birthers replaced by fullblooders #obama

4.22: news.pol/obama/birthers replaced by fullblooders
. a New Jersey court case tried to have
Obama removed from the ballot
based on testimony that his posted birth certificate was altered;
but the judge simply ignored the testimony,
agreeing not to admit the birth certificate as evidence
and then assuming Obama was born in Hawaii anyway .

. snopes is a site that specializes in verifying rumours;
and, along with showing his long-form certificate,
and some official hawaii.gov confirmation,
they also dispute the evidence given by
those who dispute of the certificate's authenticity .

. but, the certificate's authenticity is moot;
because, the litigant's main argument was that
irregardless of being born in the united states,
there exists a constitutional amendment
that narrowly defines "(natural born citizen),
and requires the president to have both parents be citizens;
whereas, Obama's father was a national African .
. the judge simply scoffed at such interpretations,
and the litigant's only legal recourse is to appeal .

. some anti-Obama sites pointed out that
Obama's own lawyers agreed there was no evidence
that obama was born in this country;
in fact, what they agreed to was only that
there was absolutely no evidence
before the court
as to who Obama is or where he was born ...
because they absolutely were not compelled to
provide the court with any such evidence .


desert diabetics at risk of fungal infection #HFCS #hormonics

4.2: web.health/diabetics at risk
of deadly, desert fungal infection:
. the Mayo clinic (in az's Phoenix suburbs)
has released a report of an invasive fungus,
Basidiobolus ranarum,
that is partial to deserts (Arizona and Saudi Arabia);
and, it grows tumor-like masses around the intestines;
but it's very rare, because it prefers diabetics,
other metabolic disorders, or the immune compromised .
. a systemic fungal infection that is partial to deserts?
that reminds of valley fever .
. I got very sore knees from valley fever in Tucson
after tilling the ground during the fungal infection's
favorite growth period: after a long-needed rain .
. Basidiobolus ranarum starts from ingesting the feces
of some animal whose intenstines usually contain it .
. the CDC had no clues as to how the very few victims
could have possibly ingested feces,
but they may not be aware of the desert's
ferocious dust storms:
they can dig deep for fresh feces,
and fling it into a breathing mouth or nose .