new chapter in the war on cancer

27: news.pol/healthcare/cancer/new chapter in the war on cancer:
. according to a this JAMA article
with details here at greenmedinfo.com,
A new report commissioned by a working group
sanctioned by the National Cancer Institute
asserts that USA's practice of oncology
is in need of a host of reforms and initiatives
to mitigate the problem of overdiagnosis and overtreatment .

to what extent is menstruation lunar?

25..28: web.psy/to what extent is menstruation lunar?,
summary: fun with Lunar effect


defense.gov remembers WWI 100 years ago

25: news.pol/purges/wwIII/
defense.gov remembers WWI 100 years ago:
"One day the great European War will come out of
some damned foolish thing in the Balkans."
This prophecy came in 1888,
from German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck,
and On June 28, 1914, the excuse for WWI happened
with the assassination of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne,
while visiting Sarajevo, the capital of the
Austro-Hungarian province of Bosnia-Herzegovina
and a center of unrest against foreign rule.
. it lead to the downfall of the Ottoman Empire
which sowed the seeds of the current troubles
in the Middle East .


blogger's health info disclaimer

2016.12.12: fake news disclaimer:
. many of my blog postings are sourced from
organizations that could be generating fake news;
even peer-reviewed science articles
can be corrupted by Big Money.
. my own opinions could unwittingly be
influenced by a number of fake news readings.
. all I can honestly say is that this blog
documents what I actually believed at the time:
I've been deluded before and it will happen again.

22: news.adds/blog/blogger's health info disclaimer:
23: summary:
. when bloggers or other writers
give health and medical info
they can expect that others will be
using the advice for solving their own
health and medical problems,
so, they need to be warned that this is
for informational use only,
ie, it is simply documenting how the
authors are solving their own problems;
and the authors can't possibly solve
all of the readers' problems
because every reader tells a story
and you've got to listen to that story
in order to help the individual .
. readers are also to be reminded
that all actionable medical claims
must be approved by the FDA,
and that the author's claims are not so approved .
. finally, readers are to be given an idea of
what to do with unapproved medical claims:
they can seek a licensed medical professional,
about how to apply the author's info .

curcumin absorption with piperine or Phytosome

1.21: web.cook/curcumin absorption with piperine or Phytosome:
. some believe black pepper is needed
in order to absorb turmeric's curcumin?
. I once said I was leary of black pepper,
but I researched it again,
and found that pepper's piperine extract
is healthier than whole black pepper .
. another way of absorbing curcumin
is by binding it with phosphatidylcholine .
[6.18: curcumin and MAO-B inhibition:
curcumin may inhibit MAO-B .
"Curcumin (10-80 mg/kg, i.p. in mice) dose dependently
increased serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-HT)
as well as dopamine levels (at higher doses),
and inhibited MAO-A (and in higher doses, MAO-B)"
[ Psychopharmacology (Berl) 2008 ].


foods I use found at iherb

1.20: web.cook/foods I use found at iherb:
. adapted from a list made for a friend
who wanted to do all their supplement shopping at iherb.com .


reversing gum disease

6.13: summary:
. in 2013 I was starting to get a chronic gum infection;
and, for the past few months I've gotten fair results
from twice-weekly flossing, and daily listerine soaks .
. after the listerine I often use 1/4 capsule of
Garden of Life`Raw Probiotics (local fridge).
. when not soaking in listerine, I'm often soaking in
xylitol, green tea extract, and  Ultimate Ascorbate C.
. after meals I soak in Carnitine, arginine,
and ALA (alpha lipoic acid).
. you may get better results from
having any scale removed from roots,
and not leaving other dead things in your mouth
as is the case with root canal jobs .

1.20: news.med/reversing gum disease:
. looking through iherb.com`reviews;
user#alloriginal offers this story:

#selenium helps preserve #vitaminC

1.20: news.health/counterexample to elder's vit'c use:
nutrition.org 1989:
. in the elderly, supplementing with vit'c
resulted in raising the ratio of
dehydro-ascorbate (oxidized C) to ascorbate;
this may be due to their lesser glutathione function
which is needed to reduce dehyrdo-C to vit'C .
news.health/se/#selenium helps preserve #vitaminC:

how to raise #glutathione #health

1.19: news.health/diet/how to raise glutathione:
Mark Hyman, M.D. practicing physician
and founder of The UltraWellness Center,
a pioneer in functional medicine.
. free radicals are handled by a cascade:
from vitamin C to vitamin E to lipoic acid
and then finally to glutathione .
. the production or functioning of glutathione
is depleted by poor diet, toxic medications,
stress, trauma, infections and pollution
(80,000 toxic industrial chemicals,
electromagnetic radiation, mercury and lead).
[see all Glutathione-lowering pollutants .]
. supplements taken consistently:
multivitamin[with good minerals],
fish oil, [long-chain omega-3]
and the following glutathione boosters:

who wrote that constitution? #childcare

1.19: co.self/dream/psy/who wrote that constitution?:
. in this dream,
I was really excited to be in the presence of
someone who helped write our new constitution;
I went over to him and asked:
"is it true that you helped write the constitution?"
. then our shared voice gave me a nudge, saying:
"when you put it like that
to a guy who looks a bit odd,
then you seem to be asking
why that job wasn't done by someone photogenic" .


sodium ascorbate may have stability issues

6.12: summary:
. I was looking around iherb reviews
for what people thought of sodium ascorbate;
wondering if it might be stable like ascorbyl palmitate
only water-soluble instead of oil-soluble .
. I got the impression that anything water-soluble
is more prone to interact with moisture in the air .

ascorbyl palmitate vs Liposomal Vit'C

6.12: summary:
. ascorbyl palmitate is my preferred vit'c,
because it stores longer without refrigeration;
and, the Now Foods product is cheap and trusted;
but, Liposomal Vit'C may have unique benefits .
. it's very expensive and the competition is hot,
so some of the rumors about Mercola's product
may be planted by those working for Livon Labs,
or some other Liposomal Vit'C maker .

1.20: who encapsulated vs who formulates:
. notice Mercola's main encouragement
is that Capsugel is great at encapsulating,
but who formulates what goes inside the capsule?
what did he do to validate the formula?

tell #FDA to test food for radiation! #Fukushima #Strontium

6.11: mis.aq.cook#naturalnews
/health ranger's radioactivity testing:
.  Mike Adams, the Health Ranger,
talked of testing radiation levels in food,
but nothing came of it (not even for seaweed).
12: web:
however, this was written March 10, 2014:
DirectorFukushima Fallout Awareness Network
. three years since the beginning of the
ongoing Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdowns:
It’s also been one year since
Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network
or FFAN filed a Citizen Petition with the
US Food and Drug Administration
to lower the current allowable levels of
Cesium 134 and 137
in food, nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals.
The International Physicians for the
Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) in Germany
wrote a report requesting a nearly identical
decrease in radiation allowed in food as FFAN’s petition,
so clearly an international movement
is forming on this critical issue.
The USFDA has responded that they need more time
to consider FFAN’s Citizen petition,
but one year is long enough won’t you agree?
The situation is urgent and we need your help
while the comment period is still open
or FDA may reject the petition entirely.
Comment to FDA at 1.usa.gov/17COR8W


#kindle supports .txt but not #epub

cyb/kindle formats don't include epub:
6.11: summary:
. I'm interested in amazon's Kindle; because,
it has the largest E Ink display on the market;
and, unlike the Nook, it also shows .txt files,
which most of my docs are already formatted as;
however I was needing html access too;
and epub support would have been convenient
since Nook already has me converting to that;
but, Amazon also has an email conversion service
if you don't mind your content being In The Cloud
(available to not only NSA but also many other authorities).
. if you are not confined to Chrome OS,
there are local apps for converting epub to mobi .


mission accomplished by end of 2016 #WWIII

6.8: news.pol/purges/wwIII/mission accomplished by end of 2016:
Air Force Gen. Philip M. Breedlove, 
the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (Eucom)
DEAUVILLE, France, June 8, 2014:
-- just days after President Obama announced
all U.S. forces will leave Afghanistan by the end of 2016 .
. Breedlove's first priority
since assuming his command 13 months ago
has been "to get Afghanistan right";
Ukraine is now among his top priorities.
. a second priority of Eucom had been
transitioning to a more peacetime role;
but Russian aggressions in Ukraine got in the way .
. there is a focus on what to do for
the last seven months of the mission of
International Security Assistance Forces
-- preceding Operation Resolute Support .
--. this is consistent with the 5777  and 119 ministries prophesies:
Fall 2016 is the big showdown of wwIII;
and it's supposed to be a fight over Iran's threatening of Israel;
and, part of the Iran pressure by usa
is for usa to be surrounding Iran
by being in Iraq and Afghanistan until the showdown .
. Russia can't politically defend Iran against usa,
so they are starting the aggressions in Ukraine
as a way to popularize resistance to usa .


manual vegetable juicers #EMP -proofing

6.8: web.cook`gear/manual veg grinder:
. wwIII or some other source of EMP
could take out the electrical supplies for a long time;
and also burn out anything electronic,
(many cooking appliances have electronic controls);
so, I'm looking to replace my electric blender
with something manual and reliable .


DARPA's automated internet disinfectant

6.4: news.cyb/sec/DARPA's automated internet disinfectant:
Mike Walker, DARPA program manager
on Reddit.com:
In April of 2014,  insurers started selling insurance products
that covered physical harm generated by cyber effects
-- Google "cyber insurance" "property damage".
In May of 2014,
Sky News reported that over 42,000 London cars
-- nearly half of the cars stolen in the city of London --
were stolen with hacking.
The networked civilization we are building
is going to need to be able to make
strong promises about the safety of software,
because it won't just be guarding our data security
-- it will be guarding our physical security.
If we're going to be able to make strong promises about
software safety, we're going to need automation
that can investigate software in a
uniform, scalable and effective manner.
We know that expert auditors can't get there
-- IBM/Rational points out that our civilization crossed
1 trillion lines of code in the early 2000's.
Operating systems weigh in above 40 million lines
under constant development.
The problem is too big and it’s moving too fast.
We also know that today's automation is
losing every contest of wits to experts
-- in the wake of Heartbleed,
not a single automation product has come forward to say
that this flaw could have been detected
without expert annotation or intervention.
CGC is open technology development
on the problem of software safety,
a problem seen by the DoD
-- and everyone with a vested interest in our connected future.
. What if a purpose built supercomputer
could scour the billions of lines of code we depend on,
find and fix the toughest flaws,
upend the economics of computer security,
and level the playing field
between attackers and defenders?
co.reddit comment:
. a lot invested in the [stale] attack/defense model
of computer security competition.
I've heard arguments from many players
that the current model of attack/defense CTF
[capture the flag competitions] is "stale". 
Mike Walker:
. great innovation is happening in the CTF community:
see Build It / Break It / Fix It,
funded by the National Science Foundation.
6.7: my response:
. what is stale is the attack/defense model;
because, the chip firmwares have backdoors;
you need to secure the hardware;
then you can analyze the software;
but, at least with DECREE
they are promoting a microkernel OS
that can guarantee isolation between app's?
(well, the interface is tiny, if not the Trusted Code Base).
. unfortunately what they have in mind
is to use their simple OS only for
easily managing the budding automation competition;
then they plan to evolve the winning buds
for auto-fixing today's software on today OS's.
. but, what can they do for firmware breaches?
. they are trying to show concern about cybercrime
without actually blocking the backdoors used by NSA .


#usa shows concern about #EMP threat

6.1: news.pol/healthcare/emp/usa shows concern about EMP threat:
6.2: summary:
. usa`congress is just now looking into
hardening the grid against EMP events;
they may not be done in time,
so be sure that your 3-month water supply
is not relying on electric well pumps
as many city water sources are .