single women live longer than married? #health #peterprinciple

6.8..9: health/social/
single women live longer than married women?:
. according to Heather Havrilesky
married men live longer than single men;
but single women
live longer than married women.
[the week magazine 5.3; p36].
how can this be?

. perhaps the typical guy who doesn't marry
is a "weekend warrior" prone to
death by poor diet and sleep loss.
(shifting sleep to later on the weekends
is a form of sleep disruption;
as is binge drinking).
. but how are single women living longer
than married women?


all men are wise; no men are wise

6.4: relig/god/all men are wise; no men are wise:
"all men are wise; no men are wise."
these might seem to be opposites:
for all x, p(x);
for all x, not p(x);
but, the negation all x is some x are not:
not (for all x, p(x))
= for at least one x, not p(x));
and, the negation of no x is some x:
not (for all x, not p(x))
= for at least one x, p(x)).
. most would agree that neither is true:
what is true is that
some but not all men are wise.
. however here is how both statements
could be true, when taken together:
wisdom comes from the god;
ie, the prophets are wise;
and the god could make all men prophets;
ie, all men could potentially be wise;
but no man has the power to be wise:
that power comes from the god alone.


#healthcare #fluoride Dr. David Kennedy

19.6.2: pol/healthcare/fluoride/Dr. David Kennedy:
6.3: summary:
. more bad news about fluoride
being a hormone disruptor;
I live in Tucson which doesn't fluoridate,
so my main source has been tea
which is a fluoride accumulator,
and comes mainly from China
where there is a lot of fluoride pollution
from burning coal.
. fluoride is known to affect thyroid
and very high levels of it may reduce
testosterone levels.

. heard Dr. David Kennedy on the radio:
with Martie Whittekin (Healthy By Nature)
[Tucson, AZ, KGMS 940 AM – Sunday 1 pm]
. fluoride is an endocrine disruptor
by affecting g-protein function.
fluoride increases brain aluminum.
Dr. David Kennedy has a book:
David Kennedy 1996`How to Save Your Teeth:
Toxic-Free Preventive Dentistry.
. that book has cult-classic pricing on amazon
but cheap pdf's are sold by iaomt.org.


why lie about man-made global warming?

5.14..15: pol/gemini/science/climate change/
why lie about man-made global warming?:
. the evidence for global warming being man-made
is said to be weak or even faked;
but why would the establishment want to lie?
I got a new sense of why
after hearing just what a nightmare it will be
if we can't do anything about it.
. why lie about existence of superhuman aliens?
(astronauts say we are suppressing disclosure)
. we lie for morale, to make us feel safe;
if it were true that global warming
is going to happen no matter what we do
then that would make us feel hopeless,
and people who think the end is near
may act as if they have nothing to lose
which could endanger the establishment.
. we need underground cities
to protect us from climate change
but that is some very expensive housing
and we can't afford to help everyone.


vit'k2 keeps calcium in your bones and out of your arteries

mom/gift/health/diet/vit k2/
vit'k2 keeps calcium in your bones and out of your arteries:
. for mom's 2019 b'day I gave her the book
Kate Rheaume-Bleue 2013`
Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox:
How a Little-Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life.
about the decade's biggest news in health science:
vit'k2 keeps calcium in your bones
and out of arterial plaque!
[it also allows you to use higher doses of vit'D
without risk of soft tissue calcifications.]


radioactive smoke alarm disposal

3.5: web.apt`trash/radioactive smoke alarm disposal:
. ionization (radioactive) smoke detectors
often need to be scrapped after 10 years;
in Arizona's Pima county you can't trash them:
store them in a sealed plastic bag,
or send them to the manufacturer.
. some places allow them to be in landfills
as they are not federally regulated.
. the photoelectric detectors are not radioactive
and can recycled with other circuit boards.
. one popular brand suggests consulting your
fire department about disposal
rather than offering to allow returns.


snapshot unresponsive? check for shortcut changes:

3.4: web.cyb/mac/snapshot unresponsive? check for shortcut changes:
. the mac snapshot shortcut no longer works;
one reason could be Apple had the bright idea of
moving the shortcut to Shift-Command-5:
(macOS 10.14 Mojave was released on September 24, 2018)
In earlier macOS versions than Mojave,
use Shift-Command-3 or Shift-Command-4 for screenshots.


how could Abraham's ram get trapped in a thicket? the way of the Azazel

3.2: relig/judaism/
how could Abraham's ram get trapped in a thicket? the way of the Azazel:
Genesis 22:13
And lifting up his eyes, Abraham saw a sheep
fixed by its horns in the brushwood:
and Abraham took the sheep and
made a burned offering of it in place of his son.
[YESHAYAH(Isaiah) 53:8]

. how could a ram get its horn caught in the bushes?
notice the ritual of the scapegoat
in which a goat is pushed over a cliff;
that is how a ram could get its horns
into but not out of a thicket.