Collagen from Wild-Caught North Atlantic Cod

10.3: co.amazon/cook/fp/5-star/North Atlantic Cod:
Zen Principle Marine Collagen from Wild-Caught North Atlantic Cod
. one problem I have with collagen in general
is that it might have a problem with
free glutamates (possible excitoxicity);
well, I will just use it many small doses.

what does the #god want?

9.4: relig/jc/what does the god want?:
. Jesus said all law comes from just 2 laws:
# love the god (obey its commandments),
# love community members as self;
eg, it may be nice to agree with neighbors
but they may want things the god forbids.
. but who knows what the god wants?
Jesus had to assume prior Judaism prophets
knew what the god wanted;
but does the god really hate homosexuals?
how do we distinguish god from devil?
2 main requirements according to Dream theory:
# survival of community
or evolution of an intelligent species;
# diversity of experience.

3-star Pacific Marine Collagen Peptides

9.4: co.amazon/cook/fp/3-star/is the pacific safe?:
Sports Research Marine Collagen Peptides from Pacific-ocean Wild-Caught Snapper
. one problem I have with collagen in general
is that it might have a problem with
free glutamates (possible excitoxicity);
well, I will just use it many small doses.
. but another problem with
this product in particular
is that it is sourced from the Pacific ocean
where there might be problems with radiation
from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear contamination.
. if the bone is from older fish,
it might have considerable levels of strontium 90
(strontium 90's half-life is 30 years,
and it collects in bones like calcium).
. except for having to manage that small fear,
I enjoy this product.

5-star Erythritol

9.4: co.amazon/cook/er/5-star/what are bad reviews talking about?:
NOW Foods Erythritol,2.5-Pound
. I agree erythritol is not sweet;
but if the product tastes bad, it is not pure erythritol.
. the purpose of this product is to repair dental cavities:
you soak your mouth in it; eating too much can give you the runs.


Dane Wigington`Pat Tillman was a 9/11 martyr

9.18: news.pol/911truther/
Dane Wigington/Pat Tillman was a 9/11 martyr:
geoengineeringwatch 9/16:
Dane Wigington remembering 9/11:
. 3 buildings demolished by
elements within our own government;
the official story of 9/11 was a lie;
Pat Tillman joined the military on 9/11
but then after finding out what was really going on,
the military shot him and burned his writings.


child-marriages how is this allowed in usa?

8.24: news.psy/child-marriages/how is this allowed in usa?:
time.mag 6.12 p15:
. 17-year olds can join the military;
thus they should be able to marry before then,
to start their family before they get killed.
. most laws are based on parental rights,
[and many parents feel their children are sexual
and it safer to get them married
so that at least the unavoidable sex will be legal
(sex with your under-age wife is perfectly legal
while other under-age sex is statutory rape).]
. a problem with under-age marriage
is that in some states,
the under-aged cannot retain a lawyer
and thus cannot file for divorce
or fight for custody of their kids;
"legally, a 17-year-old is the same as a 7-year-old."
-- Fraidy Reiss, Unchained At Last


why take down statues of civil war leaders?

8.17: pol/purges/alt-right/
why take down statues of civil war leaders?:
. my anti-"liberal" friend is annoyed with
the ones taking down statues of confederates;
"they were excellent military leaders
who should be honored!"
well, I've heard some say good things about
nazis too:
Hitler was not primarily about killing Jews;
they say he was about protecting Germans,
from evil bankers and communists.
. my friend objects to that comparison:
the nazis were genocidal murderers,
whereas the confederates
were fairly fighting a war;
well, the unfortunate fact is that
whether it is true or not,
the confederates are seen as
wanting independence from the union mainly to
protect the evil institution of slavery.
. and to protect slavery, they were willing to
kill as many people as needed to succeed;
so there is mass murder protecting slavery,
vs genocide;
I don't see much of a difference.
. statues are being taken down because
a fan of confederates
massacred an african-american church
just because he felt it is africans who are evil,
not enslaving confederates.
. I agree that collective punishment is not fair;
why abuse all pro-confederates,
just because one of them is a mass murderer?.
. it might also be true that there were
actually good reasons for
southern independence from the north
just like the north had good reasons
for independence from their mother country, UK;
I vaguely recall there were trade policies
that helped the north and hurt the south;
but protecting slavery is what destroyed them.