community gardens of tucson

news.apt/xeriscape/community gardens of tucson:
bill buckmaster radio
interviewing the community gardens of tucson (cg)
. cg organizes gardens by accepting
free use of gardenable land
and then stocking it with tools
so that assigned people can rent it .
The land is usually lent to cg by a church, school
or private land owner
at no charge, for use as a garden space.
. a drip irrigation system is installed
to supply water to the plants.
A separate water meter is installed in the garden,
and the property owner is reimbursed
for all the water that is used.
each 3′ x 20′ garden plot is $15.00 per month;
This money pays for the water bills
and the irrigation equipment,
the bimonthly newsletter and a shed full of tools.
The gardener usually only needs to supply
plants/seeds and soil amendments.