pro-union and trans-labor

. the reason for unions is that I want to own my job,
more importantly though, that means I own my money tree .
. another source of money is robots,
the key to fairness is unions owning those robots .
. when a corp replaces our jobs with robots,
they make us co.owners of those robots;
so that, like the rich,
who live off the interest of owning stocks,
we live off the interest of owning
stock in our robot-based company .
. when we lose a job from a company that is growing
this is because they replaced us with technology;
so we should get a piece of their stock equal to our salary;
ie, the typical interest on the stock we own is, on average,
the same as the money we earned when employed by the company .
. jobs should never be moving their labor force overseas;
because that means they are taking advantage of communist slaves,
or desperados in some 3rd-world element;
and is therefore tantamount to trumping our fair employment laws .
. the way to help both the 3rd world and ourselves,
is to encourage population control and co.ownership of robots .
. co.ownership of robots is the best job security for our children
because being stocks, they can be inherited by our children;
and conversely, robot co.ownership can encourage population control
altleast if families are responsible for their own
-- the more you reproduce, the less you collectively earn .


american dream housing

. why would the american dream be about owning a home?
that situation is really only good for the self-employed!
-- now that's the american dream .
. one commentary (marketplace 6.24) pointed out that
one of the reasons for the financial crisis today
was the clinton-era transition in laws
making it easier for the common joe to get a home loan .
. the implication was that renting is unamerican:
ownership promotes accountability,
and prevents landlords from getting filthy rich from
collectively monopolizing a vital commodity .

. if a society is going to promote mobile occupation systems
(ie, nationwide job searches, bring the wife and kids
-- leave the inlaws behind )
then they should also promote mobile residential systems:
this is where the infrastructure could cheaply provide
just utility hookups rather than houses;
and landlords could have a much cleaner pricing structure
because there's much less damage the occupant can do
now that they own their own cubicle .

. while private landlords could monopolize mobile home parks,
a city could provide a much cheaper and more scalable alternative,
where you pay separately for parking and utilities:
the parking can be anywhere since it provides no utilities,
and then you make a weekly trip to the city's service center,
where you would pay to dump blackwater, and refill utilities .
. when people go on welfare, we help pay for cheap campers,
and from there, the costs of sustaining them become much cheaper .

. one reason we wouldn't do things this way
is that it could be attracting many unemployed criminals
who use car-camping as a way to lurk .
. the way around this is home licensing:
just as cars need to have valid plates,
a mobile home would need a license plate,
which you could get only by showing that you had some income;
either a local job, or some other steady check,
and a good credit rating .

. going beyond the american dream,
the ideal mobile infrastructure would be
commune based:
. it would work something like church denominations
which try to have a church in every town,
so that the members can find their extended family
wherever the mobile occupation system takes them .
. communes are really just churches where the service
never ends;
there are no free loaders, just more child bearers,
and more child bearer supervisors,
all happily sharing tasks, of course .


trike as base for DIY velomobile

. one of my main distractions from software work
has been getting a cheap car for this old man,
and I decided on a base of
the trice Q recumbent tadpole trike with a faring .

. from that base, I'm using tent-making tech to build a shell,
much of it from camping mat foam, as can be seen on the hubcap .

. the shell will come up to my neck,
while my head is covered by this helmet
which you can see here covered in reflective tape
and neon orange spray paint .

. after figuring out that a trike could be a very comfortable
exercise machine, I ordered a trike trainer for it
that allows your rear wheel to turn a fan .
. it will make a fine activity while reading;
and with the ergo.keyboard that comes in left and right pieces
I may also be able to do keyboarding
with my hands comfortable by my side
instead of having to reach over my recumbent cycling legs .

security strategies
. I'm evaluating security systems that both lock and alarm,

4.11: security lock:
. for security on high-priced vehicles,
may need to tow a cart with a security box,
and fold up the trike to fit in the box;
the cart would then stay with you
this would mean that the velo needs to be
foldable with rhino panels .

4.23: mobi/security/summary:
. if the trike is tightly shelled,
-- including the addition of front hubcaps
to hide the quick-releases --
has an alarm system
and a lock to some part of it,
then it may be suitable for
leaving in place without disassembling .
. most of the use cases are quick runs to the groc'store,
or some other store where the stays will be brief,
and the parking lot busy .

researching components
. in preparing for what options I should get for the trike,
I was really glad to hear from this peter.ca's guide:
I ride with short cranks of 130mm.
This allows me to spin (pedal faster)
with no extra effort and eliminates the devastating effect
that steep hills can have on knees.
If you are unsure of how long you want your cranks,
get crank shorteners (available at several places online).
Crank shorteners attach to the crank
and have multiple positions for the pedals
. I have used my shortener for tens of thousands of miles
with no problems at all.

. I'd never heard of crank shorteners before,
but, I've always enjoyed putting more action into ankles
rather than knees .
. one complained that crank shorteners
move the pedals outward too much; increasing "(Q factor)
and causing "(medial knee pain)
-- trice does provide shorter cranks as an option .

. peter.ca's site also mentioned clipless pedals,
but other 'bent users claimed I could get away with Powergrips,
which I feel comfortable with but have not spent much time with yet .
(the reason being I'm busy developing a shell for my trice Q,
which, BTW, reduces my concern about having bumps in the road
throw my feet out of the pedals and pulled violently under the trike! ) .
8.22: powergrips causing foot numbness
. I was able to use powergrips without them being excessively tight;
if you have deep waffles on your hiking shoes, or cleats on track shoes
then it helps keep you in without heavily tightening the strap .
. my personal adaptation was to find some old hiking shoes
which have a hard surface but are mostly a soft foam
then I used shears to jab into the soft part
and cut away the hard parts to better grip onto the pedals .
. the shears are out of production, but these are similar:
8.22: [beyond powergrips]
. one way to do much better without supporting the bike shop
[by getting expensive clipless shoes]
is to take a tip from boat rowers:
. they and trikers, unlike bikers,
are not afraid of needing loose feet;
so, they perm'ly attach their shoes to their vehicle;
trikers could do that too;
and, once you get over the design effort,
there's much less maintenance with stock pedals .
. maybe our online trike shops could help us with that ?
10.29: trike/pedal straps:
. instead of straps, bolt-on sandals to pedals
by drilling 2 holes on each side [of each shoe]
and wiring sandal to pedal's axle .

. the TerraCycle Idler kit was said to be an improvement on the trice Q;
it allows you to dispense with most or all of your chain tubes
and optimize the drive train for the least friction;
after installing that, I found that it rubs against a cable,
which I promptly fixed with string that repositions the cable .

. one reason for some chain`tubing is when wearing jeans,
it will prevent chain grease stains .
. the only reason I don't have chain tubes
is that the Terracycle dual idler is not designed to include them .
. the point of dual idlers is to have all rubbing parts on bearings .
. I'm in the process of building a chain housing,
preferably one that doesn't rub against the chain .

6.26: transmission noise:
. when the front gear is large,
then having the rear gear large too will make the chain taut
(because it is too short for the boom length I'm using)
so that it's no longer riding on the derailleur's upper gear .
. this has it clanking on the derailleur's cage,
rather than rolling in the gear .
--. if you need full range in back,
you might try using the middle gear up front .

. my Q was ordered with the quick release kit
but afterward I wondered if I should have gotten that separately
since I might later decide I want the stock hardware .
. I've had quick-release spindles break in the past (not from ICE);
and, I was disappointed after realizing that since you have to
completely unscrew the nuts rather than just loosen the lever,
the quick-releasing action is not that quick on the front wheels .

. part of my security includes covering all the details of the trike
with the same shell that is covering the driver;
and that includes the use of hubcaps .
. I found it was easier to add hubcaps by
putting the quick-release handles on the inside:

. I figured out it's not possible to build fenders into my shell,
because on my trike, the steering space intersects
the front.wheel.well space .
. the front fenders designed for the trike are rather pricey,
but then I'm imagining the rain puddles going right in my face
during a sharp turn .
. then again, using those fenders might affect turning radius
if the fender bumps into your handlebar configuration .

. I thought if I got rear disk brakes,
it'd give me a chance during non-emergency situations
to give my front drum brakes some time-off;
and, maybe I'd never have to replace them .
. the rear brake I got from utahtrikes.com comes with a dual-purpose
{ brake lever, parking brake pin that hold the lever down } .
. they installed it next to the left-front brake
. I flipped the lever around and lowered it,
so then I could push on it with my palm to brake,
and it would still be out of my way
when I went to grab both front brakes .

custom trike rack
5.18: intro:
. the luggage rack is meant not for
the usual saddlebags, but as a trailer hitch,
by strapping down the handle of a dolly .
. it reuses a cannondale rack that is easily reconfigurable
by having many drill holes like pegboard .
. there are 4 legs so that each side can have some triangulation,
it's meant for 27" bike,
and I'm using it on a 20" recumbent,
which means the deck has to be much longer;
and, this was done by using 2 of the 4 legs as extensions .
. the legs fit inside the U-bar that makes up the deck,
and by strapping the the deck sides together,
it will force the deck to hug the legs,
. additionally, each leg will be rope-bound
to the U-bar it is fitting within,
thereby forming a rigid extension to the deck .

5.17: sci:
. how much of the aluminum rack kit is here ?
. the rack rods need adjustable lengths to fit the mounts on this trike .
. I have screws to fit the mounts on the trike;
but they are of different threading sizes
and different locations, as if not intended for the same purpose;
so the rack legs need to be different lengths
or I need to build extensions;
eg, 1st idea:
. use pieces of handle bar pipe because strong yet easy to drill .
[this idea was seeming pretty complicated after a while
so I was lucky to find a better one ]
leg mounts:
. finally solved mount-point difference by varying the leg angles;
ie, while one leg was connected to rear of rack,
the other leg was 1 inch from rear of rack .
--. thanks to cannondale modular design,
which had holes everywhere like an erector set .
front mount:
. might attach to base of fender .

5.18: finishing touches to skeleton:
. parts are in short supply,
one rod with integrated female threads
is too short to fit near the rear of the rack,
so I had just one end of it being used as a nut,
the other end is now no longer hanging in mid air,
as I found a bolt that extends it to rest on the rack;
it's not long eno' to reach through the rack,
unless I loosened the other bolt,
but I wondered if it would be weakened that way .

. the end piece that connects the rack
to the trike`fender`base, has female threads;
are these the same threads used elsewhere?
no, I got it in, and then it froze from the
heat expansion from ripping things;
in any case, I'm just using it as an additional anchor point
for a rope-binding connection, so it works great as-is .

. there's a tail bar which gives the deck a vertical plane;
had its bolts rearranged so that
there were 2 bolts for each side,
and both bolts finally had nuts .

5.27: proj.mobi/trike`rack/final assembly:
. rearrange bolts to swap too-short's with too-long's;
. use rope to bind the rack to base of fender .
. bind the rack body to the legs at the front
by using rope remaining to threading through hole in rack body,
then wrapping around the rack body and the front legs
to make them hug each other .

6.1: mobi/trike`rack/interacts with suspension:
. having rear suspension means the rack and rear fork
are changing location relative to the rest of the trike .
. this could be more significant than prev'ly estimated
given that constant minor movements could cause fatigue stress
on threads and metal twists, or cause annoying noises .
. actually, the bolts aren't threaded onto the rack`legs;
so if there are any problems, they'll be solved by
backing the bolts out a bit,
then keeping them in that position with locknut goop . ]

6.4: changing shape with suspension dynamics:
. the suspension`movement may wear at the screws .
. maybe it would be extra security to the rack`bolts
to make fiber-matrix caps for them:
. loop string around structs that a bolt is holding together,
and then smear caulking into the bundle .
. however, such pivot points need to be lubed
and stay accessable to lubing in the future;
plus, you need to see if the freaky is happening:
the forces are unscrewing the bolt even as it pushes against the cap .
put a tube to the bolt and do the cap around that,
so then you can see the bolt and lube it .

pos: speedometers are not a priority!!! (obsessive!)
. but I did decide on one to go with trainer for mileage, awa speedometer;
I noticed utahtrikes had a cheap one, and amazon gave it good reviews;
said the batt lasted a year -- time to think what to do about it ]

6.19: co.net/amazon/Planet Bike Protege 5.0/comment:
. under product details (the manual.pdf) it explains how it will fit any tire size:
roll your wheel a full revolution and measure milimeters .
it also gives some handy rough estimates,
. uses a cr2032 lithium battery without recharging it .
[ . thinking about buying the Planet Bike
Protege 5.0 Computer with Recumbent Cable Kit
and it got 2 stars by one who wasn't sure if it handled all tires .]

6.19: mounting:
. where can sensor be mounted for the trice ?
on the disk brake .
proj.gear/speedometer/installation prep:
. the instructions seemed a bit chaotic,
and assured you that the battery was preinstalled,
but when I saw a spare battery,
I guessed correctly that I would need to install it myself .
. they took a lot of words to say
that once you install the battery,
then hitting the mode.button will change the value,
and hitting the red.button will move to the next variable .
. the first variable is whether you want your dimensions in {miles, km},
the next is digits of the wheel size setting
then digits of the odometer,
finally, digits of the time (12hr mode only)
. they warn you that the magnet that is installed on a spoke
should be lined up with a certain dot on the sensor,
not in the middle of the sensor's head;
but, what I noticed really mattered,
is that the head's vertical be parallel with the passing spoke;
ie, the head's vertical is parallel with its cord,
and when the magnet goes from side to side past the sensor,
that is normal,
but when it goes from top to bottom or vice-versa,
that doubles the perceived speed .
. it came with gear for attaching it to the front fork of a 10speed,
but since I want to use it in exercise mode too,
it needs to be on the back tire .
. in any case the provided gear doesn't fit my very unusual trice frame .
. from staring at the disk brake,
it appears I can use wire sculpture based on a loop in the brake
to create a structure that is similar to a typical front fork's
orientation to the spokes .
6.29: installation:
. the brake has, in addition to the loop,
a peg-like formation of which the loop is a part .
. the peg will help hold in place a piece of tube,
and a tube of the right diameter will bring the sensor
the right distance to the magnet .
. the exact distance can be further controled by
wiring the brake`loop to tube .
. the tubing needed to be 1.5" diameter;
and, I had one a bit over that size
from extras that came with the homedepot`shelving systems .
. the brake also had a hook-like formation
which provided another place to help anchor the tube to the brake .
. a wedge was cut to leave room for the brake`cable .
. all wiring to the tube was done with the walmart wire
after drilling holes into the tube (pvc?)
and cutting out the wedge for the the brake`cable .
. after wiring the sensor to the tube,
wire the tube to the loop;
finally, wire the tube to the hook
without a drill hole by using the wedge for the the brake`cable .

spoke guard:
. I was worried that my rear wheel didn't come with a spoke guard
as I once had the chain get trapped between the gears and the spokes
. it was explained that real men know
how to keep their derailleur adjusted,
(and they never fall victim to sabotage or freaky road obstructions);
so, I threw one together using nylon rope weaved among the spokes,
and stapled into place with a wire twist .

6.17: intro':
. the spokes on the rear wheel beside the sprocket set
need a guard to prevent the chain from falling off the lowest gear
and chewing up the spokes .
. spoke guards are often scoffed at as unneeded;
but, neglect or misadjustements of the derailler
are not the only way to lose control of the chain:
there accidents that could throw a chain,
and there could even be pranksters that dis-adjust a bike .
6.11: impl':
. using a foam mat hub`cap was my first idea at a guard;
but, the foam I had in mind is too thick;
so, the next thing to try is the string wrap .
6.15: exe'd:
. some 3ft of very thick nylon rope was used (3/8"?)
. following the spokes up from the hub,
where pairs of spokes cross each other,
a loop of rope was made all around the wheel;
then another round of loops above the first set .
. that is, I used any rope configuration that would get hard fiber
as close to the sprocket set as possible
without having rope rubbing up against the free-spinning sprocket set;
then I was using up the rest of rope by winding around spokes randomly .
. both ends of the rope were held in place by
stapling a loop of rope together, using a straightened paper clip .

getting through doors
7.28: mis.gear/trike`cart/sideways through door:
. moving trike with dolly is messy and awkward! .
. needs coasterwheels attached to one side of the rear,
so that it lands on them when turned on its side .

seat webbing getting sticky

11.1: mis.trike/seat/lumpy:
. dreading trike seat's back support?
lay coats for cushioning .
11.2: mis.trike/seat has a ripple:
. the webbing is stretched out by the multi-strap design,
so I placed a winter vest between back and the straps .
. this is the same thing they suggest for the seat,
but I haven't felt a need for help there .
. I think it's going to work,
but in the summer it will heat things up;
what I really needed is to replace the connection
so that the webbing ends in stiff tubing,
and then the tubes are strapped or laced together .

11.11: co.trice/sheepskin pelt from Penney's:
date Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 1:30 PM
> By the way I love your la-z-boy seat cushion!!!
It's a $70 large sheepskin pelt from Penney's.
Well worth the extra to get the larger size.
I put some brass grommets on the sides
and fastened it down with 5/8th cord.

11.23: trike/shell/scraps reuse:
. after cutting foam for shell,
scraps can be used for upholstry purposes
as long as against grain of bump,
eg, on chair back put long sides vert'ly,
stitch pieces to a backing
then strap backing sheet to chair .

1.1(2010): news.trike/seat/foam between mesh and frame:
date Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 11:36 AM
. 2" x 1 metre lengths of pipe insulation.
Remove the seat mesh and push the insulation
down along the length of the side tubes.
Then tape each end to secure
and replace the seat mesh.
. for roll cages in cars they sell asymmetric padding,
(only padded on the side it's needed)

7.20: aq.gear/amazon.com:

7.24: aq.gear/librarycatalog.pima.gov


4.1: vid.trike/dog taser on youtube:
shows dogs attacking people and getting taser dart gunned:
. the dog is a swift runner, but the officer is good at
kicking the dog back until he can draw his taser gun .
. watching this gave me the idea that
a taser or stun gun might require
special training with a live attack dog
that tests your ability to apply the weapon .
. much better to just stay in your [velo]car if you can .

. Sticks are not very good weapons in general
and you may just make the situation worse;
so they are best used to keep distance between you and the dog,
rather than to attack.
. if with a heavy stick and defending another?
aim for the back of neck or snout .
. may use a hunting knife, but not pepper spray or mace;
the odds of hitting dog in the face before it can attack you are very small;
and, you are more likely just to make the dog angry, and more persistent .
. The owners of aggressive dogs can be worse than the dogs.
If you have to injure or kill an attacking dog,
get away from the area and call the police as soon as possible.
4.6: comments:
. I called animal control the other day,
and they said I shouldn't really worry about it
-- nor would I get a quick response --
unless I'm starting to see them collect in packs .

. in spokane I had my bike fencing off a dog confrontation,
but there was 2 of them, I was getting worried;
so I stood in the middle of busy traffic to get help;
some of the drivers were very angry
and yelled about "(f*ing stupid);
I'm being attacked by loose dogs,
but problem stupid .

. from seeing a picture of a dog attacking the police,
you may not have the sense to hold off the dog long eno'
to draw a weapon .

. from seeing a parade of loose dogs in my life time,
and knowing that most victims are children
I think the best way to avoid bites is to stay in your vehicle .

. now that the currency exchanges are more favorable,
I was thinking again about getting a british trike
then make a fabric shell like a dome tent does
up to my neck, and wear a motorcycle helmit .

researching the purchase options

4.6: fairing selection
. need a professionally engineered fairing for trike,
since the front involves a compound curve
which is not easily obtained by the
tent-style construction that I have in mind .
. the greatest need however,
is something that would sturdily
extend the trike's frame
beyond the bubble of the pedal space .
. without a strong anchor out front,
the tent-style design would be missing
one of the 3 essential anchor points .
. besides the preferred but expensive windwrap gx
there isn't much .

(but not much help on that site) ...

there is the $419 clear PETG
Streamer -- that needs tinting to not crack in the sun .
. for a good view over the fairing
your crank axle should not be higher than
18 cm above your seat base .
.The rear strut is a telescopic pressure fit
and mounts onto the main boom of the bike
by means of a rubber coated jubilee clip .
. Because of the positioning of the mounting brackets
they are able to take large
front or side loads without moving,
making a structure that is extremely rigid.
4.6: turning radius

. the qnt[quick narrow-track] has a
terrible turning radius,
get the q wide-track [that's what I did]
or go with greenspeed .[16"wheels]
--. even with the best turning radius
you may need to do a reverse using hands
to both steer and propel the wheels
so then a narrow-track version
could help by keeping wheels inside the shell .
. to reverse by hand
either you can't have fenders;
or you need to use a push stick
like they drive boats with .
[..., or have doors on the bottom
for letting feet touch the ground ]

Turning radius is ...
noticeably better than the ICE trikes ?
. a design that can do a tight U-turn like 7 feet
might not be so stable downhill at 50 MPH....

$$$ is there a cheaper velo'base than trice?

4.7: proj.mobi/dog.guard/sum of recent web:
. the prices are up for brits,
not down much for usa .
. for keeping under budget,
forget .com trikes:
find a cheap recumbent base, likely from workbike ideas .
. weight is not a major concern, nor is speed;
comfort and attractiveness are the best .

4.9 (morning):

4.9: sci.mobi/www.trailmate.com Fun Cycle 20":
. compare mobi with www.trailmate.com Fun Cycle 20",
to see how my front-wheel design would sag under weight
by seeing if the funcycle found a way to the avoid that .
. it then occurred to me that front-wheel drive
is not good for heavies .
trailmate`fun.cycle.cheap tilting trike ?
. but can't be upgraded
# Seat Adjustment: No
# Inseam to Extended Pedal: 41"
-- it's here:
. funcycle uses low-quality parts
and isn't adjustable for low knee`angle .

web.gear/mobi/gocarts as base for velo car?:

. the external frames are short and lightweight,
sensible wheels, but convertable to pedals?

. I'd have more confidence in the quality of
my own welding of bikes .

besides go-karts are buggies:
. today's buggys are really large adult go karts
but they are so much more capable than a true kart.
Hydraulic disc brake system w Foot Controls .
--. fine features but they weigh a ton,
and they are too wide for slow use .

. it reminds you to make sure
your invention is legal;
and also not a hassle
-- is it a continuing source of irritation ?

. so then if you can brave that,
buggy and kart parts and kits
may give the welder a chance .

ad absurdum
showing that this is suitable for adults,
but the steering linkage is loose,
and the ground clearance is too low for general use .
{26ft 18ft} turning radius depending on direction!

. they changed a car to be quad-pedaled,
with no license plates;
but when pulled over,
they couldn't find a way to pop the hood,
and then it was deemed unsafe .

. the Express is a delta trike with a
high bottom bracket ("HBB") in order to
accommodate the Rainshadow winter shell .

4.9 (noon): welding dual recumbent bikes:

(find all bikes under $1k) .

Delta GreenSpeed -- too high but a good start to a quad;
[4.13: really?
delta recumbent trikes cost just as much as tadpoles,
yet are tipping over more in city traffic;
better to start with a dual-bikes architecture
than consider converting delta to quad .]

4.9(afternoon): cheaper ideas are played out

. a recumbent tadpole trike
is the only serious base for a velo';
and the trice Q is my choice in that category;
but I'm still worried about the Q's
Turning Circle being too wide: 16' diameter
. the tightest in that class is 12'
[4.13: ice`s site explains
you can't have better high-speed stability
without widening the turning radius .]

trice accessories for changing seat position?
. FB Bracket -- moves front seat mount backwards .
FF - moves front seat mount forward .

130mm crank set
. unsure how long you want your cranks?
get crank shorteners
. otherwise, there are short cranks (130mm):
and a mountain bike crank set works well with them ?
. could be a headache changing gear sets
without matching derailers .
utahtrikes.com -- nice site --
has a shortener that fits the trice guaranteed .]

Drum Brakes ?
allows wider spoke triangulation for a strong wheel;
. getting a new wheel is how to change those brakes:
$100 /ea ?
but, they are quite maint' free;
they'll likely last a "(lifetime) .
. getting a parking brake ?
it's a simple add-on that doesn't change the wheel dish,
and may also serve as emergency brake
[and as a city-traffic brake
to conserve the life of the drum brakes .]
clip-less pedals ?
. besides Look[brand] clipless pedals
some are into powergrips:
you come in from the side and twist
which snugs the band firmly around your foot .

4.9: aq.gear/nashbar.com
. having tried various ideas about how to get a dog.guard,
finally getting serious about an ice trice Q .
[-- try nashbar's version powergrips to be used also on trice .]

quick-release kit?
. this helps remove the wheels for locking
(although that might not help if
thieves want to saw the tire&rim to get the hub) .

getting a trice through ice.uk ?

. another option is working with usa mail-order ?
... utahtrikes.com
-- pbwbikes.com site doesn't customize easily .
. the currency exchange rates won't be
good until june, or longer;
for now,
ICE has the same prices as dealing with usa mailorder,
eg utahtrikes.com;
[4.13: and, waiting time is risk and money
as I really need to have the trike in my hands
to develope the shell .]

here is the price for built from scratch:
1224.68 + 126.86 + 156.05 + 108.74 + 53.25 + 25.13 + 78.77
= 1774 euro => $2,600
Trice Q, 20 inch frameset only
Front wheels built complete with tyres fitted
(drum hubs come with the frameset)
20 inch rear wheel built complete,
tyre fitted and 9-32 cassette
152mm short crank chainset and bottom bracket
Gear shifters, brake levers and grips
Chain - 9 speed total length for 1 trike
Front and rear derailleur, cables,
but I only went that itemized route
because I misunderstood the ordering sheet,
an didn't know you could do it this way:

Trice Q 20 inch Suspension,
Change to short crank chainset (152mm 22/32/44)
QR Kit quick release kit

[the accessories I eventually nixed]
Spare suspension Elastomers -- this is not a std part .
Front mudguards
20" rear mudguard with stay wires, quick release -- not std .

4.11: mobi/trike/fender choice:
. if adding a tail box
then maybe a fender isn't needed ?
the fender might better protect
the gears and chain from splash?
. ask if they can keep the larger gears
on the smaller crank
or if they can recommend a crank shortener
set to fit their cranks .

4.11: what about utahtrikes' short cranks?

for up to 43mm wide 9/16 arms
. sent msg to them:
can trice q stock crank be installed with your
Ride2 Crank Arm shorteners for up to 43mm wide 9/16 arms ?
. no reply emailed, but a phone call confirmed
things would be assembled .]

These $49.95 Sinz Expert Square Taper cranks
use a standard 5-hole 110BCD bolt pattern
and can accomodate a wide variety of chainrings.
. the above short crank takes only one or 2 chainrings not 3 .

. 6860-14602: Up to 28mm wide cranks
, 6860-14603: Up to 43mm wide cranks .

Trice are usually fitted with Polyurethane idlers;
this replaces the high-tension side
with an aluminum toothed pulley .
. while the normal place for the
low-tension pulley is under the high-tension pulley,
they have them mounted side-by-side;
. from this pict you can see
that during a bottom-out
the idler is above the lowest part
so it won't get smashed;
and with the double idler,
the return chain is no longer under bottom.tube
affectively giving you more clearance .
. All TerraCycle idlers utilize
industry grade ABEC-7 bearings-
which are replaceable- as well as
industrial grade urethane beds on the return side
. Idler plates are machined aluminum
and high grade polycarbonate
. All fasteners are stainless steel.
Idler cogs are 7075 Aluminum.
We have idler replacement kits for most brands of recumbents
and experimenter kits for homebuilders or those bikes not listed.

fairings for velo'shell starter kit

4.11: the full velo'shell for trice:
. in case you have $ 3500[canadian], meet The Borealis

but that place also says
don't even try to fit the hpvelotechnik to the trice .]

4.11: windwrap xt

. from the pictures of fairings
I'm wondering if low riders (with very reclined seating)
can see over these fairings .
. the windwrap xt is confirmed to be
not fit for low-riders (it's positioned too high),
but the shell's nose.cone needs to be sturdy,
and the xt is the cheapest way
to do just that .
. I'm hoping I can modify it in radical ways,
eg turning it up`side-down,
cutting the bar to shorten it,
or drilling the lexan
to place the bar on top of rather than under it .
. it's aluminum so there's not much chance of bending it,
but the other options are hopeful .
[...: by shifting the attachments,
I was able to slide it well below line of sight]

. for sight of the road about 20 feet ahead of you,
toes should be 2" lower than your eyes,
knees should be an 1.5" lower than your eyes.
. a clear view of the mini (xt) fairing (pdf)
. and the large is here too (pdf).

4.13: web.gear/trike/customizations selection:[call]

. do the crank shorteners fit the trice?
may be more than size, will install what fits .

. 1.75" is a softer ride than the thinner 1.35" tires;
but that's as balloon as you need;
(get marathon plus 1.75 all around)

. he thought the hp-v'tech streamer would only fit hp`s bikes .
but others differed 7th Nov 2008: "(I use a Streamer on my QNT;)

4.13: Utah Trikes Custom Trike order

Base Model: Ice Q
Rear Wheel: 20 Inch Suspension
Front Gearing: Truvativ Xfire 170 crank with X.9 derailleur
Rear Gearing: SRAM X.9 w/X.9 Shifters
Tires: Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires
Front Brakes: Sturmey Archer Drum Brakes
Fenders: Basic Rear Mudguard
Mirrors: Single Mirricle Mirror [came with 2]

-- stock declines:
Chain Guard, Seat Brackets, Computer Mount, Neck Rest,
Front Fenders, --[replaced by the planned fairing .]
Rack, Side Bags, Light Mount

-- add-on's:
Pedals: PowerGrip Pedals
Rear/Parking Brake: Rear Disc Brake w/Parking Lever
Mueller Windwrap XT Fairing with Mount 6mm
Ride2 Crank Arm shorteners
Trice Dual Idler Kit - Aluminum Cog
Trice quick release kit for enhanced tool-less folding / split down
--. (I mistakenly thought)
utahtrikes has no spare elastomeres .

Order comments:
. thanks for help on the phone,
I didn't see any spare elastomers
used by trice`s rear suspension .
I just didn't look everywhere, they're in the catalog]

from trikes@utahtrikes.com
date Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 3:34 PM
Date : 13 Apr 2009 - 16:34

4.13: trikes@utahtrikes.com/Utah Trikes Order ID: 1576010,
4.14: mis.aq.gear/trike/custom cussed 'em:
. if the trike place installs the parts for me,
I'm going to feel off if they
don't give me the parts they replace,
unless you could say the spare part was worth their labor?
. some might think the assembly deal was just
part of buying your main trike from them .
4.20(10:54): call:
. needed to contact by phone before making delivery;
but utahtrikes didn't have my phone;
so they were going to do it 13..15 tomorrow
but they just now told me they can still do it later today .
4.20: proj.gear/trike/delivered:
. helped get it off truck,
I came out to greet him
and he almost took me for gone
because he didn't see a car in the driveway?
"(this pkg you brought me is my new car!)
I exclaimed .
. I helped him slide it off the truck
and then I thought he'd use the dolly,
thought he thought we should each carry an end? ok;
I am so happy to see him .
. this box is huge, but very lightweight
-- that whole trike came completely assembled!

more motivation

6.1: apt`wildlife/another pair of loose dogs:
. picts of a couple loose dogs
they were first spotted at yard across the street
(the neighbors with the solar heating)
and then they headed north when a pedal.cyclist passed them without incident;
I asked if he knew those dogs;
no, he said, in high (perhaps nervous) voice .

7.9: co.apt/dog brings in trash:
. found dog prints as sw corner of shed in fresh puddle .
. around back of shed there was the doggy-shredded remains
of an old trashed fryes 12-pack eggs foam container
where there was shell glued to the foam
from several broken eggs .
. fryes is not my brand and I never trash foam anyway;
though if it was decomposed like this,
I would have bagged the trash
-- without being bagged,
such foam is likely to fly away when the dumpster comes
and automatically shakes the trash cans high in the air
in order to give the lid room to swing out of the way .

9.5: gear/dog.guard/walking stick with stun baton:
. a walking stick with a stun baton
integrated on the top
might be good for deterring stray dogs;
but, vaguely recall similars are illegal in AZ.state .

9.24: co.net/trice/Protection:
crowqnt date Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 12:49 AM
I rolled my QNT avoiding a Recycling lorry
which pulled out directly in my path from a secondary road.
Ended up with free B&B in local hospital.
Suffering lacerated index finger and gravel rash.
4 stitches in finger and arm looking like a patchwork quilt.
If I'd worn gloves I would have avoided the stitches!
Damage to Trike was LH front QR nearly abraded through
and similar damage to rear QR.
Did'nt wear a helmet but my head never contacted the tarmac
but shoulder was bruised.
Back to 98% now so all in all a lucky escape.
Frightening when view of the world
suddenly changes to a four foot dimeter tyre!
my reply:
. have you ever wished there was an affordable
shell option for the trice?
I'm trying to plan one like a tent .
. my main reason is protection from wind, sun, and dogs;
not sure if a shell would help a roll-over:
maybe it would be safer being thrown from the vehicle
if it didn't include a roll bar .


mac/atom newsfeeds

. Some web sites post lots of new articles or updates;
and, while you can always visit your bookmarked sites to see the latest articles,
it's sometimes more convenient to have new stories sent to you automatically
. If you are browsing a web site with firefox
and it has an available RSS or Atom feed,
the orange waves icon will appear at the right side of the Location Bar .
. if you subscribe to this feed, then what happens in firefox
is that inside menu: bookmarks/bookmarks toolbar/site/
you'll see a list of
site's current articles .

. if you try this in Apple`Safari.browser
then you'll find that it supports RSS but not Atom feeds;

well, what is the diff' ?
. before 2003, everyone was using RSS;
and, that's why Apple`Safari.browser can read RSS .
. in 2003, Atom was designed to fix RSS`shortcomings;
and Google started using Atom for its services:
Blogger, Google News and Gmail.

so, if you're on the mac, and you prefer to avoid firefox?
try an Atom reader for the mac;
or, google has a web-based reader accessible from any browser:
. it's available whenever you're signed into your gmail acct .

. the google`reader also lets you select news items to share with others .
. if you're sharing with people who don't use gmail,
they can see your shared items via your personal
google`reader shared items website; eg, mine is here:

. to try out g'reader's newsfeed search,
I looked for "(americium dream) and got one of my blogs,
and my amazon.com reviews .
. it listed my 'docs blog even though my 'duh blog has more posts
(perhaps because the one post it does have
is linking to google`knol, and all my google`code sites
are linking only to
'docs, not 'duh) .

. you can also select others who have gmail accts,
and then when they use google`reader,
they can look into friends' shared items,
and it will show all the stories you've shared with them .

. mac also has an openware newsreader: rssowl .
. it's based on java, so it can be crossplatform .

ID engraving with drill bit stippling

. after hearing that ID theft precluded the use of
state ID numbers being engraved on property,
I decided to use my email address
stippled into the main parts of my vehicle frame with a drill bit .
. I laid sealing tape down, wrote on the tape,
then drilled tiny holes guided by the ink .
. the tape might have helped hold the drill bit on the intended spot
and if I messed up the pen work, it'd be easy to start over .
. this email address can be associated uniquely with me via google,
and may do so indefinitely, since although it could dry up,
I think it quite unlikely that gmail.com would both
disable my account and give it to someone else .


devolution of operation id

. Operation ID is an attempt to reduce theft
by having you engrave identifiers in all your valuables .
. after concerns of id theft and program costs
the advice has gone from using ss#, to state`id#, to opid#,
to the original insurance advice .

use syntax"(state abbrev)(id#)
Note that the standard two-letter state abbreviation
precedes the Driver's License Number .
. engraved on an area that cannot be easily removed and which is NOT easily seen,
preferably adjacent to the manufacturer's model or serial number.
use opid# -- not state id#'s
Due to the increased risk of identity theft,
we do not recommend the use of drivers license numbers
or other personal information as an owner applied number to mark property.
The unique OPID number that we provide to you
contains the nationally recognized number that specifically identifies
our police department and an internal series that identifies the property owner.
It looks similar to this example: MN07304 JJ0001.
No personal or identity information is revealed
and only you and law enforcement personnel know the OPID number.
opid# details
. this system makes your valuables identifiable anywhere,
at any time, in the United States through the
State and National Crime Computer System.
National Crime Information Center (NCIC)
Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division
(304) 625-2000
If you move or change your name after you have received your PIN,
call your police Department to report the change of information.
What if I want to sell, trade, or give away marked property?
If you want to sell items marked with your Operation ID number,
simply engrave a single line through the number
and put your initials and the date of sale next to the number.
As an added precaution, the seller should write a bill of sale.
The person buying marked property should either obtain a PIN of their own,
or if they already have one,
mark the property with their number under the original owners number;
First Owner: MN02721RK0001 (9-93)
Second Owner: MN02721LC005 (1-95)
Third Owner: MN0070100MK20345
use records of existing identifying marks -- not the opid#
The Minneapolis Police Department Operation Identification program
has been discontinued.
we will keep your records on file for a period of seven years;
We recommend an alternative to Operation Identification
is to keep a home inventory form.
Most valuable items have a make, model and serial number .
. also use photo's -- consider "(save for web):
a gimp plug-in that lets you reduce quality to a desired file size .
. perhaps future attempts may use nanotech to create micro numbers that are
brushed on with some clear enamel to various spots on items .
. perhaps I'll just engrave my web-based email address .


health care -- the american way

. the american way is accountability:

our culture of freedom is an evil conspiracy:
. taxpayers may believe that if you put yourself at risk,
then you should pay the consequences;

but, the moralistic say hospitals should give help
-- and pray for compensation later;
hence this sea of emergency room care .

. how do the hospitals pay for this?
they raise their prices on those who can pay .

. how do private insurers deal with this?
they find individuals that require no services,
and drop individuals the first time they do require services .

. real accountability taxes freedom like so:
. somehow we need to determine what is preventable

and if the individual is at fault for causing a preventable problem
then after 3 strikes of not paying for the services
and not submitting to the lifestyle police,
then they are offered only euthanasia .
. if occupational health hazards could have caused poor health,

then taxes pay, so then taxpayers sue the business for reimbursement
like we did on the tobacco co's .
. obviously this lifestyle policing is a hairy problem,
as their is still much debate about what a good lifestyle is .

. this is where private insurers step in:
"(we provide supplemental insurance for young and old drivers,
neck-breaking sports, fast, fried food, and other zoned-out diets! ) .

. the worst evil of freedom is private parenting;

if parenting were democratically controlled,
rather than having people try to control democracy by
out-reproducing other ethnicities,
then taxpayers could feel that welfare-takers and gang-breeders
have been replaced by extended family .

. here is the right place for communism: at the family level,
where children belong to churches or parenting-coops, not individuals .

the american way is trial by jury of peers -- safety in numbers:

the medical society is an evil conspiracy:
. they claim that we need people from special schools to care for us
-- astronomically expensive schools;
and, there is always a shortage of these people;
then they get overworked and make mistakes .

. we need bundles of pro's all looking at the same problem,
getting paid as a bundle -- normal wages for normal work loads .

the legal society is an evil conspiracy:
. lawyers would have us believe that you can go on playing "(doctor knows best)

and then when things go wrong, you can just sue the pants off god .
. we need people and their relatives to learn and understand
that when we are constantly pushing the envelope of technology
then there are inherent risks -- just like driving on public roads;

and when bad things happen,
we should feel free to ask the state for mercy pay,
but we should not blame our team of doctors any more than we blame our relatives .


. I'm really excited about making gains in the amerdreamdocs project;
and when I'm not doing so well, I'd like to blog about where the time is running away to .
. this Amer'Dream Distractions site will be about politics, religion, psychology, health, velomobiles, and other minor interests .