#NSA owns #linux even without #monolithic arch

2.19: cyb/sec/#NSA owns #linux even without #monolithic arch:
. I once thought the creator of linux
must be part of the NSA's conspiracy to
put vulnerabilities in open source:
he spurned the idea of a securable microkernel,
promoting instead the efficiency of a monolithic OS
written in the C programming language
which is notoriously difficult to secure .
. but if you look at all the other vulnerabilities
(such as USB support, and firmware rewritability),
a microkernel written in a safe language
would not have really mattered much .
. just look at what Chrome OS did with linux:
it removed many of the other vulnerabilities
and the linux core remains a survivor .


#encryption export controls #Logjam

5.27: news.cyb/sec/encryption export controls/Logjam:
The new attack has been dubbed Logjam,
( the name is a pun on the "discrete log"
math operation used to break the weak keys.
But the name is also an allusion to the fact that
these '90s-era export ciphers are part of an
immense amount of technical debt
that's built up in our crypto protocols,"
"There's just too much dead wood that's accumulated over the years."
The weakness is the result of export restrictions
the US government mandated in the 1990s
to enable less secure encryption for foreigners
so the FBI and NSA could eavesdrop on them .


solar cycles affecting economy

2.16: web.pol/solar cycles affecting economy:
economyandmarkets`The Power of the Cycle:
Do sunspot cycles affect the stock markets?
. the sunspot cycle is reputed be 11 years;
but over the last hundred years,
the real average of this cycle is 10.3 years.
. months of research into sunspot cycles
has shown that 88% of the major crashes,
came in the down cycle,
and most of the rest came close on either side.
The worst crashes come around
the first 2.5 years after a peak;
and, the cycle peaked February 2014;
so the greatest crash should happen
between mid-2015 and late 2016.
[ consider too the 7-year shemitah cycle:
the next one is sept 2015 .]

manage bermuda grass with chickens

2.15: co.nextdoor.com/apt`yard/manage bermuda grass with chickens:
Arthur Thomson:
Dan we had Bermuda grass, then we got about 10 chickens,
now no more Bermuda grass, just lots of fresh eggs.

drug use #childcare

2.15: co.nextdoor.com/Crime & Safety
/health/childcare/drug use in the neighborhood:
"This is not the first time that I have witnessed
students openly smoking dope on the street and sidewalk."
-- JH
. we see from how much society uses drugs
that the ethics of drug use is debatable;
but what is not up for debate
is that childhood is an efficient time to learn
and also an urgent time to learn
(the ignorant get hurt!)
so I thought we should pay kids to learn;
and insist that be their only source of income .
. teach kids not only what is hurting kids
(suicide, car accidents, teenage pregnancy)
but how health choices cost you later .
. when you develope academic skills
you learn to love yourself and are less prone to
letting social troubles lead you to suicide .
. we pay you more for higher grades
because we value your life .

rodeo is getting more dangerous #childcare

2.15: news.health/rodeo is getting more dangerous:
kids in rodeo:
"Cody Custer ... won the 1992 Professional
Rodeo Cowboys Association World Championship,
... He says 11-year-olds are now getting on
the kinds of bulls he rode in college."

The New Yorker mag`Bilger 12.10:
. bulls are being bred to be buckier than before;
only the steers (castrated) are safe to ride now;
at "futurities" bulls get rode by dummies .
. the more aggressive bulls sometimes gore each other;
often this starts when they try to hump each other .

anti-semitism from Islamic panic #wwIII

2.15: co.fb/pol/purges/wwIII/anti-semitism from Islamic panic:
. much of anti-semitism is really anti-zionism,
and the realization that WWIII is inevitable .

regulated #capitalism is #communism

2.15: co.apt/pol/gemini/regulated capitalism is communism:
. talk radio is saying we should beware communism
because it would regulate capitalism;
let me remind us that privacy is the root of all evil;
absolute power brings absolute evil,
and privacy is the key to absolute power;
the most powerful should have the least privacy;
because the whole point of privacy invasion
is to know what is going on to regulate it .
. to the extent that we regulate capitalism
for environmental or consumer protection
we are communistic; and, that degree of communism
is nothing to be afraid of .


extra snow can be from global warming

2.15: co.fb/phy/geo/extra snow can be from global warming:
. there are 2 sources of devastating climate change:
man-made, and geomagnetic pole reversal .


are vitamin E supplements needed?

2.14: web.health/diet/are vitamin E supplements needed?
. it could be that we don't need much vit'E
and any reduction in heart disease
only occurs in those prone to it due to bad diet;
my diet is like the Zone diet but with eggs,
no mammal meat, and little dairy;
my diet avoids grains except oats;
but grains are the primary natural source of vit'E;
however even without grains
it may be possible to get healthy levels of vit'E
by getting a lot of dark green leafies .

life is evil #privacy

2.14: phi/life is evil:
. violating privacy is clearly evil;
yet respecting privacy until proven guilty
inevitably helps hide criminals -- clearly evil:
therefore life is evil,
and you are left choosing the lesser of 2 evils .

@VeteransToday 's Gordon Duff with Dr. Judy Wood #911truther

2.13: news.pol/911truther/VeteransToday.com's Gordon Duff:
audio of Pete Santilli show:
. Santilli converses with Gordon Duff,
Senior Editor with VeteransToday.com.
. both agree with Dr. Judy Wood's analysis
that 9/11 was evidence of
directed free-energy technology,
but Duff warns the deep state will hurt us
if influential people expose classified technology .
. see also transcript .


closer to genetically modified humans

5.10: news.pol/healthcare/gmo/closer to genetically modified humans:
. germline editing is the only solution for
getting rid of inherited diseases
without a eugenics mandate .
. we are getting closer to such technology,
but scientists worry about public opinion
claiming only the god should create new life .


Dr. Morehouse annoyed at remote viewing 9-11

2.14: news.pol/911truther
/Dr. David Morehouse annoyed at remote viewing 9-11:
. remote viewing is the use of prayer
to get private info about events .
. last year the big news in remote viewing
is farsight.org's exposure of the 9/11 event
as a conspiracy among usa's own government,
but they contradicted the evidence showing
the trade tower dustification was from
a classified beam weapon technology
rather than some clean nuclear bomb .
. a magazine about remote viewing, Eight Martinis,
interviewed Dr. David Morehouse
and he was not excited about remote viewing
because he wasn't into conspiracy theories!
. he was likely thinking like me
what difference does a conspiracy theory make
if it doesn't expose the biggest story:
9/11 was evidence of directed free energy technology .

remote viewing and the Law of Attraction

2.14: news.psy/parapsy/remote viewing and the Law of Attraction:
. this is my first exposure to EightMartinis,
a magazine about a parapsychology method
that gets private information supernaturally
by basically praying to know something .
. those who practice it often also meditate
and that is a key to the Law of Attraction
(the secret to influencing people).
. some people seem possessed after remote viewing
becoming obsessed with discomforting thoughts
suggesting that "dabbling in the supernatural"
may increase risk of psychosis or obsessions .

the grace of god

2.13: bk.relig/god/the grace of god:
. "the grace of god" refers to
the god influencing our decisions
in a way that is coordinated
so that we cooperate with each other
instead of bumping into each other .
. another form of the god's grace
is by influencing a stream of prophets
which tell us what the god's way is;
so, we all have the same expectations of
life and each other .
. if there is an eternal life,
and if it depends upon following
the will of the god,
then it is by the god's grace,
that one can have eternal life .


glucosamine life extender?

2.11, 5.9: news.health/glucosamine/life extender?:
. the studies that claimed
glucosamine caused insulin resistance
were looking at acute high doses;
whereas moderate chronic doses
appear to have a beneficial effect .
D-Glucosamine (CAS 3416-24-8,

#christian Paul started a mystery religion

2.9: bk.relig/christian/Paul started a mystery religion:
. Paul referred to Jesus as "kyrios"
which is the same way of saying "lord"
that the Greeks at that time used for referring to
the dying-rising god of the mystery religions .
. the mystery religions involved a secret ceremony
that united the believer with the dying-rising god
so that likewise the believer might become
divine after death and rise into an eternal life .
. also, even though Peter wanted to
keep gentiles out of christianity
it was Paul who talked him into it
[ Floyd H. Ross and Tynette Hills 1959
The Great Religions By Which Men Live p137].

Jesus' cultural changes

2.7: relig/jc/Jesus' cultural changes:
. Jesus was popular with those who were not wealthy
because the priests were saying
only the rich are blessed by the god
because in order to be blessed by their god
you had to be wealthy enough to
offer sacrifices each year .
. Jesus said even the poor can be blessed
by just remembering the spirit of the law:
love god with all your heart
and love neighbors as you would self .

chriskresser.com` #parkinson's disease

2.6: news.health/parkinson's disease/chriskresser.com:
. Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac talks about
new findings in the study of Parkinson’s disease .


Islamic respect vs free speech

5.4: web.pol/purges/war/Islamic respect vs free speech:
5.6: summary:
. when I first heard of the #texasattack
it seemed every criticism one cares to make
about the Prophet or his god,
can be expressed without images,
yet here were "free speech" defenders
flouting Islam's preferences .
. then I thought of the unique uses of images,
how they can say things very quickly,
and can be a valuable communications tool .
. freedom of expression is a good
and restrictions should not be taken lightely
as long as the assertions are not false;
so, how can we defend both freedom and Islam?
. there will be a global government soon;
so, which culture should that government enforce?
. instead of demanding integration and tolerance
there should be cities dedicated to each culture
so that Islam can get its respect on its turf,
and people can express their graphic opinions
around those who won't become homicidal about it .
. but is cultural segregation safe and humane?
no culture should be allowed to
keep people against their will;
and no culture should be allowed to
whip, amputate, drug or kill their criminals
unless criminals prefer that to expulsion .
. no culture, including Islam,
should expect universal respect:
there should be cities not devoted to Islam
where free speech includes even images
as long as Islamic cities and networks
are protected from viewing such images .


#dementia linked to anticholinergics

2.4: news.health/alz/dementia linked to anticholinergics:
. a study in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine,
has linked dementia to "anticholinergic" medicines,
including over-the-counter treatments for
conditions such as insomnia and hay-fever.
. in elderly people, higher doses and prolonged use
(every day for 3 years or more)
were linked to higher dementia risk [cdcbbc].

#ESP is classified

2.4: co.fb#aj/pol/gemini/ESP is classified:
John Greenewald:
Last year, I filed a FOIA request for
information on Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)
to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).
After finding records that originated at the CIA,
they forwarded them over for review, and release to me.
After waiting quite some time, the documents were determined as
fully classified and exempt from release.
They denied my request in full .
but google "FOIA remote viewing"
eg, http://www.wanttoknow.info/remoteviewing/remote-viewing
"the CIA has already declassified and released
over 70,000 records on remote viewing".
. but here's
Greenewald asking about "remote viewing":
anyway, here's cia's search engine:
here's a better of way of using that:
site:foia.cia.gov remote viewing
eg, (mostly about ufo's but mentions "remote viewing").

Google`Project Zero on #Apple

2.4: news.cyb/sec/Google`Project Zero on #Apple:
intego.com`mac security:
. Google's Project Zero finds flaws in software;
and gives a 90-day warning before releasing details
including proof-of-concept code .

higher IQ by conversing with preschoolers

2.3: news.care/children/higher IQ by conversing with preschoolers:
. wealthier children have higher IQ's,
and one difference wealthier families make
that might be usable by other families
is conversing more with their preschoolers
using a richer vocabulary .
. however the intervention studies are not done,
so the effect of wealth on IQ
might also be due to genetics or telepathy .


life is one just as god is one

2.2: relig/god/life is one just as god is one:
. "life is one just as god is one";
that reminded me that life is numerous
exactly to diversify and spread the risk,
there being safety in numbers,
since even if many within a species die,
the species will live on .
. likewise, god is a source of instincts
and there could be numerous versions of god
in order to diversify and protect
the goal that all gods share as one .
. life is one in its purpose to diversify experience,
just as the purpose of one god of gods
is to ensure the diversity of experience
by knowing everything that has been
and getting to everything that has not been .

se-methylselenocysteine at wikipedia

2.1: web.cyb/net.wiki/se-msc:
. this is what I did for wikipedia;
their Methylselenocysteine page had been deleted
for copyviolations,
I may be doing too much quoting too;
we'll see ...