witches, queers, and schiz', oh my!

6.1: co.apt/med/psychiatry/corrupted by mobocracy:
. our forefathers thought that you could tell a witch
by their being undrownable;
if they died, you killed an innocent
-- but that was justifiable collateral damage
in the war on witches!
. modern psychiatry until the 70's
had diagnosed homosexuality as mental disorder;
because it was indeed causing mental disorders
to many around them,
but politically you couldn't say most people are
mentally ill on exposure to homosexuality,
so they simply cheated the queers .
. the opportunistic mainstream gov's
or their tools of control, like psychiatry,
were caught lying about witches and queers,
and they are still lying about schizophrenics:
. one of the identifying hallucinations of schiz'ia
is this:
hearing others echoing your thoughts
or vocally logging your actions
(as if they can see you by mindreading);
-- how peculiar that millions of schiz'ics
would all have this same halucination!
. could it be that telepathoid interactions
are considered politically or religiously taboo
as being "(superstition) ?
. again psychiatrists are left with no other option
than to cheat the patient .
[. this might seem like so-what white-lie cheating,
but this diagnosis has serious consequences:
in some states medication is mandatory,
and their only medication for schiz'ia
involves neuro-hormone disruption therapies
like inhibiting dopamine or thyroid .]

6.6: co.apt/med/psychiatry/lying tool of the state:
. psychiatrists lie, but what can you expect,
they are tools of state control,
and state control has had a problem with
having their discipline seem too cruel,
so they designed these drugs for
making you too tired to scream;
but I don't see any people
taking these drugs voluntarily .
. the state will tell you:
"( the patients stop taking their beloved meds
only because they feel better! )
those drugs are relentlessly oppressively boring
(not to mention notoriously unhealthy)
and the minute you turn your back,
they stop feeling coerced into taking unhealthy .
. psychiatrists or their state owners
have that fundamentalist raper mentality
where she's expected to submit to her
husband, who has zero imagination,
and can't play without her popping;
and, she just loves it,
or something is wrong with her submission bone .

6.2: co.g'+/med/schiz's die less on pot:
KS originally shared this post:
I would definitely volunteer to be
one of the subjects in this proposed study!

AlterNet || Study:
Marijuana Linked to Lower Mortality Rate
for Patients with Psychotic Disorders

. the use of cannabis is associated with
lower mortality risk in patients with
schizophrenia and related psychotic disorders.
6.3: news.med/dsm-5/co.fb#Peter R. Breggin, MD:
Mental health pros --
sign protest about DSM-5 TODAY,
tell APA you won't buy DSM-5!
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