Big Bang Theory protests fat head

6.8: co.apt/relig/christian/
jew begat christian begat Big Bang theory:
. christianity is not even meant to be bible-based;
because, it's intent is to be a sarcastic protest against
the legal assumption used by jews to nail christ
(he was punished for acting like god,
so protesters should call him a god ).
. the scientists, in turn, seem to mock the christians
by perpetuating that ludicrous big bang theory
which has not a shred of evidence for
supporting the idea that at one time
all mass and energy
were the size of a subatomic particle .

pedophile priests protest overpopulation

6.12: relig/christian#catholic/
pedophile-protecting priests may be protesting:

. I've often thought that catholicism has lost its way;
the point of not using sex for sport
has been to protect us from the pitfalls of sex:
irresponsible pregnancies,
and sexually transmitted diseases;
the typical mob reaction to such a culture
is to simply say all sex is deliberate
thereby the tendency to have large families
even among the poor .
. when jesus said there will be poor always,
he was not giving us a pass to wallow in poverty:
the only joblessness should be from disabilities,
not these huge families .
. what if priests thought the same thing?
what if they were muttering among themselves:
"(we pretend like we're in control,
and like the masses are in compliance,
but the amount of sex we tolerate is so abusive
deliberately casting all our children into poverty!)
. what if one way to protest fertile sex
is to keep pushing infertile sex
-- under the table ?
a conservative pattern:
. then again, we could be seeing a pattern here,
where part of promoting [father knows best] culture
is never making a big deal about father failing .
. this has been an obvious problem among the catholics,
but I recently saw a conservative jewish version of it too:
. a jewish woman was protesting the conservatives
because they felt it was counterproductive
to expose cases of incest in jewish homes .

the oneness of good and evil

co.apt/relig/bible/the oneness of good and evil:
. in the bible, they portray god as
the reason for homo'intolerance:
they're saying it's not a rational hate, not of us .
. indeed, god and devil are portrayed by some prophets
as being one and the same thing;
but other prophets do refer to a devil
as if it's a separate entity;
so that may have been simply showing that
ideas about god have changed
across generations of bible writers;
but, I would tend to agree with the first prophet;
because, you can see the oneness of good and evil:
the good of peace tends to fall into
the bad of decadence, weakness, and death;
while the bad of war leads to the goods of
strengthening, survival, and life .

6.11: relig/bible/genesis/
tree of knowledge of good and evil:

. an important concept in knowing good from evil is
much of what is good is arbitrary
and depends only on what we've
agreed to call good vs evil;
ie, being attentive or well-read is often
much more important to social coordination
 than being thoughtful .
keywords: (reptilian, repeatable, fidelity).

6.4: co.apt/relig/we're all right for the wrong reasons:
. christ [as] the devil:
[7.27: the christians support privacy .]
. whose the elite? [why blame it on the rich?!]
privacy is the key (the root of all evil)
would you hide good works under a bushel?
[like Matthew 5:15]
. a republican or a democrat;
the 2 faces as the shield of the one thing,
whatever you do -- good or evil --
you save the game,
[7.27: of  stasis vs evolution,
personal freedom vs cultural survival ]
and feed the eternal dream .

Dr.Williams questioning schiz' theory

6.24: news.psy/schiz/Dr.Williams is correct:
By Paris Williams, PhD
. we still have no clear evidence that schizophrenia
and other related psychotic disorders
are the result of a diseased brain ...
anyone who takes a close look at the actual research
will simply not be able to honestly say otherwise.
And not only does the brain disease hypothesis
remain unsubstantiated,
it has been directly countered by
very well established findings
within the recovery research,
it has demonstrated itself to be
particularly harmful to those so diagnosed
(often leading to a self-fulfilling prophecy),
and is highly profitable to the
pharmaceutical and psychiatric industries
(which likely plays a major role in why it has remained
so deeply entrenched in society for so many years,
in spite of our inability to validate it).
. I think Dr.Williams is correct,
although I didn't find his arguments compelling;
however, there is compelling evidence out there
(and he's got a book on it I bet is interesting).
. in fact, most psychiatrists secretly agree with him;


prof.Derber's clarion call

7.16: news.pol/purges/reaganomics/
prof.Derber's clarion call:

. jerry doyle's guest is prof.Derber:
he has a book about surplus population?
yes: The Surplus American:
How the 1% is Making Us Redundant
(co-authored with Yale R. Magrass, Hillary Marshall)

Derber's other books?

witches, queers, and schiz', oh my!

6.1: co.apt/med/psychiatry/corrupted by mobocracy:
. our forefathers thought that you could tell a witch
by their being undrownable;
if they died, you killed an innocent
-- but that was justifiable collateral damage
in the war on witches!
. modern psychiatry until the 70's
had diagnosed homosexuality as mental disorder;
because it was indeed causing mental disorders
to many around them,
but politically you couldn't say most people are
mentally ill on exposure to homosexuality,
so they simply cheated the queers .
. the opportunistic mainstream gov's
or their tools of control, like psychiatry,
were caught lying about witches and queers,
and they are still lying about schizophrenics:

piracetam quality lacking

6.9: web.wealth/piracetam:

. I've had many leary perceptions of the racetams
as others said their effects were too subtle
to risk spending much money on .
. but I'm very impressed from today's research
that they cleared aging spots in the brain
(levels of lipofuscin in the rat brain).
. I was concerned that the FDA doesn't allow
sale of Piracetam in the US as a dietary supplement;
I think that means there is no reason to sell you
USP or Food Grade quality;
everyone can save $hundreds on technical grade,
but what are the contaminant levels?
for instance, my contact for high-grade stuff is
they'll sell me anything spectrumchemical makes;
but again, when I check spectrum's site,
the EP* grade requires regulatory approval .
europe's equivalent to our verified food grade .]
. the grade being sold on the street is this .

high times for low carb

7.9..13: summary:
. A Calorie Is A Calorie theory
disproven again?
nobody was seriously positing
that all calories are equal;
what they were trying to do is
not offend the food marketers
or those who like the new modern diet .
. what they were say is:
"( so what if corn syrup is addictive:
can we treat consumers like adults?! )

. however, it's very interesting to hear
that low-carb diets raise cortisol
and C-reactive protein (measure of inflammation)]
more than low-glycemic diets !
-- esp'ly when most people will
misinterpret what that just said:
Atkins did not raise these!
Atkins dieters had very good cortisol levels
relative to the levels associated with heart disease
and Atkins will cut your CRP in half !


the spirits and molecules of autism

. this file started out as a political issue
-- 5.20/pol/energy/Autism related to Coal's mercury --
but mercury policy has improved
while autism rates have increased,
so, it's been reassigned as a health issue .
. however, it may also be a socioeconomic issue
as worsening underemployment
increases reliance on children's disability payments .
. nevertheless,
even if parents were encouraging the diagnosis
for collecting child disability payments,
there is still evidence of increased autism risk
from environmental pollutants
(pcb's, pesticides, estrogenics, mercury)
and a degraded food supply quality
(increased use of gmo's, pesticides,
and herbicides -- thanks to gmo's;
non-organic farming creates a lack of
selenium in food
which is needed to counteract mercury).
. another theory explaining increased autism
is what I call two-headed dominance syndrome
where one of the heads tends to submit
in order to let the other head take control .
. likewise, in sociology,
when a population starts to feel
a loss of economic opportunities
there may tend to be more silent tension,
and an increase in dependent personalities .

. at the same time, unique to our times
is a tendency to demand much more of students;
whereas, in the past,
the developmentally challenged may have been
understood to be simply a rowdy or lonely laborer .

6.22: web: autism is on the rise:


repairing a recumbent exercycle

6.30: mis.gear/exercycle/chair`stem`weld failed:
. the Marcy exercycle's seat weld failed!
and, inspecting the weld area,
the reason is obvious:
they had the weld strengths reversed:
they needed only light tacks
in the back,
but a good strong seam in the front
because that is getting
a lot of lift pressure;
instead there were only
2 tack welds in the front,
so when the front tacks snapped apart,
then the seat pitched backwards about half a foot .

6.30: proj.gear/exercycle/
recovery from chair`stem`weld failure:


combo solid tire and tube

2013.2.21: summary:
. this chronicles my combining of a
typical pneumatic inner tube
with a Bell No-Mor Flats (solid) Bike Inner Tube .
. I now have this on both a bmx bike front wheel,
and on all wheels of a recumbent trike . 

BHT anti-viral may be anti-cancer?

6.24: news.health/bht:
7.8: summary:
. at lef.org's forum, a note about hepatitis C
mentioned a yahoo health group, BHTcures .
. files they have there include
Fowkes`The BHT Book,
also at projectwellbeing.com .
. if you ever used that for insomnia,
you might be interested in knowing
-- for minimizing liver toxicity --
that it can be absorbed through the skin:
simply mix BHT with mct oil and blend .

. eg, use 5.5 tsp of BHT (16.5 grams)
for a quart (32 fluid ounces) of MCT oil.
Each tablespoon of oil now contains
slightly more than 250 mg of BHT.
There are about 64 tablespoons to a quart.
. I tried adjusting that recipe for higher potency:
. 250mg bht per tsp/2 oil
is done by blending 32oz oil with
2* cup/4 + 3 tbspoon bht .

[6.28: proj:
5.5 tsp means 250mg per 3tsp,
so 6*5.5 = 33 tsp crystals means 250mg per tsp/2 oil .
. 3tsp per tablespoon, cup = 16*3 tsp, cup/4 = 4*3 tsp .
. 33tsp = 2* cup/4 + 3 tbsp .]

. another highlight of the book was purification: