one taken while the other close by remained

web.relig/christian/one taken while the other close by remained:
11.12: summary:
. the christian bible talks about
the coming day of judgment,
when people working close together
and even family members
will be separated by the judgment.
. when Jesus said "Whoever is not with me is against me":
he meant you cannot have no opinion of Jesus
when family is against him.


Anderson 1999`brain drain in physics?

18.10.31: news.phi/science/
Anderson 1999`brain drain in physics:
. Anderson 1999 says there was a brain drain
in the field of published physics;
what his article misses is that
real physics exploring new paradigms
is being practiced within secret industries
that serve our national security.
. you'll fully see the real physics
only during the next world-wide war;
for a possible taste of what is to come
study videos of how the towers on 9/11
were silently yet instantly turned to dust.
(not a collapse and not a demolition,
nothing published can explain all the evidence
compiled by Dr.Judy Wood).


Paul Hodson`Be The Best Person You Ever Met

18.8.7: tv.psy/Paul Hodson`Be The Best Person You Ever Met:
Talks at Google 2018.8.3:
Paul Hodson`Be The Best Person You Ever Met:
. instead of watching news, read books;
the top books that helped him were...:


prophets don't need to be perfect

2017.12.14: 2018.7.31: relig/liberal/
prophets don't need to be perfect:
. all prophets have moments of inspiration
that may be the word from the god
but they are also influenced like the rest of us
by the devil(god of this world)
and personal or national opinions.

lobbyism -- rep's for virtual states and cities

pol/representation/lobbyism -- rep's for virtual states:
. representatives should be more of a lobbyist,
representing my group's particular interests
rather than the interests of
the group I'm geographically with;
the key to proper representation
is moving to a virtual city
where everyone thinks like you
and your wishes are not nullified
by an opposing majority.
. so, how to find your lobbyist?
learn the issues;
locate your position in multi-dimensional issue space,
place your issues into essential vs nice-to-have categories;
computer shows space of group you're in
and shows larger groups you are close to but not exact match;
the larger your group the more votes your rep has;
eg, for every 1000 people in your virtual city,
your virtual city's rep gets 1 vote.


Putin on election interference

Putin on election interference:
. usa admits to interfering with Russian elections
but says they have a right to because
they are spreading democracy;
is that civilized?
... the chaos [of using media for propaganda]
is not the result of any interference
but of usa's own political system:
the internal struggle, the disorder, the division ...
[it's caused by democracy that tries to
unify nationalists with globalists,
and liberals with religious conservatives.]


mediterranean diet may benefit from mushrooms

17.12.3: 18.7.2: news.health/diet/
mediterranean diet may benefit from mushrooms:
Ergothioneine is a naturally occurring amino acid
and is a thiourea derivative of histidine,
containing a sulfur atom on the imidazole ring.
This compound is made in relatively few organisms,
notably Actinobacteria, Cyanobacteria, and certain fungi.
Food Chemistry, 2017;
Mushrooms: A rich source of the antioxidants
ergothioneine and glutathione.
prof Beelman:
(professor emeritus of food science and director of the
Penn State Center for Plant and Mushroom Products for Health)
. countries that have more ergothioneine in their diets,
like France and Italy,
also have lower incidents of neurodegenerative diseases,
like Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's.
-- about five button mushrooms each day.