#USAFREEDOMAct reauthorizes #PATRIOTAct until after #wwIII is over

news.pol/privacy rights
/#USAFREEDOMAct reauthorizes #PATRIOTAct until after #wwIII is over:
. it's ok to lose privacy; we're in a war until 2017;
and after that we're in a global union;
how can you keep global peace
without keeping an eye on every guy
since you can't know who's evil until you look .
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the most paleo nuts

9.17: news.health/diet/omega-6/the most paleo nuts:
. "paleo" refers to a Zone diet (hormonics),
that keeps the glycemic index low (all nuts win)
and balances the omega-3 to match omega-6
(nuts and seeds vary widely in this regard).
. total poly'oils should be low relative to
mono'oils, and the good, non-palmitic sat'fats
(the palmitic sat'fat when combined with grains
will promote strokes and heart attacks)
. proteins that were not complete
were usually lacking lysine, and/or cysteine/methionine .
. the omega-3 found is usually Linolenic(18:3);
the omega-6 is Linoleic(18:2).

why is #GAPS #diet only #bean the white navy?

9.16: web.med/GAPS.diet/why is GAPS.diet only bean the white navy?:
. the GAPS diet (for Gut and Psych Syndrome)
lowers most types fiber and pours on the fats
in order to flush out the bad germs;
but, it allows the following legumes:
"Lima beans, Lentils, Peas;
White navy beans, properly prepared" .
. navy beans have a high saponin content;
Saponins exhibit antibacterial and anti-fungal activity,
and have been found to inhibit cancer cell growth.
. navy bean is the richest source of
ferulic acid [antibacterial] and p-coumaric acid
among the common bean varieties.
White beans are the most abundant plant-based source of
phosphatidylserine (PS) yet known .


reinterpreting "Lord you gave your life so I could be free" #liberal vs #christian

9.9: relig/christian/"Lord you gave your life so I could be free":
. I heard this line on a christian music station:
"Lord you gave your life so I could be free".
. "Lord's life" means Jesus;
but that line also makes sense within my religion theory,
which does not equate Jesus with the god
(I assume, without being a Muslim,
that Jesus was one of many sincere and wise prophets;
ie, people who are correcting their culture).


lecithin granules lipid composition #cook

9.7: web.cook/lecithin granules/lipid composition:
. I've been thinking of using more lecithin
such as Now Food's non-GMO soy lecithin granules
by using it in all my cooker recipes;
so, how much omega-6 am I getting ?
granules are 33-35% soybean oil,
and half of that is an omega-6 poly'oil;
also 10% of soy oil is palmitic acid,
the bad (atherogenic) saturated fat,
which becomes dangerous when adding grains to diet .


#usa was and is stingy with #Jewish immigration #5777

8.27: news.pol/zionism/usa was and is stingy with Jewish immigration:
9.6: summary:
. this is my edit of an article by
tabletmag's Mark Oppenheimer August 27, 2014 
[ with my comments in brackets ];
. this article reminds us that some Jewish people
are not that excited about Zionism
but the usa offers them no place to go but Israel
when things are getting much hotter for Judaism
in Europe, but also soon in Israel .
. it seems obvious that Zionism will lead to WWIII
and that is going to devastate not only Israel,
but major cities in the usa, by Fall 2016 .
. we should invite more of the Jewish gene pool
into rural america .


#liberals associated with #Lyme disease

8.27: news.pol/liberals associated with Lyme disease:
. this map of gay marriage (liberal) states (found here)
is similar to the Lyme outbreak density (found here).
. the Lyme ticks are thickest in liberal states
except clean NewMexico is liberal,
and infested Wisconsin is not .