many safe products now part of #cancer conspiracy

7.25: news.health/cancer/
many safe products now part of cancer conspiracy:
. many chemicals in our environment
are not classed as carcinogens because
they are not by themselves mutagens;
but many chemicals deemed to be safe
can conspire to contribute to cancer risk.


brain-eating infection in rivers and lakes

7.24: news.health/brain-eating infection in rivers and lakes:
Naegleria fowleri are brain-eating amebae
that enter the brain through the nose.
. there is always a low level of risk whenever they enter
warm freshwater lakes, rivers, and hot springs
(for example, when swimming, diving, or waterskiing),
particularly in southern-tier states.
. drinking infected water is not a problem [cdc].


curcumin for #parkinsons

7.21: news.med/parkinsons/curcumin:

. curcumin is found in turmeric spice;
curcumin can reduce the progress of Parkinson's
by inhibiting the misfolding and bunching up
of the brain cell protein alpha-synuclein.
. curcumin can reduce ROS (stressful oxygen radicals)
that are associated with Parkinson's.
. alpha-synuclein toxicity can cause apoptosis (cell suicide),
and curcumin can protect cells against that
[BMC Neurosci. 2010].

other things curcumin can do for the brain:
. Curcumin can chelate metals that cause
oxidative damage to lipids, proteins, and DNA.
. it can inhibit inflammation (stongly associated
with brain cell death in Parkinson's)
and, stimulate beneficial microglial phagocytosis
[immune cells in brain eat unwanted material]
to clear amyloid out of brain.

. removing amyloid might reduce the formation of
the α-synuclein amyloid fibrils found in Parkinson's;
because, the α-synuclein tends to form aggregates
when seeded by other aggregates (amyloids)
[J Biological Chemistry 2005].

. curcumin extracts are poorly absorbed;
perhaps the most potent curcumin formula
is Relentless Improvement's Curcumin
unless you're allergic to Polyvinyl pyrrolidone.

lucidamide for #parkinsons

7.19..22: news.med/parkinsons/lucidamide:
7.22: summary:
. noöpept (available as lucidamide)
has been shown in nerve cells in a dish
to save them from death due to the addition of
the alpha-synuclein that is associated with
cell damage in Parkinson's .
. while this alone hardly warrants use in humans,
noopept is known to be safe for humans,
and is used for enhanced memory and less anxiety.


ae911truth.org important rebuttal to Dr.Wood #911truther

7.19: news.pol/911truther/ae911truth.org
/important rebuttal to Dr.Wood:
. ae911truth.org has a lot of clout; because,
it includes many professionals who
dispute the official 9/11 story;
so their rebuttal to Dr.Wood
is an important one;
and shown to be in error.

#911truther Eric Larsen Ph.D

7.19: news.pol/911truther/Eric Larsen Ph.D/

Eric Larsen,
Emeritus professor at John Jay
College of Criminal Justice, CUNY,
founding Publisher and Editor of
The Oliver Arts & Open Press.
. author of The Skull of Yorick:
The Emptiness of American Thinking
at a Time of Grave Peril
—Studies in the Cover-up of 9/11.
. he gives a review for Dr.Judy Wood's
Where Did the Towers Go?
Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11

global warming theory is disputed by some scientists

7.19: news.phy/geo/global warming theory is disputed by some scientists:
. I think the point of the global warming theory,
is that even though there is insufficient data to support it,
there's a chance the theory is correct,
and if we don't act now before the data is in,
we will find it is too late to act.
. many of the following scientists are skeptics,
but one argument I don't hear from them,
is that severe global warming has happened
many times in the past [geology.utah.gov]
and thus it's due to something beyond our control.