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health advice on knol needs full disclosure
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Preventive approach to Alzheimer's disease
lifestyle choices for blindness prevention
2011.10.16: correction:
. where have I listed carbs before 2011.10
and I got the data from nutrition labels;
it's not just the usda that assumes carbs includes fiber:
 it's every food label .
so insulin-relevant carb < total.carb - fiber;

basic hormonics
#thyroid optimization may save bone,vision #health...
hormonics of thyroid
safe-carb's Dr.Lustig
#health #legume Dr Irene Darmadi-Blackberry #hormonics
 legumes that are lectin-compatible with your blood...
some beans feature complete protein?!!!
drip-feeding protein along with glucose
#health #legume max bean zone diet #hormonics
 missing the forest for the sugar trees
calories-in = calories-out myth
fructose | Chlorella is an antidote
care for high-risk elders
hormonics in pregnancy
weightlifting hangover 

environmental dangers
valley fever surrounded by disbelief fever
aerosolized prions for biological warfare
zoonotic pathogens
insect netting
reducing risk of food allergies
autophagia another form of self-destruction

gmo's (genetically modified organisms)
#gov nutrition label for allergenic #gmo:
test GE Fish on pet food for 20 years
genetic engineering done right, wrong, and ugly
gmo's transferring genes to bacteria
genetically modified alfalfa looms over grassfed
santa man v1.0 -- a walk through the monsanto park...

childcare dangers
#Godboldo vs #antichrist #antipsychotic #childcare
#usa #child #care gemini policy saves innocents
fig-leafing our responsibility to children
american dream housing
why teens have elderly cholesterol levels
how obesity can increase intelligence
egg fried by loud music
drug war lost by early neglect
global warming -- getting warmany low-crime societies?
home invasions avoided
violence prevention
purges throughout the ages
prodigal parenting
The Big Short--widespread financial ruin
an economic recovery that can save lives
Energy Security (perhaps) Saves (a lot of) Lives
earthquake-proofing my adobe-only walls

cancer prevention
health note to
anti-#cancer #selenium-cysteine compounds
se-methylselenocysteine preventing cancer
evangelizing non-toxic selenium
review Life Extension: A Practical Scientific Appr...
high-fat diet, dioxins, and cancer
whey to go -- ups and downs with cancer
inflammation syndrome and colon cancer
inflammation syndrome
estrogen-dominance a major source of cancer
cancer risk related to autoimmune risk
a new terrorist among the promiscuous

food reviews
you want to subsidize corn and healthcare?!
what's cooking, doc?
#health gelatin makes meat #whole
smooth pigweed and nitrate poisoning
dietary supplement selection
whey selection
paleo (grassfed) diet
grass-fed poultry
Atkins diet in eskimos
chia is healthy snack food
dmae for age spots
Peak Energy
tylenol has become too-helpful suicide aid

mental health
marijuana's role in schizophrenia
science-based suicide prevention
america the beautiful mind
the state of psychiatry on
parapsychology in the news
Holford's Optimum Nutrition for the Mind
medical model for schizophrenia

Lise Eliot, Ph.D. What's Going On in There?
How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life .

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Trauma Plan (Grace Medical)
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Code Blue (Prescription for Trouble, Book 1)
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