redistribute wealth only for population reductions

[6.21: summary:
. after watching both lib's and conservatives
creating wildly delusional videos on youtube,
I debated several other viewers
about whether the real issue was
socialism had been a proven failure
or we had never tried what works:
there can be no wealth or security
without state control of population size .]

5.11: co.youtube/pol/purges/reaganomics/
socialism is a proven failure:

The Critique of the Crisis of Capitalism Critique
by HowTheWorldWorks

amerdreamdocs 1 month ago: [me]
. an anarchist; he's noticing capitalists exploit workers;
but, did he mention how free parenting exploits workers
by recklessly inflating their numbers,
diminishing their market value?
our problem is that every one is a parenting anarchist
( India and china could have been rich without globalized capitalism ).
. the rich spend on pointless unproductivity?
did you see the middle class (who don't own their jobs)
put money into child raising instead of
buying their jobs or capitalist money trees?
noscman1 in reply to amerdreamdocs 1 month ago:
I'd agree that over population is an issue
and many people don't know how to parent well
e.g abusing their children.
By pointless things I mean say
an indoor ski slope in dubai
or golf courses in the desert,
all these resources are wasted,
they should instead be used to improve
the lives of all rather than the few.
amerdreamdocs in reply to noscman1 1 month ago:
[@] (this got too many negative votes)
. I'd agree many wealthy are too selfish,
but distributing their wealth would still be a pointless waste,
because people use all their available energy to reproduce
so that no matter how rich we are as a nation,
there will always be per capita poverty .
. I would agree to socialistic redistribution,
but only for 2 generations,
and after that we should only pay people if they
cooperate with our cap&trade population control program .
TaldrenDR in reply to amerdreamdocs 12 hours ago:
[@] (in response to the above)
This is probably the best example of
just how evil socialism really is.
Your ideas are not new,
they have been tried and failed throughout history
(Venezuela, Cuba, USSR, Nazi Germany, ect).
The only outcome every time
is destruction and misery of an entire people.
Remember what one of the definitions of insanity is?
Trying the same thing repeatedly
and expecting a different result every time.
@TaldrenDR, did you mean my views were socialism?
my ideas have been tried and failed throughout history?
the world has never ever
tried state control of parenting .
. if people would just make labor scarce,
then labor would get a fair deal from the capitalists .
. what capitalism does now is say,
"(go ahead and breed all you want,
but you have no steady job to
feed your steady responsibility to that kid ).
[!] not posted due to space limitations:
. if there is breeding where there is no opportunity,
that is child abuse .
. capitalism is designed to minimize labor opportunity,
yet parents continue to act like there exists
another free continent like america to devour .
web: what is socialism, again?:
socialism :
. the means of production, distribution, and exchange
should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.
• (in Marxist theory) a transitional social state between
the overthrow of capitalism
and the realization of communism .
. where all property is publicly owned
and each person works and is paid according to
their abilities and needs.
5.14: Reply from TaldrenDR May 11:
the state control of both education and media
was an attempt to do exactly that in every socialist country.
This is also why every socialist country bars religion
because they don't want a competing family mechanic.
Making labor scarce requires an iron hand
that controls everyone in the labor force
so that no one person or groups of people jump ship
and accept their own deals.
Organized labor means Unions,
which are socialist organizations at the most basic of levels.
. I think we are arguing at eachother's words,
and the hot button ideas they are loosely related to,
rather than trying to find our real ideas .
. imagine a world that was religious and capitalistic
but there were strict controls on breeding
instead of say, drugs, or sleeping in vehicles .
. that would be a wealthy world,
where we could afford to be more fair and free .
5.17: TaldrenDR:
Strict control on "breeding" of humans doesn't work,
even if you attempt such an evil. Example: China.
. you think China is an example of
Strict breeding control not working?
. china is an example of
strict control working at the expense of
looking quite ugly .
. what if we paid people instead?
. never reproduce, my friend,
and you'll never worry about needing a job again .
. never breed, my freedom lovers,
and get a license to use your favorite soft drugs .
5.18: TaldrenDR:
It would just take one person that was young and niave[naive]
to change their mind when they were older and more aware
to shoot the whole thing down.
In the end, the issue would boil down to slavery
which is the root of your plan.
I'm obviously being too evil to listen;
so why don't you tell me what your plan is
for dealing with the coming mass of poverty
as people keep breeding like pilgrims
when the world is already packed,
automated, and outsourced !
5.20: TaldrenDR's way:

Easy, cut all government programs back to their basic needs
and cut taxes accordingly.
Allow each state to have its own
department of education, energy, epa, ect ...
but don't allow them to steal money from other states
to cover their bad policies.
Institute a national flat tax that does not grant
any exemptions (including children).
The very idea that having children
can be a source of income is staggering.
Make property taxes illegal and only allow usage fees. ...
[I read other reply first]
With all this people will have more wealth
and far more personal responsibility
for their own actions.
Only through personal responsibility
with no mandated safety net
can people truly change.
Sure, there will still be charities/churches to offer help ...
but without the government standing there
in your face
telling you that its fine to do whatever
because they are there to catch you
it’s an entirely different ball game.
People will grow up / evolve.
. but any state you go to
has the same bad policy: overpopulation, because
the reason people are having children
has nothing to do with
being paid by tax breaks to do so;
it's actually expensive and inconvenient
to not have children (eg, an IUD costs $1000)
so, you will still have huge taxes in any state like yours
paying for mental hospitals and prisons;
and you will never escape from the legal fact that
putting someone to death
is even more expensive than imprisoning them!