beans increase your activity level

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beans increase your activity level:
    Being Inactive Kills as Many as Cigarettes
    - Longevity Center - Everyday Health
How about some truth in headlines:
Being a [hyper-glycemic dieter] May Kill You .
-- The Truth About Sex via The Truth About Sex
. one way of getting more active without trying
is to get far more fiber
(replace meat with beans
and replace sugar with greens)
. look at the details of that study:
"removal of physical inactivity
had the largest effect on colon cancer,
and the smallest on coronary heart disease,
in terms of percentage reduction, ..."
. it just so happens that beans are
a major preventive of colon cancer
just as if you had gotten more exercise .
. that's not all beans do for health .

7.25: news.health/hormonics/
sugar transitions muscle to
prefering glucose over fats:

07-23-12 European Journal of Nutrition,
. the participants were lightly active, lean,
and then drinking soft drinks for only four weeks.
. Dr. Hans-Peter Kubis, Bangor University in England .
. the research showed regularly drinking soft drinks
changed the way muscles use food as fuel,
making them prefer to burn sugars over fats
via altered gene activity
-- encouraging unhealthy adaptations
similar to those seen in people with
obesity problems and type 2 diabetes:
a reduced ability to burn fat and to fat gain.
and making it more difficult for the body to
cope with rises in blood sugar.