Rush's dem's are hiding class warfare platform

9.19: co.apt/pol/Rush's dem's are hiding class warfare platform:

. Rush claims the dem's are "(hiding) the fact
that they are presenting the nation's problem
as class warfare? it's obvious!
that's the ticket they ran on;
and, in fact, it's the very reason
that the Rush conservatives will
routinely sneer about dem's being socialists:
that's what "(liberal) means!
how could they hide a class warfare platform?
that's what socialism is!
. furthermore, how could any capitalist plank
not be promoting class warfare?
. do you think the Rush's are going to
make big bucks on the backs of the labor class
only to give the money back
with welfare payments to the very labor class
that they just let go?
-- hush-money to those over-breeding mob's?
there will be no end to it!

. what's really hiding here is that
the Rush base is framing the problem as
"( there are these people against freedom
who are trying to create a welfare class
-- a welfare class that should not exist! );
the truth, however,
is that the existing welfare class is created by
another Rush base secret:
"( it's fine for parents to
not have their own businesses;
it even helps drive down labor costs
when they flood the market with too much labor;
but when the capitalists
have no use for your children,
you families are expected to care for your own .)
. did the Rush base mention to us
-- the over-breeding public --
just how fast we can expect to
lose jobs over the next decades?
. did they mention to religious proliferators
(jews, christians, muslims, drug fiends?
that we invented the transister
like 50years ago,
and in another 30, we should have
the general robotics problem solved?
. did they mention that, in times past,
the only reason that war
didn't "(erase) more "(unemployed)
is that they were first killed by high rates of
infant mortality, famine, epidemics,
and a lack of regulations regarding
pollution, worker safety, and proper policing?
. we are promoting the growth of a huge
welfare class or underclass
yet we are viciously supressing both
welfare and cheap sprawl:
. can't find a job? live with your family
or go to prison . you can't live in your car!
. how is this not creating a class warfare issue ?
. every generation things get tighter,
and every generation, parents are free,
but their descendants are more responsible than ever .
. in an age of pervasive automation and health tech,
we should be paying the jobless not to breed;
anything else is class warfare .