Dr.Wood's #9-11 #NDEW theory and my #meant-all #globalist psyop#911bluepill #conspiracy theory

11.15 ..12.12: pol/purges/controlled demolition:
"( make everyone come together,
O nation without shame;
before the day of ADONAI's burning wrath
sends you violently away in flight
like the chaff is blown from grain;
all you quiet ones of the earth,
who have done what is right in his eyes;
seek righteousness and a quiet heart:
that you may be safely hidden
in the day of ADONAI's wrath .
) -- Zephaniah 2:1-3 .
11.24: news: summary/
the public's sense of smell in 2006:

11.26: summary/why attack the towers:
. Militant Islam, AKA: "terrorists" (Islam.mil)
had already made attempts on that building;
and so, whether the 9/11 attack was done by Islam.mil
or by conspirators trying to look like Islam.mil,
that same Trade center would be a likely target .
. the Trade towers were the nerve center
of globalized secular capitalism
which is not only exporting cultures invasively
but also financing militant Zionism
to butt heads with militant Islam;
so, whether you believe gov simulated the attacks
or simply allowed an actual Islam.mil attack,
-- whether you believed the controlled demolition
was done by gov conspirators or city-tower mgt --
you can believe the reason the Trade towers were targeted
was because they were a likely terrorism target .

. amazingin 2006, one third of Americans
did believe in a 9/11 conspiracy theory
yet only half that number
believed in controlled demolition theory!

. 33 % believe the 9-11 was an inside job,
but only 16 % of Americans speculate that
secretly planted explosives, not burning passenger jets,
were the real reason the towers collapsed.
. maybe they would been more responsive
to the idea of a controlled demolition
if the question had been rephrased as this:
"(if skyscrapers can have built-in demolition systems,
do you think it was activated in this case?
or do you believe the jet fire started some felling,
and then the domino effect alone
turned the building completely to dust? )]
12.1: faq:
. if you need a primer on the official "story",
history.com has a nice timeline .
12.1: ... and a nice vid of the non-standard story:
. here is a great view of the 9-11 jet liner
exposed as being a military drone .
12.10: ex-Governor Ventura believes in Dr.Wood:
. here he is on the radio discussing Dr.Wood's
evidence for the use of Hutchison-based weapons
in order to dustify the trade towers .
12.3: see also:
#9-11 #holocaust #denial pushback @PBS

11.27: TSA intolerance:
. the anti-TSA sentiments -- heard often on
right-wing "hate" radio -- may, in fact, be from
every-day people who are protesting that
9-11 was a another Pearl Harbor sham
(AKA psyop#911bluepill).

11.26: summary/banker's tower then housing loan scam:
. interesting that just 7 years after
the banker's Trade towers are obviously
given up on, instead of rescued,
the bankers had completely destroyed the economy
by giving up on housing loan quality .
. I wondered if bankers' loss of patriotism was due to
suspecting the gov conspired to hit the Trade towers;
but history shows banking regularly fails like this
anytime they are deregulated;
just as surely as lawless men will
gamble themselves into the drunken dirt .
. and, while this time was indeed
the worst ever,
it was simply due to the increased power of
the financial industry's new re-packaging tech;
indeed, europe used the same tech
and got just as damaged
-- despite no grudge against their gov at all!
so it wasn't just usa bankers avenging their gov;
and, they might not even believe in
911 conspiracy theories .

11.27: news: summary/psyop#911bluepill
/museum sans Islam.mil mention:

the public's intolerance of "(terrorists did it) memorial:
. for eight years of planning a museum
at the National September 11 Memorial,
It seemed self-evident at the time:
A museum devoted to documenting the
events of Sept. 11, 2001,
would have to include photographs of the hijackers
--[ now obvious psyop#911bluepill decoys ]--
. when plans to use the pictures were made public,
the fire chief protested it would “honor” the terrorists .
A New York Post editorial called the idea “appalling” .
Groups representing rescuers, survivors and victims’ families
asked how anyone could even think of showing
the faces of the men who killed their
relatives, colleagues and friends.
The anger took some museum officials by surprise.
Joseph Daniels, chief executive of the
memorial and museum foundation:
“You don’t create a museum about the Holocaust
and not say that it was the Nazis who did it ...”
--[12.6: uhuh,
and virtual Nazi's did this holocaust too!;
let's call them the 911neocons .]

Historians had additional reasons for
wanting to use the hijackers’ photographs.
“There are all these conspiracy theories,
that it was [Zionist Christians & Zionist] Jews
or [Globalist Agenda mafia factions within] CIA
who did this.” said Bernard Haykel,
a professor of Near Eastern Studies
at Princeton University,
but “we know exactly who they were.”
--[. yes! it was obviously the 911neocons,
with ties to high-tech military weapon developers .]

. many families are upset and 17 have sued the city
about degrading plans to place
14,000 unidentified human remains in the museum
below ground. --[ psyop#911bluepill:
. keep the truth below ground .]

. the sister of a firefighter who was [ killed during the
UNcontrolled demolition of the north tower],
said the insensitivity was mirrored
in the museum’s decision to
stock its gift shop with $40 souvenir key chains
engraved with the Virgil phrase.
The museum has not decided whether to include a
composite of several tower floors and other materials
that were crushed and fused together during the
collapse of the World Trade Center.
"( they are finding more ways to get rid of the evidence )
I said to myself, after being reminded that
people considered it theft of evidence when they
sold the tower remains to chinese recyclers .
. it reminds me of modern hiEuropean settlers
selling the remains of a Native American culture
that has no further use in the new homeland .]

Curators followed a guideline used by the
Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum,
which commemorates the 1995 bombing of the
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building by
Timothy McVeigh that killed 168 people.
“We don’t show body parts,
but we show blood,” Kari F. Watkins,
that museum’s executive director, said in an interview.
Opinions about whether to include
images of trapped victims
leaping from the flaming towers were mixed.
Mr. Cassano, the fire chief, was opposed.
. “composites,” the chunks of compressed floors:
“This is something that people 50 years from now
should see,” Mr. Cassano, the fire chief, said.
. but composites could contain human remains .

2,977 people died on Sept. 11, and 6 died in 1993,
when a bomb was planted in the Trade Center garage.
. the history of Al Qaeda, and the war in Afghanistan.
. Lower Manhattan Development Corporation:
World Trade Center Foundation:
the government’s mammoth investigation:
the terrorists’ private lives and plotting:
National September 11 Memorial & Museum .
. on May 30, 2002,
the final museum piece was cleared from ground zero:
a 60-ton, 36-foot steel column from the south tower
that had served as a grass-roots shrine.

Other events and issues, like the Patriot Act
and the 9/11 Commission,
are treated thematically, as a series of
questions dealing with, say,
the tension between civil liberties and national security,
or investigations into what happened.
. randomly told by a statistical algorithm.
11.28: summary/Innocence of the Secrecy:
. for 2012's anniversary of 9-11,
the muslim's riot over the Islam-disrespecting movie
was actually a front for a terrorist strike ?
. interesting that they would use such a simulation,
when there was so much speculation about
whether the 9-11 story was also a simulation .

11.27: war experience intolerance:
. is psyop#911bluepill the reason for
the many suicidal soldiers?
. likely it has more to do with
the new style of war:
. we are being deliberately likely maimed
by our new role as christian police
just to make our revenge mission
look like good-faith nation-building .
... . it could be simply that
long wars always produced many suicides,
but now it's ok to deal with it instead of hide it . [12.6:
... well, the defining characteristic of this war,
is not just being long but also producing
a lot more emotion-disrupting brain damage .]
12.6: news:
. it’s estimated that 6,500 veterans annually
are taking their own lives.

11.18: news: the elevator design doomed it anyway:
. the architects claimed that they designed it for jet impact,
but the elevator system was hardly worthy of
putting out the resulting fire !
. the guys who wrote the spec's for the architects
were either big on hope,
or planned to install a demolition system later .
. in an era of terrorist threats,
this building had to go anyway ...

11.24: co.apt: summary/we were balled and tall-taled on 9-11:
. could it possibly be that
another reason 9-11 was allowed to happen
was to help the trade tower owner
who was trying to avoid the cost of
carefully removing tons of asbestos ? [25:
( that is just wild speculation
based only on circumstantial evidence;
but America's poor are, in fact,
routinely convicted on such flimsy evidence ...
); 11.27:
also, he could have been asked by the CIA
(USA's covert military operations wing)
to cooperate with an anti-Islam.mil
psyop#911bluepill operation .]
. it appears to be that USA's capitalists
are like the European settlers,
and the Americans are their new powerless natives .
. the Pterodactyl comes to mind,
a sort of combination dinosaur and dragon:
the dinosaurs are the icon of extinction;
but, the dragon is a symbol of an eternal power;
something like the devil that can never die,
because it lives by possessing others .
. what is the dragon in this picture?
is the 9-11 evil really coming from capitalists?
or is it just from secret governing?
[... or is it really just like the gov said,
ultimately just consequences of militant Islam,
or even just the realities of human religiousness?
. they weren't just capitalists;
they were also constrained by environmentalists,
and taxed by Islamic wars or trade barriers .
. finally, gov could not have pulled this off
if they didn't have an obvious enemy to blame it on;
so, having an enemy is partially to blame here .]

12.7: The Painful Truth and lies behind 911:
the author of that vid also has a book:
Eric Hufschmid `Painful Questions:
An Analysis of the September 11th Attack [Paperback]

12.8: co.{fb, g'+}: reopen911.org
. this is 9/11's most impressive documentary
produced by reopen911.org,
-- the sound is distorted at first; but it does get better later on .
[!] share http://youtu.be/k6pEZf8P_RE

11.26: summary/politics of demolition:

. the city or tower mgt were in a dilemma;
because, if they waited for evacuation,
then the tower fire might spread
-- and the owners might get sued
for not having a system in place;
and that suit would not be insured .
. they knew a terrorist strike was likely;
and, that's why they got so much insurance
specifically protecting them against terrorism .
. they apparently knew that if a huge jet hit,
they could blame the demolition on the jet,
so they wouldn't need to wait for an evacuation .

. but if buildings do have
controlled demolition systems already built-in,
why is our gov oblivious to it?
. I think the official gov view of it is that
nobody admitted to a controlled demolition,
and it coincided with a catastrophe .
# no reason to demolish:
the building was designed to be
resistant to jet impact;
so, why detonate for a jet?
therefore the jet did it .
# no built-in's:
. the building contained asbestos,
so, a built-in controlled demolition system
would be a useless idea anyway;
unless the cutters and exploders
were underneath the asbestos,
in which case you would
first clear the asbestos, then detonate .
. they would not have had time to clear asbestos,
therefore it would be silly to demolish it .

. given a controlled demolition is obvious;
did the Tower mgt covertly install demolition ?
otherwise, a gov team must have installed it;
because, the job was high tech beyond Islam.mil:
it used extensive inside access to the building;
a sequence of military thermate cutters,
and a nuclear-powered energy beam dustifier tech .
. a nuclear energy source created
electro-magnetic waves,
while a classified weather controlling system
drew the hurricane toward the area
in order to provide a static field .
. this combination of static field & RF waves
creates a Hutchison effect,
which simply reverses nuclear magnetic locks,
instead of trying to blow them apart,
thereby requiring much less energy .
. the gov was very obstructionist after the event;
why would they want to cover up
the advanced technologies used by Islam.mil?
they really expect America's finest scientists
to believe a jet strike completely dustified WTC ?

27: co.apt: only the military could have done that!:
. the reason it was blamed on jets
was to pull the building early,
because it didn't have eno' stairs,
so it takes 4hours to do a full evacuation
which is near the limit of
how long a tower can stand burning  .
. if you ask the firemen to give up after 2 hours,
then what about the others?
so, is some hero going to get in your way?
how long are you going to wait ?
why not just say an accident happened
when the building is obviously engulfed ?
who would really know the difference ?
[ ... great theory, but
where did they get the high-tech demolitions?
only the military could have done that! ]

11.27: co.apt: summary/
psyop#911bluepill/why use a jet strike?

. the 9-11's fake planes remind of the iran disaster,
where the USA Navy was forced to shoot down
an iran passenger jet; because, without identifying itself,
it was entering navy ship airspace
(like it might be hijacked);
we really looked bad after that,
and things have gotten worse in the mideast
partially because of that .
. if that was a pivotal event,
that could explain why a jet-strike plot
was chosen as a 9-11 war kickoff .
[ if the 9-11 jet strikes were simulated by the military,
jet strikes are a known terrorist technique,
if 9-11 was actual Islam.mil allowed to happen,
then see the pattern: USA Navy likely had
good reason to strike the Iranian passengers;
because, they had been hijacked by ship bombers .]

11.24: news: radioactivity may be
confused with domolished carcinogens:

11.23: todo: radiation occurred:
Hundreds of 9/11 cops diagnosed with cancer
9/11 Rescue Workers Suffer from Radiation Exposure (List of Links)
(12.12: strange increase in rare cancers)
Total911.info::REVERE RADIO NETWORK::Total Info Radio
Wednesday, December 06, 2006
WTC cancer cluster 'like Hiroshima'
Plaintiffs suing New York City for cancer spawned by
destruction of the World Trade Center towers are
subscribing to an "interacting toxins" theory of their illness.
This is because NYC is liable for
approving the building materials of the towers,
but would not be liable if mercenary teams
placed advanced micronukes in the towers.
Nevertheless, the report excerpted below
does compare the cancer rate in post-9/11 Southern Manhattan
to that of Hiroshima
following the nuclear device detonated there.
From Village Voice November 28th, 2006:
"This is the story of 9-11 and cancer:

To date, 75 recovery workers
on or around what is now known as "the Pile"
—the rubble that remained after the World Trade Center towers
collapsed on the morning of September 11, 2001—
have been diagnosed with blood cell cancers
that a half-dozen top doctors and epidemiologists
have confirmed as having been likely caused by that exposure.
Those 75 cases have come to light in
joint-action lawsuits filed against New York City
on behalf of at least 8,500 recovery workers
who suffer from various forms of lung illnesses and respiratory diseases
—and suggest a pattern too distinct to ignore.
While some cancers take years, if not decades, to develop,
the blood cancers in otherwise healthy and young individuals
represent a pattern that experts believe will likely prove to be
more than circumstantial.
The suits seek to prove that these 8,500 workers
—approximately 20 percent of the total estimated recovery force
that cleared the rubble from ground zero—
all suffer from the debilitating effects of those events.
The basis for the suits stems from the plaintiffs' argument that
the government —in a desperate attempt to
revive downtown in the wake of the catastrophic events on 9-11—
failed to protect workers from cancer-causing
benzene, dioxin, and other hazardous chemicals
that permeated the air for months.
Officials made these failures worse by falsely reassuring New Yorkers
that they faced no long-term dangers from exposure to the air
lingering over ground zero.
"We are very encouraged that the results from our monitoring of
air-quality and drinking-water conditions in both New York
and near the Pentagon
show that the public in these areas
is not being exposed to excessive levels of
asbestos or other harmful substances,"
Christine Todd Whitman, the then administrator of the EPA,
told the citizens of New York City in a press release on September 18
—only seven days after the attacks.
"Given the scope of the tragedy from last week,

[Boston University's Dr. David] Ozonoff echoes all five of his colleagues
when he draws parallels between the aftermath of 9-11
and that of another massive exposure:
the atomic-bombs dropped on Japan.
Bomb survivors experienced excessive spikes in leukemia rates within the first five years,
a surprising discovery for epidemiologists in the mid 20th century.
While this outbreak resulted from radiation,
both it and 9-11 involved a sudden and intense blast of carcinogens.
For bomb survivors, leukemia appeared first, followed by breast and lung cancer.
"That could happen with 9-11," says [Jonathan] Samet,
the Johns Hopkins epidemiology department chair.
"It might be what we're seeing today."