#nanoparticles in food untested risks #cancer

5.28: news.pol/healthcare/cancer/nanoparticles in food untested:
. nano-sized materials promote genetic instability
(used in cosmetics, biomedical, textiles, food, plastics and paints);
genetic instability might promote cancer.

Friends of the Earth`petition:
We urge baby formula companies to recall formula containing nanoparticles.


only 2.7% of #usa is #healthy #weight #diet #exercise

4.7: news.health/only 2.7% of usa is healthy weight diet exercise:
5.24: summary:
. the study found that most usa citizens are unhealthy;
90% failed due to being overweight.
. 15% of the overweight ones were seen as
both following the official usa diet,
and getting enough exercise.
. the official usa diet may be the problem:
there is no upper limit on grains;
in 2005 there was no limit on refined grains.
. the expected activity level is
150 min/wk (22min per day) of moderate-intensity
or 75 min/wk of vigorous-intensity physical activity
spread out over at least 4 days out of 10.


books about #telepathy with #pets

5.13: web.psy/parapsy/books about telepathy with pets:
. what will amazon search bring up
with "pet telepathy"?
there are dozens of books about telepathy with pets
or pet psychics or psychic pets.
. included is one that is rather scientific,
"Rupert Sheldrake's Dogs That Know
When Their Owners Are Coming Home"
in about the middle of amazon's list.
. the list below is roughly in the same order
that amazon's search provided.


grape seed extract for treating edema

web.me/med/edema/grape seed extract:
2016.5.11: summary:
. review of 2015 cook and med notes
about grape seed extract for treating edema.
I had edema in feet for 2.5 months,
then it was much reduced after 2 weeks of
quadruple dosing of grape seed extract.