Metapedia judged by its 9-11 coverage

6: news.cyb/net.wiki/alternative to wikipedia/Metapedia:
. Metapedia is a wikipedia supplement:
here to do things that can't be done there .
. one thing you can't do in wikipedia
is talk about Dr. Judy Wood as being
a serious part of the 9/11 truth movement;
but, Metapedia doesn't even mention her
or her beam weapons evidence,
although Metapedia editors are hardly
main-line 911truthers either
since they blame 9/11 on a Jewish Conspiracy
rather than neocon-CIA-NSA imperialism
or a Liberal Conspiracy bent on
challenging the Muslim globalists
by stealing Zion from them
and handing it back to the Jewish people,
in order to start the Final World War
to choose the world leader
and give that leader the power to
implement global surveillance
and enforce peace throughout the world .

about Metapedia:
. an electronic encyclopedia which focuses on
culture, art, science, philosophy and politics.
The word Metapedia has dual symbolic meaning:
Metapedia sets its focus on topics
that usually are not covered in
— i.e. that falls outside of —
mainstream encyclopedias.
Metapedia has a metapolitical purpose,
to influence the mainstream debate, culture and historical view.
Being able to present one’s own definitions of concepts
as well as interpretations of various phenomena
and historical events
is a vital part of every metapolitical and cultural struggle.
This is more important than ever in these modern times,
where many concepts have been distorted
and lost their original meaning
– which can be regarded as a result of our
political opponents’ successful cultural struggle.
The possibility to influence the language
is vital if you want to shape people’s world view.
The Frankfurt School and their ideological heirs
are good examples in this regard,
and have been very successful in stigmatizing
previously natural and sound values and attitudes
and making them seem pathological by
inventing and popularizing concepts such as
“xenophobia” and the like.
This clearly illustrates the power of language and words,
and it is therefore important that we
start re-conquering our languages.
Another important purpose of Metapedia is to become
a web resource for pro-European activists.
Metapedia makes it easy for our cadres to
expand their knowledge on various important subjects,
and also functions as a searchable reference.
Furthermore Metapedia gives us the opportunity to
present a more balanced and fair image of
the pro-European struggle for the general public
as well as for academics,
who until now have been dependent on
strongly biased and hostile “researchers”
like Searchlight, Anti-Defamation League,
Southern Poverty Law Center,
Simon Wiesenthal Centre, and such.
9/11 After_Effects @ metapedia:
The effects of 9/11 are still being felt today,
as much the national security polices in place today
are either a direct result of 9/11
or are allegedly designed to prevent another
catastrophic tragedy of a similar magnitude.
Likewise, Jewish zionists have been trying to
shift the American people's
condemnation of the 9/11 attacks
away from the real terrorists who did 9/11
and the Jewish terrorist state of Israel
which was the root cause of 9/11,
because of its almost endless list of Zionist crimes,
towards irrational hatred of
people of the Islamic faith in general.
this zionist instigation of Islamohysteria
has created a segment of people in America
who are supportive of the military occupation
of nations such as Afghanistan, Iraq,
Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Syria
(with Iran as a likely future target).
These military occupations
only benefit the criminal state Israel.
[sic: no references]
. gives links to stub pages for
# collapse of the World Trade Center
# controlled demolition .

the "truthers" page is about NWO watchers .

the link to NWO (new world order):
Globalism is an international movement,
driven primarily by Trotskyism, Zionism
and free-market liberalism,
which is working to establish a one-world government .
Generally the figures who are involved in,
or at least widely percieved to be,
bringing this process to fruitation,
are refered to by the Western resistance
as "ZOG" within the financial democracies.
ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government):
. ZOG refers to the control of many countries
by Zionist organizations,
while the formal government is a puppet regime.
This expression is often used by
various opponents of Zionism including
nationalists in the United States and Europe,
opposition groups such as Pamyat in Russia
and white nationalists and Conservative Christians,
including groups in Poland and Sweden.
The word "Zionist" in ZOG is derived from
the ideology of Zionism,
the movement for support of a
Jewish state in the Land of Israel
and ... Jewish domination of the World. [ sic: 
. no references for assertion that
Zionism implies world domination by Jews .
. what the globalists can likely agree on
is that rationalism and capitalism
should dominate the world in place of
Christians, Muslims or irreligious dictators .
. if that means Jewish global domination,
it's only because they were better capitalists .
. it is prophesied in Judaism 
that not only will Zionism be successful
and with peace all over the world;
but also, all nations and all languages
will recognize the same god,
the god's Word will be written in our hearts
not dictated to us by prophets .]