Shinto torii

1.26: web.relig/shinto/torii:
. there are several styles of torii  [see pict]
(shinmei torii, mihashira torii, ...);
what they all have in common
is providing a door frame to walk under,
. sometimes there is some brief fencing,
but instead of the gates going parallel with the frame,
they are parallel with the door's path,
reminding of the handrails for a creek bridge .
. the purpose of the gate is to
suggest you are leaving our world
and entering the spirit world
where the Shinto shrines are meant to be at .
. often a wooden red torii
marks the entrance to the shrine grounds,
then a stone torii marks the actual shrine area.
[japandave.com 2010]


iodine for apoptosis against #cancer

1.24: web.health/cancer/iodine for apoptosis against #cancer:
. iodine may be of use against cancer,
but some say the needed doses
are far beyond what experts consider safe
(National Academy of Sciences).
. iodine has the same political problem as selenium:
when there are claims that it can prevent cancer
the very legitimate concern is that
people are being fed ideas that are not proven
because the proven cancer cures are so feared .
. anyone claiming a use for high-dose iodine
is creating a path for it in cancer treatment too .
. while many may thrive on high-dose iodine
(including a majority of Japanese
who get high-dose iodine from seaweed),
some trying high-dose iodine
have warned of damage to the thyroid
some say the damage came from an autoimmune reaction;
so, as with all things affecting hormones,
start low and go slow;
but also don't forget to get your
thyroid-soothing selenium,
(also another source of cancer prevention).
. the main cause of autoimmune disorders
may be leaky gut syndrome or GAPS
(Gut and Psychology Syndrome),
in which case the GAPS diet may help with
healing gut dysbiosis, curing autoimmune disorders,
and thereby increasing your tolerance for
possibly cancer-preventing doses of iodine .


@NafeezAhmed I love #google /AND/ the #NSA

1.23: news.pol/gemini/@NafeezAhmed I love google AND the NSA:
. I've been noticing that google's chromebook
is the only safe place to be
given today's firmware-based malware;
but also that it nudges you into cloud computing
which is an invasion of privacy .
. @NafeezAhmed recently wrote an article
asserting that google and other cloud suppliers
were nurtured by the CIA-NSA-MDDS program
in order to implement pervasive surveillance .


a new denied XMRV retrovirus epidemic

1.21: news.pol/gemini/healthcare/a new denied XMRV retrovirus epidemic:
Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for
the Truth about Human Retroviruses and
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS),
Autism, and Other Diseases .


#organic to reduce nitrates in produce

1.18: news.health/cancer/organic/to reduce nitrates in produce:
. nitrates in food may contribute to
cancers of the stomach or esophagus;
organically grown vegetables will have less nitrates
than conventionally grown,
and especially less than hydroponics .
. of course most vegetables are also rich in
cancer preventives;
but organics will have more of the good,
and less of the cancer promoters .

urine-ash is a superior fertilizer

1.18: care/agro/urine as fertilizer:
. compared to mineral fertilizer
urine-fed plants were 10% larger;
urine/ash–fed were 27% larger .

#organic #hydroponics

1.18: care/agro/organic hydroponics:
. hydroponics can save water,
but it doesn't mix easily with organics;
nevertheless, organic hydroponics is possible;
furthermore, it can make use of soil microbes
that protect plants from pathogenic microbes .