fiscal Cliff Notes

11.30: co.apt/pol/fiscal cliff notes:
. stupid idea heard from guest of Jerry Doyle's radio show :
. let's reverse things
so that our gov prints the money
and loans it to the fed bank
then we get the interest from these huge loans
instead of giving it to the fed bank .
 . that is non-sensical because,
we are the ones who are borrowing the money:
the fed bank doesn't need a loan:
we put 2 wars on a credit card;
and we bought all the empty houses from the crash,
so they wouldn't turn into meth labs .
. you could say those expenditures were
a poor use of loans,
but we did make those loans,
it wasn't decided by the fed bank .
. and why take out loans at all
when we're the richest nation on earth?
why not just raise the tax rates
if we agree to ring up the charges?!
[. actually that's how we got rich
pulling stunts like that!
when chinese loans are so cheap
and there are such good investment opportunities
(like in china and india)
the smart money borrows to invest .
. also it's politically hard to get tax rates down
once they are allowed to be high .
. when they talk about that debt,
they should keep reminding us
that the rising debt is merely from quantitative easing
where we borrow money to buy to bonds
such as those involved in houses that won't sell;
it's not like we keep paying too much for consumables
like welfare and warfare .
. uh, why don't they pull out of .af sooner?
they don't care about the fiscal cliff!
it means cut backs in spending for the Tea party
and it means raising taxes for the deficit .
. this is just a fixed boxing match
with a lot of show blows .]