Jewish people know best (avoid or delay some #vaccines)

2017.11.27 web.pol/healthcare/vaccine/
Jewish people know best (avoid or delay some #vaccines):
2018.6.18: summary:
. the herd-immunity theory is fatally flawed:
it assumes that to protect a minority
you have to ensure the majority are vaccinated;
but, what are the long-term large-scale side-affects
of all these new hardly-tested vaccines?
you need a sizeable control group
who do not take vaccines
to compare them to the group who does.
. Jewish communities are known to be
highly intelligent or well-researched,
and many of some Jewish communities
are refusing or delaying vaccines.
($Millions in Vaccine Injuries)

how to process organic greens

web.cook/how to process organic greens:
. I learned that canned greens
retained more fat-soluble vitamins than frozen,
and I couldn't find canned organic greens;
so I consided home canning,
but then decided it's easier to use fresh;
(just need to get to store more often).
. may blanch before vitamixing.
my next cooker might be an Instant Pot Mini.


theory of #evolution renamed biological diversity

5.29: news.pol/edu/biol/
theory of evolution renamed biological diversity:
Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction
Diane Douglas, has a good point;
in the theory of evolution,
we assume that the point of genetic mutation
is to evolve, when in fact
it could be something else like
adapting without necessarily evolving,
or simply to promote diversity.
. obviously some life is highly evolved
so Douglas's wording reminds the student
if random changes do not imply evolution
what does cause it?
. science has no answer for this,
except to say that
no matter how complex the design
it is not impossible
that completely random changes
could have produced the evolution.
. science has no way of disproving
that the genetic changes are not random;
except to remind us
that any alternative theories
involve unpleasant ideas that cause paranoia:
# being genetically modified by aliens;
# having our "randomness" influenced by
an intelligent supernatural entity.
. have you seen our wacky "big bang" theory?
the establishment couldn't care less
about the public knowing how we got here.


#dementia more risk from diet soda than from sugared soda?

2017.11.24: news.health/dementia/
more risk from diet soda than from sugared soda?:
the week.mag may 12, p21:
washington post:
boston univ`Matthew Pase:
. a 10 year study* resulted in few cases of dementia
but those who did get it, were more likely to have
used diet soda not sugared soda.
*[Stroke. 2017]


cultural appropriation @IngrahamAngle on @FoxNews

5.2: pol/free speech/cultural appropriation:
@IngrahamAngle on @FoxNews tv:
. you can say I feel like the other sex today,
so I will just dress like the other sex,
and use their bathroom too;
but if you feel chinese,
and say I will dress like the Chinese today,
that's hateful cultural appropriation.


#nationalism goyim, heathen, pagan, gentile, gentility

2017.11.19: pol/purges/nationalism/
goyim, heathen, pagan, gentile, gentility
2018.4.16: summary:
. this is a review of all the terms
that religious nationalists will apply to
those of other religions or classes.
. notice the same root word gent-
can have opposite connotations:
gentiles are lowly, outside your nation;
but gentility refers to nobility
more international than national.
. the "Jus Gentium" (latin: law of nations)
was defined as "the law that
natural reason establishes among all mankind
and is followed by all peoples alike."
. pagan means a civilian, non-combatant:
not a "christian soldier" globalizing Bible law.


non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is very common #fructose #roundup

17.11.16: news.health/probiotic/hormonics/
non-alcoholic fatty liver disease:
2018.3.26: summary:
. surprised to learn how many are sick with
something that may be related to dysbiosis;
ie, having the wrong gut germs from a bad diet
or from getting too many antibiotics
such as the pesticide Roundup
(much more common in grains and legumes now).
. Dr.Rinella blames fatty liver on
bad germs or leaky gut and being obese,
but the primary cause is our modern diet
high in fructose (sugar is half fructose).
[J Hepatol. 2008]

Mary E. Rinella, MD:
jama 2015 june 9,
Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
A Systematic Review

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
affects approximately 30% of the US population.
high visceral adipose tissue (being obese)
increases pro-inflammatory mediators
and excessive free fatty acids (lipotoxemia)
and insulin resistance;
all that affects the liver:
alterations of glucose and lipid metabolism.
. all that altered metabolism leads to
fatty liver or hepatic steatosis.

2nd stage is steatohepatitis
caused by lipotoxicity from increased free fatty acids
and by inflammation from
obesity releasing pro-inflammatory mediators,
and by intestinal dysbiosis generating portal endotoxin.
. pro-inflammatory mediators and
(endoplasmic reticulum sress
from dysregulated unfolded protein response)
leads to pro-inflammatory signalling
that along with (the vicious circle of
oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction)
causes activation of hepatic stellate cells
and collagen deposition;
that leads to fibrosis
which is a precursor to cirrhosis.

. one symptom of insulin resistance is
acanthosis nigricans
[velvety darkening of the skin.
It is usually found in body folds.]