#liberals associated with #Lyme disease

8.27: news.pol/liberals associated with Lyme disease:
. this map of gay marriage (liberal) states (found here)
is similar to the Lyme outbreak density (found here).
. the Lyme ticks are thickest in liberal states
except clean NewMexico is liberal,
and infested Wisconsin is not .

webcam pedophilia sting operation like drones

8.27: news.pol/children's rights/
webcam pedophilia sting operation like drones:
27: summary:
. webcam pedophiles (defined as those who are
asking children to masturbate in front of the webcam
and may involve exposing children to adult masturbation)
are getting caught by a new policing strategy
because they can't tell the difference between
a human and a computer-generated character;
and, they show their face during the crime,
which can lead to identification of the offender .

Morphic Resonance #parapsych #paraphysics

8.27: news.psy/parapsy/Morphic Resonance:
. the idea that your brain's memory is more like a
radio receiver than a computer storage,
is included in a theory known as Morphic Resonance .
. just as there is a shared evolving memory for minds
there are shared memory stores for some natural laws
such as epigenetics and crystal formations .
video: Dr Rupert Sheldrake: 
"Morphic Resonance, 
Collective Memory and the Habits of Nature" .


#solar #oven by sunoven.com

2014.2.9: web.gear/solar.oven/compare amazon offerings:
All American Sun Oven

base oven is $294.00, extras is $45.5:


Antichrist war is officially declared

news.pol/purges/wwIII/Antichrist war is officially declared:
defense.gov Aug. 21, 2014:
Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey,
chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:
ISIS has an "apocalyptic, end-of-days" vision 
that will eventually have to be defeated.


#Russia #religion the greater hope of the world #Cayce

7.22: relig/Russian (what Cayce esteemed)
8.13: summary: 
. Edgar Cayce was "the sleeping prophet";
he could hypnotize himself, and answer questions
which his waking self knew nothing about .
Edgar Cayce 1932.2 READING 3976-10:
What should be the attitude of so-called
capitalist nations toward [Stalin's] Russia?
On Russia's religious development
will come the greater hope of the world.
Then that one, or group, that is
the closer in its relationships,
may fare the better in the gradual changes
and final settlement of conditions
as to the rule of the world.
. the Religion Cayce saw coming to Russia
must have been the same one that Cayce
had himself been drawn to in 1932;
and, like the mystics of India,
Cayce's religion included Hindu reincarnation,
but was otherwise traditional Christianity .


#PC as the #communists vs the #fascists

8.10: news.pol/PC as the communists vs the fascists:
. traditional versions of Christians
believe that God Himself wrote the very Bible
that outlaws many sexual behaviors
which means you cannot be both Biblical and
tolerant of non-procreative sexual orientations .
. the Christians traditionally tried to
dominate every community around the globe,
replacing all the local perversities;
so, the natural reaction of the PC
has been to globalize sexual tolerance .

protecting Christian culture:
. one way to protect all cultures,
including the Christians and the racists,
is to have entire towns dedicated to
one particular culture and language .
. just like private homes can be discriminatory,
private groups who can afford to buy an entire town
can dedicate that town to their own culture,
their own language, or even their own race .


prioritizing supplements for a tight budget

health/prioritizing supplements for a tight budget:
. I'm looking for ways to save more in preparation for
lower luck and higher inflation;
so, I'm trying to replace health supplements
with items that foodstamps will pay for .