#dementia linked to anticholinergics

2.4: news.health/alz/dementia linked to anticholinergics:
. a study in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine,
has linked dementia to "anticholinergic" medicines,
including over-the-counter treatments for
conditions such as insomnia and hay-fever.
. in elderly people, higher doses and prolonged use
(every day for 3 years or more)
were linked to higher dementia risk [cdcbbc].

#ESP is classified

2.4: co.fb#aj/pol/gemini/ESP is classified:
John Greenewald:
Last year, I filed a FOIA request for
information on Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)
to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).
After finding records that originated at the CIA,
they forwarded them over for review, and release to me.
After waiting quite some time, the documents were determined as
fully classified and exempt from release.
They denied my request in full .
but google "FOIA remote viewing"
eg, http://www.wanttoknow.info/remoteviewing/remote-viewing
"the CIA has already declassified and released
over 70,000 records on remote viewing".
. but here's
Greenewald asking about "remote viewing":
anyway, here's cia's search engine:
here's a better of way of using that:
site:foia.cia.gov remote viewing
eg, (mostly about ufo's but mentions "remote viewing").

Google`Project Zero on #Apple

2.4: news.cyb/sec/Google`Project Zero on #Apple:
intego.com`mac security:
. Google's Project Zero finds flaws in software;
and gives a 90-day warning before releasing details
including proof-of-concept code .

higher IQ by conversing with preschoolers

2.3: news.care/children/higher IQ by conversing with preschoolers:
. wealthier children have higher IQ's,
and one difference wealthier families make
that might be usable by other families
is conversing more with their preschoolers
using a richer vocabulary .
. however the intervention studies are not done,
so the effect of wealth on IQ
might also be due to genetics or telepathy .


life is one just as god is one

2.2: relig/god/life is one just as god is one:
. "life is one just as god is one";
that reminded me that life is numerous
exactly to diversify and spread the risk,
there being safety in numbers,
since even if many within a species die,
the species will live on .
. likewise, god is a source of instincts
and there could be numerous versions of god
in order to diversify and protect
the goal that all gods share as one .
. life is one in its purpose to diversify experience,
just as the purpose of one god of gods
is to ensure the diversity of experience
by knowing everything that has been
and getting to everything that has not been .

se-methylselenocysteine at wikipedia

2.1: web.cyb/net.wiki/se-msc:
. this is what I did for wikipedia;
their Methylselenocysteine page had been deleted
for copyviolations,
I may be doing too much quoting too;
we'll see ...


BPA-poisoning from receipt paper #cancer

2.1: news.health/BPA-poisoning from receipt paper:
. shopping reciepts use a type of paper
that is impregnated with BPA (Bisphenol-A)
an endocrine disruptor linked to cancer,
obesity, diabetes, CVD, and infertility .
. how much of the BPA rubs off on your hands
depends on what else is on your hands:
. using hand sanitizer (and other skin products
that contain dermal penetration enhancers)
increases BPA absorption by as much as 185 times