life is evil #privacy

2.14: phi/life is evil:
. violating privacy is clearly evil;
yet respecting privacy until proven guilty
inevitably helps hide criminals -- clearly evil:
therefore life is evil,
and you are left choosing the lesser of 2 evils .

@VeteransToday 's Gordon Duff with Dr. Judy Wood #911truther

2.13: news.pol/911truther/VeteransToday.com's Gordon Duff:
audio of Pete Santilli show:
. Santilli converses with Gordon Duff,
Senior Editor with VeteransToday.com.
. both agree with Dr. Judy Wood's analysis
that 9/11 was evidence of
directed free-energy technology,
but Duff warns the deep state will hurt us
if influential people expose classified technology .
. see also transcript .


closer to genetically modified humans

5.10: news.pol/healthcare/gmo/closer to genetically modified humans:
. germline editing is the only solution for
getting rid of inherited diseases
without a eugenics mandate .
. we are getting closer to such technology,
but scientists worry about public opinion
claiming only the god should create new life .


Dr. Morehouse annoyed at remote viewing 9-11

2.14: news.pol/911truther
/Dr. David Morehouse annoyed at remote viewing 9-11:
. remote viewing is the use of prayer
to get private info about events .
. last year the big news in remote viewing
is farsight.org's exposure of the 9/11 event
as a conspiracy among usa's own government,
but they contradicted the evidence showing
the trade tower dustification was from
a classified beam weapon technology
rather than some clean nuclear bomb .
. a magazine about remote viewing, Eight Martinis,
interviewed Dr. David Morehouse
and he was not excited about remote viewing
because he wasn't into conspiracy theories!
. he was likely thinking like me
what difference does a conspiracy theory make
if it doesn't expose the biggest story:
9/11 was evidence of directed free energy technology .

remote viewing and the Law of Attraction

2.14: news.psy/parapsy/remote viewing and the Law of Attraction:
. this is my first exposure to EightMartinis,
a magazine about a parapsychology method
that gets private information supernaturally
by basically praying to know something .
. those who practice it often also meditate
and that is a key to the Law of Attraction
(the secret to influencing people).
. some people seem possessed after remote viewing
becoming obsessed with discomforting thoughts
suggesting that "dabbling in the supernatural"
may increase risk of psychosis or obsessions .

the grace of god

2.13: bk.relig/god/the grace of god:
. "the grace of god" refers to
the god influencing our decisions
in a way that is coordinated
so that we cooperate with each other
instead of bumping into each other .
. another form of the god's grace
is by influencing a stream of prophets
which tell us what the god's way is;
so, we all have the same expectations of
life and each other .
. if there is an eternal life,
and if it depends upon following
the will of the god,
then it is by the god's grace,
that one can have eternal life .


glucosamine life extender?

2.11, 5.9: news.health/glucosamine/life extender?:
. the studies that claimed
glucosamine caused insulin resistance
were looking at acute high doses;
whereas moderate chronic doses
appear to have a beneficial effect .
D-Glucosamine (CAS 3416-24-8,