Ishmaelites (#circumcised non-#semitic) #wwIII

11.16..17: web,news.pol/purges/wwIII/finale-time clues/
Ishmaelites (circumcised non-semitic):
Ishmael represented the circumcised non-semitics;
circumcised Christians and Islam are globalized religions,
far beyond control by semitic peoples.
. in the end times it is said that Ishmael
will be ruling over the world;
and when Ishmael falls,
Judaism's Messianic age will rise.
. who would circumcised Christians and Muslims fall to?
the uncircumcised: liberals or Russia-China.
. Russia has a lot of Christians
but they are mostly uncircumcised.
. usa has a lot of circumcised Christians
but they are dominated by uncircumcised liberals.
. after WWIII they agree to a global government
that gives control of the Temple mount to Judaists.


#Islam claimed #Jesus was prophet of #Judaism

11.14...16: relig/islam/claimed Jesus was prophet of Judaism:
. the Final Prophet who founded Islam
sees himself as the prophet of JudeoChristians;
and his main message was to clarify who Jesus was:
Judaists needed to know Jesus was their prophet;
and Christians needed to know Jesus was not god.

. Jesus is to be honored for defending the Golden rule
protesting the treatment of prophets, sinners and the poor;
his sacrifice was essential to being a doomsday prophet
and king of the Islamic and Christian empires,
-- these empires were key players in the Unifying War
that would result in the Messianic age (Fall 2016).


low money velocity indicates deflation coming

10.21: news.pol/purges/depression/
low money velocity indicates deflation coming:
Harry S. Dent 2013:
. every 60 to 80 years, Inflation becomes deflation.
[money velocity has recently fallen hard]
The last time we saw money velocity drop like a rock
was between 1919 and 1929.
It was during the three years (1930 ..1933)
in which money velocity went negative
that many market bubbles catastrophically popped;
and debt deleveraged at breakneck speeds…
creating deflation, not inflation,
even with record low interest rates
and Fed stimulus to fight the great Depression.
see recent money velocity:
[economicgreenfield.com 2015/01]
. velocity of M1 supply was in a bubble that has now popped,
still quite a bit higher than the 1960's;
Velocity of MZM and M2 is well below the 1960's.


consolidated elections nov 3 2015 #Tucson city, #Pima county, AZ #vote

10.17: proj.gov/vote/consolidated elections nov 3 2015 Tucson city, Pima county, AZ:
prop 201: no
. should we stop replacing police with red light or speed cameras?
we should make sure cameras are used fairly, not abolished
because police have better things to do.
. anyone who is angry about automated law enforcement
thinks the laws are unnecessary,
and needs to get the laws changed,
or is thinking police are overlooking them
(enforcing the law only for certain types or races),
or is worried that the automated tickets are unfair;
eg, one problem is when entering an intersection
and then getting stopped by a pedestrian
so that you are still in the intersection when the light is red,
and bad judges aren't forgiving your case;
so, the solution is to get good judges,
not abolish automated law enforcement.


9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

everything you wanted to know about 9/11 ... except what Dr.Judy Wood noticed.


#gmo academics is not compromised

9.9: news.pol/healthcare/gmo/academics is not compromised:
gmwatch.org folta-affair-exposed-in-the-new-york-times
Folta was revealed by Freedom of Information requests
to have accepted $25,000 from Monsanto,
even though he had repeatedly denied having any Monsanto funding.

There is no evidence that academic work was compromised,
but emails show
how academics have shifted from researchers to
actors in lobbying and corporate public relations campaigns.


National Academy of Sciences` postmarketing surveillance of #GMO foods

8.29: news.pol/healthcare/gmo
/National Academy of Sciences` postmarketing surveillance of GMO foods:
The New England Journal of Medicine 2015:
by Philip J. Landrigan, M.D., and Charles Benbrook, Ph.D.
[cornucopia.org 2015]

[Genetically modified (GM) policy is ignoring the science.]
. unlike traditional selective breeding,
genetic engineering vastly expands the range of traits
that can be moved into plants.
Foods produced from GM crops have become ubiquitous.
And unlike regulatory bodies in 64 other countries,
the usa's FDA does not require labeling of GM foods.

. the argument that [gm foods are equivalent to non-gmo]
misses the point that GM crops are now
the most heavily treated with herbicides
and that two of these herbicides may pose risks of cancer.