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3.19: relig/anti-christ:
. you'd think wwIII happens to check Iran hubris
or maintain the petrodollar against devaluation by
competition from a gold-backed currency;
but the stakes are nuclear because
the hubris the elites want to erase is overpopulation
from family values like a cancer .

. for an idea of "the anti-christ",
we may need to define "the christ" .
. perhaps I confuse jesus with christ?
but maybe the christ (ie, the messiah)
is to be found in just having the right prophet
to clue us intuitively into g-d's law,
(then g-d can write the law in our hearts
just as the new covenant promised)
so then prophet jesus could also be christ jesus .

. the closest to a follower of Christ
would be a certain branch of Islam
that both follows Christ's word -- g-d's word --
and also understands the nature of Jesus:
not Christianity's god,
not Judaism's bad boy, rather
Jesus' treated seriously as being
g-d's greatest prophet .

. you might assume USA is the anti-christ
if you think Islam knows the Christ,
but USA has never attacked
an innocent branch of Islam .
. nevertheless, USA is no saint either:
the 911neocons primary ambition
is not the illuminati dream of
erasing all false branches of god worship
(specifically fingering Israel, Christianity, Islam, Atheism);
rather, the 911neocons are doing another
nero-style 911 demolition:
Halley’s Bible Handbook tells us further of [Nero]:
“The Great Fire in Rome occurred in A.D. 64.
Nero himself burned the city.
Though an inhuman brute, he was a great builder.
It was in order to build a new and grander Rome
that he set fire to the city,
and fiddled in glee at the sight of it.
The people suspected him;
and historians have commonly regarded it as a fact
that he was the perpetrator of the crime.
In order to divert suspicion from himself
he accused the Christians of burning Rome.”
--- when I read this, it reminded me of the illuminati
and I realized how the 911neocons fit into that plan:
how else to have an excuse to nuke the entire planet?
Islam vs Israel and
uncircumcised communists
vs circumcised euroamericans . 
 all so they can do an end-around
all this petty family-values sprawl
and do some serious rebuilding:
ie, we don't need all these people;
what we do need is more wealth per person
and that means more biofuel crops
-- just buldoze all these suburbs!

. yet the 911neocons are not alone in guilt:
the essence of the anti-christ is the
USA-Isreal-Islam-communism conglomerate:
they are all separate wills saying
"( I'd like to be nice but
   the other guy forces me to dump us .
-- but these are not separate wills!
the sum of them is simply the steadfast resolve
of the anti-christ's invincible will .
. invincible? the anti-christ is here to
take away all the believers -- just as they believe!
their idea of trying to root out sin
by out-reproducing the sinners
can only lead to something beastly
that erases their world
and never invites them back .
. but how else do you push out the sinners?
you find an excuse to erase everything
and leave nothing but bunkered elite
who have brains bigger than their families .

. triumphpro.com humorously pointed out that
Clinton's name sums up to 666,
but unfortunately the beast's number is 616 !
this reminded me of Clinton's legacy:
didn't he kick-off the globalized capitalism
that pulled the jobs that failed the mortgages,
that tanked the 2008 economy?
actually that was done by free-range family values
and that god-awful population sprawl
even in the face of evolving technology:
imagine increasing your numbers even as the capitalists
are getting so good at automating your jobs away ?!
. you have some nerve there, family values .
where's your community values now?
half the community is on foodstamps,
and the other half is glaring at high taxes .

. regardless of who started globalization,
what globalization did may remind one of the anti-christ:
it was supposed to give the 3rd world a hand up,
what it mostly did was lower our own standards,
dramatically increasing global pollution,
and of course, cancer rates . and pain .
. and with genetically modified crops,
the USA didn't even reduce their own cancer rates,
such were the estrogenic pesticides
and the gene-shift inflammation disorders .

. what we needed to do for poverty reduction
was to enforce the lowering of pop'growth;
what we got instead was lowering of wages:
everybody is on foodstamps and sympathy .

. doesn't Revelation 13 say of the anti-christ
that everyone will love the beast
and nobody will do business without its mark?
that sounds like the USA's petrodollar,
and its globalized capitalism, doesn't it?
but don't think the dollar's inflation had
anything to do with instability and unrest:
that is always caused by overpopulation
defined as unemployment
or failure to prevent famines
by stockpiling 7-years of food & water .

. it has been suspected that the true cause of
all the mideast wars is defense of the petrodollar:
if anyone sells oil for gold the dollar tanks
and USA suffers extreme inflation .
. IraqLibya, Iran -- all were trying to either
start a gold-backed currency,
or sell oil for gold instead of dollars .
. but when USA messes with Iran
the communists are promising wwIII .

. alternatively, wwIII is ensured by Israel
when it ignores the idea of New Israel,
and invades Iran to stop nuclear progress .
. either way, the anti-christ is invincible .