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5.14: co.fb#inst for respons' tech/health/
corn is not just bee killer:
What are your thoughts on this article?
GE corn & sick honey bees - what's the link?
| Pesticide Action Network
No farmer in their right mind wants to poison pollinators.
When I spoke with one Iowa corn farmer in January
and told him about the upcoming release of a Purdue study
confirming corn as a major
neonicotinoid exposure route for bees,
his face dropped with worn exasperation.
I'm  sorry bees were harmed by gmo corn,
but we need hfcs (sweetsurprise.com)
to drive up glucose consumption
for more diabetes, cancer, senility, and heart disease
in order to fast-track healthcare technology .

5.14: co.fb#a4m (American-Academy-of-Anti-Aging-Medicine-A4M)/
health/cost is not just insurance pigginess:
Soda's Not-So-Sweet Side |
Anti-Aging Tip of the Day |
Worldhealth.net Anti-Aging News

More Americans now drink sugar-sweetened sodas,
sport drinks and fruit drinks daily,
and this increase in consumption
has led to greater incidences of
disease over the past decade
another reason to send jobs overseas:
we can't possibly afford sugar nation's healthcare .

5.16: co.fb#allan berger/health/cancer/
Jerusalem hospital shows off vaccine:
Jerusalem hospital shows off vaccine
that destroys cancer in 2 shots.

there's also much hope for lifestyle changes;
many cancers are preventable .
. one way Obamacare intended to save healthcare costs
was by effective education and lifestyle coercion.

5.18: co.fb#betsy owens/health/finding strength:
you never know how strong you are...
until being strong is the ONLY choice you have .
. sometimes I would just forget about weightlifting,
but that's the only way to avoid diabetes
in my caffeinated old age .

co.fb/health/petition"Domino's Pizza: Stop Making Pigs Suffer":
speaking of trapped pigs;
pizza's combination of
refined bread and luncheon meats
is causing high blood insulin
that provokes cancer and heart disease .

5.19: co.fb#a4m/health/
Excessive Sodium Intake May Raise Stroke Risk:

Worldhealth.net Anti-Aging News
Consumption of sodium in excess of 1500 mg per day
progressively raises stroke risk.
this is a myth; the association to stroke
is via high blood pressure
which is worsened by sodium chloride
not all forms of sodium .
. and even then the problem exists only when
the kidneys are exposed to high levels of
insulin (from a sugary diet);
that much insulin is reducing kidney's ability to
dump sodium chloride .