artificial sweeteners are persistent water pollutants

11.22: news.pol/gemini/unregulated capitalism
/artificial sweeteners are persistent water pollutants:

H.R.4012 doesn't promote transparent science but demands #EPA use only that

11.22: news.pol/gemini/unregulated capitalism
/H.R. 4012 doesn't promote transparent science 
but demands EPA use only that:

#cyber #security @rootkovska #qubes vs @Bruce_Schneier @schneierblog

11.22: co.wired.com/cyb/sec/qubes/
comments @ wired.com/2014/11/protection-from-hackers/
in defense of qubes

#cults sociological vs psychological definitions

11.22: web.relig/cults/sociological vs psychological definitions:
. the definition of a cult has been muddled by
attempts to prevent christianity from
falling under the definition of cult .
. the most popular forms of christianity
use authoritarianism to build solidarity
rather than cultivate a rational approach
to the interpretation of the scriptures .
. even if a cult can't be a mainstream religion
how do we know that today's christianity
will always be mainstream?


anything wrong with yogurt? #paleo #diet

11.18: web.health/diet/paleo/yogurt:
. milk is not considered to be paleo because of
lactose causing inflammation [sciencenews.org].
(and many other reasons)[Dr.Cordain];
would yogurt's fermentation convert all lactose?
no, per 6-ounce serving, there is
nearly 6.8 grams Greek yogurt
nearly 8.5 grams in whole-fat yogurt
and 14 grams in non-fat yogurt [sfgate.com];
-- Greek yogurt has the whey drained off .

evangelists fed like the birds #Jesus

relig/jc/evangelists fed like the birds:
11.18, 11.22: summary:
. Jesus [Mat 5-6] was teaching those who would
consider evangelizing as a profession
instead of, say, fishing or farming .
. the people will support evangelists
just as the fields welcome the birds .
. where would society be if there were only farmers
and no prophets or evangelists to guard the heart,
and no police or soldiers to guard the home ?
. interesting that the leader of Israel
would compare his disciples to birds
which often survive only by migrating:
that is how Israel became great,
first migrating south to Egypt
in order to build up their numbers,
then migrating back to the Promised Land .


calcium for oat phytate and stimulation #cook

11.16: web.aq.cook/calcium powder:
18: summary:
. I believe adding calcium to oats
might inactivate their phytic acid;
and in experimenting with calcium
I found that it can be stimulating,
and could reduce the need for caffeine;
so I looked for the kind of supplement
that would come in powder form,
for mixing with oats and water,
and not have too much lead .