divinely ordained,
to expand across the New World .

. the angel or spirit of Columbia
represents the euro'progress in north america;
the distinction was important to the brit's,
as the northern americas were where
their own had concentrated,
while other euro's invaded the southern continent .

Columbus's initial 1492 voyage came at a
critical time of growing national imperialism
and economic competition between
developing nation states seeking wealth from
the establishment of trade routes and colonies.

"Show me Adam's will!"
The Treaty of Tordesillas, signed 7 June 1494,
between Spain and Portugal,
divided the New World amongst themselves
. the line of demarcation was between
the Cape Verde Islands (already Portuguese)
and the Columbus islands (claimed for Spain),
named in the treaty as
Cipangu and Antilia (Cuba and Hispaniola).
The lands to the east would belong to Portugal
and the lands to the west to Spain.
. a few decades later,
the New World would be divided by
the Treaty of Zaragoza or Saragossa, 22 April 1529;
The treaty was historically important
in dividing Latin America,
as well as establishing Spain
in the western Pacific until 1898.
But it quickly became obsolete in North America,
and later in Asia and Africa.
It was ignored by other European nations,
whose attitude was expressed in a statement
attributed to France's King Francis I,
"Show me Adam's will!"

Amerigo (latin: Americus)
Amerigo Vespucci (1454-1512) was an Italian
merchant, explorer and cartographer .
. for Portugal's exploring of the
east coast of South America,
Amerigo participated as observer, 1499 and 1502.
In 1500,
Portugal discovered Brazil at latitude 16°52'S.
. Portugal claimed this land
by the Treaty of Tordesillas,
and the King wished to know
whether it was merely an island
or part of the continent that the
Spanish had encountered farther north.
. Amerigo was aboard the ship that discovered
South America extended much further south
than previously thought.
In 1507, Martin Waldseemüller produced a world map
on which he named the new continent America
after Vespucci's first name, Amerigo
(latin: Americus) .

3.9: co.apt/pol/zionism/manifest destiny is alive!

. prominent jews have lamented
that while zionism is laudable,
circumstances make it practically inhumane;
so, I've been wondering how to buy peace;
but, where to relocate millions?
. we should give zionists our national forests!

as if a sarcastic opponent:
. as long as they're now beating up the
environmentalists and animals rights advocates;
should we let them war with the natives too?
as if they were part of the wildlife?
I just love phil .
phil, you are the sexy many of the year!

3.9: web.pol/movie"avatar:

"Avatar" awarded Best Visual Effects and Best Cinematography
. concerning its lack of Oscars
(just 3 technical's),
critics suspected political trends that
frown on being "(anti-military);
-- [The Hurt Locker].movie was also "(anti-military)
and it became the lowest-grossing film
ever to win Best Picture .
. also, the judges have problems with accepting
avatar's cartoon drawing technology (mo-cap)
as being acting, despite it being defined by
the facial expressions of actors .
. they thought Avatar had been criticized for being
and that's why "The Hurt Locker"
did better at the Oscars?
this surprised me,
as I heard from talk radio
that it was "The Hurt Locker" who appeared
too anti-military in the same way F911 was:
rubbing our nose in the job conditions .
. Avatar, on the other hand,
seemed a bit anti-american
rubbing our noses in the
Manifest Destiny politics
that cheated the American Natives .
. much of Avatar was
right out of american history:
a military machine is backing a company of
futuristic "(gold diggers)
and the best deposits happen to be
sitting on sacred burial sites .
. it was embarrassing
when the leader of the natives
starts a war against high tech machinery;
because, it occurred to me
that the leadership of american natives
may have known they didn't stand a chance,
and were actually pulling off a massive suicide
as a way of venting tribe-wide anguish .
. in the movie however,
they happily found ways for the natives
to take advantage of technical vulnerabilities
with the help of some turncoats
-- another deeply embarrassing truth:
the military is getting more technical,
with each piece getting more powerful;
and just a few turn-coating
muslim sympathizers
could do an incredible amount of
unexpected harm .
-- not to mention the shame of realizing
that if you really sympathized with
the american natives
you'd have to wish someone betrayed
your own blood .
. I wept a lot in that movie,
and not all of it was from the awesome scenery .]

3.14: pol/movie"avatar/a remake of custer's last stand:
. I'm waking up realizing
the avatar.movie's ending was hardly happy:
the movie was practically a remake of
custer's last stand
where the union of several tribes
were able to make a surprising victory
over superior technology .
. without a chapter where the natives are
capturing the technology,
the story's long-term outcome
is gloomily predictable .

3.15: pol/movie"avatar/the inoculation:
. the movie's happy ending was from
leaving seeds behind:
they would have the chance for
rapidly adopting tech .

3.12: co.pol/Ray Kurzweil`review of Avatar.movie:
Accelerating-Intelligence News > "Reflections on Avatar by Ray Kurzweil"
-- KurzweilAI.net, Mar. 8, 2010
if this mineral is indeed worth a fortune,
they would presumably come back
with a more capable commander.
Yet we hear Jake's voice at the end saying
the mineral is no longer needed.
If that's true, then what was the point
of the entire battle?
) [3.28:
. reminds they'll be coming back for
no other reason than their pride
or more
dead "(be f* and multiply) storage .]

[3.28: it's the economy, sir]
3.12: co.apt/pol/dem's plan is what?:
. do dem's really have what the majority wants?
that majority is crying about jobs,
and it's only getting worse
since we are on the cusp
of a robotics revolution .
. the dem's have done much to lose jobs in the past
from finance dereg,
to free trade;
and, the only thing they've got going now
is admitting that the mideast war
is no way to keep us in jobs .
. the repub's may continue
shipping our jobs overseas,
but the dem's are talking about cap&trade,
championing moderate weather over jobs now .
[. I do have faith that conversion to solar
can both create jobs and reduce global warming
but I don't see a lot news about
how that's crystalizing .]
. and, it doesn't solve the relentless
overpopulation problem .
. it's only been solved before by crime and wars
--- hello?
is anyone getting tired of being taxed for prisons?
when does it end? ]

3.26: co.apt/pol/gold digger was the main menu, christian:

. I had just heard of another psychology experiment
showing how cruel people will be
when prompted by authority .
. some were going, "(no, not today);
and I was going, "(no,
they don't need authority to do that!)
I then joked about talking to the pilgrims:

. the gold diggers were just a side dish, right?
they were the main course, there, christian .

as if another:
. but phil, what if their response was "(so what?) ?

[what's it really about ?
a fine amer' being fruitful and multiplying
-- into your backyard!
lets call a gold digger a gold digger:
. the main course is convenience food,
not authority, or justice .]

christian soldiers

3.6: co.apt/pol/christian soldiers:
[after seeing the news portray usa soldiers as
having group prayers during battle:]
. why are they [usa news channels]
presenting the soldiers as christians?
they are there defending the amer'values
for the constitutional Great Smut!
[ref. to islam calling usa the Great Satan,
while pointing at our constitutional protections of
smut, and other immodesties or immoralities .]
. shouldn't it be the reverse?
reporting instead that we come
not to engage in religious wars,
and that we are going to clean up our citizens
in order to not offend modest sensibilities ??
. well,
I can understand this as excluding muslims
from fighting beside them,
and it may give them a morale booster to be
showing christian devotions for the news
to tease the muslims that are
giving them a hard time .
. conversely,
seeing soldiers showing religious pref's
reminds us that they're not just soldiers
but individuals from among citizens .

free capitalist's original sin

3.6: pol/free capitalist/original sin:
. to the Free Capitalists, I'd like to joke:
"( original sin is real, my friend ) .
. how do we create value
when people are creating more people
than we can really value ?
. our assumptions about being able to
freely exchange
falls from not being able to control
parents get value from children often only by
reducing value of the world around them:
owning children insures that
more of the world is loyal to you,
and often also insures
a better chance of being employed .
. even if we let capitalism operate freely,
this collective overgrowth of the labor force
means that many of them will choose crime
or will unfairly lower the value
of the entire labor force,
as their numbers increase the group's desperation
to the point of "(willing) slavery .
. this growing sea of more desperate slaves
are at greater risk of turning to crime
opportunistically .
. this is not just about
something looming in the future:
it was this discontent
with being the child of poverty
that drove Europeans to colonize other lands .
. there's nothing free about
any capitalism that doesn't
control population somehow
-- either by lottery, democracy, meritocracy,
or by waging wars --
to create new owners among fewer people .

3.7: pol/wealth of rations:
. wealth through pop'control
is what we're already doing:
it's the magic of land owner-ship
any excess labor can pile up in city soup lines
and the families that manage to stay wealthy
don't see any over pop' at all .

Recovery Act with pork, love

co.pol/dem/Highway Hypocrite/my response:
. district Sen. Jon Kyl voted against
creating as many as 3.9 million jobs
when opposing the Recovery Act.
Will you write a letter now asking for immediate disclosure
of how much Recovery Act money has been requested for your area?
After all -- shouldn't members of Congress
be proud of fighting for jobs for their constituents?
(to my local repub senators):
. I don't think that's fair that dem's
call repub's Highway Hypocrites;
because, you could honestly say
none of us should be voting for it,
but if we did anyway,
then it only makes sense to have
your state get the most out of every bill
-- even bills the other side forced .
. I think the really hypocritical thing
is that the real reason Repub's are
against a porky jobs bill
is that the other side thought of it .
. they sure do believe in the military
and that untouchable medicare .
. what a bunch of porky jobs for pro's and soldiers .


thanks for toughing out this health care bill

co.pol/dem/Thank Representative Giffords/my reply

co.pol/{Arizona Daily Star, The Daily Territorial, USA Today, New York Times}/
thanks for toughing out this health care bill:

Dear Rep. Giffords,
. thank you so much for being a true
blue dog democrat -- a true fiscal conservative,
that is exactly the reason
I pumped $hundreds into this campaign .

. I'm sorry about the anger you rep's endured;
I watched your townhall meetings on
google( site:youtube.com giffords health care ) .
. the opposition claimed this bill was
not conservative,
but they know
they are just the sore loser half
that had their seat taken for the
I'm Bushed Years .
. I would ask them:
what is not conservative about
"(you pay for what you've been getting!)?
. how about
instead of our medicare "(death panels)
we gave them the honest conservative deal:
you take the same level of medicare
that you signed up for when medicare was created;
lets see them talk about honest conservatism then .

. too bad though that our bill didn't
offer them more choice:
one where we could sign a waver saying
we wouldn't accept any charity health care,
and then it would be fair if we
wouldn't have to pay any health insurance .
. but I believe in a right to die too,
so seeing people decline help
just doesn't touch me .

. I understand that you were in favor of tort reform;
did we get that ?
anyway, I have another fiscally conservative
idea for that:
rather than stopping the trials,
we could be getting at the root of the
medical errors:
those medical guys belong to a cartel
that artificially keeps their numbers low,
makes them operate alone with little sleep,
when instead
they should be working in pairs
like airline pilots .
-- and then we could quarter their $400k salaries .
. they talk about the quality of standards
when they set the bar so high for licensing;
but there is real safety in numbers
as is the case with pilots, juries,
and open source software .

. again, thank you so much,
I would be proud to fund your next election,


amer'dreaming on the job!

3.24: news.pol/amer'dreaming on the job!

. some news bit just said the same as here:
US Sees 'Explosion' of Extremist Groups, Militias
"(The U.S. has seen an "explosion" in the number of
radical anti-government groups and armed militias
[due to] the election of the first black president
[and] the bank bailout ... .
. amer's are hostile about both a black pres
and the bailout ?
what do those have in common ?
. the housing and finance collapse was basically due to
unconditionally guaranteed gov't loans
-- via Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac --
and weren't those the liberal's attempt at
giving capital to the minorities ?
. this is similar to my euro-christian history apologist idea
of having the gov' buy businesses
to be handed out to blacks and natives
instead of welfare .
. owning a house would have my idea's effect only if
they lived in their car and rented their house out;
but, home ownership is still capital
that grows in value when you maintain it
--- it gives you a part-time job at
being your own landlord .
. I was wishing they would do this
without realizing they actually were!
and wow you have to be careful what you wish for,
because if it's heavy
then a sarcastic bureaucracy is likely to
drop it on your foot !

. here is a summary of wiki
showing how democrats are perceived
in the bailout picture .

1938: Fannie Mae was established for New Deal:
. to make mortgages available to low-income families.
. added to the Federal Home Mortgage association,
a part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal
in order to facilitate liquidity within the mortgage market.
. the government converted Fannie Mae
into a private shareholder-owned corporation
in order to remove its activity from the annual balance sheet
of the federal budget .
Consequently, Fannie Mae ceased to be the guarantor of
government-issued mortgages,
and that responsibility was transferred to the new
Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae).

1970: Freddie Mac created .
(Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation)(FHLMC),
to compete with Fannie Mae
for a robust and efficient secondary mortgage market.

1977: Carter's Community Reinvestment Act (CRA 1977)
. an affirmitive action plan for banks
giving small business loans and home mortgages
to blighted inner cities .

1999: Clinton's Fannie Mae CRA push .
. in response to the affirmitive action push,
primary mortgage markets pressed Fannie Mae
to ease credit requirements,
enabling them to make subprime loans at
higher than conventional loan interest rates .

1999: public awareness (New York Times)
"( Fannie Mae is taking on significantly more risk,
which may not pose any difficulties during
flush economic times.
But the government-subsidized corporation
may run into trouble in an economic downturn,
prompting a government rescue
similar to that of the savings and loan industry in the 1980s.)

2000: HUD's anti-predatory lending rules
. HUD disallowed risky, high-cost loans
from being credited toward affordable housing goals.

2002: Bush's "Renewing the Dream"
. the Single-Family Affordable Housing Tax Credit Act.
$2 billion in tax credits over the next five years
to develop affordable single-family housing in distressed areas.

2003: Bush's fix for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
. Fannie Mae's risk feared to be much larger than believed .
. Fannie Mae is prescribed outside supervision
to set capital-reserve requirements for the company
and to determine whether the company is adequately managing
the risks of its portfolios.

2003: Democratic opposition to Bush's plan:
ranking Democrat on the Financial Services Committee,
Barney Frank of Massachusetts:
"These two entities -- Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac --
are not facing any kind of financial crisis,"
"The more people exaggerate these problems,
the more pressure there is on these companies,
the less we will see in terms of affordable housing."

2003: Bush's American Dream Downpayment Act
. a new program that provided grants to help home buyers with
downpayment and closing costs.
The act authorized $200 million dollars per year
for the program for fiscal years 2004-2007.
. also tripled the funding for Habitat for Humanity's
that help families help themselves become homeowners
through 'sweat equity' and volunteerism in their communities.
Substantially increasing, by at least $440 billion,
the financial commitment made by the government-sponsored enterprises
involved in the secondary mortgage market
specifically targeted toward the minority market.

2004: layered-risk loans race
[. high-risk loans were allowed again
with the intention that high risk actors
be given affordable terms .
. instead, house loans layered the risk:
their payments would remain affordable
only if multiple factors remained positive:
interest rates had to remain low,
and unemployment had to remain low .
. because these loans couldn't be covered by Fannie Mae,
the banks bundled the loans into products
that would be sold as high interest bonds .]

2004: Alan Greenspan warns of market conspiracy
. the markets appear to believe that the U.S. Government
would never allow Fannie Mae (or Freddie Mac) to fail .

2005: public awareness of "layered-risk" lending .
Alan Greenspan praised the rise of the sub-prime mortgage industry
and the tools which it uses to assess credit-worthiness .

2005: Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act (S.190)
2005: Federal Housing Finance Reform Act (H.R. 1461)
. an effort to reform the existing GSE regulatory structure
in light of the recent accounting problems
and questionable management actions
leading to considerable income restatements by the GSE's.
After being reported favorably by the Senate's
Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs in July 2005,
the bill was never considered by the full Senate for a vote.[18]
. The House Financial Services Committee had crafted changes
and produced a Committee Report;
it was passed by the House in spite of opposition by
Democrats, Bush, and other Republicans;
and the Senate ignored it .
2006: Sen. McCain's becomes a cosponsor of S.190
. Fannie Mae's regulator reported that profits were
"illusions deliberately and systematically created
by the company's senior management" .

2007: HOUSES AVERAGE: $310k and falling
. the collapse of the U.S. housing market
and subprime mortgage crisis .
. many with adjustable rate mortgages (ARM)
were unable to pay their mortgages,
precipitously increasing home foreclosures
causing supply to exceed demand
and a decline in prices .
. also, stricter lending standards made it more and more difficult
for borrowers to get mortgages.
This depreciation in home prices
led to growing losses for the GSEs,
which back the majority of US mortgages.
. widely held subprime mortgage securities
lost most of their value,
resulting in a massive tightening of credit
around the world.

Democratic senators
such as Senator Charles Schumer of New York
were already proposing a federal bailout
in order to save homeowners from losing their residences.
asserted that a government bailout would
set a bad precedent, create a moral hazard,
and worsen the speculation problem in the housing market.

2009: HOUSES AVERAGE: rising again
after a 32% dive from 2006 peak .


President Obama's health care video

pos.pol/health care/President Obama's health care video:
. the "final march" speech adds very little:
some republican demands were included;
but, there's still no mention of how to appease
the people that were worried about death panels .
. I still feel like I don't have
the ammo I need to defend this bill;
because, even though we do have
a need for mandatory health insurance,
we also need a menu of variously-priced plans,
where we're being rewarded with cheaper premiums
for contracting to accept less care .
. the main problem today is that people haven't been
given a chance to make that deal;
instead, they can just hope nothing happens,
and then when it does happen,
they accept every treatment to fix it
regardless of their lack of plans .
. the gov't has already made special plans
for religious groups that have a
history of refusing treatments .
. what we need now is a generalization of that:
who is it that really cares about death panels?
let their groups pay the premiums for that exorbitant plan .
. the issue of death panels
and the costly problem of doing without them
would then take care of itself,
except for needing a transition period
where the people who are nearing medicare
would get subsidized to give them the chance
to keep the same unpaneled plan they were promised .


health advice on knol needs full disclosure

2.14: health/knol/CAVEAT:
. I'm an evangelist for the dieticians I believe in,
but I'm not myself a certified dietician;
I'm simply practicing my freedom to speak
(often against the GRAINS of
the current dietary professionals) .
. don't even bother with checking my references:
you need to see a doctor or certified dietician
before acting on this advice .
. moreover, keep in mind that my highest calling
is to keep finding the most healthful advice;
so, please read with an eye toward helping me
in this open source self-help effort .

proj.health/knol/CAVEAT added:
. added caveat to all health articles,
and also changed summary of
primary USA cancer source is mold toxins .

care for high-risk elders

2.10: co.health/care for high-risk elders:
Health and Wellness Product Information Group
Are you and your agency prepared to work with
lesbian and gay seniors?

my reply:
. according to that article,
sexual minorities have a lot in common with
the mentally ill: fewer social connections,
and thereby a greater risk of stress conditions .
. they should be reminded to compensate by
concentrating on the other branches of longevity:
#: finding self-employment you love,
both challenging and providing a feeling of flow .
#: staying on a disciplined diet
that keeps hormones in the zone:
beans, greens, yams, and no grains or sugar .
#: peak resistance exercise
for maximizing natural growth hormone .

paleo (grassfed) diet

2.9: co.health/linkedin.com/Health and Wellness Product Information Group:
Eating like Cavemen - What are your thoughts on a Paleo Diet?

. an interview with a Paleolithic nutrition expert .
Dr. Loren Cordain is a professor of exercise physiology
and a renowned expert in the area of Paleolithic nutrition.
) .
. I would sum it up as the grass-fed diet
-- omega-3 friendly .
. one thing not mentioned in that link's interview
is the pervasive dioxin problem
-- we need to be more careful with fat
than our ancestors;
I use 3rd-party tested fish oil

. meat and dairy not safe?
low-fat legumes (vs soy and peanuts)
-- unlike cereals, seeds, and nuts --
do qualify as a grass-fed diet .
. low-fat beans, with sufficient cooking times,
are non-toxic and omega-3 friendly;
esp'ly {kidney beans, black beans}
for having not only a complete proteinbut also the highest fiber and protein
per plant calorie .

. legumes have been the most important
dietary predictor of longevity
Asia Pacific J Clin Nutr 2004;13 (2):217-220 (pdf)
but when a long-living culture's legume is soy,
that soy is mostly fermented
(reduces toxins and anti-nutrients) .
. the key to a legume`s healthfulness is its
time-releasing of carb' and protein,
and the fact that its soluble fiber promotes
bacterial production of butyrates and vitamin k .
. however!
one very important mineral that is often missing from beans
is selenium -- that pro-longevity powerhouse --
which is a mineral only tolerated by legumes, not needed by them,
and which is available to farm-raised animals, salt-water wild fish,
and salt-water vegetables .

. my diet-related health articles .
blog posts:
. do some legumes have a lectin problem?
. can chickens eat beans?

estrogen-dominance a major source of cancer

2.4: health/estrogen-dominance:
. the 2nd way fat creates estrogen-dominance
is by holding stores of progesterone
which then leak constantly
thereby disrupting progesterone's normally
non-constant, pulsating dosing .
[. the first is by body fat being a producer of estrogen;
another inderect way is that
obesity often comes from fatty diets
which often contain high levels of dioxins and pcb's
which mimic estrogens ]
[3.1: even veg'oil can be a source of dioxins
and the body stores this dioxin in its own body`fat ]

2.14: sci.health/postpartum depression from progesterone resistance

[I'm a middle-aged male using it nasally 1mg every other day
combining it with dhea micronized 5..10mg nasa daily]
. feeling relieved by progesterone
I got the idea that the reason there's a depression after some pregnancies
is that they started it with an estrogen dominance,
then to overcome that,
the body had to over-produce progesterone
causing progesterone resistance later,
and that might cause depression .
"(Postpartum depression occurs in women with an
altered progesterone level)
-- www.pmstreatmentclinic.com/services.html
"(Since Dalton has insisted that post-partum depression was related to PMS,
I tried treating it with progesterone as well.
The results have seemed good to me. ...)
-- www.gentlebirth.org/archives/progppd.html
"(During the course of that visit,
she commented on her long experience with
the use of progesterone in the treatment of postpartum depression. ...)
-- www.naprotechnology.com/depression.htm
"( ... Many women find that their depression becomes much worse
just before, or during, a period.
If this is so, consider progesterone therapy
to help prevent this severe form of pre-menstrual tension.)
-- www.mothersbliss.com/life/pnd.asp
[3.1: warning:
. beware high-dose dhea or progesterone,
better to work at lowering levels of the opposing hormones:
cortisol and estrogen
getting too much can cause resistance to that hormone .]