calcium for oat phytate and stimulation #cook

11.16: web.aq.cook/calcium powder:
18: summary:
. I believe adding calcium to oats
might inactivate their phytic acid;
and in experimenting with calcium
I found that it can be stimulating,
and could reduce the need for caffeine;
so I looked for the kind of supplement
that would come in powder form,
for mixing with oats and water,
and not have too much lead .


space-launched DEW-based missile shield

11.15: news.pol/purges/wwIII/
evidence of space-launched DEW-based missile shield:
Level9News `Russian Meteor: Evidence of Directed Energy Weapon?:
. the meteorite that hit Russia on feb 2013
was attacked by something chasing it
(see this vid for a better view of the attack)
which resulted in the meteorite being dustified;
and then, the nearby land looked like 9/11
as if beam weapons neutralized the meteorite .
. to be on the trail of the meteorite so quickly,
it likely was a space-based missile defense shield .


A'shayana Deane`Voyagers is misguided #paraphysics

11.12: web.pol/gemini/aliens/A'shayana Deane`Voyagers is misguided:
A'shayana Deane (AKA Anna Hayes Gruber)
has a series of books, "Voyagers"
which has some interesting ideas about aliens
but it is all sourced via "telepathic downloads"
apparently from "ET's, IT (inter-time),
or OD (other dimensional)" beings;
. the basic truth is that the supernatural intelligence
has so much control over us,
able to control our emotions, our thoughts,
and even form shared new worlds via hallucination .
. communications from the supernatural
are often a disinfo program that are meant to
keep the real truth away from the masses
in order lead us into painful programs
that evolve technology through war
and diversify experience in ways we would not choose .
. you know you are being lied to
when your telepathic Source agrees with today's physics
about such things as dark matter and black holes:
black holes are a figment of the false einstein-based physics
meant to cover up the beam weapon physics
in order to keep us safe from terrorists .
. however,
all disinfo comes with a lot of truth,
and we are warned of "monumental changes" by 2017
which coincides with prophesies of Fall 2016
(Israel's messiah comes in hebrew year 5777
ushered in by the climax of WWIII).


#Secret Manuals Show #Spyware Sold to #police

11.5: news.cyb/sec/Secret Manuals Show Spyware Sold to police:
firstlook.org 2014/10
When Apple and Google unveiled
new encryption schemes last month,
law enforcement officials complained that
they wouldn't be able to unlock evidence
on criminals’ digital devices.
What they didn't say is that there are
already methods to bypass encryption,
thanks to off-the-shelf digital implants
readily available to the smallest national agencies
and the largest city police forces
— easy-to-use software that takes over and monitors
digital devices in real time.
First Look Media are publishing in full, for the first time,
manuals explaining the prominent commercial implant software
“Remote Control System,” manufactured by
the Italian company Hacking Team.
. they mention citizenlab.org's June 24 Police Story:
 Hacking Team’s Government Surveillance Malware

rising from the dead is what dieties do #Jesus

11.5: web.relig/jc/rising from the dead is what dieties do:
. Jesus is referred to as kyrios (greek`Lord)
kyrios may refer to a diety,
and there are many dieties rising from the dead;
one who seems to rise from the dead
would tend to look like a diety;
hence even if there is evidence that
Jesus didn't die on the cross
those who wish to paint Jesus as a god
would ignore such evidence to promote their belief .

nurses outing flu vaccine

11.4: news.pol/healthcare/nurses outing flu vaccine:
healthimpactnews.com is quoting nurse's 
letter to Boston Globe editor:
The flu vaccine is only 59 percent effective
and carries with it serious health risks,
which are not disclosed to those receiving it.
As of November 2013,
the Federal Adverse Events Reporting System
has received 93,000 reports of reactions,
hospitalizations, injuries and deaths
following flu vaccinations. These include 1,080 deaths,
8,888 hospitalizations and 1,811 related disabilities.
Nurses are more aware than the general public
of this data, and many do not feel that
the low effective rate of the vaccine
warrants the health risk.
This is so much more than the "pet peeve"
described by the Massachusetts Hospital Association.


fish oil for reducing inflammation #arthritis

11.3: web.med/arthritis/fish oil for reducing inflammation:
fish oil helps autoimmune arthritis 
[Arthritis Rheum. 1995]

Vin Kutty, MS, nutritionist:
Dr. Charles Serhan of Harvard Medical School
reports that the body converts Omega-3 into
joint-protective compounds 10,000 times stronger
than the original Omega-3.
These newly discovered compounds called Resolvins
help stop inflammation.
Minor Diet Changes Make a BIG Difference
. Taking fish oil supplements
is not the only answer to reduce arthritis.
You will need a diet makeover:
Less sugars, less starches and less wheat
(yes, less of even “healthy” whole grain wheat!)
Completely cut out vegetable oils made from
corn, soy, sunflower and safflower.
Use [extra virgin] olive or coconut oils instead.