9-11 update# matrix TV no-planes realization

7.20: pol/purges/gemini/911neocons/matrix tv


23: the update:
. in my prior theory of 9/11,
I had assumed that military drones hit the Towers;
but I drew that conclusion from a CNN video
that showed a large plane poofing into the building,
and then causing an explosion .
. recently it was pointed out to me
that the resulting video was a fraud,
a creation of layered video editing .
. reading Andrew's book, we are pointed to
Dr.Reynold's no-planes theory
that points out that the 9-11 planes video
must be a fabrication (matrix TV).
. Reynolds didn't explain how the planes
showed up on national tv channels;
but, Andrew had another link to
September Clues,
and this video was an eye-opener .

Certified Humane® store finder

30: news.care/Certified Humane® store finder:
Certified Humane® products now available in all 50 states!
"Adele Douglass, Certified Humane®"
date: Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 12:00 PM

you can use this link from certifiedhumane.org
to find store near you,
and find out what products they sell
that are Certified Humane® .


Amy Webb`intelligent infant care

7.31: news.care/Amy Webb`intelligent infant care:
"Here & Now" radio:
. Amy and her husband have a new daughter,
and they do a lot of data collection:
they noticed that when reading to her,
she was most attentive and contented
when the reader was more interested
in what they were reading;
so, instead of plodding through nursery rhymes,
they were reading their news magazines aloud .
. they also noted that a study has shown
infants exposed to a higher vocabulary
had higher IQ's or cognitive development .


mastercard supports Wikileaks

7.6: summary:
. wikileaks has been viewed by USA as
"an enemy of the state"
and banks have been afraid to support it,
but Mastercard broke ranks recently,
and it will be defended in the future by
pressfreedomfoundation.org .

Snowden is accepted into Venezuela

7.5: news.pol/Snowden is accepted into Venezuela:
. here's Snowden recently on twitter:
Edward Snowden @EJosephSnowden 56m
Revealed to staked-out reporters
existence of subterranean ultraterrestrials.
No more secret intermediaries!


thyroid obstructed by bromine

4: web.health/hormonics/thyroid obstructed by bromine:
. bromine is in everything now,
and it may reduce our thyroid function
and increase our need for iodine,
even as it becomes harder to get:
. between 1970 and 1990, 50% reduction
in urinary iodine excretion .