the big reset #WWIII #WMD #BalancedBudget

1.3: pol/purges/wwIII/
911neocons use ritual to announce USA annihilation #wwIII:

. I'm suspicious that the 911neocons
used the ritual killing of new yorkers on 9/11
as a holy warrior-calling incantation
declaring they had every intention of starting wwIII
in order to both
bring this Islam-vs-Crusader irritation to a head,
and to deal with the debt crisis
caused by an over-reaching democracy in USA:

. when leaders offered social security & medicare,
medical was pretty useless and inexpensive;
now, we can cure anything for the right price
-- and each person is equal, and worth that price .
. if that alone wasn't enough to sink us economically,
look at how much there is to cure:
high-dose sugar (available from nearly-free HFCS)
is now known to cause an devastatingly expensive
alzeheimers and diabetes epidemic .
. finally,
USA's christianoid democracy has the expectation of
not being asked to help with suicide;
even when so many prefer The Good Death .

. the elite can erase these mistakes
with a wwIII that annihilates medical services .

. but the problem isn't just medical:
the universal religion is overpopulation
and that has created a significant inflation; [13.2.21:
actually the cause of real estate inflation
is how rich we are, ie, how many dollars
are chasing after the limited amount of prized lands
-- too bad we're not all equally rich!
nevertheless, population size does inflate many prices
like the cost of food and water .]
. democracy demands that we continue
both the allowance of overpopulation
and the raising of entitlements to match inflation .

Iran's WMD's aren't in Iran #WWIII #crusades2000 @geraldcelente

1.2: news.pol/purges/wwIII/
Iran's WMD's aren't in Iran #WWIII #crusades2000 @geraldcelente:
1.3: making the connection:
. communism could have an empathy for Iran
because of USA's use of economic blockaids
to force Iran's people into a democratic uprising:
if you tried that on China,
that would be an act of war .
1.28: re-eval'ing my threat model:
. N.korea just said it's going to test a nuke on us?
I am reminded that my latest paper is
so sure Iran is the heat;
but some think Iran's image is a total frame job
(it's been contested that Iran threatened Israel).
. and furthermore, why do I believe
Nostradamus predictions about Iran?
other Nostradamus predictions seemed true
according to those who knew how to read ambiguity?
why would g-d send a warning?
... well, why not, right? but the point is,
why are we sure this is g-d's warning ?
well, we are in a lot of heat with Iran
and have been abusing them for 50years, arf.
and they are growing up, ...


dreamed #WWIII by Easter

1.1: pol/purges/wwIII:
co.self/dream: assassinated hitler-like starts it:
. dreamed a hitler look-alike got assassinated;
what does that symbolize?
worried about how wwIII starts;
is that supposed to be Obama?
likely a mideast character that Obama has to retaliate against;
and, then this retaliation snowballs somehow;
because, the communists are against how we intervene .
"(let Israel manage by itself!), I'm fretting;
and then cowering in the other direction:
"(and if they start nuclear does that snowball ?).
co.self/dream: Easter:
. I had been dreading the 2013 new year,
fearing that would be the start of WWIII;
a WWIII study in my dream finds
Easter is significant to it,
as is the plastic version of something .
. on waking I realize that traditionally
Easter (the spring or vernal equinox)
was the new year to early christians;
and, so any predictions associated with New Years,
may be happening around Easter
... which is Iran's New Year (March 20 or 21).
1.31: easter island:
. the dream focusing on Easter
could be referring to the codeword: Easter Island
( after they demolished the ecosystem,
they just started eating each other
until everyone was gone ).
. don't those guys fish? yea but they were cold !
and they ran out of fuel and insulating material .

the anti-christ is invincible #meant-all #WWIII #911neocons #petrodollar #uncircumcised

3.19: relig/anti-christ:
. you'd think wwIII happens to check Iran hubris
or maintain the petrodollar against devaluation by
competition from a gold-backed currency;
but the stakes are nuclear because
the hubris the elites want to erase is overpopulation
from family values like a cancer .


prepper gyrations 2013.01 #WWIII

  3.10: summary:
. I'm not far from some secluded spots,
so I might survive wwIII,
perhaps, after checking the fallout risks,
and protecting a water supply .


open-house commune

1.8: adds/open-house commune:
summary of how to run a commune:
. the commune I have in mind is like a marriage;
you are committing to a relationship,
to the idea of sharing in the raising of children
and you might like sharing meals and company too
like at boarding school .
. people that want more privacy
-- esp'ly private parenting --
are protecting the ones that abuse privacy .
. privacy and lack of transparency
is the root of all evil .