Ishmaelites (#circumcised non-#semitic) #wwIII

11.16..17: web,news.pol/purges/wwIII/finale-time clues/
Ishmaelites (circumcised non-semitic):
Ishmael represented the circumcised non-semitics;
circumcised Christians and Islam are globalized religions,
far beyond control by semitic peoples.
. in the end times it is said that Ishmael
will be ruling over the world;
and when Ishmael falls,
Judaism's Messianic age will rise.
. who would circumcised Christians and Muslims fall to?
the uncircumcised: liberals or Russia-China.
. Russia has a lot of Christians
but they are mostly uncircumcised.
. usa has a lot of circumcised Christians
but they are dominated by uncircumcised liberals.
. after WWIII they agree to a global government
that gives control of the Temple mount to Judaists.

who's semitic?:
. the place where Islam and Judaism originated
is semitic (as identified by language regions);
whereas Egypt is not semitic.

. Abraham is from Mesopotamia;
he is the root of circumcised peoples;
[Judaism, Christianity, Islam]
Ishmael was his first son (through an Egyptian);
whereas the son fathering Israel came from
Sarah, Abraham's half-sister,
the daughter of Abraham's father Terah.[Genesis 20:12]

Abraham`Ishmael (Egyptian & Mesopotamian):
-- not a full-blooded semite.
Genesis 16:
1 Now Sarai, Abram's wife, had given him no children;
and she had a servant, a woman of Egypt
whose name was Hagar.
10 And the angel of the Lord said,
Your seed will be greatly increased
so that it may not be numbered.
11 And the angel of the Lord said,
See, you are with child and will give birth to a son,
to whom you will give the name Ishmael,
[Yishma'el = attended to or hearkened by the god]
because the ears of the Lord were open to your sorrow.
12 And he will be like a mountain ass among men;
his hand will be against every man
and every man's hand against him,
and he will keep his place against all his brothers.

Abraham`Isaac (laughter):
-- semite.
. you laugh when god says such an elder will be fertile;
so let the child be named "laughter".

Abraham`Isaac`Esau (born completely formed, hairy):
-- non-Jewish semite.
"Far from the fertile places of the earth,
and far from the dew of heaven on high
will your living-place be:
By your sword will you get your living
and you will be your brother’s servant;
but when your power is increased
his yoke will be broken from off your neck."
[Genesis 27:32-46]

Abraham`Isaac`Jacob (he supplants, later named Israel):
-- semite, and root of Judaism.
"Let peoples be your servants,
and nations go down before you:
be lord over your brothers,
and let your mother’s sons go down before you:
a curse be on everyone by whom you are cursed,
and a blessing on those who give you a blessing."
[Gen 27:28]

. from the non-semitic circumcised people would come
a very successful competitor to Judaists;
hence Ishmael could represent Christianity or Islam
(both have spread far behind the Semitic region).

Rabbi Yechiel Weitzman (author of "The Ishmaelite Exile"):
Rabbi Chaim Vital, a 16th century mystical rabbi and writer:
"at the End of Days, Ishmael is destined to
rule over the world and over Israel".
Rabbi Jacob ben Asher, 14th century sage "Ba'al HaTurim":
"when Ishmael will fall at the End of Days,
the son of David will rise.[Rivkah Lambert Adler]

. who would Christians and Muslims fall to?
the uncircumcised include liberals and Russia-China.
. Russians have a lot of Christians
but they are mostly uncircumcised.
. usa has a lot of circumcised Christians
but they are dominated by uncircumcised liberals.