low money velocity indicates deflation coming

10.21: news.pol/purges/depression/
low money velocity indicates deflation coming:
Harry S. Dent 2013:
. every 60 to 80 years, Inflation becomes deflation.
[money velocity has recently fallen hard]
The last time we saw money velocity drop like a rock
was between 1919 and 1929.
It was during the three years (1930 ..1933)
in which money velocity went negative
that many market bubbles catastrophically popped;
and debt deleveraged at breakneck speeds…
creating deflation, not inflation,
even with record low interest rates
and Fed stimulus to fight the great Depression.
see recent money velocity:
[economicgreenfield.com 2015/01]
. velocity of M1 supply was in a bubble that has now popped,
still quite a bit higher than the 1960's;
Velocity of MZM and M2 is well below the 1960's.


consolidated elections nov 3 2015 #Tucson city, #Pima county, AZ #vote

10.17: proj.gov/vote/consolidated elections nov 3 2015 Tucson city, Pima county, AZ:
prop 201: no
. should we stop replacing police with red light or speed cameras?
we should make sure cameras are used fairly, not abolished
because police have better things to do.
. anyone who is angry about automated law enforcement
thinks the laws are unnecessary,
and needs to get the laws changed,
or is thinking police are overlooking them
(enforcing the law only for certain types or races),
or is worried that the automated tickets are unfair;
eg, one problem is when entering an intersection
and then getting stopped by a pedestrian
so that you are still in the intersection when the light is red,
and bad judges aren't forgiving your case;
so, the solution is to get good judges,
not abolish automated law enforcement.