open-house commune

1.8: adds/open-house commune:
summary of how to run a commune:
. the commune I have in mind is like a marriage;
you are committing to a relationship,
to the idea of sharing in the raising of children
and you might like sharing meals and company too
like at boarding school .
. people that want more privacy
-- esp'ly private parenting --
are protecting the ones that abuse privacy .
. privacy and lack of transparency
is the root of all evil .
. the point is for learning,
and for not getting too reclusive
with the raising of our children .
. our children will be the community's soon,
so the community should have some input
into how these children are prepared for
interacting with the community .

. moral people should agree that
we should encourage these communes,
open house communes .
. the intent of such a commune is to live by example,
creating better kids, fewer mental illnesses,
and happier seniors .

. it cannot be reclusive, or have a leader:
that is the way to manson, jim jones,
and waco's karesh .
. the point is to end festering,
not fester enmasse .

. it cannot be just about sharing; rather,
the people have to go in knowing a constitution
and being prepared to defend that .
. each house is meant to contain
just the families that share the same values .
. there should never be voting;
rather this group should be small enough to
hammer out a consensus like marriages do .
. a property comes with some rules
that were designed by the original investors .
. they have to document many values
to minimize the amount of consensus hammering .

. one problem is how to deal with divorce;
if your constitution and consensus skills
don't cover it, then some could feel cheated;
and, if you say the door is an option,
think of everything they could have invested .
. so there should be gradual degrees of separation .
. the main unit is the compound of trust,
where you can expect to know everyone by name .
. any guest should expect to be visited frequently
with questions about who they are a guest of .
. within this compound are many houses,
where people can cluster
around a particular variation of
the compound's constitution .
. it's easy to move between clusters:
if you're invited to the compound,
you can also be a guest of any cluster .

. as children grow and adults change
they may need to join a new constitution .
. say there's a generation who feel that
sacred mushrooms are needed,
so they basically have to converge on one compound .
. this sort of generational change is dangerous,
because while freedom is good,
part of the fabric of life
is taking care of elders .

. what if your community supports a taboo?
you might be in the situation where you
schizophrenically don't like your culture
but you are forced to stay because
you're already initiated,
or infected, as it were .
. we know minds can do that,
therefore the federal univeral constitution
should identify all the known taboos
and all children must be protected from them .

. pedophilia is obvious tainter,
but what about teen drug use?
if you could ensure that a constitution
could support some taboo behavior with teens
then suppose social scientists could confirm
that what is damaging about drug use
is you are made to be a special way
and then unleashed on a world
that hates that way .
. if you could be promised that you would
always be surrounded by people who
loved the way you were raised,
then you would never be damaged by
being subjected to teen drug use ?
. if that was shown to be true,
some would argue that the federal constitution
should allow the existence of a teen drug state .
. perhaps we would never be
bothered with that case,
because we could show it's never true;
people feel spiritually connected with outsiders:
so, even if you feel loved by your community
you might not love yourself
due to the schizophrenic powers of
telepathy and spirituality .

. a child is defined as the uninitiated;
the initiation is a course in psychology
where you are exposed to mental illnesses,
taboos, crime statistics, tendencies to
fall in love with disease vectors,
victimized by killings over jealousy,
or, don't look now but your mind is read,
and it is not friendly .

. the initiatiation can begin when
personality is formed; age 7 ?
there could be some protocol for
testing the waters:
. can the child perform martial arts
and other sports to feel confident
and have an outlet for fears ?

. why are we waiting so long
for these pivotal subjects ?
here's why:
they involve sex, and children learn by seeing,
and they need to be trusted because
we can't afford to watch them all the time .
. we need to trust them to be alone
when going to school, doing chores,
babysitting, etc .
. if we raised kids communally,
so they never needed to be alone,
then maybe we could initiate them earlier .

. this is the compound I can trust,
of course, your compound
may require a different constitution .

single-parent friending:
. single-parent families are 3 times poorer?
we should help them with
both housing and community and jobs:
. any single mother should be getting
free access to a room in a boarding house;
they pay what they can,
and if they don't have a job,
then they should serve as
babysitters and home-schoolers .
. there are many communes to choose from
as we try to match religions and politics .

1.9: adds/hvac/solar air conditioning:
. an early forms of air conditioning
included carrying hot rocks inside;
an easier way to do the same solar heating,
is by covering the whole yard with a
very shallow green house,
and then vent that into the house when chilly .
. the many rocks inside the greenhouse
will be warm throughout the night,
the other thing the whole yard needs
is a set of venesian blinds:
they are slats of foam on hinges,
you pull one string and they change position .