#freemasonry vs #Catholicism

5.24: co.amazon/relig/freemasonry/vs Catholicism
Mark R. Dillon says:
"A chapter on how the College of Cardinals
of the Roman Catholic Church
is really a coven of satan-worshippers
without documentation?!? ...
The Catholic Church is the foremost
defender and propagator of the gospel in the world.
It is also the foremost opponent of
freemasonry from its beginnings.
Know your allies."
my reply:
. I think that was supposed to imply that the
freemasons are the satan-worshippers in this line-up,
but let's be clear:
the catholics are styled as globalist dictators
-- when not defeated by a plague of liberals --
whereas the freemasons are the States' Rights party,
asking only that you believe in one god,
without worrying about whether he has children
or who his prophets are .


black holes theory is a fraud hiding_gravity_beam_engineering

5.17: news.pol/gemini/black holes are fraud hiding gravity beam engineering:
. when a star meets a "black hole"
it is sucked into something that rotates
and then emits a jet from the spin's axis;
-- this is giving me an idea of what a "black hole" really is:
how can something with so much gravity
not give off EM (electromagnetic) rays?
it is so energetic that all its EM rays cancel each other,
resulting in EM waves being converted to EM pulses;
and, a certain class of EM pulses are gravity beams
(other EM pulses provide anti-gravity and dustification).
. that's why they are making up this idea that
a black hole has gravity so strong it absorbs light;
because the alternative is to believe that
light cancellation can turn into gravity,
leading to a theory that gravity is engineerable .


John E. Whitcomb, M.D anti-aging

4.30: aq.med/John E. Whitcomb, M.D anti-aging:
5.4: summary:
. a friend using integrative medicine for cancer
(using both chemo and functional medicine)
introduced me to an anti-aging doctor
who has a blog I found very helpful
and who has a clinic in Brookfield, Wisconsin
with BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy)
probiotics, and anti-aging diet management .
. I briefly explore his blog's advice,
and give a summary of his LiveLongMD.com site .


Ralph Nader`Unstoppable corporate state #illuminati

5.3: news.pol/gemini/illuminati/Ralph Nader`Unstoppable corporate state:
Ralph Nader`Unstoppable: 
The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State
. he's too late .
. Nader is right about our country being hijacked,
but it was pawned by the illuminati not free capitalists
-- the pro-War-on-Terror hawks:
the freemason and christian zionists --
completely pawn the Republicans and Democrats;
so, Nader's Right-Left Alliance voters will be impotent .
. the illuminati have a civilization to save/dominate
before the anti-zionist world wakes up to the secret physics
of beam weapons, free energy, and anti-gravity propulsion .
. this is why a bunch of America's smartest
don't seem to be worrying about petty national issues
like popular disapproval or currency collapse .


PalmitOleic healthier than usual monounsaturate

4.30: news.cook/POA (PalmitOleic acid) Omega-7 mono'oil:
. good fat just got even better!

Douglas Rushkoff #relocalization

5.2: news.pol/econ/Douglas Rushkoff`relocalization:
. is off-shoring a symptom or a cause of overpopulation?