Snowden is accepted into Venezuela

7.5: news.pol/Snowden is accepted into Venezuela:
. here's Snowden recently on twitter:
Edward Snowden @EJosephSnowden 56m
Revealed to staked-out reporters
existence of subterranean ultraterrestrials.
No more secret intermediaries!
. that link reveals Venezuela acceptance:
chronicle.su JULY 5TH
Edward Snowden, the leaker of
NSA surveillance documents,
was granted asylum in Venezuela on Friday.
With safe harbors in sight,
Snowden was willing to share
shocking and world-shattering exclusive
secret government documents
with The Internet Chronicle.
Snowden’s testimony was as follows:
“The highest levels of government
don’t know what to do about UFOs,
and the official story that they are all
merely weather balloons or natural phenomena
have been clearly dismissed.
If anything, these documents speak about UFOs as if they are
surely guided by an intelligence beyond our own.
As it turns out, the most credible and inexplicable sightings
are of vehicles that have been spotted
leaving the sea floor at hydrothermal vents
and directly entering solar orbit . . .
2013-07-05 Maduro offers Snowden asylum
Submitted by JohnSmith on Sat, 07/06/2013 - 00:33
News Venezuela Asylum Snowden
Speaking at a televised parade celebrating
Venezuela's independence from Spain on 5 July 1811,
President Nicolás Maduro announced
he will offer asylum to NSA whistleblower
Edward Snowden.
I have decided to offer humanitarian asylum to
the young American, Edward Snowden,
so that in the fatherland of Bolivar and Chavez,
he can come and live away from
the imperial North American persecution.
Snowden is believed to still be in Moscow
with WikiLeaks associate Sarah Harrison.
Maduro had earlier rejected a request from the US
for Snowden's extradition.
The government of the United States
presented to our foreign ministry,
as we were flying in, a scrap of paper
requesting the extradition of the young Snowden.
They do not have the moral right to
request the extradition of
a young man who is only warning of the illegalities
committed by the Pentagon and the CIA and the United States.
As head of state, I reject any request for extradition.
They are simply disregarding bilateral agreements.