america the beautiful mind

. this is a story about a troubled genius
who was put on anti-schizophrenic med's
after being alarmed by radio jockeys
talking directly to him;
then, given no help without forced medication,
he eventually committed suicide .
. Dr. Breggin’s newest book, Medication Madness (2008),
describes dozens of cases of otherwise self-controlled people
who became spellbound by psychiatric drugs,
leading them to perpetrate bizarre acts,
including mayhem, murder and suicide .
. science has found evidence that failure to medicate
increases the risk of relapse;
but, what kind of relapse are we talking about here?
the public equates schizophrenia with violence;
whereas, schizophrenia puts people at risk for
bullying, mass rejection, and hopeless economic situations;
and it is the hopeless -- not the deluded --
who are doing the mass murders recently .

1.21: news.psy/schiz'ia/med's shoot another beautiful mind:
Orlando Sentinel `Darryl E. Owens 2008:
From very early on,
Dominic lived in his own shell.
for several weeks into day care,
he was silent .
[. he was said to have cursed a playmate to
give him back his "(damned whale)
-- perhaps the mother was actually referring to
the Bible's Jonah story?
. Jonah takes a ship ride to avoid god's plan
only to find god's storm coercing the shippers
to toss the escapee overboard
where god's whale was waiting to bring him back .
. schizophrenia, which challenged Dominic at age 29,
has a lot in common with Jonah's whale .

. schizophrenia is a sanctifier
(a way of setting one apart for god's use),
like so:
smooth socialization depends heavily on
not having a lot of real opinion sharing;
and, schiz'ics routinely broadcast their thoughts
which causes those nearby to mutter echoes of
such intrusive thoughts .
. assuming god makes thought transfer possible,
schiz'ia can thus be viewed as god`storms
that force others to distance themselves
from the one god is storming about .]

[with an IQ > "genius" + (SD15 or SD16)
(> 160 -- testing higher than 99.997%) ]
his smarts meant enrollment in gifted classes,
much to his chagrin.
"He had this sensitive feeling about equality"
his mother said.

As a child, Dominic preferred reading,
reveling in history and military affairs.
[yet], when he joined the Marines, [in the 90's]
his family was shocked.
[ the marines placed him into a prestigious
ceremonial unit stationed in Washington, D.C. ]

They figured he was just following his
older brother, Sebastian, a Navy SEAL.
[. a graduate of Oxford University
and the Navy's Basic Underwater
Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) Class 195,
In 2003, Sebastian co-founded BCM,
a boutique private investment firm
that uses a proprietary algorithm
to exploit price trends in the major
commodity and financial futures markets
(and achieved an 80% return during the 2008 crisis).
Bastiat Blogger is a clearinghouse for
thoughts on hedge funds, global macro,
free markets, decision theory,
mixed-martial arts (MMA) and dueling culture,
private-sector tactical training, ...]
Dominic served six years,
earning his sergeant's stripes,
then left to pursue his passion: writing.
Still wanting to serve, [but as a non-leader?]
he joined the Florida Army National Guard.
He later enrolled at a Community College.
. in 2003-04, he served in Jordan and Iraq
working mostly security details with
Company C, 2nd Battalion, 124th Infantry Regiment .
[. an interpretation of why he left full-time then:

Sergeants serve as infantry squad leaders;
once a Marine reaches Sergeant,
their promotion no longer derives from a
composite or cutting score;
instead, they receive a Fitness Report.

. since schiz'ia was in his future (2003)
it's significant that he left just after
becoming a leader;
leadership is an stressful milestone;
and one reason for leaving at that point
could have been to intuitively avoid
an impending schiz'ic crisis;
it usually precedes a social role switch .
. perhaps there was less stress when blending in
and he didn't know just how paranormal
things would get during war's profanity .
. another possibility is that he simply
needed to go part-time military in order to
start schooling .]

[. one of his most notable schiz'ic symptoms
was being convinced that voices on the radio
were talking to him directly.]

[. if there is a living god (or devil),
there's no reason why the deity can't
synchronize your life's specifics with the
random shoot-from-the-hip content of a radio jock .
. perhaps the supernatural was hinting:
"( why didn't a genius get a college degree first
and thereby get fast-tracked to a leadership role?
why aren't we using brains to do brain work
instead of gutter-balling gifts into the line of fire? )

[. seeing the details of Dominic's case,
I wondered if the supernatural mind was
being partial to his genius,
and tried using paranormal events to
convince him that death is more than chance:
in fact, war deaths often happen to
those who are special and try to pass as normal .]

Associated Press:
More than half of the suicides by veterans of
Iraq and Afghanistan returning 2001 ... 2005
were committed by members of the National Guard
or the reserves .

. Army National Guard infantryman units
often suffer additional stresses
due to the fact that the soldiers' lives are
normally not specifically organized around
military deployments
(as an active-duty soldier's life would be);
such stresses may have promoted
schizophrenic thinking patterns:
Dominic was convinced that voices on the radio
were talking to him directly.
. Dominic would use his genius
to defend [paranormal] theories against
any attempts to establish that they were
incredibly unlikely, if not impossible.
. I was amazed at the intellectual acrobatics
and research efforts he would go to
to preserve a conspiracy theory
in the face of strong conflicting evidence .
. he saw things as overdetermined
and could not contend with the idea that
sheer randomness and coincidence
were major players in his world.
his father:
"We couldn't always understand what he was saying,
He was beginning to show signs of paranoia [schiz'ia]
and really thought [random] people
were trying to get him."
He was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder,
prescribed [anti-psychotic?] medications,
and returned state-side several weeks ahead of his unit .

. I know from personal experience
that as the anti-psychotic effects
reduced Dominic's paranoia symptoms,
they simultaneously caused his
quality of life to plummet
and his ability to concentrate
to fall off dramatically after a few weeks.
the tendency is to want the victim to
"get on with life" and find satisfaction in
work or school or relationships,
when in fact
the ability to do these things
is being attacked by the very medicine
that is used to treat the schizophrenia.
Dominic returned to school
but mostly stayed in the house.
Therapy and medication helped ...
his mother carried his pills up to his room .
--[. did she feel obliged to make sure
he took meds ?
perhaps he was having trouble finding employment
and could only get help from his parents
if he complied with psychiatry's genius-wilting chemo' ? .]

. shortly after [living at home on med's]
he slit his wrists,
[. a suicide attempt could cause a court-ordered
application of anti-psychotic medications:
danger to self for schiz'ic delusions
legally requires mind-wasting drugs
whose effectiveness as anti-aggression agents
is proportional to their destruction of
one's precious, life-embracing ability to write .]

. in the three months before [his successful attempt],
he'd tagged along on family trips to the
[GalM] -[apagos Islands] and Bermuda.
. a pistol exorcised the demons of Iraq 2004,
Dominic, 33, died on a monday,
[a week prior to saturday, September 20, 2008]

1.31: the PORT (Schizophrenia Patient Outcomes Research Team):
. PORT has been funded since 1992 by
the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
and the National Institute of Mental Health
to develop and disseminate recommendations for
the treatment of schizophrenia
based on existing scientific evidence.

. maintenance doses below 300 mg CPZ equivalents per day
carry an increased risk of relapse,
although a substantial proportion of persons (up to 50%)
can be maintained successfully at these lower doses,
warranting a gradual and carefully monitored effort
to reduce dosage over time.

1.30: news.psy/schiz/meds/PORT updates:
PORT has updated treatment recommendations:
. the Schizophrenia Patient Outcomes Research Team (PORT)
has issued updated treatment recommendations .

. In contrast to efforts like the
American Psychiatric Association practice guidelines
and the Texas Medication Algorithm Project,
which attempt to address the full range
of situations clinicians encounter,
the PORT review authors limit their recommendations
to those interventions that have been tested in
randomized controlled trials.

. two large clinical trials have compared efficacy of
first- and second-generation antipsychotics:
the Clinical Antipsychotic Trials of
Intervention Effectiveness (CATIE)
and the Cost Utility of the Latest Antipsychotic Drugs
in Schizophrenia Study (CUtLASS).
For patients with chronic schizophrenia (1..2 years),
--[why limit at 2years? that was the study range]--
both first- and second-generation antipsychotics
are equally effective at preventing relapse;
clozapine is an option for suicide risks .
[1.31: however, clozapine is hormonal murder .]

. selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
are often prescribed for schizophrenic depression
yet have not been well studied in this population .

During maintenance therapy,
first-generation drugs may be used at
lower doses than those required to treat
the initial (acute) episode,
while second-generation drugs can be prescribed
at whatever dose was effective in the initial phase.

persistent auditory hallucinations
in spite of antipsychotic treatment
may respond to
low-frequency transcranial magnetic stimulation.
[$195 Sota Bio Tuner Pulser Bio Stimulator Massager Pulse BT7]

[repetitive TMS (Transcerebral Magnetic Stimulation):
< 1Hz reduces excitability
> 5Hz increases excitability .
. excitation before a task,
or for short bursts during a task
can enhance cognitive performance .]

. medication should be used in conjunction with
psychosocial interventions:

psychosocial # Assertive community treatment:
. a community-based multidisciplinary team,
low patient-to-staff ratios,
and frequent contact with patients.
Randomized controlled trials have consistently concluded
that this model reduces hospitalizations and homelessness,
when compared with standard care.
# The key element of supported employment programs is
# rapid job placement rather than an extensive training,
# integration of vocational and mental health services,
# solicitation of the patient's preferred job type
# support while on the job.

psychosocial # family therapy:
. when patients with schizophrenia have
ongoing contact with their families,
the relatives should be offered a family intervention (6...9 months).
Evidence suggests they help reduce rates of
relapse and rehospitalization for the patient,
and increase rates of adherence to treatment.

psychosocial # cbt:
. Cognitive behavioral therapy (4..9 months,
either in group or individual format)
can be helpful for med-resistent psychotic symptoms;
it involves a collaborative agreement about
symptoms to target in therapy
combined with the use of strategies
to improve the patient's ability to cope.


aerosolized prions for biological warfare

1.20: news.health/prions/aerosolized prions for biological warfare:
. prions are 100 percent fatal;
but have been avoidable simply by
eating low on the food chain;
a new study has found that an
aerosolized form of sheep`scrapie prions
could cause death when inhaled by mice .]

ScienceDaily (Jan. 14, 2011):
Mad cow disease -- aka BSE,
(bovine spongiform encephalopathy)
is a 100% fatal spongy degeneration
in the brain and spinal cord.
The disease is transmitted by
tiny micro-organisms known as prions.
. over half a million cattle have died from
various prion diseases
. 15 % of Colorado deer populations
carry chronic wasting disease .
[. the original source of prions
is genetic mutation .]

. controls on high-risk offal
were introduced in 1989;
and, less than 300 people have died
from mad cow disease;
but, due to its long incubation period,
the number of human and animal deaths
is expected to rise.
Almost half a million BSE-infected animals
had entered the human food chain
before the controls went into effect .

Professor Adriano Aguzzi's team
at universities of Zurich and Tubingen
and the University Hospital Zurich
found airborne aerosolized sheep`scrapie prions
could cause infection in mammals .

farmed fish are fed cattle parts:
still interested in farmed fish?!

farmed fish provide less fish`health benefits:
. omega-3's increased markedly in
those patients that ate fish fed on
feed containing pure fish oils.
It was also shown that in these patients
the levels of marker substances for
heart and vessel disease
were much better than in patients eating
fish raised on pure rapeseed oil.

think about losing freedom to choose:
. crowded caged farmed fish are promoting the
hyperbreeding of fish parasites
that then reduce the health of surrounding wild stocks .

obamacare vs naturopaths

1.20: news.health/obamacare vs naturopaths:
. what did I think about the first time dr.mercola
said obamacare was a disaster?
here is another naturopath saying the same thing .
NaturalNews.com`Mike Adams December 14, 2010
U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson ruled
that Obama's "minimum essential coverage provision,"
violates the US Constitution.

. the details according to bloomberg.com
are that it's ok to fed'ly mandate
that insur' co's have to be fair,
but it's not ok to mandate
that everyone must buy a policy;
yet the only way insur co's could be fair
is when the insur is manditory .

. to understand this decision,
keep in mind that the legal system
doesn't have to find a good health plan,
they simply have to point out
what's illegal about the one you have .

. but that same argument about forced product
would also be good for any fed service,
since there is no practical diff'tween
a tax for service,
and a law for requiring payment for a service .
for example:
. I should not be forced to buy
a military aggression activity
just because the current congress wills it;
the constitution should mandate
that the decision to go to wars
belongs also to the military units of each state,
not just the rep's of each state and district .
. it would be like a 3rd congressional filter:
house, senate, labor
-- ah, now . let freedom ring .
. only 3 towns want to fight for this war,
is that all you'll need ? .
. the minimum duty is that you have to defend
invaded property, and after an invasion,
preemptives may be required;
but, that would specifically exclude
domino theories and terrorisms .

. if the courts were thinking wholistically
instead of just catering to obstructionists,
they would have talked instead about
what a reasonable min'insurance would be
along the lines of:
# practicality:
. while there are many people
who would not want to undergo or fund
treatments for cancer, gluttony, or sexual promiscuity,
who wouldn't want good care for trauma accidents?
# fairness:
. if you're thinking insur' should not be mandated,
who should pay taxes for your medicaid?

. I would think a reasonable fed min would be
all things with a good prognosis:
that would include most childcare
and would exclude most degenerative diseases,
except for pain control and hospice care .

. other objectors pointed out that
car insurance is state-controled,
so there's no reason health insur' couldn't be;
[1.29: great!
. that goes well with plans for relocalization;
other states may be as weird as foreign countries;
but, hey, your job stays in your state,
so, you never have to worry about
treatment by foreigners .]

. from the reaction of these naturopaths
I'm getting that they have been
excluded from being paid by the min'care system;
but how can that be?
I thought the big grassroots resistance to obamacare
(by the very middle class who would most benefit)
was having to pay to put up with naturopathic's
telling them what to eat, and other invasions
designed to avoid treatment:
"( oh, I'm high blood pressure so I should
meditate and eat my vegetables?! ).

. doctors were going to get paid per
healthy outcome not per procedure
-- this is where naturopathics shine!

. if all they wanted to do was save money
why didn't fed's just apply the same
naturopathic preventive invasions
to the medicaid customers ? .
. there is no need to treat anyone obese
for anything involving diabetes
-- that alone would flush $billions .
[1.29: well,
one reason they can't do that completely
is the very terms for medicaid eligibility;
you can't see a doctor for preventive consultation
until your lifestyle has eaten your wallet;
and, for most people,
that means decades of smoking, ignoring job safety reg's,
finding money to be entertained on the couch
by replacing fresh food with
mass producable non-perishables,
and engaging in strange religious sacrifices
like deep fat frying,
and unprotected promiscuous sex .]
Jul 20, 2010 by U.S. Government
Oct 1, 2010 by Peter Ferrara
Oct 1, 2010 by Scott W. Atlas MD

as In…

Mar 10, 2010 by Jon Kallberg
No-DeathPanels Pride.ware [obs]

zoonotic pathogens

1.20: news.health/zoonotic pathogens:
aolnews.com 1.20:
. zoonoses are the diseases that can be
transmitted from animals to humans,
"the risk for transmission of zoonotic agents
by close contact between pets and their owners
through bed sharing, kissing or licking
is real and has even been documented
for life-threatening infections such as
plague, and internal parasites"
and other serious diseases.
. several people have died from infections
after pets licked their open wounds .
. pets are exposed to salmonella in their food,
and if they've become littered with their own feces
the salmonella can stay alive for up to 12 weeks.

. 53% of dog owners consider their dog to be
a member of the family,
and 56 % of the Pets Are Family set
say they sleep with their dog next to them .
. dogs can carry some meningitis vectors,
and MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).
. dog worms can be a source of human toxocariasis,
causing serious vision problems for young children.

. disease transmissions from cats
are far more prevalent, and often more serious .
. a case of the plague in arizona occurred
when a child slept with his flea-infested cat.

. Cat Scratch is a bacterial infection
causing serious damage to the
liver, kidney and spleen of humans
from the scratch, lick or bite of a cat.
. the germ is also contained in the flea feces
that are dropped by a cat onto food prep areas .


community gardens of tucson

news.apt/xeriscape/community gardens of tucson:
bill buckmaster radio
interviewing the community gardens of tucson (cg)
. cg organizes gardens by accepting
free use of gardenable land
and then stocking it with tools
so that assigned people can rent it .
The land is usually lent to cg by a church, school
or private land owner
at no charge, for use as a garden space.
. a drip irrigation system is installed
to supply water to the plants.
A separate water meter is installed in the garden,
and the property owner is reimbursed
for all the water that is used.
each 3′ x 20′ garden plot is $15.00 per month;
This money pays for the water bills
and the irrigation equipment,
the bimonthly newsletter and a shed full of tools.
The gardener usually only needs to supply
plants/seeds and soil amendments.


reducing risk of food allergies

1.14: news.health/breastfeeding/breastfeed exclusively up to four months:
in the British Medical Journal
. babies not introduced to certain foods
earlier than six months
may have a higher incidence of food allergies.
Countries where peanuts are used as weaning foods
have low incidences of peanut allergy (Israel, for example)
. coeliac disease rose in Sweden
following advice to mothers to delay the introduction of gluten
into their child's diet until after six months,
and it fell when the recommendation
reverted to four months .
. failing to start weaning before six months
 appears to raise risks for iron deficiency anaemia,
"known to be linked to irreversible adverse
mental, motor or psychosocial outcomes."
. Exclusive breastfeeding protects against
infections, such as gastroenteritis
which is critical in developing countries,
but less important where sanitation is better.


fig-leafing our responsibility to children

1.13: relig/bible/genesis/privatization of parenting:
[1.21: . capitalists and communists are still arguing about
whether privatization of production is an evil,
yet they are both still making a mess,
and they both agree on the worst evil,
privatized reproduction(parenting):
it is the primary source of drug abuse, drug wars,
schizophrenia(mass rejection), and mass murder .]
. that realization
gave me this spin of the genesis story:
. god insists nothing should be private:
(genitals should remain in public view)
but after Adam's snake gave Eve
that first taste of fruiting
-- a harsh labor, and countless childhood emergencies --
they both decided it would be best if they
put all their troublesome differences out of sight .
. that, of course,
was the end of the first perfect garden .
. slavery is also a constant theme in the bible:
we have to put fig leaves between
the poor and the rich,
the mgt and labor,
your parenting style vs mine .
. the genesis author's god was right:
things should be specialized,
and things should not be private .
. secrets are not sure security,
but they are a sure source of power abuse .
. we should be able to inspect and have a say in
all things that can have an influence on us .
. I'm not saying that's an enforceable rule,
but it's where perfected technology is heading,
simply because that technology by definition
will make such per-module omniscience possible;
that is, it can enforce separate environments
and enable awareness of everything in
one's own environment .


wheeler may have been escaping the law

11.1.18: web.pol/purges/wheeler may have been escaping the law,

John P. Wheeler III, 66,
. a graduate of West Point, Harvard and Yale,
Wheeler led a prominent life in nonprofits
and the federal government, including the Pentagon;
an accomplished public servant
in three presidential administrations.
He was a founding member of the
Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program,
which helped veterans find employment opportunities.
He also helped spearhead a fundraising effort
to build the Vietnam Veterans
Memorial on the National Mall.

Wheeler was believed to be on an Amtrak train
from Washington to Wilmington Dec. 28 .

. Wheeler had just lost a long battle
at stopping construction that would
obstruct his riverside view
and devalue his property .
. a smoke bomb goes off on the winner's property,
then before the police can talk to him,
the last place the he is seen
is in a bad part of town,
after which he was found murdered in a dumpster .

. he may have gone downtown to ask about
paying the underground to further upset the winner .
. this case caught my because one pro-repub radio
had lamented:
police found a fine repub' in the dumpster
but will that story get any air time on liberal news?
no, instead they'll harp on how the democrat shooting
was caused by repub's hate radio .

. this story's introduction gets even more strange
because the first acct I saw is this:

January 5th, 2011 examiner.com:
"( NPR reported that John P. Wheeler was so
"disoriented and so disheveled that he was
mistaken for a homeless person"
but the News Journal of Delaware they quote as the source
doesn't really quite put forth that supposition, exactly. )
. that was a strange coincidence:
#1: days ago,
NPR had a big problem with sources
who were (misunderstood?) to be verifying
that giffords had died .
--. the first news outlet to get it right
was a relative of Giffords
who told someone on twitter,
who was tracked by google's real time news .
#2: anti-liberal radio is pointing me at Wheeler story;
#3: a Wheeler story points out NPR is twisting the truth .

anyway, here's a synthesis of the news:

Marini`construction would block his view of the park

Wheeler was known in New Castle for his failed efforts to
stop construction of a 2 1/2-story house
across the street from his home along Battery Park.
[. his home is 108 W. Third Street, New Castle, Delaware.]
He had sued to stop Frank and Regina Marini from building,
arguing the structure would block his view of the park
and the Delaware River.
The Marinis' home is currently under construction,
but Wheeler and his wife, Katherine Klyce,
still have a lawsuit pending in Delaware Chancery Court
to stop the project, said their attorney, Bayard Marin.

Because Wheeler and Klyce worked in
Washington and New York,
they were frequently away from home.
Records show Wheeler and Klyce were established residents
and registered to vote in Delaware.

On Dec. 13, he lost a key court decision

Everyone just assumed he really cared
about historical preservation,"
said Ted Corbett, a New Castle resident
and former history professor who studies preservation.
He just fought a little harder than most
when Frank and Regina Marini started
building a home on land they bought in 1998.

On Dec. 28, less than two days before Wheeler vanished,
smoke bombs caused minor damage at
the Marinis' unfinished home;
and, police wanted to question him about the incident.

. a City Cab driver of 14 years
 denies he ever gave Wheeler a ride.but his cell-phone number was found
in John Wheeler's cell phone.
--[or in his cell records, obtained by warrant] .

1.5 news:
[12.29:]. 6 p.m.
Happy Harry's pharmacy (740 Ferry Cut-Off, New Castle)

with an unusual request for pharmacist Murali Gouro,
who had filled prescriptions for the
former Pentagon official in the past.
He said,
'Can you give me a ride to Wilmington?'
and that was a flag,"He looked like he was a little upset."
"a little different"
Gouro offered to call a cab,
but Wheeler declined and left the store.

About 40 minutes after leaving the pharmacy,
he turned up at the parking garage of
New Castle County Courthouse
erratically searching for his car,according to employees and surveillance video .
Wheeler was carrying his right shoe in his left hand
and said someone had stolen his briefcase.
. he was blocks away from where his car was parked
in a garage on MLK Boulevard near the train station.
Wilmington Parking Authority officials
said he was a monthly customer.

[around 6:40 p.m.

An attendant said Wheeler came to her window
carrying his right shoe in his hand
and wearing a suit jacket but no overcoat.
Wheeler told a parking attendant
he wanted to get warm before he paid for parking,
even though his car wasn't there,
and that his briefcase had been stolen .]

Cathleen Boyer, a security guard at the courthouse,
said she was called down to the parking garage
after an attendant reported
"a homeless man in the garage."

Boyer walked out of the building with two state employees
when they encountered Wheeler.
"He came out of the bottom level," Boyer said.
"He had dirt on his right leg. His eyes were red,
like he was crying or something
and he said he was robbed."

Boyer said Wheeler did not smell of alcohol
and that his speech wasn't slurred.
He wore a black suit and a white shirt;
The two state workers offered him money.
"He told them he didn't want any money.
He said 'I have plenty of money,' " Boyer said.
. he claimed to be staying at an old hotel nearby
and that he had to get there.
He then walked off.

Wednesday night [12.29]
Wheeler was seen as disoriented and rambling
about his brother, mother and a Hertz rental car.

[on 12.30] 3:30 p.m, Thursday:

. he was seen in Wilmington's 10th and Orange streets,
near the DuPont, Nemours and Community Service buildings .
. there is a video surveillance camera
mounted at the corner of the DuPont Building
overlooking the street crossing.

Dec. 30, 8:30 p.m. surveillance video

Wheeler is wandering through the E.I. du Pont de Nemours
. he visited the 10th-floor officesof the Connolly Bove Lodge and Hutch law firm
looking to speak with the managing partner,
an attorney at the firm said Monday.

. he was looking to borrow train fare to travel north,
When a receptionist went to find someone for him,
Wheeler was gone -- still apparently disoriented,
and refusing help from passers-by who approached him.

last seen on video at 8:42 p.m.,
at Wilmington's Rodney Square
walking toward a high-crime section
about two blocks away.

. he exited E.I. du Pont de Nemours
onto 11th Street, going southeast,
past and through the Hotel du Pont valet parking area. He continues southeast and crosses Market Street .

walking toward the East Side,
Wheeler is wearing dark pants
and a dark blue hooded sweatshirt
with the hood worn over his head.

 Dec. 31 after 4:20 a.m.

. his body is picked up from one of 10 large trash bins;
all these sites are within 3..4 blocks of one another:
1. WSFS Bank, College Square
2. Newark Library, Library Avenue
3. Gardens of White Chapel, White Chapel Drive
4. Hudson State Service Center, Ogletown Road
5. Newark Toyota, Marrows Road
6. McDonald’s, E Main Street
7. Attila Wings, E Main Street
8. Newark Emergency Center, E Main Street
9. Bing’s Bakery, E Main Street
10. Goodwill, Newark Shopping Center

Dec. 31, around 9:56 a.m,
his body is transported from one of those sites
to Delaware Solid Waste Authority`Cherry Island Landfill .

Wilmington City Councilman Kevin Kelley 1.8:
cautioned Wilmington police not to go overboard in investigating Wheeler's death.
"I don't want any more resources dedicated to this
than we do any other homicide," Kelley said,
adding that about half of the city's
record 27 homicides from 2010 remain unsolved.


Detectives are reviewing hours of surveillance footage from
Downtown Visions, Wilmington's surveillance network,
to determine where Wheeler went after Rodney Square.

examiner.com`how the dump site was likely chosen

Wheeler's particular body dump site
has one thing in common with
locations favored by serial killers
who dump bodies and pick up victims:
it lies near two main highways: I95 and 273.
(map from last siting to dump area)


you want to subsidize corn and healthcare?!

1.17: web.health/glycemic index of various corn products:
65 Sweet corn, (has fiber and germ)
70 corn flour (same as sucrose)
85 corn starch (same as white bread)
-- the de-germed flour of the corn kernel
115 corn syrup --[ higher than 100 indicates a toxin .
   . it's measuring the rise in blood glucose
with pure glucose assigned an index of 100;
if the rise is faster than glucose,
it means something in it
is preventing cells from using it,
thereby keeping it dammed in the blood stream .]
70 high-fructose corn syrup drinks, hfcs sodas
--[ should be 115:
this is corn syrup with fructose added;
while the glycemic index appears low
it's because they testing a dilution .
. fructose doesn't become glucose
so it has a zero glycemic index;
but it does turn into triglycerides
that are making glucose less easy to use .
. by diluting the corn syrup
there's less of it test;
whereas the usefulness of the test
is not in showing how much a given calorie load
will turn into a given blood sugar load,
but rather,
in giving an idea of how fast
the blood sugar is increasing
-- important because the body can
put out insulin only so fast,
and if it can't keep up with that soda,
then there are short bursts of
brain-damaging high blood sugar;
in its rush to catch up, the insulin overcompensates:
bringing the blood sugar too low,
then the system protects itself from low brain sugar
by using cortisol to make the body insulin resistant
so there will be more for the brain;
at the next can of soda,
this insulin resistance will make the problem worse .]

what's cooking, doc?

1.17: news.health/stroke belt is frying poly'fats:
HSI - Jenny Thompson hsiresearch@healthiernews.com
HSI e-Alert - Southern fried Jan 17, 2011 at 5:07 AM

. within the states between the stroke belt
the risk of stroke seems higher for southeastern states
between Arkansas and the Carolinas;
this was curious because they eat plenty of fish
known for reducing strokes;
but an Emory University analysis of 21,000 usa diets
found that their fish is mostly fried,
at high heat, in oil rich in polyunsaturates,
or trans fats .
. another study showed fried fish is
increasing risk of heart attack and earlier death .

Problem #1: AGE's from high-heated poly'fats;
Mount Sinai School of Medicine 2009
compared normal food with an "AGE-less" diet
where foods were slow-cooked with plenty of moisture,
such as steaming or poaching.
. inflammatory markers (such as C-reactive protein)
were reduced while vascular function improved.

Problem #2: Trans fatty acids:
. people still use partially hydrogenated oils
or other sources of trans fatty acids;
even small daily amounts raise cardiovascular risks .

Problem #3: acrylamide from hot battered meat:
. most dietary acrylamide is formed by the
Maillard reaction:
when aspargine and reducing sugars
are heated above 100C° (212F).
brown-frying is temp > 170 °C (338 °F);
golden-frying reduces acrylamide formation:
145 to 170 °C (293 to 338 °F)
. typical sources of acrylamide are
coffee (54% of intake),
fried potatoes (12% of intake),
and toast (9% of intake).

food-browning can happen at low temperatures:
. fruit is dried at around 70C°(158F);
dark dried whole pears and prunes
contain surprising amounts of acrylamide .

. acrylamide (acrylic amide) is a potent neurotoxin,
and can also cause nausea, sweating,
urinary incontinence, myalgia[muscle pain],
speech disorders, numbness, paresthesia[tingling],
and weakened legs and hands.

. the body can break down acrylamide for fuel
via the citric acid cycle or
gluconeogenesis [liver-produced glucose];
but, along the way
this process can result in high levels of
the excitotoxic neurotransmitter aspartate .

. this is done with L-asparaginase
which removes an ammonium to form
the excitotoxic neurotransmitter aspartate;
A transaminase then converts the aspartate
to oxaloacetate .

. acrylamide is produced by any browning reaction
between a very common protein
(asparagine = aspartate + ammonia)
and a reducing sugar (glucose or fructose)
or a reactive carbonyl (aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acid and esters).
. nearly any whole food with sugars
will also contain asparagine
unless L-asparaginase is added to break it down
into excitotoxic aspartate.

. the modern diet is rich in reducing sugars:
most popular sweeteners include them,
and should not be used in cooking .
# Honey is 38.2% Fructose, 31.3% Glucose;
# inverted sugar syrup is 50% glucose 50% fructose .

. table sugar (sucrose = glucose + fructose)
doesn't form acrylamide until there is
sufficient processing to break sucrose's binding
into separate molecules of glucose and fructose .
. in the usa, subsidized HFCS has replaced sucrose .

. High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
starts out as corn starch (glucose chains)
enzymatically degraded to glucose,
and converted to varying fractions of fructose .
HFCS 42 (for foods) is 42% fructose and 53% glucose.
HFCS 55 (for soft drinks) is 55% fructose, 42% glucose;
-- usually HFCS 42 + HFCS-90, 90% fructose, 10% glucose .

L-asparaginase can be used in cooking
to reduce levels acrylamide;
but, 10% of dietary acrylamide is not caused by asparagine;
so, breaking that down with L-asparaginase wouldn't always;
avoid baking powder (ammonium hydrogencarbonate, NH4HCO3, E 503)
as it promotes much more acrylamide formation
than Baking soda (sodium hydrogencarbonate, NaHCO3, E501).

glycidamide formation:
links to cancer:
. acrylamide is metabolised in the liver
into the reactive epoxide, glycidamide .
. this epoxide forms DNA adducts,
ie, causing mutagenicity by adding things to DNA .

. glycidamide can also be directly formed in food
from high-temperature reactions between
acrylamide and poly'fats
but, most of the diet's glycidamide load
is from metabolizing acrylamide .

Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs):
Foods with significant browning, caramelization,
cooking done at temperatures above 120°C (248°F),
the use cooking oils high in polyunsaturates
as opposed to monounsaturates (olive oil, almond oil, ...)
will result in Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs).

Food manufacturers for the last 50 years
have added many AGEs to foods,
as flavor enhancers and colorants .
. foods with very high AGEs include:
donuts, cake, barbecued meats,
and dark colored soda pop.
. AGEs are also made naturally by the body
when excessive sugar is consumed
or when insulin resistance has developed .

Glycation is unintended chemistry between
saccaride derivatives (glucose, alpha-oxoaldehydes, ...)
and biochemistry (protein, phospholipids, guanyl nucleotides);
-- Glycation is also called non-enzymatic glycosylation;
ie, the intended chemistry is called glycosylation
and that depends on control by enzymes .

3-Deoxyglucosone (3DG)
3DG rapidly reacts with protein amino groups
to form AGEs such as imidazolone, pyrraline,
N6-(carboxymethyl)lysine and pentosidine.

. 3DG as well as AGEs play a role in the
modification and cross-linking of long-lived proteins
such as crystallin and collagen,
contributing to inflammation and aging diseases,
and the vascular complications of diabetes:
atherosclerosis, hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease,
and retinal circulation issues leading to blindness .