who's economy? obama's or private parenting?

5.29: co.apt/pol/purges/reaganomic/
neolib's are not job creators:
. I am a neolib, and I'm just warning you,
if you think romney is about jobs,
both the repub's and the dem's are also neolibs
giving your jobs to the needy globally;
so, if you give them a tax break,
they are only giving more jobs to india and china .
. just remember, you're the 60% who actually
owns something in america besides a birth certificate
-- crappy commoners .
5.10: news.pol/purges/reaganomics/
it's obama's economy:

andy dean conservative radio:
. he has this subservient lesbian sidekick
who when asked what she thought of
obama's lackluster economy,
said she doesn't believe in the 99%
-- said a person's job prospects are
up to the individual;
so it doesn't matter what obama did .
. the 99% is hiding the elephant of overpopulation,
and that is indefensible;
but, why isn't an obama supporter like herself
pointing out that the economy has
nothing to do with the president?
. obama isn't even allowed to touch
the root cause of our unemployment
which is globalized capitalism
-- that is nothing less than the unstoppable
perfection of the american way!
. if you believe in capitalism at all,
you believe in eventual automation,
so you must believe in massive unemployment
-- inevitably!
so stop dreaming about economic expansion,
and think about the homeless you generate
breeding like you want to .

5.1: pol/purges/reaganomics/
family values is dictatorship just like communism:

. family values is dictatorship just like communism;
but, it's not easy to see until you try to imagine
all the parents being the arms of one dictator;
then plainly this dictator is oppressing the masses,
forcing them to exist in greater numbers
than is economically sound;
ie, as parents collectively overproduce laborers
it is creating a glut of labor that lowers their market value
and hence their wages .
. the parenting dictorship is forcing the masses
to work for slave wages or unhealthy conditions,
or to wait in a state of homelessness or prisons .
. the way to encourage worker productivity,
is to allow only the best workers to be parents .

5.11: pol/purges/reaganomics/
usa's housing expectations are anti-capitalist:
. this housing market is not just the problem of
house flippers caught in the musical chairs game;
many need to move due to job reassignment,
but if they sold the house, it would be at a loss;
or worse, it wouldn't sell at all,
and they would have to make 2 housing payments .
. what this housing market needs is a
an efficient rental agency network
that will let movers do their move
without having to sell .
. but until they get a renter,
movers may need to rent a room or trailer,
or share rent on a house or apt .
... some jobs don't care if you're
the type who sleeps in the car;
but otherwise, this is a no-win situation;
many houses are not designed for renters,
who often destroy carpeting, etc .
. the fact is,
the american way is fighting itself,
it wants free capitalism,
but also wants an expanding economy,
whereas, the idea of a house for every family
is a ludicrously expensive,
and anti-competitive expectation,
that can't possibly win in a free capitalism,
unless the population is sufficiently reduced .

5.22: co.apt/pol/purges/reaganomics/
usa involved in covert eugenics program:
. eugenics is said to be inhumane;
having become associated with Nazi Germany.
but they were practicing racism rather than meritocracy,
and they were killing instead breeding .
. usa is effectively practicing eugenics
by being hyper breeders and then starkly underfunding
those who underperform;
so, we can maximize genetic diversity
and then instead of killing what we don't want,
we simply starve the unwanted,
all under the banner of free will
when it has the same effect as eugenics
only with heaps of suffering piled on .
. so you can't kill them like the nazis did,
but you can pay them so little
they virtually don't exist,
-- what we have here is another example of
god can seem so evil only because
we won't take the reins!
. what if there was no eugenics anyway?
ie, what if smart people didn't come from smart people
but from random combinations?
if you look at eugenics practiced on the farm,
it's a complete success story:
sure you have to keep re-selecting your target genes .
. in fact better human traits are breedable
perhaps 80% of the time;
and we should have state control of breeding .

5.25: co.g'+#Sheila Nagig/pol/purges/reaganomics/
florida slavery:

Yesterday 9:10 PM  -  Public
In case you ever wondered how you got your
pink baseballs at the supermarket, wonder no more.
The company store hustle is still alive and well
for Florida's illegal tomato pickers.
see, it's not just overpopulation
that is eroding our standard of living;
when you let the poor do the breeding,
you multiply the depth of the desperation,
so they inevitably wind up
feeding their young to the likes of florida slavers!
. unlike the repub's however,
I'm not one to just let the rich do the breeding;
I would prefer democratic eugenics,
where the people decide who their parents will be;
I will vote mostly for people with high IQ's,
and a few olympians and rock stars .
. everybody else can be satisfied with
one kid per woman,
if she goes beyond that,
she'll need to spend her fertile time supervised .
. there'll be plenty of internet, and soft drugs,
-- if there's no trouble --
but no bedding with fertile men .
5.26: co.apt:
. nagig had me proving her own point:
you can't enforce parenting limits without imprisoning her .

co.g'+#Sheila Nagig/pol/purges/reaganomics/
world without slavery and imperialism:
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H Comet originally shared this post:
Check link for easier reading:
I'm so happy we live in a world without slavery and imperialism:
outsourcing to virtual slaves with not occ'safety
the United Nations should institute for global trade
the same laws that usa federals impose on us for
environmental protection
and occupation safety standards,
and healthcare access,
and social security rights,
and unbribable justice (cough)...
. you know why they don't?
because, after shipping costs,
it would then be cheaper
to just have it made back in the usa .
. both lib's and conservatives
say this will bring prosperity to the 3rd world .
. at least china really has a chance at prosperity,
because unlike mexico,
they are into manditory population control .
5.24: co.fb#george/pol/purges/reaganomics/
The Elizabeth Warren Quote Every American Needs To See:
Well said. Addresses the disconnect.
She just said the best thing. Possibly ever
elizabeth warren:
"( the rich help create jobs,
but they used public infrastructure along the way .
part of the underlying social contract
is you take a hunk of that [profit]
and pay forward for the next kid who comes along .)
. if this has to do with the public paying for college,
keep in mind we're in the age of
automation and globalized capitalism:
we have a ferocious glut of college degrees;
why is it important to pay for more of those ?
. india provides plenty of high tech degrees
and they aren't asking for a cut of
medicare/social security .
. the public should pay for more community centers
like a library, but with thousands of internet stations
instead of thousands of books .
. pay people to stop breeding,
overpopulation is eroding our standard of living .

5.25: todo.pol/purges/reaganomics/
prove this time is different:

. both political parties seem to think
this recession is just like the others:
and, in past recessions we bounced back,
so, what were the jobs that came back?
manufacturing? almost everything of value now
can be outsourced to 3rd world mud hutters .
. the jobs we just lost, what were they in?
my hunch was that they were charity remnants,
where the businesses were afraid to dump people
because it would look bad,
so they were waiting for the next banking crisis,
which was sure to happen because,
we've had a string of them!

. how can we not have the training they need?
how could india be out-training us?
they cry about too many liberal educations,
but there are plenty of tech schools too .
. the real diff is in the cost of temp workers:
mud hutters don't job hop,
and they don't require huge payments for
medicare and soc'sec down the road,
because down the road they'll be back in india .

. the other diff is that america is requiring
very expensive healthcare;
but the market could decide not to pay that?
well, the obamacare bill complicates that,
but it's hard not to pay anyway, because,
workers come to expect it? or no:
the reason obamacare happened was exactly because
employers were trending to drop healthcare,
and more people were cheating emergency rooms
so hospitals were fighting back by
making those with insurance pay more,
but if the trend is to buy much less insurance,
then the system was about to go into a crisis .

. another driver of costs for labor
(as opposed to white-collar or high-tech jobs)
is that you have to pay them so much anyway
just to afford the rent or housing costs
-- and that's directly proportional to demand
which means overpopulation causes inflation .
. also, if there are many millionaires,
the market tends to build higher-cost properties .
. a lot of that housing cost is in property taxes too,
which buys many services that can't be outsourced
so rents are vulnerable to local costs .

. what is non-reproducable besides housing?
well, you don't need anything else,
because you can't sleep in your car,
so it becomes an essential purchase,
if it costs $1k to bed in NY,
that's $1k more your workers need to be paid;
and any thing they touch gets a price increase .
. in california -- the nation's bread basket --
the food prices are higher than normal
despite being closer to the food
just because their cost of housing is so high
-- because so many rich people live there .

. the cost of cars has been inflated by
not only technology for controlling pollution,
but also gas-guzzling steel reinforcements
so you can survive a collision
after stupidly trusting green lights .
. when you've totalled a pair of vehicles,
you cost the insur'co about $50k .
that's a lot of insurance .
. we also drive more than normal,
because we're working in cities but not living there,
and there's much more chance to collide .
. compared to housing and healthcare though,
car costs are fairly managable;
if we wanted to be competitive with mud hutters,
we would support living in our cars .

. if we could stop eating so much sugar,
we could drastically reduce our healthcare costs
but sugar is the only drug in town,
so it takes some serious abuse,
esp'ly after moving to the crack cocaine of sugars:
pre-digested high-fructose corn syrup
-- hits you like a brickwall . and so has cancer,
heart disease, alzheimers, and arthritis .

. the patents going into healthcare
have been exponential,
and many of the big-ticket technology patents
are still in effect;
not to mention doctors have the last remaining
wallet-gouging labor union in the usa,
so don't wait for patents to run out .