overpopulation inciting class warfare

7.31: co.apt/pol/purges/reaganomics/
#ows delivers centralized banking:
. on the subject of OWS
[the Occuppy WallSt movement]
out there bothering our cops, I ask:
why are they there, anyway?
they didn't have half the excuse of
southern hiafrics fighting unequal segregation;
however, while on the topic of
stupid uses of reaganomc capitalism,

usa's drug war in mexico

7.1: pol/purges/drug war/democratic drug war
invites socialism back into mexico:
7.x?: 9.29: summary:
. under mexico's previous president,
there had been a military crackdown on drug cartels,
who terrorized the citizens in response,
murdering around 50,000 .
. all this was to fight for usa's drug battle,
-- to take advantage of usa's financial assistance
and economic cooperations .
. the mexican's have a long history of being
socialists, organizing under the PRI;
and they just re-elected them .
. if the PRI was socialistic now,
that would be sweet justice,
as they would be saying to usa:
"( you think a drug war is democracy?
we would rather be socialists ! )
. unfortunately, I got no such justice,
as it was pointed out by a socialist site,
that the PRI is strongly capitalist these days .
. nevertheless,
the effect for usa is the same:
if PRI can stop the drug war violence,
I can assure you it's only because they
stopped getting in the way of drug lords;
because, with the grinding poverty of
combined Catholicism and capitalism,
the drug cartels have an infinite supply
of either dealers or butchers
-- take your pick .
. if usa was serious about the drug war
they would prevent usa's drug use;
but, while it's easy for the religious
to dictate drug abstinence;
try dictating fewer privacy rights
(like universal drug testing)
and you will find out
just how "religious" usa really is .

9.29: summary of links:
. the drug war is in, PRI is out;
PRI is no longer socialist;
Mexico's history of socialist politics;
would the US ever trust a pri president? .

7.20: web.pol/purges/drug war/
hiafric HIV rates driven by our drug policy:
"The global war on drugs
is driving the HIV/AIDS pandemic
among drug users and their sexual partners.
Throughout the world,
research has consistently shown that
repressive drug law enforcement practices
force drug users away from public health services
and into hidden environments where
HIV risk becomes markedly elevated.
Mass incarceration of non-violent drug offenders
also plays a major role in increasing HIV risk.
This is a critical public health issue
in many countries, including the United States,
where as many as 25 % of the HIV-infected
may pass through correctional facilities annually,
and where disproportionate incarceration rates
are among the key reasons for markedly higher
HIV rates among African Americans."
-- "The War on Drugs and HIV/AIDS:
How the Criminalization of Drug Use
Fuels the Global Pandemic,"
Global Commission on Drug Policy
(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: June 2012), p. 2.

7.26: co.apt/pol/purges/drug war/
sobriety for trust and fear:

. the drug war is expensive and obnoxious;
so how does it survive in a democracy where
more than half [exaggeration]
have used drugs under the table?
. a key to understanding its driver
is our needing to maintain a sense of fairness
while upholding employee quality
in situations where trustworthiness is critical .
. basically, hospital staff can't get high;
so therefore nobody else can either .
the winning drug plan is this:
. we need to use our stimulant drugs
to fast-track the development of robots;
then we can replace these core staff;
and then finally the elites won't care
whether we get high,
because our monkey
doesn't even have to be in the same room
with their monkey .


World Population Day

7.12: co.fb#walkfree.org/
Today is World Population Day:

Today is World Population Day
- there are over 7 billion people on this planet.
But did you know that 20.9 million people
are living in slavery?
That’s almost 3% of the world.
World Population Day?
slavery is form of purging overpopulation;
it costs a lot to treat people well;
but if we could care less about
how much people are paid;
then we can care less about
making too many people .
why World Population Day matters:
On a large scale, demographers talk about
how rapid population growth contributes to
migration and urbanization challenges.
How it makes education and employment
more difficult for struggling countries.
Let’s break that down. ...

father & daughter drown each other

7.5: news.pol/purges/casey anthony/
her lawyer has new book:
Jose Baez` Presumed Guilty:
Casey Anthony: The Inside Story

(foxnews.com summary)

truth about obama is the truth about you

7.14: co.fb/pol/obama/the least spending increases:
Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower?
Would You Believe It's Barack Obama? - Forbes
It’s enough to make even the most ardent Obama cynic
scratch his head in confusion.
. one of many rebuttals ... .
. the problem with obama's thriftiness
is that he himself
does wish it were otherwise!
. he realizes that during a recession
the way out is using more gov' spending, not less .
. the bigger problem though
with comparing presidential thriftiness
is that neither party is doing anything about
the source of gov costs:
in the age of automation
we could all be filthy rich,
except that we keep over-breeding
( the norm is to use breeding as a
motivation for the creation of wealth,
rather than -- the apparently reaganomic idea --
using the size of family fortune
as the motivator for breeding
. there are 2 sources of national overbreeding:
immigration and lack of contraception;
the dem's are big on promoting immigration,
while the repub's are notorious for their
backing of pro-lifers
and their barking about abstinence
without any teeth like laws against fornication .
. if we don't have the heart to
punish people for breeding in poverty,
then we should pay them for
cooperating with reduced breeding;
what we do now may not be child abuse yet,
but wait until capitalism is perfected:
there will be far fewer jobs in the future
yet people's breeding will not slow down .
. we need to put everyone on welfare
and tie it to population reduction .
. the more your community reduces,
the more federal or state funds it gets
-- and the more land it keeps .

corn syrup without fructose

7.7: pol/healthcare/corn syrup has no reason
without the unhealthy high fructose:

. even though fructose is
more expensive and unhealthier,
if fructose weren't added,
then corn syrup would not be sweet,
and then you'd have no reason to
add the corn syrup itself
other than it being a cheaper source of calories,
which gets: "( huh, why I am eating
so many empty calories anyway?
it doesn't even taster better! )

-- still, it would be just as filling, [9.27:
and then it would make you hungrier later;
so, I'm sure your food processors
would continue to add corn syrup to everything
even if it didn't have sweetening fructose .]

healthcare, christians, devils, & dollars

7.1: co.apt/pol/healthcare/
christians against obamacare are not middle class:. a born-again -furious child is chanting:
"( everyone needs to **** !! ),
[a word that can humorously mean both
{ practice birth control
, grumble incessantly}]

 . hearing this child has me kidding about
obamacare pressuring us to eat right;
but seriously, the problem with our economy
is the unfair christian,
demanding we have freedom of diet*
yet also demanding we subsidize
medicalization of bad diets
with emergency room care that is paid for
on the backs of middle class insurance payers
-- not paid by the poor and rich
where most christians come from .
* [9.27: to be fair:
. christians don't necessarily agree with
freedom of diet;
in fact, gluttony is a "(deadly 7) sin .]

7.5: co.apt/pol/healthcare/
how could they hate obamacare?:
. how could the masses hate obamacare?
do they know how the middle class
is getting gouged by mandatory e.r. care?
. most who still have jobs don't pay healthcare,
and that's exactly why fewer of us have jobs!
. after seeing the steeply rising trend of
healthcare benefits due to free e.r. care,
employers are outsourcing our jobs
to countries with more sensible policies .]

7.8: todo.web/pol/healthcare/obamacare assumes
everyone is getting healthcare through insurance!

. I thought the whole point of needing to use the ER,
is that doctor's and hospitals wouldn't let you pay
except through an insurance agency .

7.18: co.apt/healthcare/obamacare won't keep costs down:
. did you know we give $25 billion to diabetics?
 . just a five % decrease in diabetes
 could save an estimated $25 billion every year!
. that's a lot of money,
 and things like dialysis are inately expensive,
 but did you see how much our doctors cost?
 could we get them to take $40k  instead of $400k?
 we could hire 10times more of them,
 and give them a needed break . no way!
 obamacare couldn't even get them to
 agree to at least getting paid only
 relative to their worth:
 by how much they improved health
 rather than how many scripts they wrote .
 . you know why?
 because we are ***heads!
 [@] {arrogantly gluttonous, like drug fiends}
 . the doctors know that wellness starts with
 patients who listen to "(you need a diet)
 but they know patients ignore such advice
 and then demand a pill for their problems .
 -- how can you make any money
 getting paid to make the ***head well ?!

7.12: co.apt/pol/healthcare/
cheaper doctor is complicated

. finding a cheaper doctor is complicated:
they are not just healers but drug police;
and, high trust is expensive;
eg, suppose we get laborers to be doctors;
if they abuse drugs and lose their medical license
they just go back to being laborers;
but make doctors high,
and they will fall hard .
. another thing that raises cost is that they are
only getting paid if they share air with you?
that's not a very smart use of a rare resource:
they should be seeing patients by video
to do most of the interviews;
how often do you really need
a physical exam? consider this:
if doctors would just get to know
you, your habits, and listen
to your perceived problems,
they might have your problems solved
without having to share your germs .
. one way to lower the cost of interviews,
is to get college students to do the them;
they can write the doctor a report,
and the doctor can add to the report
after making an additional, shorter interview .
. also, you can call any time
to add things to your file,
and a nurse will do just that
and read back what was written .]

7.19: news.pol/healthcare/
Rush speechless about Canada's success:

. Rush's Limbaugh's agenda today
includes informing us that
while usa wealth slides,
canada's wealth has risen
-- now higher than usa's --
but he has no comment on this news?
nothing to say about gluttonous socialists, Rush?
. could it be that universal healthcare
was very good for Canadian business?!

7.26: news.pol/healthcare/
a doctor's take on care's high cost:

the people who profit from healthcare.
. there are a number of overfed cats in health care
who are being given all the food they meow for.
Here are a few examples:
# Drug companies:
If government and private insurers
were not paying for most of the drug costs,
we wouldn’t buy most medications
-- the full price is impossibly high.
Even many generics are over $100 per month.
Would you trade a $500K payment from gov
for a $20K check from the consumer?
No more than my cat would turn down
the third bowl of cat food.
# Hospitals:
Stents ‘R Us hospital in our town
just built a large cardiology wing
They did this using money from a procedure
that has not been shown
to prolong life or save lives.
# Ancillary Services:
Why does a CT scan in India
cost a fraction of the cost in the U.S.?
because they can be, due to third-party payors
who shield consumers from the cost .
They pass them on to the taxpayers
or raise the rates of the insurance policies.
It doesn’t hurt them to pay so much,
so they just keep feeding the kitty.
# Doctors:
Why do docs see so many patients
that they can’t offer good care,
and why do specialists take home
3/4 of a $million ? Because they can.
Someone keeps filling the bowl.

. the third-party payor system
hides the cost from the consumer
and gets us all used to the idea of
paying for all that cat food.
All of this money is thrown at care,
and what does it get us?
Does it get us better care?
Does it get us longer lives?
Does it get us happier patients,
or satisfied doctors?
-- Rob Lamberts, MD,
is an internal medicine-pediatrics physician
who blogs at More Musings (of a Distractible Kind).
7.26: co.apt/pol/healthcare/3rd-party payer syndrome
started with medicaid and nixon's cheap food program:

( reviewing 6.20: news.pol/purges/reaganomics/
republican nixon criticized for price-raising trade barriers)
. could anyone ruin this country more than nixon?
 trying to beat inflation with cheap food
he had devastated the food quality;
at the same time,
he had just started to give away
free medical (medicaid) to welfare cases;
and that is when people's health
went straight down the toilet
even as health care costs
were going straight up .
[. medicaid is what started that culture of
3rd-party payer syndrome
where they can ask for any price, because,
the person that actually pays is the taxpayer
who doesn't even see
how the money is being spent,
while the medicaid consumer
knows how it is spent,
but has no idea how much is spent .
. the politician apparently doesn't care
because the corporate profits translate into
both corporate taxes and campaign contributions .

Rick Warren's evolution teaching animals

7.24: news.relig/evolution vs creationism/
evolution teaching makes us act like animals:
co.twitter#Rick Warren:
"When students are taught they are
no different from animals, they act like it."
--{slate, whyEvolutionIsTrue}
. notice how Warren does assume that
    if we are taught we are
    no different from animals,
    then regardless of how smart we could be
    we will then start acting like animals .
. now why wouldn't he instead assume that
    if we are taught we are
    no different from animals,
    then we might tend to treat animals better?
maybe because he knows [7.24: 9.28:
    we're going to act like animals anyway
    even when following Warren's religion
    so when we find animal behaviour
    we should go for the Big Lie
    and claim that such is de facto proof
    of being unfaithful to Warren's religion .]
. I do believe in the one true god of
    doing good vs evil for
    evolving to eternal survival

and I believe in its creationism via evolution
so, I don't think teaching about evolution
is hurting his religion .

for a proof of supernatural plays god

7.22: relig/god/a consistent intent that
doesn't seem to belong to anyone in particular:

. the reason for your personal behaviors?
it's all explained by just your DNA?
what about random variation isn't really random?
how do you show intent?
a consistent intent that doesn't seem to belong to
anyone in particular
could be god's intent .

revelation's worshippers of wealth

7.7: news.relig/bible/revelation's worshippers of wealth:
. a radio preacher is saying the bible warns of
worshipping wealth vs god?
(he can't mean it warn against being wealthy,
so what does it mean?)
. I think this means using wealth to love only self;
wealth can also represent investing in arks (loving of future),
but vs god it means wealth wasted on vanities
as opposed to wealth used for god's purposes .
. some of the bible-mentioned wealth worshippers
are actually not wealthy at all:
dirt-poor in their drug or gambling addiction
yet these also may be the "(wealthy)
that the bible is warning us about .
. another version of vain wealth is anti-charity
when capitalism will promote desperation
-- an impoverishing level of overpopulation --
simply because it's good for the business .
. the preacher started by mentioning
revelation 14:7-11:
7 In a loud voice he said, "Fear God, give him glory,
for the hour has come when he will pass judgment!
Worship the One who made
heaven and earth, the sea and the springs of water!"
8 Another angel, a second one, followed, saying,
"She has fallen! She has fallen!
Bavel [Babylon] the Great!
She made all the nations drink the wine of
God's fury caused by her whoring!"
[whoring is selling sex (for this context
sex is god's tool for ensuring future by having
an escape from both culture death
and from species extinction
-- by allowing us to change genetically
in order to succeed in new environments;
if this gift is instead traded for vain wealth,
it actually endangers the future
by spreading blood-borne diseases )
hence whoring may be an icon of
worshipping money (idols)
instead of future (god) .]
9 A third angel followed them
and said in a loud voice,
"If anyone worships the beast and its image
and receives the mark on his forehead or on his hand,
10 he will indeed drink the wine of God's fury
poured undiluted into the cup of his rage.
He will be tormented by fire and sulfur
before the holy angels and before the Lamb,
11 and the smoke from their tormenting
goes up forever and ever.
They have no rest, day or night,
those who worship the beast and its image
and those who receive the mark of its name."


Rush`speech & Loughner`violence

7.24: news.pol/purges/mass murder/Loughner/
how Rush and Glen Beck incited him:
Thomas @ townhall.com:
New York Times columnist Paul Krugman
wrote on his blog that the "hate-mongers"
Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck
contributed to the Giffords shooting,
despite later reports that the shooter,
Jared Lee Loughner,
had never listened to their programs.
The discovery that Loughner liked
"The Communist Manifesto" and "Mein Kampf"
forced media types to quickly abandon that smear,
but not retract their comments.
They're running the same play again.
. actually, Krugman still makes sense
but not in the way Thomas assumed:
Rush and Beck represent
the right-wing capitalist views
that america implicitly listens to
as they embrace reaganomics .
. Loughner was pointing out
Hitler's "Mein Kampf"
and Communism's "Manifesto"
in order to tell us that
reaganomics caused his hate
-- and it just so happens
that the icons of reaganomics
include Rush and Glenn Beck .
. so Thomas is right in one way,
but Krugman was right in another way:
Reaganomics -- and its supporters ---
caused the unemployment
that caused Loughner's desperation,
that unleashed a hail of bullets
on the Washington who will not listen
-- won't listen to conservatives
and won't listen to the jobless .
. communism always found jobs,
and Hitler even de-immigrated to make jobs .
. Loughner was all about jobs
or at least relief from homelessness;
too bad he wasn't about real population control
(immigrant control isn't enough).

Beyond Coal

7.13: news.pol/energy/
natural gas is cheaper than coal!:

. a natural, capitalistic reason to dump coal
has finally arrived -- yahoo!!

7.26: co.pol/pol/energy/
the Production Tax Credit:

Mary Anne Hitt @sierraclub.org
date:     Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 5:00 AM
subject:     Tell Congress: We Can't Wait!

Tell Congress, we can't wait.
Urge them to support incentives for clean energy today!
Scaling up wind and solar power
will not only help reduce our dependence on
dirty coal and other fossil fuels
that are driving climate disruption and extreme weather;
it will also help support
tens of thousands of American jobs
in the growing clean-energy industry.
The bad news is that Congress is on the verge of
letting the wind energy Production Tax Credit expire,
jeopardizing tens of thousands of jobs,
and forcing America to continue relying on the
dirty energy sources that are threatening our climate.
Tell Congress to extend the Production Tax Credit
and ensure that a job-creating industry
can keep up the fight against climate disruption.
With tens of thousands of jobs,
a growing clean-energy industry,
and our future on the line,
there's no time to waste.
Thanks for all you do to protect our environment!
Mary Anne Hitt
Beyond Coal Campaign Director
Sierra Club
Congress: Support Clean Energy and Curb Climate Disruption!
As drought decimates half the country
and wildfires rage in Nebraska and Arizona,
it's all too easy for Americans to see
the effects of climate disruption.
More than 3,800 temperature records were
broken in the first week of July,
and things aren't exactly getting better.

Tell Congress to extend the Production Tax Credit
and ensure a job-creating industry can continue to
keep up the fight against climate disruption.
    Complete the form below with your information.
send your message to:
        Senator Jon Kyl
        Senator John McCain III
        Representative Ron Barber

Thank you for signing our petition
to mitigate climate disruption!
.  the Production Tax Credit (PTC)
to support wind power development
has not yet been renewed.
. it's ironic that some are now worried about
jobs in the clean energy industry;
because, the main cause of global warming
was giving all our manufacturing jobs to China
-- we did that exactly because they have
an utter lack of pollution regulations;
but even if we did our own work cleanly,
the rest of the world might still use China's
care-free coal burning services .
. I wouldn't worry about global warming;
but I am worried about our growing poverty
and our inability to handle the new climate .
. we need a Tax credit for not breeding;
and that would reduce unemployment
thereby having the same effect as job creation .

Greg Hunter's usawatchdog.com

7.22: news.pol/Greg Hunter's usawatchdog.com:
. his C&C show:
"( . investigative reporter Greg Hunter
. he reveals how the banking system is rife with
fraud, instability and infighting
which could collapse the entire system,
resulting in a prolonged bank holiday.)
heard on coast to coast
"( . you think that 401k is designed for you?
if the market tanks, that money stays in the banks!)
"( . buy gold? to fight the impending inflation
buy what goods you need sooner than later:
buy your car tires, some dry food! )

can "(organic) include nanotech? ........... ENM's are the new GMO

7.20: co.pol/nanotech/fda needs to regulate ENM's:
Center for Food Safety office@centerforfoodsafety.org
date:     Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 10:18 AM
    Urge FDA to Regulate Nanotechnology
    to Protect Consumer Health

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a public comment period open through July 24th on the oversight of nanotechnology in food. Amazingly, the FDA currently does not regulate the use of nanotechnology in food, despite its widespread use, and serious public health concerns.
 Already a wide variety of nanoscale applications in food packaging and processing are being developed. Yet, we know very little about the health effects of exposure to engineered nanomaterials, and what we do know, is cause for alarm.
Make your voice heard and urge FDA to regulate nanotechnology to protect consumer health.
To: Office of Food Additive Safety, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Re: Guidance for Industry on assessment of the effects of the incorporation of Engineered Nano-scale Materials (ENMs) in food ingredients (food substances and food contact surfaces) (Docket number: FDA-2011-D-0490)
It is shocking that FDA does not yet regulate the use of ENMs in food ingredients, given that nanomaterials are reportedly widely present in food ingredients and food contact substances. A 2012 National Research Council report found that “there is little progress” on research into the effect of oral consumption of engineered nanomaterials on human health. The FDA should commission, finance and publish such research as an urgent public health priority, and a basis for regulation.
The FDA’s draft guidance to industry should be a first step towards regulation to protect public health and the environment.
Neither FDA nor industry should assume a food ingredient at its macro-scale to be safe at the nano-scale, since we know that nanomaterials can behave completely differently than their bulk counterparts. These unique behaviors are what make nanotechnology so attractive to industry, but they also raise unique risks that must be addressed through unique regulation and oversight. The FDA should require those companies to submit data showing that their products are safe. Further, these safety assessments should be publicly available and the consultation process transparent.
All engineered nanomaterials used as food ingredients, food contact substances, and food colorants should be subject to a rigorous pre-market safety assessment. FDA should withdraw from the market all products shown to contain engineered nanomaterials as food ingredients that have not undergone the pre-market safety assessment and been shown to be safe for daily human consumption.

Brazil's HIV funding pulled

7.20: news.pol/brazil's hiv funding pulled:
7.21: summary:
. after hearing that brazil had low HIV
and knowing they are highly hiafric*,
I got interested in comparing them to
usa's HIV program which is not doing well;
but they are not comparing the same things:
they have free anti-virals,
and if that prevents a case of AIDS,
then they are not counted in the AIDS roles;
they don't keep track of HIV status
-- but usa does count that (it's very high here,
because while the hiafrics* are
no more promiscuous than others,
the hieuropeans* are serial polygamists,
whereas the hiafrics are concurrent polygamists .
*: "(hiX)
means "(of X ancestry, from hispanic
from hierarchy, tree, family tree) --9.27 .
. brazil's adult AIDS* was kept under 1%
(compare to africa's 18%),
by funding free condoms and drug treatments;
but it was done with international money;
the usa later pulled out when
brazil wouldn't denounce prostitution;
and, later other money was diverted to
Africa's much worse condition .
*: (this article says HIV was kept at 1%,
but the msmgf.org source indicates
only AIDS not HIV is measured in brazil ).

web: compared to blacks in usa:
. an estimated 1 in 16 black men
[6% of black males in usa]
and 1 in 32 black women
[3% of black females in usa]
will be diagnosed with HIV infection.
. this can't be compared to brazil's 1% rate
because it applies to AIDS not HIV
as HIV is not a reportable event in brazil .
. the HIV rates can be much higher, because
Infection precedes by 8-10 years
the appearance of symptomatic disease .
. it used to be mostly a disease of
the educated bi- or homo-sexual;
but now it is mainly among uneducated hetero's .
. the rate of 1% of brazillians
likely applies fairly to hiafrics too
because brazil is 45% hiafric -- nearly half .
[. npr's portrayal is contradicted by this part]:
    "( Commercial sex work is not legal in Brazil.
    A nationwide evaluation of
    HIV prevention programs
    for female commercial sex workers (CSW)
    found high levels of HIV awareness,
    but significant barriers to
    implementing safe-sex practices,
    including fear of violence,
    increased payments for unsafe sex,
    and competition for clients.
    . In addition, non street-based CSW
    reported more safe-sex practices
    than did street-based CSW.
    Informants also felt that
    stigmatization of their profession
    contributed to violence
    from both clients and the police .)
[. this report also points out that
Brazil has a lot of catholics,
though some strains of it
are mixed with african traditions .]

global warming bugs killing trees for fuel #overpopulation vs #ark-investing

7.18: news,co.pol/fires/global warming bugs killing trees for fuel:
climate central org
. the massive fire seasons recently
were the culmination of a trend:
between 1986 and 2003, western forests saw
a nearly fourfold increase in the number of wildfires,
and those fires burned six times the amount of land
and lasted five times as long
when compared with the previous 16 years.
In response, states and the federal government
adopted policies and legislation,
such as the Bush administration’s
Healthy Forest Restoration Act,
which were designed to head off
increasingly catastrophic wildfires
by thinning forests and reintroducing fire
to areas that were overgrown with fuel
from a century of fire suppression.
Some wildfires would be allowed to burn
in hopes of improving overall forest health.
The fires, however, have continued to grow
in size, frequency, and intensity,
while the policies meant to tame them
have sputtered and stalled.
Air quality issues
increasingly limit the number of days when
prescribed burns can be lit,
and the public is often resistant to them,
particularly after incidents in which
forest managers lose control .
Residents of fire-prone landscapes
are often unwilling to cut down the trees they love,
even when removing a few trees increases their safety.
And building with fire-resistant materials
is often more expensive
and doesn’t fit with mountain traditions.
. between 2000 and 2010,
more than 100,000 people moved into
Colorado’s most flammable forests .
. global warming means that
bugs are killing more trees,
so we have a lot more to burn through;
and, there's less water in the area
to naturally suppress that burning .
Wildfires nationwide cost the federal government
up to $3 billion annually
— twice what they cost a decade ago.
Today wildfires take up nearly half
of the U.S. Forest Service’s budget,
up from 13 % in 1991.
. even with climate change,
the real problem is that people who should be
investing in fire prevention systems
like irrigating the property around them,
are instead relentlessly spending on
expanding the population .
. use solar energy to pump oceans into deserts
and this will make solar do more desalination too .
. the problem is not too much affluence,
it is too much poverty:
high-tech could survive global warming;
but this 3rd-world mentality cannot .


message is save anyone not everyone

7.29: relig/christian/the message is save anyone not everyone:
. christian notices that the free market is immoral
because commercialism is diluting our culture .
. however, that is actually christian's fault;
because they are the ones who believe
that they are G*D-ordained to
convert and embrace the entire world;
so, their own idea for the
free-marketing of religion
means that everyone else's culture must be diluted
-- but the rub works both ways:
their culture gets diluted as well .
. what's really notable about that though
is that it doesn't have to be that way
according to their own leader, Christ .
. when Jews seek to maintain moral quality,
their ultimatum to you is social rejection .
. when JC set out to save the world
he was indeed looking beyond
his own Jewish community
but the idea was to recruit anyone -- not everyone .
. he had an important culture to foster,
and, whoever would embrace it,
that was who his new family would be .
[ his new religion was this:
you are unfairly calling people sinners:
. when your disabled make it look as if
your community is being cursed by G*D
you claim that god has really
caused the disability as a punishment
and that the reason for this is that
self or family has displeased G*D .
. faced with the demon-possessed (mentally ill),
you are forcing them to feign physical disabilities
in order to get sympathy while begging;
you shun people in required jobs like tax collectors,
and you shun the jobs you force on them
with your poverty and under-the-table demands:
eg, why is the prostitute allowed but shunned?
why are kids shunned for being born out wedlock
-- for what their parents did?
I'm not saying you have to embrace
or convert the whole world
but we need to take responsibility
for the mess we make as a society,
rather than leave the disabled
to beg or prostitute .]
. we CHRISTIANs need to live by example
and encourage people to join us that way;
we need control of our cities;
we can't have creeping democracy
forcing our city to flip cultures;
instead, new cultures should find new cities .
this is where privacy is really important
-- on the cultural level --
yet this is where we have none!
. a community 's privacy right
means the right to not be invaded by
competing cultures .
. this notion of community privacy rights
is directly at odds with the
separation of church and state clause;
but that clause make sense only at
the state and federal levels;
it doesn't makes sense at the community level
where people want to share values
to achieve trust and reduce contact stress .]
. but wouldn't this perpetuate intolerance?
the primary concern about intolerance
was what to do with freed slaves;
but if we offered them the American Dream
-- a piece of fertile land,
or the ownership of a thriving business --
I'm sure they would have been
quite happy with "(intolerance) .]

. the place where cultural competition can happen
is in the economic realm, like so:
if your culture can't afford a business
then you sell it,
and the new owners replace your culture with theirs .
. if a gated community has too many vacancies,
they may decide to convert the culture,
ie, sell it for use by some other culture
so that they can use the money to
expand where they can thrive .
. the way it is now though
gives each culture too much ability to
erode the values of another culture
even when the market has given it no in-roads .

. there can still be minimum fed standards
that ensure communities are not
holding people against their will
or getting into child abuse or neglect;
and that's where issues happen:
is being a drug addict considered to be
child endangerment?
. drugs could still be allowed in adult communities .

7.29: 9.26:
. but what about the free market?
you have to tolerate all these behaviours
because we have a right to
set up shop in your community,
and when we do, we have a right to expect
that you will not limit our clients .

7.29: 9.26:
. what about the free parent's dump:
your culture is so uninviting
that you keep losing people
and you are really adding to the federal blight;
because, you send them out with no resources .
. yet you are finding ways to
still own all the cities,
thereby creating all these homeless people .

.chm to .html conversion

7.14: news.cyb/xp/.chm to .html conversion:
you need a CHM decompiler
(You can use HTML Help Workshop)
[but it seems that is just a dev's api
not a command line tool ...]
. decompile CHM using the built-in command line tool:
hh.exe . eg,
C:\>HH.EXE -decompile D:/output-folder D:/converted.chm
where "decompile-folder" could be simply "."
Decompiling the file produces a slew of
HTML and image files,
together with the table of contents (.hhc) file,
index (.hhk) file, and a few other supporting files.
The only decompiler with any additional features
is KeyTools,
as this can try to rebuild the project (.hhp) file.
You will need this file if you want to recompile the help project.
One thing to note is that the decompile/recompile
isn't a "round-trip" process.
Certain features that the help author added
to the original help file
can't be recovered when you decompile it,
so these may no longer work properly
after you've recompiled.
This is especially true in the area of
context-sensitive help,
which may be broken in the new version of the file.
7.14: cyb/fs/.chm to .html conversion:
. the .chm file type is microsoft's compiled html
and I found there are decompilers for it
on both xp (built-in) and on ubuntu (openware).
proj: done on xp:
. I did it with hh! [@] see snapshot
. to use the terminal without the help of the
[open a terminal here] file menu item
-- where did that go?!
(I need to be in the admin acct) --
use the run box, and type in cmd.exe;
then try the command
(change directory to virtual drive E)
ie (cd E:)
which is really just link to a long pathname;
then in the hh command,
I'll need to mention the drive in the file paths,
and I'll rename the files
to make my command typing easier;
eg, rename "(programming python.chm) to pp.chm,
create a folder named pp,
and then run this command:
hh -decompile e:\pp e:\pp.chm .
. instantly it's filled with html files
-- data liberation !

. (cd E:) doesn't work?
likely because I don't own that space?

7.14: mis.cyb/xp/
virtual device has strange permissions:

. I have some ms programs that need their installer cd
to be in the cd drive at all times;
so, running these programs over-uses the cd drive,
and also the drive is slowing down these programs .
. the fix is to copy the cd to a folder,
and then use a command to
associate that folder with some spare drive letter .
. now I want to use that drive as a temp drive;
because when doing commands that use pathnames
it's easier to type in E:\
than C:\documents and settings\myacct\ .
. but I'm having trouble with the permissions,
and they are not found under properties?
I'll have to check a dos cookbook .
. I thought it was the admin's,
so the user would only allow reading not deleting;
but, xp is not letting the admin delete files either?
. so,
now nobody can delete anything from E:,
but anyone can add to it,
and move things within it;
eg, I created a trash folder,
and put all my done work into that folder .
. the next thing to try is removing the startup script
that creates the virtual device links .
. maybe it will have more permissions then .

command line locks the current folder:

. it would not let me move one done folder to trash folder
because it's in use?
the command line's current folder was set to that,
so I moved it out of there (cd ..)
and then I could move it .

command line output confused by virtual cd drive:

. I asked if I could (cd doneDir; rm *.*)
and it said it didn't recognized that command;
but it was supposed to remove files, and it did!
no it thought it did,
the finder shows it's still there .
. I can say (cd e:; del trash)
then I can reply sure to the "(are you sure?),
and it comes back having done nothing .

internet with both privacy and security

7.26: co.apt/cyb/sec/cloud computing is not easy:
. I thought cloud computing would be a breeze;
it was just like SOA, right?
only SOA is on a private network,
while cloud computing is using a public network .
. can that even be done securely?
[ it seems like shifting code tech should do it .
. being able to initialize the session
might be complicated .]

7.8: sci.cyb/sec/how to get secure internet?:
. can there be secure communications networks
that are also self healing ?
how can we support openware and anonymity too?
to be anonymous you simply get another service to
send the message for you
but for openware that depends on
whether we need OS cooperation for the security .
. openware-based internet depends on
whether we need OS cooperation for the security?
I don't think the problem is software,
so, having openware wouldn't make the net more secure .
. there are 2 problems:
# denial of service:
. it's too easy for too many machines to be
owned by malware .
# id theft:
. it's too easy to spoof being someone else .
the solution?:
. there should be special hardware available
in order to authenticate your id;
if you don't have that box,
then you can't do banking, credit-card shopping,
and if there's a denial of service attack,
then you can't get through;
because, nodes stop forwarding your messages .]

7.10: news.cyb/sec/
DOD says we can have both privacy and security:
Cybersecurity and American power 7.9:
At an American Enterprise Institute (AEI) event
U.S. Army Gen. Keith B. Alexander
urged us to support cybersecurity legislation
being pushed through Congress .
. it asks internet service providers to
help federal anti-virus software,
by searching all emails for viral signatures,
and reporting malware event parameters
(malware signature, source address, destination address).
. when asked about china's role in the motivation
he reminded us that there is a high cost from malware
due to intellectual property loss via cyber espionage.
"Symantec placed the cost of IP theft
at $250 billion a year .

The director of the National Security Agency (NSA)
and chief at the Central Security Service (CSS)
reemphasized an immense problem the U.S. is facing:
cybercrime has been "the greatest
transfer of wealth in history,"
Alexander said in a statement.
global cybercrime is $114 billion annually
($388 billion when you factor in downtime),
and McAfee estimates that
$1 trillion was spent globally under remediation.
[ you might think the reason we are such targets
is that our foreign policy is so offensive
to so many bright communists and liberals
but, we'd be in the same danger anyway,
because there's so much money to be gained
from cracking our banks and intellectual property .
. when they talk about remediation costs
they are referring to having their hands tied
by an internet that is inherently insecure;
I wonder what the cost would have been
if we had just rebuilt the internet from scratch
with security in mind .
. can the surveillance proposed by this legislation
make up for the lack of a dual system,
one that promotes anonymity,
and the other that promotes reliability? ]


7.10: news.cyb/net.unhosted.org:
Tell us what it would take for you to
use "nothing but the web"
- google apps developer../2011/09/
. one reply was:
Unhosted.org-- to separate web apps from user data,
I must be in control of my data.
Once I put my data in the hands of a
third party web service or application,
I am no longer in control.
Unhosted.org ?
Unhosted.org is developing technology that will
put control of user data
back where it belongs: With the user.
Freedom from the web's monopolies
The web is not as open as it used to be:
monopoly platforms formed new proprietary layers on top of it.
But we create a better architecture for the web.
We break the package deal
»you get our app, we get your data«
with remoteStorage,
a cross-origin storage protocol
separating application servers from people's documents.
This enables everyone to use various web services
but keep their data in one place they choose and trust
– their remote storage,
their »home folder« for the web.
The applications will not run on servers you can't control,
but be pure Javascript which runs client-side, in your browser.
And app developers don't need to bother about
providing storage or managing user accounts.
Technically speaking, we define a protocol stack called remoteStorage.
A combination of WebFinger for discovery,
OAuth for authorization,
CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing)
for cross-domain AJAX calls and GET, PUT, DELETE for synchronization.
We also work on its adoption through developing apps like
Libre Docs and Opentabs
as well as making existing apps and storage providers compatible.
If you speak French, there is also some info on Framablog en Fran├žais.
Unhosted is a movement by the people, for the people.
Everyone can participate, including you!
Libre Docs – liberate your ideas
Remotestorage providers
freemium providers:
    OwnCube recommended for end users!
    5apps recommended for javascript developers
domains that provide remoteStorage to their users:
    all Dutch universities
ways to run your own remoteStorage server:
    install pagekite on your computer
    install ownCloud on a server
    coming soon: how to use your CouchDB instance as remoteStorage
. Unhosted.py is an HTTP server
implementing the bare minimum required for
the simple remoteStorage API from unhosted.org.
Hopefully this program will be useful for folks who want to
study how the remoteStorage protocol works
or as a development tool for people working on Unhosted apps.
As Unhosted matures,
Unhosted.py will hopefully also mature into a usable personal data-store
for people who want to store their Unhosted data on their own devices.
Getting started
    Install pagekite.py
    In another console:
pagekite.py 6789 rs-YOURNAME.pagekite.me
You should now be able to use
as a remoteStorage account.
If you prefer, you can also
use Unhosted.py without PageKite,
but you will need an SSL enabled
reverse HTTP proxy (such as Pound)
in order to comply with the protocol.
As far as I can tell,
hosting on http://localhost/ won't work.
5apps.com have written a nice Unhosted tutorial and test app
which works just fine with Unhosted.py.
The file Unhosted.combined.py is combination of Unhosted.py
and the HttpdLite.py module it depends on.
For hacking, you'll want to check both out from github:
The combined "binary" is generated using Breeder.
Where is my data?
Unhosted.py stores data in ~/.Unhosted.py/,
in a relatively intuitive directory structure:
Each data folder will contain some regular files,
as well as a file named _RS_METADATA.js.
This meta-data file stores "real" names
for all keys, mime-types
and may store other meta-data in the future.
The meta-data file may also store key values as well,
if they are small and do not really "look like a file".
This is an optimization to reduce clutter and disk seeks
when working with small keys:
if the data is large or looks like an independent file,
it will be written as such to the filesystem,
although the name will probably be sanitized somewhat.
Note that changes to individual files of name:
may be overwritten by Unhosted.py if it is running,
as it caches their contents in RAM.
    Directory listings do not work yet.
    User names and passwords are ephemeral.
    _RS_METADATA.js could be overwritten by evil apps.
    Saving metadata fails sometimes due to a race condition.

hidden drive solved by permissions repair #mac

7.6: mis.cyb/mac.finder/
hiding the internal drive from user acct:

. my user acct's finder can't see anything on the internal drive
but on a visible external drive
there is a working link to a file on the internal drive,
so I know the files are there .
. the admin acct can see everything .
. there are no updates from Apple .
. use the disk utility app to verify and repair mac's permissions:
they are bad, but before fixing, verify disk is healthy .
. others are seeing this last year,
and by 2 authors the terminal was suggested:
sudo chflags nohidden /
-- all but one mac user was not happy about that fix:
one just never came back to verify it worked;
and the other cracked jokes about
finding a fix by downloading xcode .
. I would find later that
Apple's diskUtility.permissionsFix
would fix my problem of finder hiding everything .

laptop suspended over recliner

7.6: proj.cyb/xuw/making it usable from easy chair:
. since my eyes can only see things a foot from my face,
I'm wondering how to make the laptop usable
while sitting in the easy chair:
. my first idea was to use it with glasses;
(I have some cheap prescription swimming goggles
to allow me to see things resting on my lap;
much cheaper than new scripts from the optometrist).
. I need a tray for another ergo kybd,
I'm using a spare 1ftx3ft plywood as tray
and resting it on arms of nearby chair when not in use ..
comfort keyboard

virginMobile's new outlook

7.9: aq.cell/Virgin Mobile/We Paid Your Monthly Charge
9.26: summary:
. I had to dump Virgin Mobile;
because, they kept double-billing me;
they used to have very high ratings
from Clark Howard
now I'm with tracfone.
. after I cut VM from my credit card
they sent me this piece of cheese ...

the new microsoft outlook

7.31: co.apt/cyb/the new microsoft outlook:
. what is the significance of microsoft getting into hardware?
I would have thought this was more of them owning the platform
just so they could abuse their position of power;
but they don't really have the power of monopoly anymore,
because, they are losing ground to opensource (google, apple).
. one thing I just noticed was that
they used to have a lot of clout with hardware vendors,
because hardware vendors needed ms's os;
but increasingly people are just as happy running linux;
so that may be a factor in why ms should be
very interested in getting into hardware
-- so it can still have control over that .

the last good cd

7.29: co.amazon/cyb`gear/review Taiyo Yuden-JVC Water Shield
White Inkjet Hub Printable 52X CD-R Media 50 Pack
5-star"the last good cd as cd's are obsolete:
cd stack . the few I have tried have been good .
( I now do all my backups onto
spare harddrives instead of cd's,
I just use these for
sharing data by snailmail ).
. I was amazed it took so long
to find a cd maker who
got consistently good reviews;
all the others are selling cd's cheaper to us simply to
avoid having to sort out defective ones .
. on multiple sites, reviews have been good only for
this brand .


getting over Word97 format

7.13: proj.cyb/fs/word97 conversions/wordviewer fails:
. try opening files in xp's todo folder
(the todo's are things like converting files
that only win97 can open )
I do have wordviewer now,
but that isn't helping anything .
. it says I should look into [text recovery tool] .

web.cyb/fs/word97 conversions/
Word text recovery tool fails:
. I found this hopeful title:
How to recover text from any files by using the
"Recover Text from Any File" converter of Word
but none of the instructions for Word
seems to apply to Word viewer?
try installing word97 on xp .

proj.cyb/fs/word97 conversions/xp.word97 fails:
. there is a compatability mode that includes win95,
but something about word97 and xp
was such a vulnerability
that it's now considered a malware .
[@] web,sci.cyb/xp.word97/failing
. once I started playing with the registry,
it had some code to kill the installation process .

7.14: proj.cyb/fs/word97 conversions/
vista.word97 installs ok but fails:

. try vista.ms'word97;
works but won't open .doc files
... the format it seems to be
(from opening it with ko'edit)
is an .rtf not a .doc;
so change file's type.name;
and then vista.word97 still does not open it;
however, vista.wordpad opened it .
[@] news.cyb/vista.wordpad/will open word97's .rtf's

7.14: web.cyb/vista.word97:
is it possible to run word97 on vista?
. can't hurt to try searching on web .
I know vista has better security,
but by then 1997 was a long time ago!
news: not promoted:
. Office 97 Pro compatible with Vista?
. one convincingly shows it does not;
(Description of the versions of Office
that are supported on Windows Vista
goes back only to 2003)
but I'll finish checking the selected links .
news: some encouragement:
. How to Run Office 97 on Vista | eHow.com

7.14: sci.cyb/vista.word97/install succeeds:
. vista does have a win95 compat'mode;
and it's not complaining about word97 .
mis: won't open a .doc
(what mac calls word97 format):

. mac said this 2003 file was word97 format,
(I never used word97 in 2003,
but this file was authored elsewhere).
. word97 would not open it,
but I tricked vista.wordpad into opening it,
(by retyping it as .txt ? vague recall)
. maybe it needs word viewer,
but word pad finds a lot of text,
only there's a lot strange char's added too .

will open word97's .rtf's:

. after correctly identifying the word97 file
as being an .rtf not a .doc format,
vista.word97 still won't open its own file
[due to security issues]
but, vista now gives me
an option to open with wordpad,
so do that: and it does open it!
. it said there were some codes in it
that my permission level was not allowed to have;
so, there file might not look like the original;
but, it looked great .

sci: why word97 can't open its own files on vista:
. word97 wouldn't open its own .rtf
but vista.wordpad would?
. wordpad said
     there were some codes in it
     that my permission level was not allowed to have;
     so, the file might not look like the original ...
but, it looked great .
. and, word 97 does open the same .rtf
after wordpad has filtered the sensitive codes .
. therefore, vista.word97 does work
but can't deal with the security issues
that vista is now trained to detect .
7.12 cyb`gear word97 install
news: compatability may be partial:
The problem was not the driver
but rather changing print settings
from anything but normal in printer properties.
You can make changes
as you print in MS WORD
but do not make any changes in "PRINTERS";
if you do, changing them back to normal
will not accomplish anything;
you will have to remove the printer
and uninstall and reinstall the printer driver.
I tried this three times!
I realize that some may think
this has nothing to do with VISTA
but having used MS WORD
before VISTA without any problems,
I think all the "OUT OF THE
will appreciate this information.
Well, that depends - it may be a
combination of a changed Vista interface
along with the old style interface
that Office programs use
to access system devices.
Still, at least for me,
I can change printer settings to
what I'd like to use within Word (temporarily)
but if I start messing with the
main settings in default printer properties,
it's uninstall and reinstall to get it back to normal.
By all means, do not use any compatibility settings,
that's what brings on the winword error message.
Access has same troubles as Word or worse?:
"( . I finally got my MS Office 97 to load in Vista
but I still couldn't open my old MS Access files.
I finally bought MS Office 2003,
which seems to open all my old files properly.)
. after seeing that,
I wondered if Access worked at all,
or if, like Word, vista just had security issues
with letting an old app open old files .

beans increase your activity level

7.21: co.fb/health/legumes/
beans increase your activity level:
    Being Inactive Kills as Many as Cigarettes
    - Longevity Center - Everyday Health
How about some truth in headlines:
Being a [hyper-glycemic dieter] May Kill You .
-- The Truth About Sex via The Truth About Sex
. one way of getting more active without trying
is to get far more fiber
(replace meat with beans
and replace sugar with greens)
. look at the details of that study:
"removal of physical inactivity
had the largest effect on colon cancer,
and the smallest on coronary heart disease,
in terms of percentage reduction, ..."
. it just so happens that beans are
a major preventive of colon cancer
just as if you had gotten more exercise .
. that's not all beans do for health .

7.25: news.health/hormonics/
sugar transitions muscle to
prefering glucose over fats:

07-23-12 European Journal of Nutrition,
. the participants were lightly active, lean,
and then drinking soft drinks for only four weeks.
. Dr. Hans-Peter Kubis, Bangor University in England .
. the research showed regularly drinking soft drinks
changed the way muscles use food as fuel,
making them prefer to burn sugars over fats
via altered gene activity
-- encouraging unhealthy adaptations
similar to those seen in people with
obesity problems and type 2 diabetes:
a reduced ability to burn fat and to fat gain.
and making it more difficult for the body to
cope with rises in blood sugar.

found a loophole in Atkins 2002

7.20: health/hormonics/found a loophole in Atkins 2002:
. my familiarity with Atkins is limited to
a book he last revised in 2002;
in that book, he suggested that
in determining our carb' allotment,
we didn't need to count the non-insulinemics,
which includes fructose .
. the Zone diet noted that
one way to keep your blood sugar up,
is to get generous amounts of certain proteins
(chicken, fish, egg whites, veg protein isolate,
but not whey protein isolate).
. Dr.Lustig noted that a leading cause of
the liver becoming insulin resistant
is from eating too much fructose;
he also warned us that it was the
combination of glucose provoking insulin
and fructose causing insulin resistance
that was causing the current epidemic of
metabolic syndrome (obesity, fatty liver, ...).
. some with high blood sugar are finding that
their blood sugar is high on awakening
suggesting that for some reason
their liver is being fooled into making
too much glucose .
. one way it can be fooled is insulin resistance:
as it produces glucose,
it knows when to stop because
it detects that levels of insulin are getting high;
but if it's insulin resistant,
it can't hear the insulin signal
and thus continues to produce glucose
even when the {insulin, glucose} are too high .
. therefore,
high glycemics is not exactly the whole problem:
fructose is making the liver insulin-resistant
which makes the liver put out too much glucose;
so, if instead of sugar you had too much
combined fructose and protein,
that too would cause the same hyperglycemia,
without being on a high -glycemic diet ?
. if that 's true,
that's a loophole in the Atkins 2002 diet,
because he allows non-insulinemic carb's
and any amount of any sort of protein .
. most people don't fall into that pitfall
only because fructose is usually combined with
the insulinemic carb's that Atkins controls,
so most on Atkins diet tend to get less of
all sorts of carb's, including fructose .

biofuel & TEG electricity sources

7.30: gear/pedgen powered by wood-burning turbine:
. a great way to produce energy while mobile
is to use a wood-burning steam engine
to power a windmill's electricity generator .
. go to a national park where there is forest litter,
and burn it in a steam engine,
that drives that the generator
that recharges your batteries .
9.25: summary:
. with that thought in mind,
I set about looking for equipment that
already does such wood burning,
and I found an even better idea:
thermoelectric generators (TEG)
-- converting heat into electricity .
. existing TEG-based camper products
include the $129 BioLite CampStove .

full-time rv legal residence

7.29: co.answers.yahoo.com/mobi/
full-time rv legal residence:

2011: answers.yahoo.com
If you are full time rv person
how do you maintain a resident status
and how do you deal with mail?
Neva Neva -- Best Answer - Chosen by 1 Voter:
Deal with your mail on the Internet.
Do your banking on line.
You do not really have a resident status.
Your home goes where you go.
7.29: my comment to "(best answer)
. that answer may be increasingly correct
in the future:

toilet design for very-low water usage

7.24: gear/toilet/design for very-low water usage:

keyboard tray for reclined use without sliding

7.28: proj.gear/table for kybd in bed/the fencing star
make a fence to preventing kybd sliding:
. when using the table for kybd in bed
 I like to have the table at a slight angle,
 but then the kybd tends to slide off,
 so the table needs a little fence in front,
 and found just the adapter among my junk hardware:
 there are angle brackets for reinforcing cabinets .
 . I screwed a pair of them into place near the edge .
the keyboard tray