politicalCompass.org`@addn is near @BernieSanders

11.15: proj.pol/politicalCompass.org`@addn is near @BernieSanders:
. I took a test from politicalCompass.org
that measures your position within
a political space of 2 dimensions:
an economic scale going from Left to Right
(from communism aka state-controlled economy
to neoliberalism aka liberated capitalism)
and a social control scale going from
libertarianism aka anarchy to authoritarianism.
following are the questions they asked me,
and my detailed response.
. the test allows only 4 responses:
strongly or mildly agree or disagree.
. they claim my location is shared by Bernie Sanders;
moderate anarcho-syndicalism (libertarian socialism);
although I'm sure we have some major differences,
such as my belief in childrens' rights to
parents without genetic diseases (eugenics).
. my Political Compass out of -10...+10:
Economic Left/Right: -5.5
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.13


#HappyHalloween UN Hon'Ambassador for empowerment of women is Wonder Woman

10.31: web.psy/
UN Honorary Ambassador for empowerment of women is Wonder Woman
. the chosen icon for women's equality
is a character in a race in which
the women dominate the men,
and the men struggle for equality.


DOD DNI want #cyberwar command split from #NSA

10.6: news.pol/purges/war/
DOD DNI want cyberwar command split from NSA:
10.18: summary:
. the same technology used for hacking into computers
can be used for both gathering info (NSA activities)
and for making foreign computers do malicious things
(cyberwar command activities).
. anybody with that technology can do both;
not surprisingly both activities have been headed by
the same director (a military general)
but since Snowden exposed that NSA is spying on its citizens
privacy defenders want NSA headed by senate-selected civilian
rather than a general selected by the military.


pregnancy brain

9.29: web.health/pregnancy/pregnancy brain:
"pregnancy brain" is loss of memory
or some sort of cognitive loss
that has not been detected by controlled studies,
yet there is solid indirect evidence.
. pregnancy causes insulin resistance,
and this causes the brain to use less fuel
which then results in less brain function
similar to what happens during Alzheimers.
. other sources of cognitive loss during pregnancy
include problems with sleep, and
having to reduce IQ-raising caffeine.
. magnesium enhances insulin sensitivity
(dark green leafies are the richest source).
. even though fish oil doesn't improve insulin sensitivity
it does enhance memory in some
and there is an FDA-approved form: Lovaza
(undistilled fish normally have too much mercury
for use during pregnancy).
Europe sells prescription R-lipoic acid that may help.


flossing -- very little evidence?

9.28: news.health/dental/flossing/very little evidence?:
. flossing has not been shown to prevent
severe periodontal disease, surprisingly.
nevertheless, people who brush and floss regularly
have less gum bleeding compared to toothbrushing alone.
There is poor evidence from twelve studies that
flossing in addition to toothbrushing
reduces gingivitis compared to toothbrushing alone.
. what to do if tooth erosion cuts your floss?
interdental brushes might reduce gingivitis,
(again, the evidence is poor quality).


China's judaists (Sino-Judaica)

9.26: news.relig/judiasm/China's judaists (Sino-Judaica):
27: summary:
. Jewish life in China is not doing so well;
but there is much more freedom of travel now
between Israel and China.

what is the good news? #wwIII

9.26: relig/jw.org/what is the good news? #wwIII:
. a jw.org rep asked me to look at an article
called "what is the good news?"
it makes a statement and provides scripture
that might hint how the statement is true.
. jw.org believes in heaven on earth;
angels toss out the sinners, install a global government
and then we live forever
without pain or death here on earth as humans.
. this reminded me of wwIII,
leaving only one military standing,
-- one global government --
that then enforces global arms control,
and brings peace on earth forever.
. the real you is your community,
and with global peace enforced forever,
your community (you) really could live forever
assuming your community can evolve
to travel to new stars after the Sun dies.