test GE Fish on pet food for 20 years

Genetically Engineered Marine Organisms: Environmental and Economic Risks and Benefitsco.gov/health/GE Fish:
to my congressional rep's:
. instead of worrying about labeling,
why don't you feed the fish to pets first?
. if 20 years of that does ok,
(eno' time to see intergenerational affects)
then people won't care that it's GE .
. when you properly label food,
you become a better person,
in a better gov .
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on August 25, 2010, that it will potentially approve a transgenic salmon as the first genetically engineered (GE) animal intended for human consumption. In response, nearly 400,000 public comments were sent to FDA from citizens demanding the agency reject this application and require mandatory labeling should it decide to approve it. Additionally, over 300 environmental, consumer, health, and animal welfare organizations, along with salmon and fishing groups and associations, food companies, chefs and restaurants signed joint letters to the FDA opposing approval of the GE salmon.
FDA's decision to go ahead with this approval is misguided and dangerous. It is time for Congress to take action. Senator Mark Begich (D-Alaska) and Representative Don Young (R-Alaska) recently introduced bipartisan legislation in Congress that would ban GE fish (S. 230/H.R. 521) and require mandatory labeling for consumers if approved (S. 229/H.R. 520).
The legislation has been endorsed by 64 consumer, worker, religious and environmental groups, along with commercial, recreational and subsistence fisheries associations, and food businesses and retailers. Those groups include the Center for Food Safety, Ocean Conservancy, Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development, the Alaska Trollers Association, Food and Water Watch, the National Cooperative Grocers Association and the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations among others.
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a new terrorist among the promiscuous

2.21: news.health/oral sex (on either sex)
raises risk of throat cancer:
web: both sexes? yes!
Oral Sex is The Leading Cause for Rise in Throat Cancer
 Anticancer, A New Way of Life, New Editionby VR Sreeraman on February 21, 2011
. there are 150 types of hpv
(human papillomavirus),
and about 40 of those
can be sexually transmitted,
some of those cause cancers  .
-- Diane Harper, University of Missouri;
-- Bonnie Halpern-Felsher, UC, San Francisco .
Researchers have found a 225% increase
in oral cancer cases in usa from 1974 to 2007,
Life Extension Se-methylselenocysteine 200 Mcg Capsules, 100-Countpredominantly among
young white males .
. those who performed oral sex
on six or more partners
face an eight-fold higher risk
of acquiring HPV-related  cancers
than those with fewer than six .
New England J Medicine 2007 HPV
. of 100 men and women newly diagnosed with
cancer of of the throat, tonsils and tongue,
those who had evidence of
prior oral HPV infection
had a 32-fold increased risk of throat cancer.
A vaccine is available which protects against
cervical cancer caused by HPV strains 6, 11, 16 and 18,
and also against genital warts .
what is it about promiscuity? networking depth
# Zimbabwe married men:
40 % reported having had an extramarital partner
within the past year .
# Nigerian:
. a majority of the married men
and one-third of the married women
reported they had a extramarital partner .
Edgar Winans, UW anthropologist:
Adultery occurred in lots of traditional
African rural societies for a long time,
but in many villages it was disapproved,
so it was risky behavior
[since it was not tracked,
and involved many more targets
than one would publicly date .]
In the city there's much less check on behavior,
and African cities have attracted
large numbers of singles.
. prostitution (ie, sex with strangers) is common .
Myth of Promiscuity in Africa:
2001 Durex Global Sex Survey conducted among
18,500 sexually active and inactive individuals
in 28 countries .
# age of starting sex is 18:
Solgar - Se-Methylselenocysteine 200 mcg Vegetable Capsules - 60{ Americans(16 to 20): 16
, Americans(25 to 34): 18
, Chinese: 22
# number of sexual partners is 7.7:
Se-methylselenocysteine, 200Mcg, 100 Caps{ Nigerians: 4.2
, South Africans: 8.2,
, Americans: 14.2
} --[
. this reminded me of why prostitution
could matter;
prostitution allows hundreds to share
the same source;
whereas in a friend network,
it's possible to have fewer
transitive connections .
. in the best case, americans with 14 partners
are actually part of a closed system
-- virtually in a class-room sized
communal marriage .
ie, even though the 1st degree
number of relations is 14,
the 2nd degree is zero .
. whereas if prostitutes were involved with strangers,
the 2nd degree becomes hundreds .]

politics of bike lanes

2.21: news.pol/bike lanes/zombie issue:
. this paper: why bike lanes and paths aren't the answer,
is hoping to demand equal rights for hpv's
Human-Powered Vehicles. we need to plan cities around hpv's;
(human-powered vehicles);
this is sad .
hpv's should be electric-assisted
and enclosed (velomobile)
so that the physically disabled
can use the same vehicles .
. safe, weatherproof, eco-friendly,
economical and healthy:
universally usable transportation .
the automotive x-prize winner has a good start;
that car is light eno for pedaling to be meaningful .
. it should also perfect suspension systems
so that we can forever be rid of flat tires .
why bike lanes and paths aren't the answer:
League of American Bicyclists:
. bike paths along roadways:
# economics:
It is difficult, if not impossible in most locations,
to design a safe [side path]-style
separated bicycle facility .
# accidents occur at intersections:
every driveway or side road is an intersection;
and side paths enormously complicate those intersections
in ways that impact safety...Bicycle Accidents: Biomedical, Engineering and Legal Aspects
Facility Relative Danger Index
-- likelihood of experiencing a crash
On-street bike lanes (BL) 0.41
Signed bike route only (BR) 0.51
Major streets w/o bike facilities 0.66
Minor streets w/o bike facilities 0.94
Multiuse trail 1.39
Off-road/unpaved 4.49
Other (most often ‘sidewalk’) 16.34
what to tell your gov:
# eliminate on-street parking:
thereby freeing up two lanes of road width
making it easier for cars to share lanes with bikes
# more radials aka roundabouts .


#care microwave power on with a bump sets fire

2.20: mis.gear/microwave/power on with a bump sets fire
. the microwave is suddenly on fire?
I didn't even touch it!
what's burning inside it?
it must be something that includes
both metal and fuel .
first unplug, then it keeps burning?
keep the door closed
and it will smother or at least keep smoke in .
. mov it out in the garage .
in fact, I had touced it:
how does it turn on?
simply elbowing the duration knob
to non-zero
-- I had bumped it without noticing .
I had stored a toxic unfermented
soy soup mix in there,
waiting to offer it to the next microwave user;
and, that packaging was freshness sealed
with both burnable plastic
and microwave-bombing aluminum foil !
Sony Mdrnc22/Blk Noise Canceling Headphone (Black)worst case:
. I could have bumped that while deaf
as when wearing loud earbuds,
then gone to bed,
to get smoked during sleep .
keep it unplugged,
and leave the burning plastic
in garage as reminder .


#green #ethanol coffee vending with less wait

2.19: gear/coffee vending drive thru':
Starbucks Africa Kitamu Coffee, Ground, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3). is there a portable coffee machine?
for something that's so easy
to micro-localize
why are people spending gas in
long drive thru's
-- as the way to start every day,
all of them at the same time ?
. perhaps some use coffee only for the job,
or see that minimizing ownership
has the same advantages as leasing cars
or going to cloud computing .

. some drive-thru's feature fresh roast?
that would not be so easy to match .
do these drive-thru's use gas heat?
that would be much cheaper than
the user's electric appliance .

. less gasoline use would reduce cancer rates;
so, perhaps the best idea is proaction
not unlike the carbon tax [3.7: except that
oil users pay more than ethanol
(that information would be on your card).]
. we could give free loans to drive-thru's
for expanding the number of concurrent lanes;
people who have a debit card
get a cheaper rate than if they have need
more time for getting the correct change .
[3.7: (plus they can save
getting verified as ethanol users)]
token based:
. most of the transaction time is spent on
ordering and paying;
so, instead of expensively duplicating
the pickup station,
there are many automated vending stations
that give you a token with an order#,
then you give the pickup station .
. many vendors could share the same
token service;
it works like app's sharing a computer;
each vendor has their own icon on main menu;
that is leading to their own menu .
. searches could also find items;
instead of "(what do you have),
there's "(what is there like ...)? .


the myth of unfair capitalism

2.12: pol/wealth gap/the myth of unfair capitalism

. I'm still hearing about the widening gulf of wealth disparities
as being an indicator of unfair compensation policy;
in fact it's a very precise indicator only of
the population being super-sized .
Karo Light Corn Syrup - 1 gallon. if you can make just 1 dollar per person
say, selling a unit of corn syrup
to billions of people,
then you can still be a billionaire
even though billions could afford
only corn syrup .
. the beauty of global trade at this time
-- when there are still developing nations --
is that labor costs for your pricey items
become dirt cheap,
and employees can easily give billions back
to a corn syrup tycoon
because underdeveloped equals overpopulated
(and ignorant eno' to sugar everything!).
Omaha Steaks 1 (7 lb.) Spiral Sliced Ham
sweetened ham
[see why that's unhealthy]

. if everyone did get fair salaries,
it would not stop wealth disparities;
instead, employees would be replaced with machines,
and in their unemployment,
they could still afford corn syrup .
. the savings ability of the billionaire
depends only on
automation replacing people
while still having billions of people to sell to.
Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge
corn.syrup inside

. with capitalism applied to reproduction,
parents would form a reproduction cartel:
slowing production to meet demand,
and would keep slowing it until
pervasive labor scarcity
causes a high min'wage .

capitalism is broken by religion:
. people have a god-given right to
control their own reproduction;
and some even have a god-given requirement
to not control it!

capitalism is broken by a lack of religion:
(a lack of socializing institutions):
. children are not just capital,
parents have them to both express personal pride,
and to repress fears of growing old alone
without the brave and energetic in their corner .

. the religious will plead for charity;
ie, redistribution of wealth done voluntarily;
liberals are accused of doing it involuntarily;
this would not be truly progressive .
. we should instead be advancing social security
in the form that churches once had:
they had a strong sense of community,
assisted by localization of the economy .

. well, localization just might be far off;
how can local ownership of children be possible
when people are moving around for jobs?
the gov' should strongly encourage everyone
(esp'ly those who are potential or current parents)
to spend most of their time in community centers
helping with the care of elders and children,
instead of working so hard to buy escape from others .

. the progressives need to point out
that while communes as practiced by churches
was held together by hateful bigots
it served some valuable functions we sorely need:
. hidden power differentials should not be
looming over all the women and children .
. everyone should be taking care of elders;
ie, instead of teen clubs and senior centers,
there can be communes for every lifestyle
-- including racists and other bigots --
but with always an intergenerational mix:
these communes would be the various houses of
who I am and will be .
. but that would bring you right back to now!
most elders and youth culture
mutually consider the other rude .
. well, that gets to science-based morals;
if there's nothing wrong with a behavior
why are you suppressing it? ... endless .
. anyway,
it's a nightmare to single-handedly
care for the senile or emotionally challenged;
and if we all were drafted to help the impaired,
we would start thinking about how our society
can do less impairing .]

. the only people who should be alone are students,
everyone else should be communed .
. that policy may be bucking American nature
since by the way it was populated
it may have acquired a genetic tendency to
take large risks for personal space .
. then again, you could look at
the same [suburban is normal] religion
and conclude instead,
that being the king of your own castle
is simply the easiest thing to do, and
not the thing our demons force us to do .

. never underestimate the power of the devil;
we never would have
struggled to get the science,
and advance the state of empowering tech
without ugly emotions disempowering us:
. there may be an irresistable supernatural force
causing overpopulation,
and an easy path to that could be
making people seem unappealing to each other;
"(. people just love peace ... in a toilet:
wouldn't you rather just start over
and make people in your own image?
welcome to the church of private parenting!
you are now happily on your own .)
. the traditional church did not allow this .

. the major religions have all had some
complementary ways of controlling population:
judaism:. only the educationally tested
are deemed eligible to be parents
(Bar and Bat Mitzvah):
"(sons and daughters of the commandment)
-- not children of the free spir't .
. we don't need to out-reproduce the world,
we should convert what's here, and call them us .
. by allowing the man to have multiple wives,
we take the pressure off every woman to reproduce;
population growth is exactly proportional to
the number of active women .
. if overpopulation makes sense to you and your elders
then you might still find peace
by not expecting the universe to be pain-free :) .

[3.3: in sum:
. the wealth gap in modern times
is caused by a culture of over-reproduction;
and, aggravated by racism and democracy .
. the culture of right-sized reproduction
includes communal parenting and senior care .
. and,
watch those teens around the senior drugs
(yet another wealth gap!).]