critiques of Judaism and Christianity

5.6: relig/bible/unifying
the jewish and christian messages:

. judaism pointed out we get punished for
not following god's law;
christianity points out:
we will never be able to follow the law,
so there can be no salvation in actions;
and that's why god's love said
we'd be saved simply by believing that
the work of Jesus Christ could save us .
. actually, god's love comes in 2 forms:
there are the warnings about how to avoid harm,
and then there is the spirit-guided urge to
ignore the warnings;
this indirectly leads to love; because,
the heedless and the sinful are
causing the heedful to work harder,
to unlock the secrets of the universe;
and it is the revelation of that technology
that can save us from violence, stealth,
and all manner of natural disasters:
the robotics, dream synthesizers,
and the space traveling tech,
that can ensure an eternity of
progressive, peaceful, unique experiences .
[6.23: conclusion:
. so, what is there to Judaism and Christianity
that can be unified?
. we must strive to follow the law
but knowing we cannot,
our innocence depends on putting robotics in charge .]

5.12: relig/jc/sinless:
. it's not that christ was sinless,
the point that christians are driving home is that
he was not guilty of the sin he was accused of,
and crucified for .

5.5: co.apt/relig/humor surfing leads to profundity:
. after some spontaniously driven
debate-style humor around religion,
I'm realizing our main theory is exactly backwards:
. it's not that there's a god that wants worship;
there's a devil that wants to be stopped .
. you get all the HE'll it can raise,
until you build the tech that can avoid it .

5.11: co.apt/relig/
Democratic party as new-age christianity:

. dem's are essentially our newage christians,
the tolerant ones, accepting of all, just like jc;
not even dictating population limits
except by promoting birth control
-- the giants of gentleness!
. conservative christians are saying to dem's:
no, that'll never work! because of me!!
. we christians are here to out-breed the muslims
[and any other lost soul, including the dem's .]

5.5: co.apt/relig/bible/
the church is misguided about homosexuality:

. the real issues with being gay
is promiscuity being a risk to public health;
also, we are to be fruitful & multiply,
and some parts of the gay community
may appear to be negligent of child-rearing duties;
so, as christians we need to
encourage gay to help with communal parenting
and insist that everyone keep sex within one partnership .
. that still doesn't get the gist of the bible;
it was all about perpetuating evolution
[@] co.apt/relig/humor surfing leads to profundity
ie, the point was to over-reproduce
to both promote invasion of your neighbors
and have the manpower to resist invasion by neighbors .
. that was the old testament;
and then Christ was starting to point at
how we should value everyone equally,
which you would think implies not invading them;
thus the bible is flip-flopping on the gay issue:
old-style religion says no homosex,
new-style religion says homosex is to be judged by its fruit:
are they helping society's children?
are they keeping society healthy? ]

5.16: relig/original sin:
. we carefully avoid bullying
to avoid chains of bullying behavior,
where the bullied are more likely to be bullies later;
but notice the problem with breaking chains:
we can't stop the original bullying
that is being done by our spiritual father or devil .
. when those around us stray into the taboo,
(eg, being overtly queer)
this can be seen as a form of passive bullying
(requiring tolerance of what should be feared)
as can failure to speak well
in one of the common tongues .
(a foreign tongue brings fear of invasion?)
. this unstoppable bullying is one of the most
fundamental sources of sin
(violence, communal weakness)
so I think of that situation
whenever I hear the term "(original sin ) .

5.25: co.apt/relig/bible/most obscene holy story:
. on the subject of cussing,
how did we come to outlaw certain words;
I don't think you can even say p***[urine] on tv,
but piss is in the bible,
well, the brit's king james translation anyway .
. there's also something about eating your waste products,
but I forget what word they used [... it was dung]
[ "But Rabshakeh said unto them,
Hath my master sent me to thy master, and to thee,
to speak these words? hath he not sent me to the
men which sit on the wall,
that they may eat their own dung,
and drink their own [urine] with you?"
(II Kings 18:27)]
. two ladies are in a famine like we're in:
it's worrisome, and a growing problem;
so they agree to cannibalize their infants;
but after helping one lady eat her own,
she runs out on the deal,
getting a free meal and saving her own;
what a sad, bitter story!
. one aspect of the story that made it so moving
was that, unlike some bible horrors,
that one I thought may have been real .

5.27:  relig/Christian Science/symbols in the bible:
. the {she | he} in bible is symbolic of
{emotional | rational};
eg, when the woman is the central figure,
the story's subject is one's emotional life .
--[some radio preacher].
. so, perhaps the story of women as cannibals
was only about an emotional conundrum .
. like the prodigal son, it is typical of youth
to agree with eating each other's futures;
. party friends are there to waste your time,
so there's no preparing for the future,
yet they aren't there to help you
in that cold, naked future!
cannibals .