China's judaists (Sino-Judaica)

9.26: news.relig/judiasm/China's judaists (Sino-Judaica):
27: summary:
. Jewish life in China is not doing so well;
but there is much more freedom of travel now
between Israel and China.

what is the good news? #wwIII

9.26: relig/jw.org/what is the good news? #wwIII:
. a jw.org rep asked me to look at an article
called "what is the good news?"
it makes a statement and provides scripture
that might hint how the statement is true.
. jw.org believes in heaven on earth;
angels toss out the sinners, install a global government
and then we live forever
without pain or death here on earth as humans.
. this reminded me of wwIII,
leaving only one military standing,
-- one global government --
that then enforces global arms control,
and brings peace on earth forever.
. the real you is your community,
and with global peace enforced forever,
your community (you) really could live forever
assuming your community can evolve
to travel to new stars after the Sun dies.


usa`nations sponsoring terrorism are #syria and #iran maybe not sudan

9.22: news.pol/purges/wwIII/usa`
nations sponsoring terrorism are #syria and #iran maybe not sudan:
. the move to consider taking Sudan off the list
of State_Sponsors_of_Terrorism,
would further focus on Iran and Syria
as the arch enemies of usa-Israel-NATO.
. Syria is an important naval base for Russia
only because the dictator of Syria allows it;
if the dictator were removed, Russia would lose.
. Iran and Syria are ruled by Shiites,
even though Syria is dominated by Sunnis,
hence the civil war in Syria, and a proxy war
between the usa-CIA and Russia.


why Iran targets Haifa and Tel Aviv #wwIII

9.21: news.pol/purges/wwIII/why Iran targets Haifa and Tel Aviv:
. if Iran were to punish Israel, they said
their first target would be Haifa and Tel Aviv.
I know Tel Aviv is the effective capital of Israel
but what is Haifa?


herbs that lengthen lifespan of yeast

9.20: news.health/diet/herbs that lengthen lifespan of yeast:
They identified six aging-delaying plant extracts:
Cimicifuga racemosa, Valeriana officinalis L.,
Passiflora incarnata L.Ginkgo biloba,
Apium graveolens L.,  and “particularly effective”:
Salix alba, white willow bark.


9.19: web.aq.health/diet/badmonkeybotanicals.com:
. I recently found badmonkeybotanicals
selling pure powdered extracts of herbs;
good to know they are there;
did a web search of their web presence,
customer reviews. spotty history,
some complaints of bland extracts;
but now they are rated A- by BBB.
. includes sample of extracts I'm interested in,
some I'm not sure about getting
because I'm not sure how to identify quality
(I've never seen pure powders of them before).

sources of Neuravena (mao-b inhibitor)

9.19: web.health/diet/sources of Neuravena (mao-b inhibitor):
Avena Sativa (Green Oat Grass)
is known to be an mao-b inhibitor;
especially the strains cultivated by Frutarom
and used for making Neuravena.
. the only source of Neuravena is
LifeExtension dopa-mind.
. if you trust other extracts, a pure powder is sold
by badmonkeybotanicals.com.


D'Souza's #Obama america 2016 think again

9.9: web.pol/obama/2016:obama's america:
. D'Souza's 2016:_Obama's_America is a 2012 movie
warning of major changes to the usa
should Obama be elected to office;
because he is an anti-colonialist
so usa will stop being a global leader.
. nothing could be farther from the truth;
Obama knows that the weapons revealed on 9/11
dustifying the trade towers leaving only papers
are much more powerful than nukes.
. by Fall 2016 he will be "forced" into wwIII,
that will leave only one military standing,
and there's a good chance usa-NATO will win.
. with global domination in place,
the usa will implement global arms control,
which will save Israel from the nations of Islam
and bring world peace,
because nobody but usa allies can make weapons.
. usa will be supercolonialists!