adrenal fatigue

2.1: news.health/hormonics/adrenal fatigue:
Chris Kresser`adrenal fatigue:
. adrenal fatigue means high cortisol;
recovering from adrenal fatigue requires more than
just taking supplements and making diet changes;
stress management may include "a qigong routine,
guided mindfulness-based stress reduction practice,
and guided meditation practice".
see the 14-day 4-part program at 14four.me:
(the 4 parts include moving like your ancestors,
reboot your diet, manage your stress,
and get restorative sleep).

immune response to mammalian meat and milk #cancer

2.1: 3.1: web.health/cancer/immune response to mammalian meat and milk:
. eaters of mammalian meat seem more prone to cancer [pnas 2014]
than eaters of other types of animal protein;
a sugar called Neu5Gc, is found in most mammals
but not in humans; and,
humans often have high levels of Neu5Gc-specific antibodies
(perhaps developing inflammation when they eat it)
[Nat Biotechnol. 2010];
scientists wondered if humans are troubled by
eating a foreign sugar such as Neu5Gc
so they engineered mice to not make that sugar
in order to have them better model human reactions;
and, when the new mice were then fed the Neu5Gc,
they were more prone to spontaneous cancers. [ucsd.edu]


@google warns rely only on printers

2.15: news.cyb/net/@google warns rely only on printers:
. Google is the king of cloud computing
but Google's vice-president Vint Cerf warned:
"If there are photos you really care about,
print them out."
. I have all my photos on Google Drive;
is he worried WWIII destroys Google servers?


#Jesus can heal the Sunni-Shia divide #Islam

1.29: relig/islam/Jesus can heal the Sunni-Shia divide:
. the Shia and Sunni fight over how their leader is chosen;
that is just like the Jewish vs Samaritan fight
over which mountain the Temple should be at;
Jesus transcended that fight by saying
worship in your heart not in a temple .
. likewise,
Muslims should transcend the Shia vs Sunni choice
by deciding Islam doesn't need a supreme leader;
all that is needed by a global religion
is to share the same scriptures
and listen to the consensus of our local elders
about how to follow the spirit of the law .
. the reason Islam needed a central authority
is that they were a military organization,
but another way to promote their religion
is by offering social security and local policing .

"g-d" as the voice of community survival

1.29: relig/god/the voice of community survival:
. when we say of a work, "god said that",
or "god had the prophets or the son say that"
we mean that work supports a plan that is
in the best interest of your community or the world,
or something your common sense will agree with
given you are sufficiently educated
to think about the spirit of the law .
. otherwise, how do we know god's voice
when there can be false prophets?


Shinto torii

1.26: web.relig/shinto/torii:
. there are several styles of torii  [see pict]
(shinmei torii, mihashira torii, ...);
what they all have in common
is providing a door frame to walk under,
. sometimes there is some brief fencing,
but instead of the gates going parallel with the frame,
they are parallel with the door's path,
reminding of the handrails for a creek bridge .
. the purpose of the gate is to
suggest you are leaving our world
and entering the spirit world
where the Shinto shrines are meant to be at .
. often a wooden red torii
marks the entrance to the shrine grounds,
then a stone torii marks the actual shrine area.
[japandave.com 2010]


iodine for apoptosis against #cancer

1.24: web.health/cancer/iodine for apoptosis against #cancer:
. iodine may be of use against cancer,
but some say the needed doses
are far beyond what experts consider safe
(National Academy of Sciences).
. iodine has the same political problem as selenium:
when there are claims that it can prevent cancer
the very legitimate concern is that
people are being fed ideas that are not proven
because the proven cancer cures are so feared .
. anyone claiming a use for high-dose iodine
is creating a path for it in cancer treatment too .
. while many may thrive on high-dose iodine
(including a majority of Japanese
who get high-dose iodine from seaweed),
some trying high-dose iodine
have warned of damage to the thyroid
some say the damage came from an autoimmune reaction;
so, as with all things affecting hormones,
start low and go slow;
but also don't forget to get your
thyroid-soothing selenium,
(also another source of cancer prevention).
. the main cause of autoimmune disorders
may be leaky gut syndrome or GAPS
(Gut and Psychology Syndrome),
in which case the GAPS diet may help with
healing gut dysbiosis, curing autoimmune disorders,
and thereby increasing your tolerance for
possibly cancer-preventing doses of iodine .