Fusion sharing external Linux drive #Mac #Vmware

9.22: cyb/mac/formats sharable with linux
9.30: intro:
. I have 2 machines: mac and linux,
and I want an external drive they can both use:
however last time I checked,
fusion couldn't allow a linux vm to
directly access a mac's external drive .
. if that is true, then I need some
mac drivers that access linux`ext{2,3,4} .
9.22: summary:
. it looks like the openware community
isn't really interested in ntfs support;
fat32 is sufficient if you minimize exposure:
having it mounted only for loading bak's,
and using that card only for a bak .
. I should use version control systems
to notice when corruptions have happened .


dual currency for accountability

9.19: news.pol/greek debt problem festers:
diane rehm/Eurozone Debt Crisis:
. the Eurozone Debt Crisis debate's main point
was that a few elite dogs ate the people's lunch
and then the elites idea of
making good on their bad loans
was selling off community-owned capital
and witholding labor-class benefits .
. this apparently has resulted in
class warfare:
the people are denying responsibility
for their elites .
. when foreign elites give loans that could
result in taking property from the people,
why would that transaction remain
between 2 elites ?
. you think our elites really have
a lid on civil war?
they certainly don't have a handle on
what they owe you!


Rush's dem's are hiding class warfare platform

9.19: co.apt/pol/Rush's dem's are hiding class warfare platform:

. Rush claims the dem's are "(hiding) the fact
that they are presenting the nation's problem
as class warfare? it's obvious!
that's the ticket they ran on;
and, in fact, it's the very reason
that the Rush conservatives will
routinely sneer about dem's being socialists:
that's what "(liberal) means!
how could they hide a class warfare platform?
that's what socialism is!


is it #underemployment or #overpopulation ? #pol

8.16: web.pol/purges/number of purged in usa:


. my definition of the practically purged
includes all forms of societal outcastings
whether it be to prisons or the streets .
. my definition of the homeless poor
are those in such poverty they can't even afford
a warm, safe car to sleep in
(insured, registered, and licensed),
and those having such meager social relations
that they would rather ask a charity shelter for bedding
than seek a place with family or friends:
this segment tripled from 1980 to 1990 .
. often the research on homelessness
will define the homeless as
not living in a house;
but 59% of those "(homeless) were car campers .
. even if cities have a war against car camping,
a person who has the income to do that
and finds somewhere to get away with it,
is not homeless in a warm, locked car .
. it is often conjectured that
many homeless are voluntarily unemployed;
but we should consider overpopulation:
if employees were always scarce,
we could easily find the money
to reserve the loner jobs for loners,
and the easy jobs for the slow;
we could be more generous with
subsidies for the challenged .
. most of a city's quality standard rules
(car-camping bans, maximums on number of
persons at one residence, ...)
are really more concerned with
suppressing overpopulation
than they are with actual safety .
. when you volunteer for employment in our economy,
you volunteer to do the work of 3 men
in order to pay for the wildly inflated
housing made scarce by overpopulation,
and pay taxes to support police & inspectors
that are primarily there just to
suppress overpopulation by
raising the cost of construction
(eg, building codes with min'size requirements,
or bans on factory-built homes)
and enforcing the inflated living standards
with bans on car-camping
(maximises property taxes paid by rents).
. you gotta problem finding a job to
pay for all this?
step across any of our bureaucratic lines
and you're easily purged to prison!
-- we're all about purging; because,
you're all about abundant-life free parenting .]


. out of 307M usa citizens, there are
2.3M prisoners
+ 0.124M chronic homeless .
-- thus our actual numbers of purgables
may be equal to our entire
year-1790 population! (3.9M) .
. our number of "corrected"
-- under correctional supervision --
is the size of our entire
year-1810 population! (7.2M) .


anti-#cancer #selenium-cysteine compounds

. this an update of my knol page:
health/cancer prevention/se-msc/
anti-cancer selenium-cysteine compounds:
Se-methylselenocysteine is the most valuable form of selenium