national security challenge of the 21st century

30: news.pol/purges/wwIII/national security challenge of the 21st century:
defense.gov news:
Aspen Security Forum in Colorado,
 A panel of experts discussed the specter of
terrorists armed with WMD's (weapons of mass destruction)
-- nuclear, biological, chemical, etc .
Among the panelists was Andrew C. Weber,
assistant secretary of defense for
nuclear, chemical and biological defense programs .


United Countries vs United Communities #Israel #Ukraine #WWIII

7.24: pol/United Countries vs United Communities:
. the purpose of the coming wwIII is to
give military muscle to the United Nations (UN);
and, I'm concerned about what sort of government
the UN will be enforcing globally .
. it seems like much of the world is aligned with
the policies of usa-Israel rather than Russia;
and it's likely the WWIII winner will determine
what sort of UN the world must be subject to .
. this concerns me because the usa strongly supports
the will of countries over communities .
. obviously there are some bad communities
( slavers, nazis, and fascists ),
but look what usa has done with good communities:


Richmond model of crime prevention

18: news.pol/Richmond model of crime prevention:
yea Richmond, paying people to prevent crime!
we should pay people to not breed;
and stop paying for the drug war .


Jeremiah's interpretation of the Law #Judaism

7.9: relig/judaism/Jeremiah's interpretation of the Law:

Kevin Ryan deepstate operation with energetics #911truther

7: news.pol/911truther/Kevin Ryan/deepstate operation with energetics:
. I was recently made aware of Kevin Ryan
a 911truther concerned with who did 9/11,
introducing a deepstate operation theory .
. this would fit in perfectly with
Dr. Judy Wood's beam weapons theory
as who else but a deepstate operator
could expose New York to beam weapons?
however, back in 2011 he appears to be
distancing himself from Dr.Wood's theory;
it is interesting that he would use the term "energetics"
to describe conventional explosives
when the Russians used that term for beam weapons .


Dr. Walter Haut vs beam weapon theorists

7.1: pol/911truther/Dr. Walter Haut/beam weapon theorist:
. "Dr Walter Haut" appears to be a fabricated mockery
of my hero Dr.Judy Wood;
amazon.com has Dr Haut listed as writing about
beam weapons on 9/11 -- just as Dr.Wood does --
but none of his books were available or in print,
so I wondered if his series was a publicity stunt
put on by truthers adding to Wood's beam theory
or counter-truthers trying to associate
beam weapon theorists such as Dr. Judy Wood
with conspiracy theorists ad adsurdum
who would have have us distrust
Freemasons, Obama, and FEMA camps
(quite the contrary:
when this country is ripped apart by WWIII,
FEMA camps will be our only source of
food, water, and safe policing
unless you thoughtfully prepared by 2016).
. I couldn't find any other mention on the web
of a Dr Walter Haut but there is a
1st Lt. Walter Haut
famous for being an alien truther .
. here he is talking about aliens
( Glen Dennis, Walter Haut and Mark Bean
Disclosure Project Witness Testimony Archive).


flaxseed and chia vs fishoil

6.27..28, 7.04..05: health/crp/flaxseed and chia vs fishoil:
6.30, 7.4: summary:
. flaxseed and chia are interesting because they are
much cheaper than fish oil, and they contain
ALA, α-linolenic acid, a short-chain omega-3 polyunsaturate,
that can be converted into the very beneficial
long-chain omega-3's found in fish oil .
. ALA needs to be converted to fish oils
(long-chain omega-3 oils, EPA, DHA),
-- men's conversion to DHA is very inefficient:
DHA should be considered an essential fatty acid
(it's found in fish and eggs).
. the conversion to EPA is efficient
only only if your diet is paleo;
ie, low in the omega-6 (vs omega-3) polyunsaturates
that is heavy in grains, grain-fed meat & dairy,
fatty legumes (soy, peanut, chickpea), nuts
and most seeds except flax and chia .
. there was some controversial evidence for
ALA increasing the risk of blindness
or the advanced versions of prostate cancer
but you'd need to take a lot of chia fiber
to start worrying about chia's ALA load .
. getting more of any type of omega-3
may beneficially balance my diet's omega-6
(I get plenty from eggs, nuts, and olive oil).
. some flax has been genetically modified;
"organic" means the same as "non-gmo" .