Anonymous` #wwIII 2017-2018

5.25: news.pol/purges/wwIII/
Anonymous` #wwIII 2017-2018:
summary of video:
. usa knows it is doomed to failure
(obviously because it depends on debt
and it will run out of borrowers eventually);
so it will likely start wwIII
to stay in control of the world.
. N.Korea said they would be less threatening
if usa and S.Korea would stop their military drills;
usa responded by installing a missile defense shield
that threatens China's and Russia's nuclear strategy.
. just as usa had oil interests in the middle east;
(in addition to defending Zionism)
and this was the basis for many usa wars;
usa is now concerned with rare earth metals,
essential to high tech, and thus national security.
. major new sources include Afghanistan and
-- bet you can't guess -- N.Korea.
. recently Russia has been accused of
helping the resistance in Afghanistan,
working against usa.


#vaccine higher rate of allergies and neurodevelopmental disorders

5.23: news.pol/healthcare/vaccine/
higher rate of allergies and neurodevelopmental disorders:
Pilot comparative study on the health of
vaccinated and unvaccinated
6- to 12- year old U.S. children.
[J Translational Science 2017]
. neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD);
vaccinated homeschool children were found to have
a higher rate of allergies and NDD
than unvaccinated homeschool children.
While vaccination remained significantly associated with
NDD after controlling for other factors,
preterm birth coupled with vaccination
was associated with an apparent synergistic increase
in the odds of NDD.
summary of findings:
snopes reaction:

#cancer #colon why is it happening more to youth?

5.23: co.geneticliteracyproject.org/health/cancer#colon
/why is it happening more to youth?:
Ben Locwin May 18, 2017:
". if you look back to the 1890s,
you can find colorectal cancer rates as high as those
being found in Generation X and Millennials recently.
Young and middle-aged adults are showing
patterns in these cancers not seen in over 100 years,
according to the authors of a recent study.
Lead author Rebecca Siegel, of the American Cancer Society noted,
“People born in 1990 now have double the risk of colon cancer
and quadruple the risk of rectal cancer
compared to people born around 1950.”
about 14,000 cases of colorectal cancer per year
occur in people younger than 50
. if it was the obesity rates
driving up the colorectal cancer rates,
we would expect to see a time-lag
where colorectal cancer incidence followed obesity rates
by 10 or 20 years,
allowing for causality from obesity to result in colorectal cancer.
But these two trends appear to have increased at about the same time"
this article points out that inflammation
could increase the risk of colon cancer.
. coincident with increased obesity
is increased preference for artificial sweeteners:
sucralose is known to cause gut dysbiosis,
and inflammatory bowel disease,
also saccharin is associated with inflammatory bowel disease.
Qin, Xiaofa. "Etiology of inflammatory bowel disease:
 A unified hypothesis."
World Journal of Gastroenterology: 18.15 (2012): 1708.
more resources: evidencebasedibd.


canned sardines have B vitamins #health

5.22: web.health/diet/canned sardines have B vitamins:
. canned sardines, despite being cooked,
still have some b'vitamins:
very good source of b12,
but only 9% of daily b6.


Dan Harris 10% Happier #meditation vs #schizophrenia

5.21: co,web/psy/meditation/Dan Harris`10% Happier:
. "happy Sunday!" I greeted a coworker;
. from listening to a radio preacher today,
I was revisiting the idea that our thoughts
-- which we assume to be our self --
are actually influenced by the god or devil;
just like I saw on a cartoon once,
where the character has a devil and an angel
perched on each shoulder,
telling him different ways to react:
a supernatural game of good vs evil.
. I might like a book about handling thoughts:
Dan Harris`10% Happier:
How I Tamed the Voice in My Head,
Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge,
and Found Self-Help That Actually Works--A True Story
-- it's about the benefits of meditation,
and quitting drugs and alcohol.

. the primary benefit of meditation
is mindfulness -- being aware of your thoughts
objectively without automatically reacting.
. I do have some experience with meditation;
at times when I feel too toxic to work or sleep
I try to control my breathing and
and that becomes my only thought.
. however,
what I found most useful for mindfulness
was not meditation but schizophrenia.


boxed wine and canned sardines #health

5.16: web.health/diet/hormonics
/boxed wine and canned sardines:

. boxed wine and canned sardines
are some of my favorite products
but are they a source of endocrine disruptors,
being exposed to plastics? not to worry:
the endocrine disruptors are even in our water;
there is no way to escape from them.

#wwIII #Russian tv remembers #international #bankers

5.15: news.pol/purges/wwIII/
Russian tv remembers international bankers:
. usa is on the verge of war with Russia;
and usa is the military heart of international banking;
Russian historians remember how civil war came
shortly after the Russian tzar failed to accept
a deal from an international banker.
. when talking about Rothschild's bank
it is typically seen as anti-semitic,
since Rothschild presented himself as Jewish;
but Russia's tv and historians remind us that
regardless of what ethnicity a bank owner is,
international banking can have a profound influence
on the relations and wars between nations.
. on the other hand, if you think we need
a banker's credit line to sustain a war,
you haven't been paying attention to
why the masses are so willing to fight wars.