Ishmaelites (#circumcised non-#semitic) #wwIII

11.16..17: web,news.pol/purges/wwIII/finale-time clues/
Ishmaelites (circumcised non-semitic):
Ishmael represented the circumcised non-semitics;
circumcised Christians and Islam are globalized religions,
far beyond control by semitic peoples.
. in the end times it is said that Ishmael
will be ruling over the world;
and when Ishmael falls,
Judaism's Messianic age will rise.
. who would circumcised Christians and Muslims fall to?
the uncircumcised: liberals or Russia-China.
. Russia has a lot of Christians
but they are mostly uncircumcised.
. usa has a lot of circumcised Christians
but they are dominated by uncircumcised liberals.
. after WWIII they agree to a global government
that gives control of the Temple mount to Judaists.


#Islam claimed #Jesus was prophet of #Judaism

11.14...16: relig/islam/claimed Jesus was prophet of Judaism:
. the Final Prophet who founded Islam
sees himself as the prophet of JudeoChristians;
and his main message was to clarify who Jesus was:
Judaists needed to know Jesus was their prophet;
and Christians needed to know Jesus was not god.

. Jesus is to be honored for defending the Golden rule
protesting the treatment of prophets, sinners and the poor;
his sacrifice was essential to being a doomsday prophet
and king of the Islamic and Christian empires,
-- these empires were key players in the Unifying War
that would result in the Messianic age (Fall 2016).