#care microwave power on with a bump sets fire

2.20: mis.gear/microwave/power on with a bump sets fire
. the microwave is suddenly on fire?
I didn't even touch it!
what's burning inside it?
it must be something that includes
both metal and fuel .
first unplug, then it keeps burning?
keep the door closed
and it will smother or at least keep smoke in .
. mov it out in the garage .
in fact, I had touced it:
how does it turn on?
simply elbowing the duration knob
to non-zero
-- I had bumped it without noticing .
I had stored a toxic unfermented
soy soup mix in there,
waiting to offer it to the next microwave user;
and, that packaging was freshness sealed
with both burnable plastic
and microwave-bombing aluminum foil !
Sony Mdrnc22/Blk Noise Canceling Headphone (Black)worst case:
. I could have bumped that while deaf
as when wearing loud earbuds,
then gone to bed,
to get smoked during sleep .
keep it unplugged,
and leave the burning plastic
in garage as reminder .