message is save anyone not everyone

7.29: relig/christian/the message is save anyone not everyone:
. christian notices that the free market is immoral
because commercialism is diluting our culture .
. however, that is actually christian's fault;
because they are the ones who believe
that they are G*D-ordained to
convert and embrace the entire world;
so, their own idea for the
free-marketing of religion
means that everyone else's culture must be diluted
-- but the rub works both ways:
their culture gets diluted as well .
. what's really notable about that though
is that it doesn't have to be that way
according to their own leader, Christ .
. when Jews seek to maintain moral quality,
their ultimatum to you is social rejection .
. when JC set out to save the world
he was indeed looking beyond
his own Jewish community
but the idea was to recruit anyone -- not everyone .
. he had an important culture to foster,
and, whoever would embrace it,
that was who his new family would be .
[ his new religion was this:
you are unfairly calling people sinners:
. when your disabled make it look as if
your community is being cursed by G*D
you claim that god has really
caused the disability as a punishment
and that the reason for this is that
self or family has displeased G*D .
. faced with the demon-possessed (mentally ill),
you are forcing them to feign physical disabilities
in order to get sympathy while begging;
you shun people in required jobs like tax collectors,
and you shun the jobs you force on them
with your poverty and under-the-table demands:
eg, why is the prostitute allowed but shunned?
why are kids shunned for being born out wedlock
-- for what their parents did?
I'm not saying you have to embrace
or convert the whole world
but we need to take responsibility
for the mess we make as a society,
rather than leave the disabled
to beg or prostitute .]
. we CHRISTIANs need to live by example
and encourage people to join us that way;
we need control of our cities;
we can't have creeping democracy
forcing our city to flip cultures;
instead, new cultures should find new cities .
this is where privacy is really important
-- on the cultural level --
yet this is where we have none!
. a community 's privacy right
means the right to not be invaded by
competing cultures .
. this notion of community privacy rights
is directly at odds with the
separation of church and state clause;
but that clause make sense only at
the state and federal levels;
it doesn't makes sense at the community level
where people want to share values
to achieve trust and reduce contact stress .]
. but wouldn't this perpetuate intolerance?
the primary concern about intolerance
was what to do with freed slaves;
but if we offered them the American Dream
-- a piece of fertile land,
or the ownership of a thriving business --
I'm sure they would have been
quite happy with "(intolerance) .]

. the place where cultural competition can happen
is in the economic realm, like so:
if your culture can't afford a business
then you sell it,
and the new owners replace your culture with theirs .
. if a gated community has too many vacancies,
they may decide to convert the culture,
ie, sell it for use by some other culture
so that they can use the money to
expand where they can thrive .
. the way it is now though
gives each culture too much ability to
erode the values of another culture
even when the market has given it no in-roads .

. there can still be minimum fed standards
that ensure communities are not
holding people against their will
or getting into child abuse or neglect;
and that's where issues happen:
is being a drug addict considered to be
child endangerment?
. drugs could still be allowed in adult communities .

7.29: 9.26:
. but what about the free market?
you have to tolerate all these behaviours
because we have a right to
set up shop in your community,
and when we do, we have a right to expect
that you will not limit our clients .

7.29: 9.26:
. what about the free parent's dump:
your culture is so uninviting
that you keep losing people
and you are really adding to the federal blight;
because, you send them out with no resources .
. yet you are finding ways to
still own all the cities,
thereby creating all these homeless people .