astrology as social engineering

5.1: psy/astrology as social engineering:
. astrology seems to present itself as
a study of how planet movements affect our fate;
what it could be instead is something like
the power of group prayer;
so, astrology isn't studied, it's designed .
. there is a hypnotic power from
people believing in it
and inducing that belief in the shared mind
that controls our emotions and whims .

your telepathic supermind sacrificed you

4.30: psy/your telepathic supermind sacrificed you:
We already know most of the answers we seek in life:
How do I get healthy? – Eat better and exercise more.
How do I become successful? – Work harder and smarter.
How do I find happiness?
– Be grateful for what you have, pay it forward,
and take a vacation occasionally.
It all seems pretty easy to grasp, but then
why are two-thirds of the United States obese,
success is hard to come by,
and more people seem to be caught up in all the
negativity which surrounds them
instead of enjoying the beauty in life?
--. after seeing that, it was obvious to me:

encircling the Temple Mount #Judaism

4.25: news.relig/judaism/encircling Temple Mount:
Rabbi Shlomo ben Yehuda (1030 CE)
describes the custom of encircling Temple Mount.

templeinstitute.org`sivuv she'arim:
Every month thousands of worshippers take part in
the traditional sivuv she'arim (Circling the Gates):
the encircling the outer walls of the Temple Mount .
. the renewal of the ancient custom began nearly
four years ago [from 2006] with a small group
and has since become a very popular event.
The marchers express their desire to
identify with the Temple Mount
by circling the holy site - stopping to
pray and sing at each of the gates.
The march takes place at the start of a every Jewish month,
meeting in the Western Wall plaza toward nightfall
and continuing around the outside walls of the Temple Mount.
We go from gate to gate of the Temple Mount
and say Tehillim (Psalms) and
blow the Shophar (ram's horn) at every gate.
The march is entirely outside of the walls of the Temple Mount,
so there are no Halachic (Jewish Law) concerns.
Due to the large crowd
to insure the proper air of ts'niut (modesty)
the men and women march separately.
The purpose of the march is to fulfill the verse
"Encircle Zion and march around her, count her towers"
(Tehillim - Psalms 48:13) and the verse
"You should seek to cause Him to dwell
and you will come there"
(Devarim - Deuteronomy 12:5).
The verse means that if we
seek to cause Him to dwell in the Temple,
then we may come there to the Temple.

Exodus 15:17 #Messiah builds #Temple #Judaism

4.25: news.relig/judaism/Exodus 15:17 Messiah builds Temple:
12.21: summary:
. the Messiah is due in 5777 (Fall 2016)
and that is when the time will be right
for rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem .


#caffeine causes liver to release glucose

12.19: web.cook/caffeine/causes liver to release glucose:
. caffeine makes your liver release sugar;
also, you can feel the brain sugar increasing
and it may come from raising cortisol
which causes insulin resistance in muscles
so they are less able to use blood sugar
thus leaving more for the brain .
. people running low on carbs still need brain glucose,
and they get it from the liver
which converts fat into sugar .
. something about caffeine is moving hormones
which in turn pulls more sugar from liver .
"the caffeine-induced increase in sympathetic activity
may stimulate endogenous glucose production" [PMC1464218];
"Caffeine ingestion has been demonstrated to
increase circulating epinephrine and norepinephrine" [8964766];
"epinephrine is a potent stimulator of gluconeogenesis
in humans" [PMC1464218].
. therefore, caffeine very likely does promote
gluconeogenesis (liver's release of glucose) in humans .


steady state economics #ark-investing

12.15: news.pol/ark-investing/steady state economics:
12.16: summary:
. the political problem we are up against
is that enforcement of a much needed
steady state economy
is tantamount to mandatory population control .
. it's not just for environmentalism either;
we need to stop investing in
expanding the human population
in order to start investing in new cities
that can protect us from either global warming
or the next ice age .

happy #Hanukkah #dream

12.16: co.self/dream/relig/pro-life/happy #Hanukkah #dream:
[ this dream happened on the first day of Hanukkah
(but 16 hours before the start of it)]
. I was telling some teens that abortion is seen as murder,
and I feared that one murder can lead to
a chain reaction of more murders even within a family .
. one teen thought my motivation was purely religious:
she whispered in my ear "happy Hanukkah"
so I tried to present me as non-religious by saying:
oh, I'm not Jewish, but family is .
. in the next scene, as I walked alone,
I thought about the abortion debate more: