interpreting JC's beatitudes

5.20: web.relig/jc/the beatitudes:
Jesus began to preach a message of repentance
because the kingdom of heaven was near (4:12-17).
In order to reach a wider audience,
He moved from Nazareth to the city of Capernaum,
on the shores of the Sea of Galilee,
but more importantly,
on the main highway through the land.
His declaration of beatitudes would come,
but not until He called for repentance.

critiques of Judaism and Christianity

5.6: relig/bible/unifying
the jewish and christian messages:

. judaism pointed out we get punished for
not following god's law;
christianity points out:
we will never be able to follow the law,
so there can be no salvation in actions;
and that's why god's love said
we'd be saved simply by believing that
the work of Jesus Christ could save us .
. actually, god's love comes in 2 forms:
there are the warnings about how to avoid harm,
and then there is the spirit-guided urge to
ignore the warnings;
this indirectly leads to love; because,

duelling romney - obama funnies

5.3: sci.pol/obama/
romney can win because he's sarcasm:

. romney can win because he's sarcasm:
"( proud capitalism is canibalizing your job ),
and people will then feel silly being jealous of 1% image .

5.4: pos.pol/obama/
romney has a chance with delegates voting:
. now I'm sure romney is electable because
the group he's making his case to is not us
but the delegates .

5.7: co.apt/obama/controling us with czars!:
. obama is controling us with czars!
that's what dem's always do, they invented the first czar,
for the drug war;
but also the alcohol prohibition, ... who did that?
the women, when they got to vote,
** it got right there in the constitution **
-- talk about a super czar .

5.8:  co.apt/pol/obama/from the socialists, with love:
. recall someone recently saying
that usa youth on the euro tourist circuit
were feeling a lot more loved at europe's hostels
after it was seen that usa had voted for Obama .
. but love can be tough:
the amsterdam coffee shops
no longer cater to foreign tourists,
they're only to keep local youth off the street .
6.23: web:
(23% of tourists visited those coffeeshops).

5.9: web.pol/obama/obama's real father:

. real father rumors are hitting the fan;
is this why he's out for gay marriage now?
. the story I got from the radio was that
obama's real father, Frank,
and a friend, the kenyan, agreed to agree
for some reason,
that the kenyan would say he was the father,
perhaps so he could have access to
usa as married to citizen ?
he never said, or I was radio surfing elsewhere .
frank was married with many children
and was struggling to maintain that marriage,
so perhaps this move was part of that struggle .

obama's real fatherBirtherism 2.0: Obama’s ‘Real’ Father
April 30, 2012 at 11:04 am Ed Brayton
. taking birtherism to a new level,
in “Dreams from My Real Father:
A Story of Reds and Deception ”
(see trailer, and intro)
Joel Gilbert is arguing that
not only wasn’t Obama born in the USA
but that Barack Obama Sr.
isn’t even his real father.
And who is his real father? A communist!
Gilbert rejects the official story
that the Kenyan-born Barack Obama
was the president’s father.
Instead, he argues, Frank Marshall Davis,
the radical poet and journalist
who was a card-carrying member
of the Communist Party USA,
was the real, biological -- and ideological --
father of Barack Obama.
the real father is Frank Marshall Davis?
Jerome Corsi's The Obama Nation
claims that Davis was a political influence on Obama .
A rebuttal released by Obama's presidential campaign,
titled Unfit for Publication,
confirmed that "Frank" was Frank Marshall Davis,
but disputes claims about the nature of their relationship.
5.11: co.apt/pol/obama/romney is funny:
. funny story to find romney forcing a haircut;
you'd think they'd use an eagle scout ...
as if my audience:
. phil, that is an eagle scout:
you find a long-hair, you cut his hair off!
as self:
. just saying, you'd think they'd find a match who
wouldn't squawk underneath the presidential lights !
it worked for me
5.22: co.apt/pol/obama/
it worked for colin powell
. Colin Powell's new book is
"(it worked for me);
suppose that was about
him looking like Obama?
. Powell was the one
who was asked to say:
"( there's weapons of mass destruction
-- just kidding! ).
. Obama was told to say these kiddings:
"( g'tmo is closing down,
israel will be told no more wars for
defending arrogant settlers ).

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.)

5.30: co.apt/pol/Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.):
diane rheme's show, Rep. John Lewis:
. his every response was a flowery
"(that's none of your business) .

. when he showed concern for a lack of voting,
diane asked what he would do about
making it easier to get 3rd parties voted in;
and he scoffed at that as
not even representing us well!
. if we had instant-runoff voting,
then we could show our support for other parties,
without having to worry about the spoiler affect .

. and after saying that,
he called us a democracy?!
. other leaders are quick to remind us
it certainly is not a democracy!
it's a constitutional republic .
. I've never seen a referendum at the federal level;
and if there was one,
much of drug law would be in the toilet .

. he also did nothing to defend himself against
a caller who was wondering how he could
be for love and obama,
when obama lied about the repub's,
saying they wanted to poison our environs,
and throw grandma over a cliff .

here's how I would have defended obama:
. do the repub's not support small gov'?
does that not skimp on regulations
and also skimp on using tax money to
transition us to less toxic forms of energy
-- away from coal and oil ?

. but I didn't know about that grandma comment;
what was it refering to?
. apparently a progressive group was asking
if america was beautiful without medicare .
. the fox news commentary of that
was pointing out that repub's simply
agreed with obamacare's death panels:
they wanted to cap the growth in medicare spending
not put an end to medicare .

. but wasn't there some republican talk about
privatizing our entire medical insurance?
. anyway, it's not clear to me that Obama
personally would say such a thing .

. I think his problem is being brain damaged
(he was hit hard during a civil rights march);
the best he can do is
gracefully evade complicated questions ...

[6.23: are you kidding?!:
. Rep. Lewis was simply using the same tactics
that Obama would use against massive contention .
. Obama certainly isn't brain damaged,
but a highlight of his speaking tour for ObamaCare
was spending hours saying nothing !
. they think they are being honest, like this:
"( I understand that you see
nothing in this bill for you;
but, if you are well-read on the subject
you know that it does improve things
for the majority ).
. another reason to say nothing
is when you're convinced the questions being asked
are merely rhetorical,
and anything you say will merely be used against you .
. I've noticed Obama getting a lot of heat just for being
the first hiafric to tower over euro's .
. maybe a hiafric congressman has had to deal with
the same treatment, incessantly .]

Romney as born-again State's Rights disciple

5.21: co.apt/pol/to repub's
mormon romney is born-again state's rights:

. some other christians call mormonism a cult;
and the reason for that could be that
by fabricating their own 3rd bible,
mormonism may be suggesting that
the christian's interpretation of the bible
is a fabrication -- "(they may as well have
written a whole new book! let us do the same .)
. so perhaps,
by using mormon romney as a candidate,
the repub's intend to communicate
that they are the political landscape's
new and vibrant moral fiber .
[ or they could be trying to attract
people from 3rd parties?...
most likely his mormonism is an accident,
what they meant to communicate about him
is his conversion from being a democrat
to being a small-gov state-rights republican
so the main message is:
we don't have to agree with our candidate,
we just need to find someone that likes
state's rights, and love them for it .
6.23: 5.21:
. another important message is change:
Bush converted from drunk to christian;
Obama converted from druggy to christian;
and now that christian conversions seem played,
Romney represents the Tea Party conversion
from Democrat-funded tax-and-spend liberal
to Integrated Money Party -funded
maximal freedom for Big Money conservative .]

credit to debt ratio

5.12: pol/credit to debt ratio:
. credit to debt ratio has nothing to do with your
level of student loan debt,
or how much of a student loan you have piled up;
rather it has everything to do with
your relationship to credit cards,
although this too can be unfair
since you can get hit just for closing accounts
without having an open account with an active history .
. I think the person who was fired for a credit report
might have some serious credit card bills
rather than seeking out more sane, responsible places
to get a full-coverage student loan from .
. this person appears to be assuming that
it's ok to steal from a credit card company
in the event of unemployment after school;
this puts the person's ethics into question .
. would you hire such a person to do your accounting?
they could be desperate eno' to
use the accounting job for their own gain,
such as taking bribes for looking the other way .


check your nitrogen footprint too #GlobalWarming

5.29: news.pol/energy/global warming/
check your nitrogen footprint too:

(we need to watch out for both our
carbon and nitrogen footprints ...)
my response:
. do you want to reduce suicides,
get more wind energy,
and feel more satisfied?
eat more meat, and dump more
nitrous oxide into the atmosphere!
. sure there will be more global warming,
but you have so much wind energy,
you can afford to live underground,
where the weather won't bother you !

news.pol/energy/hydrogen economy by 2020
and living in the deep sea:

world future society reports:
. new advances in fuel cells may enable us to
live deep under the sea .
. Hydrogen Economy will seriously begin to
supersede the Oil Economy by about 2020 .
your nitrogen footprint is huge:

a free-market obamacare

5.29: co.fb#leslie marshal show/pol/healthcare/
response to Hans Verboon:
Hans Verboon
Why not, have the government control this too.
Most of our politicians are overweight anyway.
I say leave the market to be free,
including health insurance.
May 9 at 5:11am via mobile
@Hans Verboon May 9  "(I say
leave the market to be free, including health insurance.)

. but the market can't be free
when average americans agree that we should
be given medical care and asked questions later;
it's creating this cycle of people using emergency rooms,
hospitals raise costs for insurance co's,
insurance is too expensive,
forcing people to rely on emergency rooms ...
hence, obamacare's mandatory insur'premiums .
. what would be fair for the free market
is to let us decide what services we'll accept,
and then we must pay insurance for only those services .
. eg, I don't want to be treated for cancer,
heart disease, diabetes, or mental illness;
but I do want surgery for accident recovery,
so my premium should be about $10/month .
(I could pay that much with plasma money!)

GOP (Get OverPopulation)

[6.22: summary:
. the highlight of this post was the realization that
GOP had the same initials as Get OverPopulation;
but the main theme is overpopulation's causes,
and ideas for humane solutions .
. inflation and unemployment together
are symptoms of overpopulation relative to
the labor needs of capitalism .
. when the GOP says "(we don't have the money)
they mean they don't need our labor;
and, all of their cost-cutting measures
are attempts to get overpopulation
by making us feel like we can't afford children .
. they don't feel like they're being heard though,
because they are the party of church values,
but they keep reminding us of family values
and hope we get the hint:
if your family doesn't have a job for your children
your family should at least have a spare bedroom .
. most of all they talk about reaganomics,
but you must know there are no more jobs
because they Get OverPaid too!
. not only are those jobs not coming back,
we are just a few years from intelligent automation;
so as we have more people needing a free lunch,
shouldn't we pay people to stop reproducing? ]

better wages needed? for not reproducing

5.22: co.g'+/pol/purges/unemployment/
we need more than better wages:

Sheila Nagig:
The trouble nowadays is that
nobody has much in the way of disposable
income to spend on much beyond the necessities of life.
It's why furniture stores go out of business in a recession.
I was wondering if you could undepress me;
I was sure the trouble nowadays was that our overpopulation
is finally colliding with our capitalistic value enhancements .
. the republicans don't believe in job creation either;
they just solidly reject the other myth:
that socialistic handouts can save the
bottomless pit of population expansion that we are .
. can you show me how I'm deluded?


who's economy? obama's or private parenting?

5.29: co.apt/pol/purges/reaganomic/
neolib's are not job creators:
. I am a neolib, and I'm just warning you,
if you think romney is about jobs,
both the repub's and the dem's are also neolibs
giving your jobs to the needy globally;
so, if you give them a tax break,
they are only giving more jobs to india and china .
. just remember, you're the 60% who actually
owns something in america besides a birth certificate
-- crappy commoners .
5.10: news.pol/purges/reaganomics/
it's obama's economy:

andy dean conservative radio:
. he has this subservient lesbian sidekick
who when asked what she thought of
obama's lackluster economy,
said she doesn't believe in the 99%
-- said a person's job prospects are
up to the individual;
so it doesn't matter what obama did .
. the 99% is hiding the elephant of overpopulation,
and that is indefensible;
but, why isn't an obama supporter like herself
pointing out that the economy has
nothing to do with the president?
. obama isn't even allowed to touch
the root cause of our unemployment
which is globalized capitalism
-- that is nothing less than the unstoppable
perfection of the american way!
. if you believe in capitalism at all,
you believe in eventual automation,
so you must believe in massive unemployment
-- inevitably!
so stop dreaming about economic expansion,
and think about the homeless you generate
breeding like you want to .

5.1: pol/purges/reaganomics/
family values is dictatorship just like communism:

redistribute wealth only for population reductions

[6.21: summary:
. after watching both lib's and conservatives
creating wildly delusional videos on youtube,
I debated several other viewers
about whether the real issue was
socialism had been a proven failure
or we had never tried what works:
there can be no wealth or security
without state control of population size .]

5.11: co.youtube/pol/purges/reaganomics/
socialism is a proven failure:

The Critique of the Crisis of Capitalism Critique
by HowTheWorldWorks


google-plus's "(just the right people)

5.28: pos.cyb/net.g'+/blocked/
stay popular to prevent thread erosion:

. if you get blocked from anyone,
you can't see them on
any threads they participate in,
so then this has the effect of
blocking your view of other posts,
because they expect you can see
who they're responding to:
. so keep remembering,
g'+ is not the place for free speech;
it's the place to listen, and learn!
. you'll need to walk softly,
and carry your big stick elsewhere,
or on a dual g'+ account (haven't tried that yet). 

5.26: mis.cyb/net.g'+/being blocked 
hides posts in threads you can still see:
. while googling for g'plus news,
searching for myself on plus.topsy.com,
I found some comments directed at me
that g'plus didn't inform me of? :

beautiful photostitching in Linux

5.5: web.cyb/mac#lion/photo stitch replacement:
. the new Lion system doesn’t include Rosetta,
which means the older PowerPC-only programs
can’t run on it;
so, I'm going to be out Canon's Photo Stitch?
what are some linux replacements?
. another term for Photo Stitching is Panoramas .
... and if linux doesn't work out;
Canon upgraded the PhotoStitch to work with Lion
(freeware -- not just an upgrade).

 6.19: have the cd?:
. there is also a version for Windows,
but it's only an upgrade,
you'll need the cd that came with your Canon .]

[6.19: tried the linux openware:
. after installing Hugin on linux
with Ubuntu's Software Center,
the tips suggested I see the tutorial;
and, trying that out, it was truly amazing .
. someone in 2007 said you had to install Enblend too,
but that seems to be already in place now .]


moving vmwares to mac's external drive

5.5: sci.cyb/vmware/
sharing vm's in Share acct not possible:

[6.13: summary:
. mac permissions are a big hassle!
you're supposed to have 3 user folders:
one for your restricted user's personal use,
one for admn's personal use,
and a shared folder that is accessible by everyone .
. but shared access means read-only,
and read-only affects the running of
 vm's [Virtual Machines].
. I had created a 2nd restricted user's acct,
and I thought I could use the same vm's
since they were in the Shared folder,
but when I tried to run the vm's
it said I didn't have permission,
because running the vm implies modifying its files .
. if you want user accts to share completely,
you have to store the files in an external drive .]

. using vm's from another acct doesn't work
even when it's the shared acct
with permissions set to everyone can read and write .
[... because
acl's are enforcing Owners Enabled ]
. after getting all the vm's set up,
I then undid it for the experiments,
to see if the problem was sharing when
the vm's were using suspends or snapshots
(that was one problem but there were others).
. finally redid everything back to normal
but what if I wanted to work in a new acct ?

sci.cyb/vmware/sharing vm's in usb drive is possible:
. try sharing an xp and xu from the dos-formatted drive
that likely won't have acl's attached to it?
yes, that does work;
if it's the acl's, they don't seem to matter on
one partition of my firewire drive;
I have that partition named as if it's exfat-formatted,
but disk utility says the current format is Mac Journaled;
the key difference is [owners enabled: no]
the partition used by Apple`timemachine on that same drive
has answered yes to that .

5.6: proj.cyb/vmware/vm's on external drive:

( earlier,
I'd done an experiment on vmware:
can I access a vm from a new acct?
no because it's shared with an old acct
. I missed the point of the experiment!
it wasn't to share vm's between accts,
it was to see if a transfer of vm's between accts
would work at all .
. what the experiments told us was that
moving the vm to the external drive
(a drive that is not Owner Enabled)
makes the vm exist without ACL-owned complications
so then after getting a copy from the external drive,
it can be run by any acct .
. and if you do want sharing
then keep it on the external drive;
but, if you don't want sharing,
then first get the vm from the external,
and copy it to the acct's drive .
. if you're not concerned that
the acct isn't owning a vm,
then keep in mind that
if using conventional disk drives
rather than solid state devices,
and if the host OS is on the internal drive
then the vm will run more efficiently on
the external drive
since the host and guest OS's
won't be having to compete for
the location of the disk's read-write arm .

. if the bank.vm should be encrypted
it could stay on the internal drive .
[6.13: (considering Lion's encryption;
later decided to stay with just encrypting data) ]

. for timemachine to work on an external drive,
you need a 2nd drive;
. you can still benefit from timeMachine's
multiple snapshots feature,
but you have to manually copy changed parts
over to the internal drive that timemachine is backing .
. a 3rd possibility that I finally decided on
was to put the vm on the same external drive as timeMachine,
and then put the data on the internal drive .]

. rename the external drive as Primary .
(the reason it was named exfat
is that I had it formatted to exfat
until it was found that my xp laptop
couldn't read the drive anyway
because the drive was partitioned .
. linux on the laptop can both see partitions
and read mac format .

5.8: proj.cyb/vmware/moving to new system:
. in the new system,
all vm's are on the external drive,
and prep for this includes the usual
pulling out snapshots, and shutting them down
instead of suspending them .
. inside vmware's library all the links will be bad,
so I have to delete them all and reopen each vm,
to have it listed by the library .
. if I change the name of the drive,
the library links are again shot,
so, I'd want to make sure the drive's name is ok .]

5.6: mis.cyb/vmware/easy mistake wastes a lot of time:
. I messed up the decision of
whether to say the vm was moved or copied;
I should have said I copied it
because I need to be using both instances at once,
once I answered it wrong,
I didn't see any way to undo it,
so I had to recopy the huge thing .
may have also needed to change the name
of the enclosing folder?
(you can't change the name of the vm itself
because that makes it unusable
unless you know how to patch the internal param file).


elucidate wiki's account of WTC destruction

. this is in reference to an earlier blog post
in which I was concerned that skyscrapers are using
controlled demolition as means of
emergency fire suppression
without telling either the public or firefighters .

6.10: co.apt/pol/purges/controlled demolition/automated:
. why didn't they tell the firefighters to leave
if they controlled when the building would fall down?
perhaps the demolition system is automated:
ie, the building could be sensing when its
electrical coordination system is about to get
compromised by the fire,
thereby allowing it to avoid a controlled demolition
up until the point at which the fire damage would
render the system unable to execute a demolition .

5.3: proj.cyb/net.wiki/World_Trade_Center#Destruction:
. I need to include in the tower destruction page
that the way it was destroyed has been disputed .
description of  edits:
/* Destruction */ linking to a related article: 
World Trade Center controlled demolition conspiracy theories
/* Destruction */ remove accidental insertion,
and move addition out of previous ref's scope
the result is this paragraph:

wiki's World_Trade_Center Destruction

At 9:59 a.m., the South Tower collapsed
after burning for approximately 56 minutes.
The fire caused steel structural elements,
already weakened from the plane impact,
to fail.
The north tower collapsed at 10:28 a.m.,
after burning for approximately 102 minutes.[118]
At 5:20 p.m.[119] on September 11, 2001,
7 World Trade Center started to collapse
with the crumble of the east penthouse,
and it collapsed completely at 5:21 p.m.[119]
owing to uncontrolled fires
causing structural failure.[120]
This account of the collapse's cause
was disputed by proponents of
World Trade Center controlled demolition
conspiracy theories

blogger.com's Dynamic Views

5.2: news.cyb/net.blogger.com/Dynamic Views:
. dynamic views allows your readers to
select a viewing mode
(list of entries, matrix of icons, etc);
. if you switch to the dynamic view
then you get a menu for changing views,
but you lose the view you have now !
. the way to get dynamic views
and still keep your old view,
is to make your own menu:
one of the widgets of the old view
allows you to list your favorite web pages;
you can fill this list with these links:

social sites promoting activism

5.12: sci.cyb/net.care2.com/social promoting change:
. that first health article I found there
was their most impressive;
the others are triviage, like warning you that
fox news doesn't know what it's talking about
when they say you can live off rice & beans
(the point was that the cost of living isn't cheap
even if you replace meat with beans).
. some entries reminded me of twitter
without links: a one-liner to say an oil guy
is going to spend a year off the grid in alaska .
. lots of activism: not just stories, but also
suggestion of ways you can make a difference .
. seemed to spend a lot on gay rights
but maybe it's just a very big time for that issue
(today's buzz is about gay marriage,
which wouldn't even be an issue if our laws
didn't discriminate against singles .
. nobody but family can visit in some hospitals?
family can contest an inheritance
to a non-married partner ? )

5.19: news.cyb/net.innovocracy.org/
Democratization of the Innovation Funding Model:

Innovocracy =
the Democratization of the Innovation Funding Model
Do you dream of changing the world?
Innovocracy.org is the place where
real innovators are working on
important life changing projects.
It’s a way for you to get involved in backing them .

unlimited free online storage

6.12: summary:
. there is plenty of free storage online:
2GB from dropbox
5GB from google's g'Drive
7GB from Microsoft's SkyDrive,
and 5GB sync'ing services from
Ubuntu One and Apple's iCloud;
iCloud doesn't sync just any folder:
it sync's your iWork doc's,
and 3rd party app's are free to sync
what's in their sandbox;
it also pushes your itune purchases
to all your devices .

. there are many more free sites too,
and, even some unlimited free plans
as long as you're publicly sharing your files,
or not using an ad'blocker, etc .

. DropBox and SkyDrive may be deleted
if not visited every 90 days;
google's gmail has an inactivity policy
but it's Drive service apparently does not .

5.5: news.cyb/net.dropbox/no passwords needed for hours!:
"( Why I switched from Dropbox to Windows Live Mesh ...)
. dropbox had an amazing lapse in security:
for several hours any password would open any acct!

facebook security options

6.12: summary:
. I enabled secure connection
so that facebook uses https
to encrypt the info it sends to me .
. while doing that I found an
even more important security feature:
if an attempt is made to log in
from a device I don't usually use,
they will text my cell phone
and ask me what was sent
to ensure the user also has my cell phone
as proof it is really me .


Fusion 3.1.4 works with Mac OS x Lion

5.5: web.cyb/mac#lion/fusion ok with upgrade?:
6.11: summary:
. I updated to latest the Fusion 3.1.4
before doing the upgrade to Lion,
and everything turned out great;
the usb camera works fine,
and other usb devices are used only from
the host OS (mac).
. I did not need to uninstall and reinstall Fusion .
. I already had the recommended 4gb ram .
. I did not intend on using mac as a guest OS
( if that idea appeals to you,
then you'll want the upgrade to Fusion 4.0 ).


recovering from brain atrophy

5.14: co.lef.org/med/apm/recovering from brain atrophy:
G Satyanarayanan
Can cognitive problems caused by
antipsychotic like risperidone
(ADHD, slow processing speed, low working memory)
and lithium(dyslexia, restlessness,
immediate and long term memory loss)
be reversed?
I was taking these medications for 4 years.
Now I 've stopped them
still now side-effects of those drugs not gone
so that I can say I have become normal
wrt those cognitive parameters.
Is cognitive problems caused by antipsychotic
like risperidone and lithium reversible?
What duration of such medications
beyond which such side effects
are not reversible- 2/4/6 years?
Ad: "Stainless Steel Meat Hammer"
. Satyanarayanan asks about brain repair
after being on long-term anti-psychotics .
. these medications work by inhibiting dopamine function,
and atrophying the brain cells that make dopamine .
. the key is to find dopamine enhancers,
and anything that "(exacerbates schizophrenia)
and then anything that promotes neurite growth .
. I'm combining mct, blueberry extract,
and LE fishoil with DMAE for neurite growth .
. yohimbine extract promotes dopamine use,
and L-dopa (Mucuna Pruriens extract)
promotes dopamine production .
. you may have a lot of research ahead of you:
beware high blood pressure, etc .
. if I think of anything else for attention deficit,
I'll be putting them on my
performance enhancers list .

the first ever Food Revolution Day

5.19: co.fb#applegatefarms/health/
the first ever Food Revolution Day:
A day to spread awareness and knowledge
about healthy eating!
Are any of you joining or hosting an event?
see vid.
. thanks for supporting Food Revolution Day .
. the important thing with meat is
certifying no grains were fed,
unless the animal is a natural grain eater
(eg, grasshoppers, crickets, other insects)
. I would also want an annual sanity test
that included 3rd-party dioxin testing;
if the animal is sitting high on the food chain
(from being fish entrails for instance)
then this may show up in a dioxin test .
. for economics, I would start by
feeding organic grain to grasshoppers or crickets
and then try feeding pressure-cooked beans and insects
to the chickens for meat and eggs .
. not sure if grass-eating animals will eat insects,
but if they'll eat mouldy grain out of a trough
they might eat anything!
. until then, the only animal product I can trust is
whey protein isolate and eggland's organic best eggs .
(I actually have to do without organic eggland's in my area
but eggs are very important brain food
and low-sat'fats = low-grain fed .)

ready for your sweet surprise?

5.14: co.fb#inst for respons' tech/health/
corn is not just bee killer:
What are your thoughts on this article?
GE corn & sick honey bees - what's the link?
| Pesticide Action Network
No farmer in their right mind wants to poison pollinators.
When I spoke with one Iowa corn farmer in January
and told him about the upcoming release of a Purdue study
confirming corn as a major
neonicotinoid exposure route for bees,
his face dropped with worn exasperation.
I'm  sorry bees were harmed by gmo corn,
but we need hfcs (sweetsurprise.com)
to drive up glucose consumption
for more diabetes, cancer, senility, and heart disease
in order to fast-track healthcare technology .

5.14: co.fb#a4m (American-Academy-of-Anti-Aging-Medicine-A4M)/
health/cost is not just insurance pigginess:
Soda's Not-So-Sweet Side |
Anti-Aging Tip of the Day |
Worldhealth.net Anti-Aging News

More Americans now drink sugar-sweetened sodas,
sport drinks and fruit drinks daily,
and this increase in consumption
has led to greater incidences of
disease over the past decade
another reason to send jobs overseas:
we can't possibly afford sugar nation's healthcare .

americanselect.org is doomed without IRV

6.10: summary:
. americanselect.org is trying to support 3rd parties,
but there was so little interest in the available
3rd-party presidential candidates
that they decided not to enter one on the ballot .
. americanselect.org's mission was doomed anyway
unless they could mandate the use of
IRV (instant runoff voting)
because otherwise, their 3rd-party candidate
will simply be viewed as a spoiler .
. there is another way to help 3rd parties,
but it is very expensive, and unreliable:
make sure that everybody has access to the internet,
and can easily participate in mock elections
where they can gain confidence in a 3rd party .
. the mock election would feature IRV,
and we could see from that election
whether any 3rd party has the popularity needed to win .
. but a mock IRV still suffers trust issues:
how do I know that those who
claimed to be a 3rd-party supporter
will actually follow through during the actual vote?
voters of a 3rd party in the mock election
may be sincere,
but if they can't trust that voters will
behave the same as in the mock election
then they may fear voting 3rd party in the real election
and this inconfidence may cause the spoiler effect .
. another scenerio is
strategic lying during the mock vote;
in order to encourage the spoiler effect .

RC Helicopter has a video recorder

5.14: news.gear/Egofly Hawkspy
LT-712 Helicopter with Spy Camera:

makeuseof.com introduces hawkspy
(a remote control helicoptor with video camera)
The fixed forward-facing camera
is activated by a button on the transmitter
and once enabled, it records video only at a resolution of
720×480 in MJPEG format directly into the MicroSD card.
. see videos recorded by the Hawkspy on YouTube
. also seen being used at newegg's youtube .
. needs 6 AA batteries . remember the overcharge warning .


3rd trimester choline improves fetal cortisol levels

5.14: news.health/prenatal/
choline during 3rd trimester reduces cortisol levels

The Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology,
first human study to suggest
a role for choline
in the "programming" of
key biological processes in the fetus .
. a group of third-trimester pregnancies
consumed 930 milligrams of choline,
more than double the recommended
450 milligram daily intake.
The result for their babies was a
33 % lower concentration of cortisol
- a hormone produced in response to stress
that also increases blood sugar -
compared to those from a control group of women
who consumed about 480 milligrams of choline.
Dietary sources of choline include egg yolks,
beef, pork, chicken, milk, legumes and some vegetables.
Most prenatal vitamin supplements
do not include choline.

liver-glucose reducer lowers inflammation

5.14: news.health/liver-glucose reducer lowers inflammation:
"Metformin's strong anti-inflammatory properties
by activating an enzyme called AMPK,
which in turn damps down
the activity of the protein NF-kappa B.
The inhibition of that suppresses the production of
inflammatory signaling molecules
-- cytokines and chemokines --
needed to initiate and sustain uveitis.
Uveitis causes 10 to 15 % of all blindness in the USA
and even higher proportions of blindness globally.
The only conventional treatment is steroid therapy,
which has serious side effects and cannot be used long-term.

fungal feet rising with free-diet elderly

5.14: news.health/
heavy skin or nail growth can be fungal infection:

Dr. Leonard Vekkos, a podiatrist
toenails seem to thicken as we get older?
The most common issue is the development of a fungus infection
called onychomycosis.
. diabetes or other medical conditions
create an immuno-compromised state
or a decreased circulation to the toenails .
Q. what fungus treatments are available?
A. The thickness caused by fungus can cause skin infections
that can lead to serious problems.
In general, many fungal infections can be treated by
debridement (trimming and cleaning) in order to relieve discomfort.

news.health/foot care to avoid fungal infection:
Here are 4 simple, yet powerful, tips to keep in mind:
    Don’t share your nail file [need Dog Nail Clippers?]
    Wear the right shoe size [Fergie Captive Women's Boots]
    Don’t go barefoot [Perimeter GTX Boots]
    Hydrate your cuticles with oils, like oil of oregano

retroviral AIDS for cats (FIV)

5.11: news.health/retroviral AIDS for cats (FIV):

feline acquired immune deficiency syndrome (FAIDS)
. the infected cat's saliva enters the other cat's bloodstream.
. endemic in some large wild cats, such as African lions.
Unlike domestic cats, these species do not necessarily
exhibit symptoms, perhaps because
they have developed evolutionary mutations
that confer resistance.
casual transmission:
It has never been established in HIV research
that an intermediate host, such as a mosquito or flea,
can transmit productive infection [Webb],
and the same is believed to be the case with FIV.
. bloodborne HIV in a syringe
can survive outside the human body
for periods up to several weeks;
viability is “influenced by virus titre,
volume of blood, ambient temperature,
exposure to sunlight and humidity” [Thompson].
While cause for concern among human drug users,
this is of little practical relevance to felines,
although the variables cited undoubtedly play some role in
an exposed environment as they do in a hypodermic syringe.
FIV, like HIV, is not particularly sensitive to
ordinary room temperature,
but is very sensitive to such variables as
pH level [AIDSMap],
a fact which accounts, for instance,
for inactivation by stomach acid.
Blood, of course, contains {FIV, HIV} viruses
and can be shed.
Drying does not seem to affect the infectivity of HIV,
and the same is probably true of FIV [AIDSMap].
mosquitoes not a problem (whew!):
. it is not possible to get HIV from mosquitoes.
When taking blood, mosquitoes do not inject blood
from any previous person.
The only thing that a mosquito injects is saliva,
which acts as a lubricant
and enables it to feed more efficiently.

raw egg virus might cause cancer

5.11: news.health/raw egg virus might cause cancer:
Michael Greger, M.D.:
the risk for cancers of the blood and bone marrow,
such as non-Hodgkins lymphoma, various leukemias,
and myeloma (more details in my 2 min. video
EPIC Findings on Lymphoma).
Chicken consumption appeared the most hazardous,
associated with up to triple the cancer rates
for every 50 grams of daily poultry consumption
—that’s just a quarter of a chicken breast worth!
Why was there so much more lymphoma and leukemia risk
among those eating just a small serving of chicken a day?
As detailed in my 2 min. video
Chicken Dioxins, Viruses, or Antibiotics?,
the association between poultry and cancer
may be explained by the presence of
drugs, industrial carcinogens such as dioxins,
and/or the presence of oncogenic (cancer-causing) viruses.
In Poultry and [human] Cancer
I present the largest study to date
on poultry workers and cancer mortality,
which found a whopping 8-fold increased risk of
dying from penile cancer compared to controls,
a finding thought due to chicken virus exposure,
raising broader food safety concerns.
If chickens can be infected with
viruses linked to cancer in consumers,
then what about eggs?

These cancer-causing viruses found in chicken and eggs
are utterly destroyed by proper cooking,
so the primary risk of infection
would presumably be associated with
such as when mixing cake batter,
handling raw poultry, or even just
touching meat or shopping carts .
-- #oops that's my #raw #egg #diet, falling on my face!
6.5: yea but
you're already cancer-fried by touching shopping carts?!
don't forget your high-dose selenium!
and your hormonic(low-insulin), low-glycemic diet!!

calcium supp's cause arterial calcifications?

5.9: web,mis.health/
when do calcium supps cause arterial calcifications?:

. I had erroneously assumed that the
routine finding of arterial calcification in elders
was being made worse by the advice
to take calcium to fight bone resorption .

. calcification is a problem,
but in the calcium deficient test animal,
calcium-supp'ing, reduced calcification by 62%;
when there's a deficit of calcium in the blood,
 the body excessively releases bone calcium
[20. Sanders S, Debuse M. 2003:89-90.]
and saturates soft tissues with calcium .

. so, could there be a bell curve effect,
where a deficit of calcium does
 flood the system with bone calcium,
but likewise, if you're taking megadoses of calcium,
that would have the same effect as low calcium?

. in any case, there is a study showing that
calcium supp's do increase the risk
of heart attacks by 27%;
and, lef.org points out the study's special conditions:
the risk from calcium is eliminated by
combining the calcium with sufficient levels of
calcium controlers (vit'd, vit'k, magnesium).
. not only does vit'k keep calcium in bones,
it has some way of keeping it off arterial walls,
[5.10: likely by making it latch onto more useful things,
that happen to be closer by .]

5.10: depends on form:
. certain forms of vitamin D are provoking bone resorption:
vs 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol
In 10 patients taking oral 0.25 micrograms of
1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol twice daily for 7 d,
--[ Rocaltrol Oral Suspension (calcitriol) Rx ]--
calcium absorption increased more than in 10 patients taking
oral 40 micrograms of
25-hydroxycholecalciferol once daily for 7 d (p less than 0.02)
--[ the common D3 found in most supplements ]--
despite both groups having a
similar increase in plasma 1,25-(OH)2D.
These results support the view that the major effects of
oral 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol on absorption
is due to a local action on the gut
and that it is possible to increase
calcium absorption in osteoporosis
with oral 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol
without increasing its undesirable action on bone resorption.

6.5: may depend on dosing too:
. the form provoking the bone resorption
is also the most common form by far;
so maybe it would still be safer if
the dose was divided and taken with calcium ?
but too much calcium
inhibits conversion to the active form:
The following inhibit the activity of 1-hydroxylase enzyme
needed for making active vitamin D (calcitriol):
    # low parathyroid hormone (PTH)
     - PTH stimulates 1-hydroxylase.
     [see how common low PTH is, and what to do about it]
    # High calcium levels cause lowered PTH .
    # High phosphorus intake/high blood phosphorus.
    (An aside: Fructose we eat gets phosphorylated,
    grabbing phosphorus and holding it in the liver.
    So fructose (fruit) consumption can counter
    high phosphorus intake(dairy, fish, meat, soda) .)
    [don't mix high fructose with high-glycemic diet]
    # High concentrations of calcitriol
    - A negative feedback mechanism is in play, meaning,
    the more active vitamin D you have circulating,
the less active the enzyme.

. the Active vitamin D, also called calcitriol,
is a high-energy, twice-hydroxylated compound
with a very short half-life (about 5 hours)
- such that levels of active vitamin D are tightly controlled .
Serum concentrations of active vitamin D (calcitriol)
are not typically correlated with vitamin D intake,
or vitamin D stored as 25(OH)D3.
It is primarily calcitriol that is responsible for the
benefits we're discovering about this vitamin,
e.g. mineral balance and bone mineralization,
immunity, blood pressure control,
reduction in cancer cell proliferation, and insulin secretion.
list of calcitriol suppliers .
(CAS NO.     32222-06-3; 125338-24-1)

sports training for babies

5.12: web.care/sports training for babies:
. headline had me curious; but,
wasn't much of a story here except that
business was excited about feeding on new ways
that you could micromanage your kid ever-earlier
to help your kid get into an elite college .
. those who sell sports training for babies
got into trouble saying they make a difference,
so they don't say that any more,
but I was reminded of Tiger Woods:
how would you find out that guy is a natural at golf
unless you started him at age 4 ?
. some training I had in mind for literal babies
would be interaction that
kept their eyes following you;
for exercise, there is massage
and getting them to pull
with their reflexive grasping:
they will hold your fingers
and you can partially lift them this way .


stamps.com (sent by mark levin radio)

5.17: proj.bus/mail/stamps.com (sent by mark levin radio):
"( . and the first thing you should do is click on the radio icon
and tell'em mark sent you . )
. but they act as if you know what you're signing up for;
in fact I had no idea until they asked for my credit card,
and found this cheap way to do stamps from home
is suitable only for businesses who do mass mailings,
because the service is $16 per month
-- heck, I haven't used that much postage in 10 years!

whole house surge protector

5.5: web.apt`gear/whole house surge protector:

. the best way to protect from lightning is to
get off the grid, and then to protect your own system,
use a lot of lightning rods at all the high points .