Dane Wigington`Pat Tillman was a 9/11 martyr

9.18: news.pol/911truther/
Dane Wigington/Pat Tillman was a 9/11 martyr:
geoengineeringwatch 9/16:
Dane Wigington remembering 9/11:
. 3 buildings demolished by
elements within our own government;
the official story of 9/11 was a lie;
Pat Tillman joined the military on 9/11
but then after finding out what was really going on,
the military shot him and burned his writings.


child-marriages how is this allowed in usa?

8.24: news.psy/child-marriages/how is this allowed in usa?:
time.mag 6.12 p15:
. 17-year olds can join the military;
thus they should be able to marry before then,
to start their family before they get killed.
. most laws are based on parental rights,
[and many parents feel their children are sexual
and it safer to get them married
so that at least the unavoidable sex will be legal
(sex with your under-age wife is perfectly legal
while other under-age sex is statutory rape).]
. a problem with under-age marriage
is that in some states,
the under-aged cannot retain a lawyer
and thus cannot file for divorce
or fight for custody of their kids;
"legally, a 17-year-old is the same as a 7-year-old."
-- Fraidy Reiss, Unchained At Last


why take down statues of civil war leaders?

8.17: pol/purges/alt-right/
why take down statues of civil war leaders?:
. my anti-"liberal" friend is annoyed with
the ones taking down statues of confederates;
"they were excellent military leaders
who should be honored!"
well, I've heard some say good things about
nazis too:
Hitler was not primarily about killing Jews;
they say he was about protecting Germans,
from evil bankers and communists.
. my friend objects to that comparison:
the nazis were genocidal murderers,
whereas the confederates
were fairly fighting a war;
well, the unfortunate fact is that
whether it is true or not,
the confederates are seen as
wanting independence from the union mainly to
protect the evil institution of slavery.
. and to protect slavery, they were willing to
kill as many people as needed to succeed;
so there is mass murder protecting slavery,
vs genocide;
I don't see much of a difference.
. statues are being taken down because
a fan of confederates
massacred an african-american church
just because he felt it is africans who are evil,
not enslaving confederates.
. I agree that collective punishment is not fair;
why abuse all pro-confederates,
just because one of them is a mass murderer?.
. it might also be true that there were
actually good reasons for
southern independence from the north
just like the north had good reasons
for independence from their mother country, UK;
I vaguely recall there were trade policies
that helped the north and hurt the south;
but protecting slavery is what destroyed them.


fragrances are untested #tradesecrets and often #endocrinedisruptors

8.14: news.health/diet/hormonics/
fragrances are untested #tradesecrets and often #endocrinedisruptors:
. Marilee Nelson 2015 gave some great resources
on the issue of toxic secret fragrances
that I explore here.

#cashews #lectins #diet @DrGundry

8.14: health/diet/lectins/cashews:
. cashews seemed to be a good nut
except they inflamed my mouth;
but Dr. Steven Gundry claims
they are related to legumes
and have the same toxic lectins;
although he also said
the toxicity of legumes can be reduced
by heating them in a pressure cooker,
although he didn't say that applied to cashews.


#altright the opposition is less evolved?

8.21: pol/purges/alt-right/
the opposition is less evolved?:
. a psych test of the alt-right
(primarily white nationalists)
asked how evolved various groups were;


Trump's chief strategist is Steve Bannon #wwIII

7.26: news.pol/purges/wwIII/pres 2016/
Trump's chief strategist is Steve Bannon:
theweek.mag apr 7 p11:
. Steve Bannon, Trump's chief strategist;
says that every 80 years or so,
there is a very large "crisis" upsetting things
(like the civil war or world war)
and that "we are at the beginning
of a very brutal and bloody conflict";
"a war that's already global"
he is defending white judeo-christian working class
against the Islam, secularism, and global capitalism.
. he compares the muslim immigration of Europe
to the invasion in Jean Raspail's 1973 book
"camp of the saints"
(in that book the invasion is racial
rather than a difference of religions).
. at the 2014 Vatican conference he said
instead of having an "enlightened capitalism"
of "economic nationalism"
we've been overtaken by "libertarian conservatism"
which had the capitalists dominated by globalists
who are treating employees as "commodities".
. secularism has had us ignoring
the danger of internalizing Islam
[because anti-islam is religious discrimination
and thus politically incorrect]
despite Islam's terroristic war [against
zionism and other judeo-christian
imperialistic controls against Islamic lands
such as CIA running a puppet gov in Iran,
and WWII drawing mideast borders]
. he thinks there will be a "populist revolt"
against the elites who control both political parties
(both of which are too eager for various reasons
to replace white christians with global competition).
. Bannon is apparently being accused of being dark
when he says "darkness is good" and
"Dick Cheney, Darth Vader, Satan. That's power."