the Global Health Security Agenda

news.pol/purges/wwIII/the Global Health Security Agenda:
17: summary:
. due to the heightened risk of Terrorism
there appears to be an increased risk of pandemics

Dr.Mercola cured toenail fungus with sandals

17: news.med/toenail fungus
/Dr.Mercola cured toenail fungus with sun and saltwater:
Dr.Mercola didn't need oil on his toes:
I have also struggled with fungal infections
and never found a prescription or natural approach to work
until I started spending my winters
in the subtropics wearing no shoes and
having my toenails receive hours of direct sun exposure
every day [he mentions salt water helped too,
and don't forget the extra bacteria
that compete with the fungus ].
The UV rays were more than enough to solve the problem.
This does take 4-6 months though
of nearly daily sun exposure to work,
in combination with wearing sandals most of the time
so there is no moist environment for the fungus to grow.
One way to reduce your risk of fungal infections
is to cut down on sugar, which feeds the fungi.
[ but Mercola was already doing that
when he developed a fungal infection .]


#thyme enhances #omega-3 in #brain

13: news.cook/thyme/medicinal properties:
. thyme oil contains thymol,
found to protect and significantly increase
the percentage of DHA omega-3 oil
found in brain, kidney, and heart cell membranes .
Thyme oil's antioxidant flavonoids include
apigenin, naringenin, luteolin, and thymonin.
. thyme oil, an Egyptian embalming agent,
can kill some germs, including
Staphalococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis,
Escherichia coli and Shigella sonnei .
. washing produce in solution containing
either basil or thyme essential oil
at the very low concentration of just 1%
wiped out nearly all Shigella bacteria .

Chosen people are highest-tech capitalistic imperialists

16: relig/Judaism/Chosen people are highest-tech capitalistic imperialists:
. we were discussing the idea of
the Jewish people being the chosen ones,
and I was saying that
from what I understood of the Chosen
they Jewish people include anyone who is
an imperialist with the best high tech;
but it's also important to mention capitalism .


ice age coming soon

11: news.pol/energy/ice age coming soon:
The 2004 annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union
saw evidence that proved beyond doubt that a
massive and profound global cooling event
happened 5,200 years ago,
and some think it's about to happen again:
Lonnie Thompson is a professor of
geological sciences at Ohio State,
he is also a researcher at
Byrd Polar Research Center.
His specialty is ice core analysis.
This cold period was preceded by a period of warming
that lasted several decades
and by reduced solar activity.
. just like 5,200 years ago,
the Sun is showing the lowest activity for a century.
Predictions for solar cycle 25 are that
there may not be any sunspots at all.
Lonnie Thompson is concerned that
history may be about to repeat itself.
. global cooling will kill hundreds of millions
yet the government is only worried about warming .


4/13 usa'architect Jefferson b'day

pim/calendar/4/13 usa'architect Jefferson b'day

Jefferson was a Free* American Founding Father,
the principal author of the Declaration of Independence (1776)
and the third President of the United States (1801–1809).
He was a spokesman for democracy and the rights of man
. the first United States Secretary of State (1790–1793)
serving under President George Washington.
In opposition to Alexander Hamilton's Federalism,
Jefferson and his close friend, James Madison,
organized the Democratic-Republican Party,
and subsequently resigned from Washington's cabinet.
*: [ there are at least 2 "Americans":
the Latinos (latin is the language of Catholics)
and the Free-thinkers (deists, Freemasons).]


Peter R Harley`Monroe 2013

13.12.26.. 14.1.13: pol/harley`monroe 2013
Peter R Harley`Monroe 2013

anti- #nsa #surveillance activist day

11: web.pol/surveillance/co.tw(thedaywefightback.org):
[ twitter news ] philip torrance ‏@addn
@ http://thedaywefightback.org
if we let #nsa #surveillance then
no more malware on computers to force it ;)
Note to staff:
All leave is cancelled for the next 24 hours
– tomorrow is going to be a very busy day for us:


Mannose blocks #lectins in #legumes

6: news.health/Mannose/blocks lectins and activates immune response:
Mannose can be found in berries,
green beans, eggplant, cabbage,
turnips, kelp and Aloe vera.
. Mannose [that exists on the surfaces of your cells]
plays a role in the formation of
cytokines which stimulate the immune system .
D-mannose blocks the lectins in legumes
and can prevent them from breaching the intestinal wall.
D-mannose can bind to things that cause
inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome,
weight gain and even possibly colon cancer.

Metapedia judged by its 9-11 coverage

6: news.cyb/net.wiki/alternative to wikipedia/Metapedia:
. Metapedia is a wikipedia supplement:
here to do things that can't be done there .
. one thing you can't do in wikipedia
is talk about Dr. Judy Wood as being
a serious part of the 9/11 truth movement;
but, Metapedia doesn't even mention her
or her beam weapons evidence,
although Metapedia editors are hardly
main-line 911truthers either
since they blame 9/11 on a Jewish Conspiracy
rather than neocon-CIA-NSA imperialism
or a Liberal Conspiracy bent on
challenging the Muslim globalists
by stealing Zion from them
and handing it back to the Jewish people,
in order to start the Final World War
to choose the world leader
and give that leader the power to
implement global surveillance
and enforce peace throughout the world .

Charles Veitch remembers 9-11

6: web.pol/911truther/Charles Veitch remembers 9-11:
. 911truther Charles Veitch, is seen on this video
Charles Veitch Jun 29, 2011`
No Emotional Attachment to 9/11 Theories
- The Truth is Most Important
saying he now believes the gov's story
( 9/11 was a pancake collapse from plane strikes )
after getting much personal attention
from ex-cia who seemed sincere .
. however,


glycerine sweet relief from dry skin on hands

5: co.iherb/cook/glycerine/sweet relief from dry skin on hands:
. after I started using too much caffeine,
it raised my cortisol and lowered my dhea,
which then made me unable to sweat
so my fingers felt so dry it was annoying;
but, glycerine keeps the moisture on your hands
without making them feel greasy .
. this is the same stuff as in Sortkwik
meant to help paper handlers get a better grip .
. it washes off with hand-washing,
so I keep some in a little squeeze bottle
in my pocket at all times . [8:
( I mix 1 part water to 3 or 4 parts glycerine ).]

american preppers network water treatment

5: news.care/water/american preppers network water treatment:
. tap water is usually already chlorinated,
and can be stored as-is;
if storing filtered or well water
you will need to add two drops of
non-scented chlorine bleach
to every 2 litres of water,
assuming the chlorine is 5.35% strength .
. before using chlorinated water
let it stand ventilated for 30 minutes
so that the chlorine can escape .
Be sure to read the label when
purchasing chlorine for this use,
 content is best for calculating your needs.
Chlorine bleach will kill mostbacteria causing diseases.
Chlorine has a limited shelflife:
. stored between 50F and 70F
it starts to degrade by approximately 20% per year
to salts and water.
chlorine of the form 6% sodium hypochlorite,
has only a 3 month shelflife .
chlorinated Water has a 6month shelflife ..
[if you ignored the previous tip,
you might be interested in this backup: ]
iodine is limited as a backup water purifier:
. Iodine purification works best when
it's applied just before the water is used;
the water temperature is over 68F .
. using Liquid 2% Tincture of Iodine
Add 5 drops per quart when the water is clear.
Add 10 drops per quart when the water is cloudy.
. iodine is degraded by UV from light;
. some people are allergic to iodine,
some people who are allergic to shellfish
are also allergic to iodine.
[. some with thyroiditis may get much worse
when exposed to high levels of iodine .]
pregnancy may be affected .


new normal sugar doubles heart disease risk

7: news.health/new normal sugar doubles heart disease risk:
. sugar has been shrugged off as merely fattening;
but, it can also lead to cardiovascular disease
as well as many other chronic diseases,
including diabetes mellitus,
liver cirrhosis[from fructose in sugar],
and dementia [from cholesterol raised by sugar]
— all linked to metabolic perturbations involving
dyslipidemia, hypertension, and insulin resistance .
. in the latest study (JAMA Internal Medicine, Feb 3),
added sugars were defined as
those used in processed or prepared foods,
including sugar-sweetened beverages,
packaged cereals and breads, etc;
but not those that occur naturally
in fruit and vegetables.
. sugar counted for at least 25% of the calories
among 10% of the group;
that group had a 2.75 times greater risk
of cardiovascular disease mortality
compared to an sugar intake of less than 10%.


HR 3865 -- the Stop Targeting of Political Beliefs by the IRS Act of 2014

5: co.pol/HR 3865 -- the Stop Targeting of Political Beliefs by the IRS Act of 2014:
urge your congressional representatives:
I was pleased to see HR 3865,
the Stop Targeting of Political Beliefs by the IRS Act of 2014.
The IRS's proposed rules would censor
what 501(c)4s can tell the public.
For example, communicating anything about a candidate
within sixty days before a general election
or thirty days before a primary election
would be considered "political activity."
Any past reference to the candidate on a website
would also have to be deleted.
This means an elected official can
introduce legislation sixty days before an election
with the assurance that voter groups
cannot even talk about it.
Please vote Yes on HR 3865.
These rules will have a serious impact on our democracy.

evolution vs intervention theory

4: news.biol/evolution vs intervention theory:
. scientists agree that the human genome is
a copy of a lower primate's genome
with 2 of the chromosomes fused .
. but whereas the scientists say evolution did it,
Lloyd Pye says
nature can't possibly fuse chromosomes;
therefore, we were designed in a lab
by some other intelligent life form .


unamerican fed bank may be unglobal too

1.31: co.apt/pol/purges/inflation/unamerican fed bank may be unglobal too:
. even if the fed bank were constitutional,
it should be considered unamerican,
because it is a private bank
running our public country .
. some hope that the fed's new chairman
does not allow deflation?