reducing risk of food allergies

1.14: news.health/breastfeeding/breastfeed exclusively up to four months:
in the British Medical Journal
. babies not introduced to certain foods
earlier than six months
may have a higher incidence of food allergies.
Countries where peanuts are used as weaning foods
have low incidences of peanut allergy (Israel, for example)
. coeliac disease rose in Sweden
following advice to mothers to delay the introduction of gluten
into their child's diet until after six months,
and it fell when the recommendation
reverted to four months .
. failing to start weaning before six months
 appears to raise risks for iron deficiency anaemia,
"known to be linked to irreversible adverse
mental, motor or psychosocial outcomes."
. Exclusive breastfeeding protects against
infections, such as gastroenteritis
which is critical in developing countries,
but less important where sanitation is better.