call for increasing offensive cyber capability

1.3: news.cyb/sec/call for increasing offensive cyber capability:
. the military wants to focus on cyber offense;
the thing to keep in mind with offense,
is it involves placing vulnerabilities
in the hardware that is used internationally;
and that will affect the security of everyone
when those vulnerabilities get out
into the hands of cyber criminals.

apps using #Python may be vulnerable

1.2: news.cyb/sec/lang/python/undocumented methods:
Liam Tung 2017:
IOActive researcher Fernando Arnaboldi
revealed Python has "undocumented methods
and local environment variables
that can be used for OS command execution".
blackhat presentation:
Exposing Hidden Exploitable Behaviors in Programming Languages
Using Differential Fuzzing:
A differential fuzzing framework was created to detect
dangerous and unusual behaviors in
similar software implementations.
1.16: the paper:
. some Python commands are undocumented because
they are for deprecated functions;
meaning don't use the functions in new code,
but for backward compatiblity we are
keeping the function in place undocumented.
. documentation can be there to warn you
that a function doesn't check its inputs,
so you shouldn't feed it data from an untrusted source.

#Chinese calendar similarities to #Judaism

1.1: web.relig/judaism/Chinese calendar:
. the Chinese calendar has some
similarities to the Jewish calendar:
it is lunisolar, with some holidays on
the 15th (full moon),
eg, the Lantern Festival
is on Chinese calendar's 1.15.
eg, Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (month 8)
[In 2018 it's on September 24th.]
eg, Ghost festival (month 7).
[2018 date August 25]
. but the Chinese year starts differently,
with the new moon near the midpoint
between winter solstice[12.21]
and spring equinox[3.20]
--or the new moon between 1.21 and 2.20
. and the day starts at midnight not sundown.


#glyphosate exposure from desiccation #cancer

2017.11.4: news.pol/healthcare/glyphosate/
significant glyphosate exposure from desiccation:
2018.1.1: summary:
. increasing glyphosate exposure
may have adverse health consequences
and we are getting a lot more of it
since the 2002 practice of
using glyphosate for killing crops
to make harvesting easier.


menstrual synchrony supports #telepathy

news.psy/parapsy/telepathy/menstrual synchrony:
10.28: 12.9: summary:
. menstrual synchrony refers to
the ability of women who live together
to align their menstrual periods
implying they would have to reset
the duration of their period.
. snopes calls it unproven.
. see list of all the conflicting studies
concerning Menstrual_synchrony.
. one problem with this theory
is that no physical communication
such as human pheromones
have been found to explain it,
thereby leading to the idea
that it involves being influenced by
a collective subconscious,
and if that exists,
it would support the idea of telepathy
which is considered a "bizarre delusion";
ie, there is widespread suppression
of even good telepathy evidence.
[ Rupert Sheldrake`telephone telepathy]
. see Rupert Sheldrake`The Extended Mind.
. the suppression of telepathy evidence
is part of both establishment atheism,
and biblical laws against remote-viewing
and other uses of the collective subcon'mind.


#Hanukkah Jonathan Cahn`haNOOka

12.4: tv.relig/judaism/Hanukkah/
Jonathan Cahn`haNOOka:
Jonathan Cahn (NOVEMBER 29, 2017)`
Hanukkah foreshadows the Antichrist
. he says Hanukkah is about rising up
to protect your culture from
being eaten by a One World Order,
and he wants us to fight back
against modern liberal values.
. Cahn is supporting Christianity
but he is a also a good source of
Jewish culture.


@sproutsfm #sardines with no added salt or BPA #review

11.28: news.cook/fish/
@sproutsfm #sardines with no added salt or BPA #review:
. Sprouts has a good selection of organics;
they stock Certified Humane pastured eggs;
and I will be using their brand of sardines.
. today I tried the Sprouts sardines
with no added salt or BPA.
. if the daily sodium should be
the usa Daily Value (2400 mg per day);
and you don't get sodium from other sources,
then you can eat 9 cans of Sprouts sardines
compared with 5 cans of typical sardines.
. for a sardine with no added salt
I was surprised at how salty Sprouts tasted
(what are they actually doing in Morocco?);
anyway, salt is not really evil:
those with hypertension really need
less sugars (glucose and fructose)
and more greens.