Islam's Sheikh Imran Hosein` scriptural ties between #Russia and #Islam

2.16: news.pol/purges/wwIII/Islam's Sheikh Imran Hosein`
scriptural ties between Russia and Islam:
. this is a transcript [and commentary] of the video
Sheikh Imran Hosein: Why End Time Will Be In 13 April 2016.
. he says there is evidence in the qur'an
that there will be an alliance between Islam (obviously Shia)
and Russia (because it is Orthodox Christian).
. Russia needs a naval base in Syria for
winter-time access to its ships and nuclear submarines
when the Russian ports are iced over
and the regime who gives him access is a Shia Muslim;
usa is trying to replace that regime with "democracy"
obviously Sunni Muslims who may not be so cooperative with Russia
after what Russia did to maintain power in Sunni Chechnya.
--. the video says nothing about April 13 (a Wednesday;
Jewish date 5 Nissan, 5776; Islam date: 5-6 Rajab, 1437)
Passover 2016 begins Friday, April 22;
IRS Tax Deadline is Monday, April 18;
Easter 2016 is March 27; Spring 2016 is March 20.
. WWIII happens by Fall 2016, but likely before then.
what else happened on April 13?
Henry V is crowned Holy Roman Emperor (1111)
-- the Roman empire never fell (bible prophesy);
Thomas Jefferson's birthday (1743)
--he drafted the Declaration of Independence;
Harvest day (Vaisakhi) for Sikhs
(northwestern India and northern Pakistan).
Spies to Jericho (1273 BC)
-- Two days before the end of mourning Moses,
Joshua dispatched two scouts to Jericho,
for their first conquest of the Holy Land.


omnity.io free search is very limited

2.13: news.web.cyb/net.omnity.io/contextual search:

. the free version of search at
seems to have access to very little content:
after a dozen searches I got directed to only 3 sources,
wikipedia, patents, and clinical trials.
. it's main feature is contextual search:
if you upload a file then it will find similar items.


does the #god tell the truth? #WWIII

2.4: relig/god/does the god tell the truth?:
. if god is always telling the truth,
who told us the genesis story of creation?
it could be that god does as he pleases:
Psalm 115:3: But our God is in heaven:
he has done whatever was pleasing to him.
Psalm 135:6 TheLord has done whatever was pleasing to him,
in heaven, and on the earth, in the seas and in all the deep waters.
and the god may say things not just poetically,
but also to manipulate us.
. it could be the god and the devil are the same entity.
. suppose the purpose of the god is to ensure
an infinite diversity of experience;
and half of that can't be good.

cosmical physics

news.phy/aether/cosmical physics:
. in the late 1800's science was evolving rapidly
and people became excited about "cosmical physics"
but that term seemed to die out after wwI (1919)
when aether theories were seen as disproved,
and Einstein's relativity principle was introduced.
. astrophysics is about objects we can see;
the cosmical physics would include empty space,
and the free energy that is found there.

. I wondered if this avoidance of "cosmical physics"
was to bury history leading to free energy aether theories;
ie, there really is an interest in cosmical physics
but it is now classified a military secret.
. meteorology was not considered a real science?
remember what Dr.Judy Wood said about tornadoes,
that they seemed to involve some Tesla physics,
antigravity and molecular disassociation,
as was seen in the Hutchison effect and 9/11
when the towers were dustified.