science-based suicide prevention

4.28: pol/purges/science-based suicide prevention:
Myths about Suicide. we should have a process for suicide
in which we are gathering
more info about perceived prevention;
what does the suicidal person
think the problem is ?
. we can promise them that after
submitting to a consultation
and taking surveys for what's livable,
they actually can get safe, sure relief
if we can't provide what might be
something they can eventually live with .
Why People Die by Suicide. all of our religous anti-suicide policy
is just so much "(suck it up, pilgrim;
we have the job of being the flies
-- every thicker flies in a drying field --
and you need to get used to it).
. keep in mind that our societal choices
directly affect the rate of suicide:
is there no safety net after family failure?
ie, is there no assurance of employment?
Silent Grief: Living in the Wake of Suicide [SILENT GRIEF REV/E]is there no monastary for the addicts and gays?
. you do ask for suicide;
and, by pretending that you don't,
you in fact ask for messy suicides,
disability, mass murder, and
public-endangering reckless behaviors
like manic sexual promiscuity
and wild driving .
No Time to Say Goodbye: Surviving The Suicide Of A Loved One
Suicide Club (Suicide Circle)